DJ LuusoCoast To Coast

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CDr, Mixed
Genre:Hip Hop


1DJ LuusoIntro
2The S.T.U.D. BandSuccess
3Five PointsEquality
4Mike TDo It Any Way You Wanna
5Kool Dj AjAh, That's The Joint
6Marvelous Three & The Younger GenerationRappin All Over
7The Jazzy ThreeThe Rappin Spree
8The Flame And The Dynamite ThreeWork Your Body
9Mr. Sweety "G"We Want To Get Down
10Grandmaster Flash & The Furious FiveSuperapin
11Mr. Magic (9) & Positive Choice Band*2001 Kazoo's
12Teen MachineTeen-Machine Rap
13Mr. Magic (9)Magic Life Coast To Coast
14Portable PatrolCop Bop
15Sugar Baby WeetAh! Bam Bam Just Jam
16Gary Davis And His ProfessorSuper Jake
17J Walter Negro And The Loose JointzJ. Walter Negro 'Shoot The Pump'
18Cholly Rock And The Avenue B Boogie BandCash Money
19MistafideEquidity Funk
20The Fantastic Aleems*Hooked On Your Love
21Harlem World CrewRappers Convention
22Mr. Magic (9) & Pookey BlowEarth Break
23Solo SoundGet The Party Jumpin
24Pookey BlowGet Up (And Go To School)
25Jazzy 4 MC'sMC Rock
26Suzy QGet On Up And Do It Again
27EmpressDyin' To Be Dancin'
28Lonnie LoveYoung Ladies
29The Jackson TwoOh Yeah
30Universal TwoDancing Heart
31Eye Beta Rock Featuring Dr. Groove*Super Rock Body Shock
32Unknown ArtistUnknown
33Lovebug Starski And The Harlem World CrewPositive Life
34M. Brathwaite* / W. Carter* Father Goose (The Ball At Oz....)
35Master Jay And Michael DeeT.S.O.B.
36Don Juan (19) & K. DogJammin' On The One
37The Chill FactorThe Party
38Super-WolfSuper-Wolf Can Do It
39Solid C., Bobby D.*, Kool Drop (2), Wackie's Disco Rock BandWack Rap
40Mr. FoxSmooth Talk
41Smash (7)Blue Jeans
42Unknown ArtistUnknown
43Simon & McQueenI'm Down If You're Down
44Missy Dee & The Melody CrewMissy Missy Dee
45Solo Sounds*We're Chilly
46The Grand Master LoverThe Legend Of O'Mar
47Crown Heights AffairUse Your Body & Soul



This CD is Mix of Old School Hip Hop through the years of 1979 - 1983.
The disc is mastered as one long track with the individual titles starting at the following times:

0.10 The S.T.U.D. Band 'Success'
1.39 Five Points 'Equality'
3.24 Mike T 'Do It Anyway You Wanna'
5.05 Kool DJ AJ 'Ah, That's The Joint'
6.20 Younger Generation & Marvellous Three 'Rappin All Over'
7.58 The Jazzy Three 'The Rappin Spree'
9.06 The Flame & Dynamite Three 'Work Your Body'
10.13 Mr. Sweety G 'We Want To Get Down'
10.55 Grandmaster Flash 'Superrappin'
11.18 Mr. Magic '2001 Kazoos'
12.34 Teen Machine 'Teen Machine Rap'
14.09 Mr. Magic 'Magic Life Coast To Coast'
16.55 Portable Patrol 'Cop Bop'
18.25 Sugar Baby Weet 'Ah, Bam Bam Just Jam'
21.08 Gary Davis & His Professor 'Super Jake'
22.54 J. Walter Negro 'Shoot The Pump'
23.35 Cholly Rock & Avenue B Boogie Band 'Cash Money'
25.12 Mistafide 'Equidity Funk'
26.57 The Fantastic Aleems 'Hooked On Your Love'
28.43 Harlem World Crew 'Rapper's Convention'
31.43 Mr. Magic & Pookey Blow 'Earth Break'
35.06 Solo Sounds 'Get The Party Jumpin'
38.47 Pookey Blow 'Get Up (And Go To School)'
40.36 Jazzy 4 MCs 'MC Rock'
41.42 Suzy Q 'Get On Up & Do It Again'
42.22 Empress 'We're Dying To Be Dancin'
43.35 Lonnie Love 'Young Ladies'
44.38 The Jackson Two 'Oh Yeah'
46.24 Universal Two 'Dancing Heart'
47.22 Eye Beta Rock 'Super Rock Body Shock'
48.21 ???
49.30 Love Bug Star Ski 'Positive Life'
50.07 M. Brathwaite / W. Carter 'Father Goose'
51.41 Master Jay & Michael Dee 'TSOB'
52.43 Don Juan & K Dog 'Jammin On The One'
54.00 The Chill Factor 'The Party'
55.15 Super Wolf 'Super Wolf Can Do It'
55.59 Wackies Disco Rock Band 'Wack Rap'
56.42 Mr. Fox 'Smooth Talk'
57.28 Smash 'Blue Jeans'
58.55 ???
59.27 Simon & McQueen 'I'm Down If You're Down'
1.00.25 Missy Dee & The Melody Crew 'Missy Missy Dee'
1.01.06 Solo Sound 'We're Chilly'
1.03.06 The Grand Master Lover 'The Legend Of O'Mar'
1.04.28 Crown Heights Affair 'Use Your Body & Soul'

This CD was available direct from Luuso's website / Myspace page as well as from Big Daddy Magazine's webshop.



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