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VariousUnderdog Edits Box Set

Label:Underdog Edits – BOXSET
11 x Vinyl, 12", Unofficial Release
Box Set, Limited Edition
Genre:Electronic, Funk / Soul
Style:House, Soul, Funk, Disco


ALTG ExchangeCorazon
BLTG ExchangeWaterbed
AESGStanding In Line
BBilly Frazier & FriendsBilly Who?
AThe Jackson 5Mirrors Of My Mind
BBrenda Russell (2)Way Back When
BCaroline CrawfordComing On Strong
AGloria GaynorCasanova Brown
BJames BrownI'm Satisfied
AJamie PrincipleYour Love
BJorge SantanaDarling I Love You
AWillie HutchBrother's Gonna Work It Out
BBumblebee UnlimitedFunk For Days
AStevie WonderAs If You Read My Mind
AThe Richie Family*Frenesi
BBlacksmoke*What Goes Around Comes Around
ARevelation (2)Stand Up
BMeco*Cantina Band Theme
ADiana RossLove Hangover



11 Record box set featuring the existing 001 - 008 series plus pre-releases of 009 and 010 due to be released in 2007 and a bonus one-sided 12" with 3 pages of notes from the Underdog. Limited to 150 sets. Comes in a numbered cardboard box with an Underdog Edits stamp.


Underdog Edits... Why?!?

Greeting, fellow vinyl junkies and disco heads!

Thank you for purchasing this box collection of Underdog Edits. You, indeed, have something very special in your hands, because this collection has been part of a very special journey for me.

As a record collector since the age of 12, i've always been fascinated with the power of music and it's effect on the human spirit. As a DJ, I was amazed at the personal connection my favorite deejays had with their audiences, through their selections and special re-edits. Legends like Walter Gibbons, Tom Moulton, Jonathon Fearing, Francois K, Shep Pettibone, Danny Krivit and others defined the disco edit and gave songs that would have been forgotten character, depth and tonal beauty. A re-edit, when done correctly, can be a powerful way of reconnecting the listener to what they loved about the song, in the first place.

This box set represents my love for this music and the profound effect it's had on my life. I've never considered any of my edits to be the definitive versions of these songs, nor should they. My goal was simple, to piece together the cosmic energies of these classic and rare rhythm and grooves and make them my own personal statements to the dancer and the dancefloor.

Here's a rundown on what's inside the box and why i did what i did!

Underdog Edits: Volume One

Sides A & B: LTG Exchange - Corazon/Waterbed

LTG Exchange was one of the great bands that fused Afro-Funk with Latin rhythms and these two were great examples of that. Both came out on 12" (now very rare), but the original edits were a bot choppy and not very DJ friendly. All was done to Waterbed was combining the vocal and instrumental versions to make complete record (I think Tom Moulton's mix on the Solid Gold Vol 2 EP was better). On Corazon, I just extended the drums to build up the groove. Enjoy!

Underdog Edits: Volume Two

Side A: ESG - Standing In Line

Nothing says the underground like the Scroggins sisters! From Moody to UFO, this NYC post-punk outfit kept heads scratching and bodies moving! For this Music Box classic, i just made it more DJ friendlier, but kept the main groove intact.

Side B: Billy Frazier & Friends - Billy Who? (The Dirty Edit)

Another classic from the Music Box & Powerplant era. I will admit i took more liberties with this cut, by doing more of a Ron Hardy-like edit (called the "tape-pause" technique). Even though many (DJ's and dancers alike) liked this version, i probably would have taken a more "purist" approach to the edit, since i've acquired different versions of the song. Hmm... maybe another go round?

Underdog Edits: Volume Three

Side A: The Jackson 5 - Mirrors Of My Mind

I'm a 70's baby! The Jackson 5 are part of my DNA. Of their many great songs, this was one of my favorites. Psychedelic soul at it's best. I just kept the groove going, but the tempo is shifted a bit towards the meat end of the song. Live drummers... what are you gonna do? Still, a solid edit!

Side B: Brenda Russell - Way Back When

One of music's great songwriters. This joint was from her first solo album, and was a Frankie Knuckles standard. I made it easier to get into, but the groove was already tight. Great DJ set starter.

Underdog Edits: Volume Four

Side A: Seawind - Free

Great Jazz Fusion band from of all place, Hawaii! DJ's Glenn Underground and Sadar turned me on to this song and it was instant love! Just extended the intro and made it easier to play. One of my favorite edits!

Side B: Caroline Crawford - Coming On Strong

Another Music Box classic! Ms. Crawford was a former background singer for James Brown, and then became a lead singer for Hamilton Bohannon. This is a classic Bohannon production, complete with greasy guitars and stomping 4/4 drums. The original edit was, i thought, jagged and not very musical. So, i just re-cut it to make sense, musically. I think Bohannon would have liked it!

Underdog Edits: Volume Five

Side A: Gloria Gaynor - Casanova Brown (Breakdown Edit)

One of Disco's greatest singers... hands down! This song was originally mixed by the great Tom Moulton, but i've always loved the breakdown the most. Did a light tape pause-like edit (Music Box style), building the tension in the track. Plus I added a few effects for a twist.

Side B: James Brown - I'm Satisfied

What can you say about the Godfather Of Soul? This song was many of his dancefloor offerings. I did slight extensions here and there, but mostly the song is perfect as it was. Special thanks to Kenny Dope of Masters At Work for putting this edit on his recent Choice compilation.

Underdog Edits: Volume Six

Side A: Jamie Principle - Your Love

One of the cornerstones of House Music. It still takes me back to the Powerplant when i hear it. It really didn't need a re-edit, but i wanted to make it easier to get into and build tension. The Reaction on the dancefloor to it is banana's! Give it a try and see!

Side B: Jorge Santana - Darling I Love You

I found this record during one of my weekly record store excavations. Didn't realize that it was made by Carlos Santana's brother or how rare this record was. The only part of the song that excited was the drum breaks, so i extended the breaks and the vamp to make it better. I'm finding more great songs from Jorge. More edits? We'll see!

Underdog Edits: Volume Seven

Side A: Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out

The soundtrack fomr the 70's film, The Mack, is still, to me, one of the best ever made. This song was a Music Box classic. I've heard many edits done of this song, so i wanted to do something different. I turned the songs downtempo section into a breakdown in the middle of the edit. I think it gives the song even more of a meaning. Power to the people!

Side B: Bumblebee Unlimited - Funk For Days

Greg Carmichael was of Disco's truly great producers. He, along with Patrick Adams and Leroy Burgess, carved out the New York underground sound of the 70's & 80's. This song was only available on a 45 (very rare). I build a new drum-driven intro and breakdown to give the song more energy. A great song that deserved an edit.

Underdog Edits: Volume Eight

Side A: Stevie Wonder - As If You Read My Mind

You can't mention the word Soul without thinking of Stevie Wonder. For over 40 years, he has given the world some of the greatest songs ever made. This song from the Hotter Than July album bridged Stevie's sound from one decade to the next. Didn't really need an edit, but i wanted to explore certain parts and even give it a special sax part for a better breakdown. Supposedly, there's a 12" version of this with additional lyrics that was never released by Motown. Well... what are they waiting for?

Side B: Dazzle - Reaching

Another great tune from Leroy Burgess, the voice behind so many legendary Disco classics. This song, from the very rare Dazzle album, was never released on 12"... until now! Nothing much to touch, but a slight extension on the drums. Savor this one!

Underdog Edits: Volume Nine

Side A: The Richie Family - Brazil

The Richie Family was one of Disco's supergroups. I loved this cut because of it's Philadelphia-like sound, from the drums and strings. Originally part of a medley, i extended the drums and added dub-like effects to give it more drive. Hope Larry Levan and Walter Gibbons are smiling down at this one!

Side B: Smoke - What Goes Around Comes Around

Lee Collins and Sadar of the DJ collective, Soul In The Hole, turned me on this cut from the Chocolate City record label. Super obscure Disco! Not much to edit, just light extensions on the drums. Great to have on 12"!

Underdog Edits: Volume Ten

Side A: Meco - Cantina Band Theme

Star Wars was one of my favorite movies. I was never a fan of cheesy disco versions of popular songs, but this stood out as a good one. Ron Hardy played this a lot at the Box, so i did a tape pause-like edit of this cut. Much love to Dimitri from Paris for making this edit one of his favorites.

Side B: Revalation - Stand Up

The awesome Jimmy Simpson produced this hot, but not so well known cut. This group is mostly known for the classics, Fell It and Are You Ready For This. I reemphasized on the incredible drum break and added some dub effects. Another one of my favorite edits.

Underdog Edits: Bonus

Side A: Diana Ross - Love Hangover

This special one-sided 12" is exclusive only for this box set! This version of the Disco classic is actually a demo. It's been rumored that Ms. Ross was drunk when she recorded her vocals. You'll also notice the backgrounds are different, too. Only a few DJ's (including Frankie Knuckles) had a copy of this version and earlier bootleg copies sucked. After many years, i got hold of a clean version. I did a few extensions to it, because the song was great as it was. Consider yourself one of the few to have this jewel. Enjoy!

Special thanks go out to the following that have supported Underdog Edits from the beginning and has made it what it is today:

Leonard Part Sixx, Mr. Hertz & Mr. Borden, Terry Hunter, Kenny Dope, Dimitri from Paris, Louie Vega, Ron Trent, Anthony Nicholson, Oscar MacMillan and Grammaphone, Joey Negro, Al Kent of Million Dollar Disco, Danny Krivit, Victor Rosado, John Crocket, Shannon Harris, Mr. Peabody's Records (Mike Cole & Mark Grusane), Julian Love, JMJ, Cesar Ramirez, Wax Addict Records, Reckless Records and the hundreds of record stores, deejays and vinyl junkies around the world. Thank you and God bless!!!!


underground_vinyl_exchange's profile picture
Looking for a copy. Please shoot me a PM if you have one you'd like to unload.
niallcolgan's profile picture
Hi there I’m looking for this box set if anyone is selling thank you
hotbiscuitrecordings's profile picture
Looking to purchase one of these in decent condition, please PM me
themucaro's profile picture
Anyone selling a copy of this box set? Hit me up if so!
toneluva's profile picture
NIce box set with some decent edit work. I like the Seawind and Jackson 5 edits especially! The rare Diana Ross Love Hangover mix is sought after ... I found it another way, but its great to have it included in this box set. A must have for the Disco Collecter, JUST BECAUSE!!!!
usdm's profile picture
I heard of the Underdog from a popular web forum. And although I cant think of anyone that has anything bad to say about his work, I was leery about taking such a big leap into disco/ early house edits, as most that I've heard in the past, were simply not very good. After hearing the selection on the boxset, I am glad I took the leap of faith. Hearing the selection, it seems that Underdog paid a lot of attention to the music; staying as true to the original feel of each track as possible. Underdog managed to maintain the quality of the sound as well. In fact, one might even think that these were the unspoken works of such masters like Hardy, Moulton, Krivit, Petibone, or Levan. To make such a comparison to these folks may be a stretch to some of you reading this but I think the comparison is well deserved; especially when I think of many of today's so-called remixers/ producer/ djs out there that overdo things and make a mess of a good song.

Looking at my box, I can see it faintly has the number 52 on it. I am told that there are only 150 of these boxsets in existence, and heard that once this run was done, that was it. Granted, life would go on if you managed to cop a few of the 11 vinyls in the set, but if you are a professional dj, or a serious hobbyist, I would suggest picking up the box set if possible.