Ramones - Ramones racboiwaffles

January 6, 2020
Hmm, I picked this up (LP) at a vintage record store recently and according to the label the Cat is SR 6020 but the date says 1976 which doesn't seem to be a version listed here.

Ramones - Ramones Record-Miner

April 13, 2019
Label on side A has Beat on the Brat listed as “Beat is on the Brat” on a true first press.

Ramones - Ramones twoarmedscissor

March 1, 2020
Label on side A has Beat on the Brat listed as “Beat is on the Brat” on a true first press.

Mine has that, and Blitzkrieg Bop is slightly misspelled too.

Ramones - Ramones MikeTelford

February 7, 2018
My copy has
SASD 7520 A RE-1 STERLING (no T1 or anything after STERLING)
SASD 7520 B RE-1 X STERLING (no T1 or anything after STERLING)
All of the same First Pressing identifiers mentioned

Ramones - Ramones NothingLikeThe80s

May 22, 2019
So, if it's clearly Pitman, would it then be one of the 1978 reissues?

Ramones - Ramones Hyman78

May 22, 2019
Your copy is pressed at the Pitman Pressing Plant, New Jersey. They used the "X".

Ramones - Ramones NothingLikeThe80s

September 23, 2018
That's what I have, too. I take it that, if there is no T1, then it's not the Terre Haute pressing plant. But none of the releases here on Discogs match this runout etching. Wondering what I have.

Ramones - Ramones as reviewed by ole.grung

October 9, 2017
If you would listen to one punk album, make this it! A lot of energy, anger and attitude from this first release. Still a really tight production. Sex Pistols is much more unpolished, these guys are really great players. Although the music is probably easy to play, it takes something to keep it great together. Starting off, “Blitzkrieg Bop” is probably their most famous song. For me, this is a special record. I was running a local “alternative cafe”, and we mostly listened to punk records there. So naturally, this was one of them, and I have fond memories of old friends and myself listening to punk until the early hours.

Ramones - Ramones hemovintage

March 3, 2017
Who plays keyboards or that kind of farfisa on Let's Dance?

Ramones - Ramones twoarmedscissor

December 6, 2020
Who plays keyboards or that kind of farfisa on Let's Dance?

Craig Leon. he also produced the album.

Ramones - Ramones testascossa

May 13, 2016
MIne its with transparent inner envelope and not with lyrics sheet

Ramones - Ramones Haarmann

March 4, 2016
This is nothing less than simply THE record. Ramones Forever!

Ramones - Ramones vigorton2

December 11, 2013
This is the first pressing (SASD 7520). Sire was distributed by ABC when it was first released. Then Sire was picked up by WEA (in 1977?) and it was re-issued as SIRE SR 6020. One quick way to tell an original pressing is the "All rights reserved." blurb that WEA put on the back cover after it was re-issued. The original ABC pressings don't have that.

Ramones - Ramones NIN

March 10, 2017
Wouldn't you know the difference by just looking at the CAT No. ?

Ramones - Ramones danomite1

January 21, 2017
Mine says "unauthorized reproduction of this recording prohibited by federal law and subject to criminal prosecution" . Is that the repress?

Ramones - Ramones x6025x

October 17, 2013
is this a first press?

Ramones - Ramones heavypsychrock

June 2, 2013
Great record and a must have for 70s punk fan.

Ramones - Ramones Progpunk76

August 12, 2011
Have the original Canadian version Cat. # 9147-7520 Dist. by GRT Records of Canada.