Sluice RoomShaved and Lubricated Hospice

Label:Sink Slop Processing – SSLOP-003
CD, Album
Style:Noise, Experimental


1Ageplay Anodyne10:52
2The Disabled Rise Up and Lay Waste to Civilization11:02
3In Illness, Truth21:10


Replicated CD in custom jacket.

A rapturous din resonates from the floorboards of your convalescent chamber. Female voices intone that the ailment will win; fetish and fantasy your only palliatives left. Remember who and what brought you to this, then play doctor, judge and jury as little girls sway to the dire invocations of Sluice Room.

© 2016 Sink Slop Processing

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI LP50
  • Matrix / Runout: SM1-G70120/3A


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    Review by Abattoir Stalag, from Traumatic Static Webzine -

    Just to give you an idea of the bizarre and surreal
    ride you are in for (Which should be evident by the
    album art/title/song titles) Here is a paragraph found
    on the back of the album jacket:

    "A Rapturous din resonated from the floorboards of your
    convalescent chamber. Female voices intone that the ail-
    ment will win; Fetish and fantasy your only palliatives
    left. Remember who and what brought you to this, Then
    play doctor, Judge and jury as little girls sway to
    the dire invocations of Sluice Room."

    So basically, You are old, Decrepit, Slowly dying, Horny
    as a young goat pumped full of psychedelics and looking
    for some Horror film grade hardcore B.D.S.M. action?
    Sounds fucking fantastic to me.

    Ok so, In comparison to the two previous SLUICE ROOM albums I've
    reviewed, This is a much more subtle, Ambient and even melodic attack.
    "Ageplay Anodyne" opens carrying us into a surreal and sadistic realm
    of Hellraiser style horror and perverse fantasy. Guess even the most
    fragile old timer still needs to get his rocks off right? Glitchy,
    Fragmented drones pour in like a sweeping choppy tide. A wave of frantic
    lust, Like writhing limbs grasping for anything warm with a pulse in their
    reach. Cascading waves crash down and soon it becomes apparent that this is
    actually processed female vocal chants. Haunting choirs of celestial resonance
    that arrive as a glorious prophesized event for the ages. As if containing waves
    of enlightenment hidden in cryptic phrases and passages. Churning static mirrors
    the oceanic approach in terms of movement. The voices begin to intertwine and
    mingle into a lose cacophony as strands of crystalline ambience join as if in
    a twirling dance of aural energy. Subtle shifts in the vocalizations are present
    and seem to contain hidden hostile undertones. Something wicked hidden with in
    the sweet serenity and audio ecstasy. Overtime all twists into an abomination
    of what it once was. Nightmare regions populated by agonized voices. Like field
    recordings of the biblical fall. A sudden barrage of junk, shrapnel, whirling
    blades and rattling chains is dropped upon us like a massive barrier to seal
    our fate. Daemonic calls and enochian sorcery battle it out while we're helplessly
    caught in the middle. Things slowly begin to break down giving a pure river of
    beautiful ambiance room to flow through carrying us into track two.

    That beautiful ambient carries over and swirls down the drain. Or at least that is
    what this sounds like to these old ears. A new sub-harmonic/sub-melodic ambient passage
    dwells/lingers in the distance injecting the air with a sense of urgency concealed behind
    it's tranquil beauty. Seething, scratching and scraping sounds are heard like rusted metal
    pipes scraping across rough cement floors. Ripping, Tearing and crunching textures fill the
    room sounding something like the chewing of insects greatly amplified. Civiliation being
    slowly devoured by all many of carrion. Their hunger increases as this grows more and more
    loud and intensified. Reversed rhythms slide in and out in disorienting lashes creating a
    sort of sound like something inhaling life-force and exhaling the toxic excrement of what you
    once were. This is definitely a more corrosive and caustic piece than the previous track.
    Here SLUICE ROOM indulges in the sound collage technique. In the way where layer after layer
    are layed opon and weaved within one another. The overall composition weilds excellent results
    for the listener and attention to detail is paid with a close and careful ear. The earlier
    mentioned scraping sounds start to take on a percussive role after some time and handle this
    transition like professionals at a craft. If I had to describe this sound in one phrase I'd
    call it something like "Sewer Electronics" or "Sludge Noise" as that is the only way I can
    think to accurately describe what I am hearing. The tones range mostly from thick and gritty
    to scratchy and grinding with an underlying ambient current. However you want to put it, It's
    interesting and immersive stuff.

    The final piece of the tryptich arrives, Beginning with a droning wave similar to that
    o track one but twice as fragmented and manipulated. Still rough sailing but this time
    a little more hazzardous it seems. Additional layers are heard as reversed synths that
    roll in hitting hard as pummeling waves. Textures present are compossed of what sounds
    like some small utensil scratching upon glass or perhaps a tin can. For some reason this
    sound triggers my mind into Post-Apocalyptic visions in a Mad Max type scenario. It sounds
    like scavengers scavenger for precious morsels of sustenance in vain. Something fierce fires
    up and we have a roaring cloud of mechanical power in the near distance. The quiet screech
    and squeal of not so well oiled metal struggling to move is also heard not too far off in
    the distance as well and creates an interesting industrial rhythm/tempo. The metallic melody
    almost has a choir like quality to it itself which is pretty damn neat to me. Once again we
    are assaulted by sudden waves. One after another, Louder and much more fierce this time around.
    There is a strange melody on the horizon. Heard but hard to place. Dreamlike, Enticing and
    entrancing. I think it's a synth lead of some sort but it's difficult to tell. Backwards
    female vocals also begin to hit in waves and sound like an incantation or conjuring in
    process. What they are about to call fourth I cannot say. Illness? Truth? Perhaps the
    patron saint or ruling daemon of both. Whatever it is we are caught in the eye of a
    wicked storm as primordial powers and principalities rage war around us. At least that's
    what it sounds like is taking place here. The female vocals are definitely a positively
    working force and a fucking stellar addition to SLUICE ROOM. I really can't think of any
    one artist that I can accurately compare this to and that alone is quite an accomplishment.
    In fact this has been an album I've revisited very frequently since it arrived at my door.
    By far my personal favorite release in their discography. Downtuned, Inhuman voices are
    thrown into the maelstrom but are quickly engulfed within the windswept tempest of its
    looping fury. A slow decline to silence and then we're left astonished and dumbfounded.
    What an experience.



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