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Joseph Haydn - The Complete String Quartets album cover

Haydn*, The Aeolian String Quartet*The Complete String Quartets

Label:Decca – 478 1267
Box Set, Compilation
22 x CD, Remastered


String Quartet In E flat Major Op.0
1-1I Presto2:33
1-2II Menuetto3:57
1-3III Adagio4:59
1-4IV Menuetto3:55
1-5V Finale: Presto2:15
String Quartet B Flat Major Op.1 No.1
1-6I Presto2:41
1-7II Menuetto3:31
1-8III Adagio5:31
1-9IV Menuetto2:29
1-10V Presto1:57
String Quartet E Flat Major Op.1 No.2
1-11I Allegro Molto3:34
1-12II Menuetto3:38
1-13III Adagio4:16
1-14IV Menuetto3:15
1-15V Presto2:06
String Quartet in D Major, Op.1 No.3
1-16I Adagio6:07
1-17II Menuetto2:35
1-18III Presto1:46
1-19IV Menuetto3:06
1-20V Finale: Presto1:47
String Quartet In G Major, Op.1 No.4
2-1I Presto4:04
2-2II Menuetto3:31
2-3III Adagio Ma Non Tanto5:32
2-4IV Menuetto3:26
2-5V Presto3:52
String Quartet in C Major, Op.1 No.6
2-6I Presto Assai1:59
2-7II Menuetto3:42
2-8III Adagio6:51
2-9IV Menuetto4:23
2-10V Finale: Presto2:05
String Quartet In A Major, Op.2 No.1
2-11I Allegro4:15
2-12II Menuetto3:04
2-13III Adagio6:46
2-14IV Menuetto2:32
2-15V Allegro Molto2:33
String Quartet In E Major, Op.2 No.2
3-1I Allegro Molto3:51
3-2II Menuetto2:36
3-3III Adagio7:19
3-4IV Menuetto3:21
3-5V Finale: Presto3:38
String Quartet In F Major, Op.2 No.4
3-6I Presto4:03
3-7II Menuetto4:05
3-8III Adagio7:18
3-9IV Menuetto: Allegretto2:15
3-10V Allegro2:22
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.2 No.6
3-11I Adagio8:02
3-12II Menuetto3:30
3-13III Presto: Scherzo2:16
3-14IV Menuetto2:45
3-15V Presto2:12
String Quartet In C Major, Op.9 No.1
4-1I Moderato8:18
4-2II Menuetto: Un Poco Allegretto2:57
4-3III Adagio7:56
4-4IV Finale: Presto3:58
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2
4-5I Moderato6:26
4-6II Menuetto2:27
4-7III Adagio5:34
4-8IV Finale: Allegro Molto3:16
String Quartet In G Major, Op.9 No.3
4-9I Allegro Moderato5:47
4-10II Menuetto2:49
4-11III Largo6:38
4-12IV Finale: Presto3:53
String Quartet In D Minor Major, Op.9 No.4
5-1I Moderato7:20
5-2II Menuetto4:10
5-3III Adagio Cantabile5:45
5-4IV Finale: Presto4:10
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.9 No.5
5-5I Poco Adagio7:45
5-6II Menuetto: Allegretto2:36
5-7III Largo Cantabile5:56
5-8IV Finale: Presto3:38
String Quartet In A Major, Op.9 No.6
5-9I Presto4:19
5-10II Menuetto4:04
5-11III Adagio8:00
5-12IV Finale: Presto1:42
String Quartet In E Major, Op.17 No.1
6-1I Moderato10:09
6-2II Menuet4:51
6-3III Adagio8:13
6-4IV Finale: Presto5:32
String Quartet In F Major, Op.17 No.2
6-5I Moderato7:16
6-6II Menuet: Poco Allegretto3:08
6-7III Adagio5:28
6-8IV Finale: Allegro Di Molto5:00
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.17 No.3
6-9I Andante Grazioso7:31
6-10II Menuet: Allegretto2:24
6-11III Adagio6:36
6-12IV Allegro Di Molto3:58
String Quartet In C Minor, Op.17 No.4
7-1I Moderato6:05
7-2II Menuet: Allegretto3:52
7-3III Adagio Cantabile8:03
7-4IV Finale: Allegro4:27
String Quartet In G Major, Op.17 No.5
7-5I Moderato5:59
7-6II Menuet: Allegretto2:47
7-7III Adagio5:45
7-8IV Finale: Presto3:35
String Quartet In D Major, Op.17 No.6
7-9I Presto5:43
7-10II Menuet2:49
7-11III Largo6:23
7-12IV Finale: Allegro4:27
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.20 No.1
8-1I Allegro Moderato7:37
8-2II Menuet Un Poco Allegretto3:52
8-3III Affettuoso E Sostenuto6:23
8-4IV Presto3:53
String Quartet In C Major, Op.20 No.2
8-5I Moderato6:51
8-6II Capriccio: Adagio6:00
8-7III Menuet: Allegretto3:38
8-8IV Fuga A 4 Soggetti: Allegro3:40
String Quartet In G Minor, Op.20 No.3
8-9I Allegro Con spirito6:21
8-10II Menuetto Allegretto4:39
8-11III Poco Adagio8:28
8-12IV Allegro Di Molto4:19
String Quartet In D Major, Op.20 No.4
9-1I Allegro Di Molto7:48
9-2II Un Poco Adagio E Affettuoso9:08
9-3III Menuet Alla Zingarese1:51
9-4IV Presto E Scherzando4:41
String Quartet In F Minor, Op.20 No.5
9-5I Moderato7:34
9-6II Menuet5:25
9-7III Adagio4:46
9-8IV Fuga A 2 soggetti2:52
String Quartet In A Major, Op.20 No.6
9-9I Allegro Di Molto E Scherzando5:50
9-10II Adagio5:52
9-11III Menuet1:59
9-12IV Fuga A 3 Soggetti: Allegro3:09
String Quartet In B Minor, Op.33 No.1
10-1I Allegro Moderato5:27
10-2II Scherzo allegro3:04
10-3III Andante6:40
10-4IV Presto3:28
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.33 No.2
10-5I Allegro Moderato, Cantabile4:47
10-6II Scherzo Allegro3:27
10-7III Largo Sostenuto5:21
10-8IV Finale: Presto3:06
String Quartet In C Major, Op.33 No.3
10-9I Allegro Moderato6:35
10-10II Scherzo Allegretto3:11
10-11III Adagio6:52
10-12IV Rondo: Presto2:45
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.33 No.4
10-13I Allegro Moderato4:35
10-14II Scherzo Allegretto2:42
10-15III Largo4:41
10-16IV Presto3:39
String Quartet In G Major, Op.33 No.5
11-1I Vivace Assai6:28
11-2II Largo E Cantabile4:23
11-3III Scherzo: Allegro3:07
11-4IV Finale: Allegretto5:36
String Quartet In D Major, Op.33 No.6
11-5I Vivace Assai4:51
11-6II Andante4:25
11-7III Scherzo: Allegretto2:42
11-8IV Finale: Allegretto4:52
String Quartet In D Minor, Op.42
11-9I Andante Ed Innocentemente4:19
11-10II Menuet2:24
11-11III Adagio E Cantabile3:42
11-12IV Finale Presto2:33
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.50 No.1
11-13I Allegro5:56
11-14II Adagio Non Lento7:45
11-15III Poco Allegretto3:37
11-16IV Finale: Vivace4:50
String Quartet In C Major, Op.50 No.2
12-1I Vivace7:52
12-2II Adagio Cantabile5:29
12-3III Menuetto4:13
12-4IV Finale: Vivace Assai4:47
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.50 No.3
12-5I Allegro Con Brio4:55
12-6II Andante Più Tosto Allegretto6:39
12-7III Menuetto Allegretto4:42
12-8IV Finale Presto3:36
String Quartet In F Sharp Minor, Op.50 No.4
12-9I Allegro Spirituoso5:46
12-10II Andante7:43
12-11III Menuetto3:40
12-12IV Fuga: Allegro Moderato2:23
String Quartet In F Major, Op.50 No.5
13-1I Allegro Moderato5:18
13-2II Poco Adagio4:18
13-3III Menuetto4:28
13-4IV Finale: Vivace4:07
String Quartet In D Major, Op.50 No.6
13-5I Allegro6:18
13-6II Poco Adagio7:28
13-7III Menuetto: Allegretto4:31
13-8IV Finale: Allegro Con Spirito4:58
String Quartet In G major, Op.54 No.1
13-9I Vivace Assai5:26
13-10II Allegretto6:24
13-11III Menuet4:01
13-12IV Finale: Vivace3:54
String Quartet In C, Op.54 No.2
14-1I Vivace6:19
14-2II Adagio3:05
14-3III Allegretto4:26
14-4IV Adagio6:38
String Quartet In E Major, Op.54 No.3
14-5I Allegretto6:18
14-6II Largo8:27
14-7III Allegretto3:22
14-8IV Finale: Presto4:12
String Quartet In A Major, Op.55 No.1
14-9I Allegro5:52
14-10II Adagio Cantabile5:26
14-11III Menuet3:03
14-12IV Finale: Vivace2:52
String Quartet In F Minor, Op.55 No.2
15-1I Andante10:46
15-2II Allegro5:12
15-3III Menuetto: Allegretto5:15
15-4IV Presto4:00
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.55 No.3
15-5I Vivace Assai7:52
15-6II Adagio Ma Non troppo6:33
15-7III Menuetto4:03
15-8IV Finale: Presto3:14
String Quartet In C Major, Op.64 No.1
15-9I Allegro Moderato6:27
15-10II Menuet: Allegro Ma Non troppo4:44
15-11III Allegretto Scherzando6:56
15-12IV Finale: Presto3:48
String Quartet In B Minor, Op.64 No.2
16-1I Adagio Spiritoso5:38
16-2II Adagio Ma Non troppo6:19
16-3III Menuetto3:35
16-4IV Finale: Presto3:47
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.64 No.3
16-5I Vivace Assai5:42
16-6II Adagio5:28
16-7III Menuet: Allegretto4:52
16-8IV Finale: Allegro Con Spirito4:56
String Quartet In G Major, Op.64 No.4
16-9I Allegro Con Brio4:49
16-10II Menuetto and Trio3:21
16-11III Adagio Cantabile Sostenuto4:45
16-12IV Finale: Presto4:26
String Quartet In D Major, Op.64 No.5
16-13I Allegro Moderato6:01
16-14II Adagio6:11
16-15III Menuet Allegretto3:37
16-16IV Finale Vivace2:23
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.64 No.6
17-1I Allegro5:31
17-2II Andante5:23
17-3III Menuet: Allegretto3:27
17-4IV Finale: Presto3:25
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.71 No.1
17-5I Allegro6:58
17-6II Adagio5:47
17-7III Menuetto: Allegretto3:25
17-8IV Vivace3:22
String Quartet In D Major, Op.71 No.2
17-9I Adagio: Allegro6:12
17-10II Andante Cantabile5:48
17-11III Menuetto: Allegro2:43
17-12IV Finale: Allegretto4:01
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.71 No.3
18-1I Vivace6:52
18-2II Andante Con Moto7:45
18-3III Menuetto4:41
18-4IV Finale: Vivace4:27
String Quartet In C Major, Op.74 No.1
18-5I Allegro Moderato6:33
18-6II Andantino Grazioso6:07
18-7III Menuetto: Allegretto4:35
18-8IV Finale: Vivace5:47
String Quartet In F Major, Op.74 No.2
18-9I Allegro Spiritoso6:54
18-10II Andante Grazioso7:48
18-11III Menuetto: Allegro4:03
18-12IV Finale: Presto4:23
String Quartet In G Minor, Op.74 No.3
19-1I Allegro5:29
19-2II Largo Assai6:57
19-3III Menuetto And Trio: Allegretto3:55
19-4IV Finale: Allegro Con Brio5:41
String Quartet In G Major, Op.76 No.1
19-5I Allegro Con Spirito5:40
19-6II Adagio Sostenuto6:31
19-7III Menuetto: Presto2:18
19-8IV Allegro Ma Non troppo5:54
String Quartet In D Minor, Op.76 No.2
19-9I Allegro6:40
19-10II Andante O Più Tosto Allegretto5:32
19-11III Minuetto3:39
19-12IV Finale Vivace Assai4:04
String Quartet In D Minor, Op.103 (Unfinished)
19-13II Andante Grazioso7:04
19-14III Menuetto Ma Non Troppo Presto5:24
String Quartet In C Major, Op.76 No.3
20-1I Allegro11:00
20-2II Poco Adagio, Cantabile8:20
20-3III Menuetto: Allegro5:11
20-4IV Finale: Presto5:50
String Quartet In B Flat Major, Op.76, No.4
20-5I Allegro Con Spirito8:01
20-6II Adagio5:54
20-7III Menuetto: Alllegro4:24
20-8IV Finale: Allegro Ma Non Troppo4:23
String Quartet In D Major, Op.76, No.5
20-9I Allegretto4:58
20-10II Largo Ma Non Troppo: Cantabile E Mesto6:44
20-11III Menuetto: Allegro3:04
20-12IV Finale: Presto3:56
String Quartet In E Flat Major, Op.76 No.6
21-1I Allegretto: Allegro6:53
21-2II Fantasia: Adagio7:52
21-3III Menuetto: Presto4:06
21-4IV Finale: Allegro Spirituoso6:42
String Quartet In G Major, Op.77 No.1
21-5I Allegro Moderato7:05
21-6II Adagio6:59
21-7III Menuetto: Trio3:58
21-8IV Finale: Presto5:04
String Quartet In F Major, Op.77 No.2
21-9I Allegro Moderato7:15
21-10II Menuetto: Presto Ma Non troppo4:46
21-11III Andante7:19
21-12IV Finale: Vivace Assai5:56
The Seven Last Words Of Our Saviour On The Cross Op.51
22-1Introduzione: Maestoso Ed Adagio6:01
22-2A Hymne To Christ (John Donne)2:12
22-3Sonata I: Adagio7:23
22-4Prayer — A Dialogue Between Christian And Death (George Herbert)1:12
22-5Sonata II: Grave E Cantabile0:58
22-6Good Friday: Rex Tragicus (Robert Herrick)6:09
22-7Sonata III: Grave2:51
22-8Who Cannot Weep, Come Learn At Me (Anon.)7:45
22-9Sonata IV: Largo2:40
22-10Still Falls The Rain (The Raids, 1940. Night And Dawn) (Edith Sitwell)6:47
22-11Sonata V: Adagio2:42
22-12The Killing (Edwin Muir)6:24
22-13Sonata VI: Lento3:12
22-14Tenebrae — Kyrie (David Gascoyne)6:25
22-15Sonata VII: Largo2:03
22-16Il Terremoto: Presto E Con Tutta La Forza9:03

Companies, etc.



On the box and booklet the catalogue number 478 1267 is followed by DX22.
The complete set is numbered 478 1267 while the individual CDs are numbered 478 1268 through to 478 1289.

A sticker on the front reads:
"To mark the composer's bicentenary the Aeolian Quartet's pioneering cycle of Haydn String Quartets returns to the catalogue
22 CDs at a special price"

Analogue to digital remastering.

48 page booklet with text in English with French and German translations.

℗ 1973 CD1, CD2, CD3, CD18
℗ 1974 CD4, CD5, CD6, CD7, CD20, CD21
℗ 1975 CD14
℗ 1976 CD8, CD9, CD10, CD11, CD12, CD16
℗ 1977 CD22

CD13 ℗ 1975, 1976
CD15 ℗ 1975, 1976
CD17 ℗ 1793, 1976
CD19 ℗ 1973, 1974

This compilation ℗ 2009
© 2009
Made in the EU.

Compact packaging with individual CDs in paper/transparent plastic windowed sleeves all housed in a stiff wallet-style box.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 028947812678
  • Barcode: 0 28947 81267 8
  • Rights Society: BIEM | SABAM
  • Label Code: LC 00171
  • SPARS Code: ADD
  • Mastering SID Code (CD1): IFPI LV27
  • Mould SID Code (CD1): IFPI 0137
  • Matrix / Runout (All Discs): [Universal logo] x 4
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): 00289 478 127-1 01 01 + 52274973
  • Matrix / Runout (Hub, All Discs): MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC

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