Tim Finn & Neil FinnTim & Neil Finn 1-2

Label:Домашняя Коллекция – none, Навигатор – none
2 x CDr, CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release, MP3, 192 kbps
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style:Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Ballad, Acoustic, Synth-pop, Alternative Rock


The Finn Brothers - 1995 - Finn
1-1The Finn BrothersOnly Talking Sense
1-2The Finn BrothersEyes Of The World
1-3The Finn BrothersMood Swinging Man
1-4The Finn BrothersLast Day Of June
1-5The Finn BrothersSuffer Never
1-6The Finn BrothersAngels Heap
1-7The Finn BrothersNiwhai
1-8The Finn BrothersWhere Is My Soul
1-9The Finn BrothersBullets In My Hairdo
1-10The Finn BrothersParadise (Wherever You Are)
1-11The Finn BrothersKiss The Road Of Rarotonga
The Finn Brothers - 2004 - Everyone Is Here
1-12The Finn BrothersWon't Give In
1-13The Finn BrothersNothing Wrong With You
1-14The Finn BrothersAnything Can Happen
1-15The Finn BrothersLuckiest Man Alive
1-16The Finn BrothersHomesick
1-17The Finn BrothersDisembodied Voices
1-18The Finn BrothersA Life Between Us
1-19The Finn BrothersAll God's Children
1-20The Finn BrothersEdible Flowers
1-21The Finn BrothersAll The Colors
1-22The Finn BrothersPart Of Me, Part Of You
1-23The Finn BrothersGentle Hum
Tim Finn - 1983 - Escapade
1-24Tim FinnFraction Too Much Friction
1-25Tim FinnStaring At The Embers
1-26Tim FinnThrough The Years
1-27Tim FinnNot For Nothing
1-28Tim FinnIn A Minor Key
1-29Tim FinnMade My Day
1-30Tim FinnWait And See
1-31Tim FinnBelow The Belt
1-32Tim FinnI Only Want To Know
1-33Tim FinnGrowing Pains
Tim Finn - 1986 - Big Canoe
1-34Tim FinnSpiritual Hunger
1-35Tim FinnDon't Bury My Heart
1-36Tim FinnTimmy
1-37Tim FinnSo Deep
1-38Tim FinnNo Thunder - No Fire - No Rain
1-39Tim FinnSearching The Streets
1-40Tim FinnCarve You In Marble
1-41Tim FinnWater Into Wine
1-42Tim FinnHyacinth
1-43Tim FinnBig Canoe
1-44Tim FinnHole In My Heart
1-45Tim FinnAre We One Or Are We Two
Tim Finn - 1989 - Tim Finn
1-46Tim FinnYoung Mountain
1-47Tim FinnNot Even Close
1-48Tim FinnHow'm I Gonna Sleep
1-49Tim FinnParihaka
1-50Tim FinnTears Inside
1-51Tim FinnBirds Swim, Fish Fly
1-52Tim FinnSuicide On Downing St.
1-53Tim FinnShow A Little Mercy
1-54Tim FinnCrescendo
1-55Tim FinnBeen There Done That
Tim Finn - 1993 - Before And After
1-56Tim FinnHit The Ground Running
1-57Tim FinnProtected
1-58Tim FinnIn Love With It All
1-59Tim FinnPersuasion
1-60Tim FinnMany's The Time (In Dublin)
1-61Tim FinnFunny Way
1-62Tim FinnCan't Do Both
1-63Tim FinnIn Your Sway
1-64Tim FinnStrangeness And Charm
1-65Tim FinnAlways Never Now
1-66Tim FinnWalk You Home
1-67Tim FinnI Found It
Tim Finn - 1999 - Say It Is So
1-68Tim FinnUnderwater Mountain
1-69Tim FinnShiver
1-70Tim FinnGood Together
1-71Tim FinnRoadtrip
1-72Tim FinnCurrents
1-73Tim FinnNeed To Be Right
1-74Tim FinnTwinkle
1-75Tim FinnBig Wave Rider
1-76Tim FinnDeath Of A Popular Song
1-77Tim FinnSome Dumb Reason
1-78Tim FinnRest
Tim Finn - 2001 - Feeding The Gods
1-79Tim FinnSongline
1-80Tim FinnI'll Never Know
1-81Tim FinnSubway Dreaming
1-82Tim FinnSay It Is So
1-83Tim FinnWhat You've Done
1-84Tim FinnSawdust And Splinters
1-85Tim FinnDead Man
1-86Tim FinnCommonplace
1-87Tim FinnWaiting For Your Moment
1-88Tim FinnParty Was You
1-89Tim FinnIncognito In California
Tim Finn - 2006 - Imaginary Kingdom
1-90Tim FinnCouldn't Be Done
1-91Tim FinnStill The Song
1-92Tim FinnAstounding Moon
1-93Tim FinnMidnight Coma
1-94Tim FinnSalt To The Sea
1-95Tim FinnHorizon
1-96Tim FinnDead Flowers
1-97Tim FinnResting (Your Hand Lightly)
1-98Tim FinnShow Yourself
1-99Tim FinnWinter Light
1-100Tim FinnSo Precious
1-101Tim FinnUnsinkable
Tim Finn - 2008 - The Conversation
1-102Tim FinnStraw To Gold
1-103Tim FinnOut Of This World
1-104Tim FinnThe Saw & The Tree
1-105Tim FinnSlow Mystery
1-106Tim FinnRearview Mirror
1-107Tim FinnOnly A Dream
1-108Tim FinnFall From Grace
1-109Tim FinnInvisible
1-110Tim FinnSnowbound
1-111Tim FinnGreat Return
1-112Tim FinnImaginary Kingdom
1-113Tim FinnForever Thursday
1-114Tim FinnMore Fool Me
Tim Finn - 2011 - The View Is Worth The Climb
1-115Tim FinnThe Everyday
1-116Tim FinnThe View Is Worth The Climb
1-117Tim FinnGoing Going Gone
1-118Tim FinnAll This And More
1-119Tim FinnWild Sweet Children
1-120Tim FinnEverybody's Wrong
1-121Tim FinnCan't Be Found
1-122Tim FinnOpposite Sign
1-123Tim FinnPeople Like Us
1-124Tim FinnCertain Way
1-125Tim FinnKeep Talking
Neil Finn - 1998 - Try Whistling This
2-1Neil FinnLast One Standing
2-2Neil FinnSouvenir
2-3Neil FinnKing Tide
2-4Neil FinnTry Whistling This
2-5Neil FinnShe Will Have Her Way
2-6Neil FinnSinner
2-7Neil FinnTwisty Bass
2-8Neil FinnLoose Tongue
2-9Neil FinnTruth
2-10Neil FinnAstro
2-11Neil FinnDream Date
2-12Neil FinnFaster Than Light
2-13Neil FinnAddicted
Neil Finn - 2001 - One Nil
2-14Neil FinnThe Climber
2-15Neil FinnRest Of The Day Off
2-16Neil FinnHole In The Ice
2-17Neil FinnWherever You Are
2-18Neil FinnLast To Know
2-19Neil FinnDon't Ask Why
2-20Neil FinnSecret God
2-21Neil FinnTurn And Run
2-22Neil FinnElastic Heart
2-23Neil FinnAnytime
2-24Neil FinnDriving Me Mad
2-25Neil FinnInto The Sunset
Neil Finn - 2002 - 7 Worlds Collide
2-267 Worlds CollideAnytime
2-277 Worlds CollideTake A Walk
2-287 Worlds CollideThe Climber
2-297 Worlds CollideLoose Tongue
2-307 Worlds CollideDown On The Corner
2-317 Worlds CollideThere Is A Light That Never Goes Out
2-327 Worlds CollidePaper Doll
2-337 Worlds CollideTurn And Run
2-347 Worlds CollideAngels Heap
2-357 Worlds CollideEdible Flowers
2-367 Worlds CollideStuff And Nonsense
2-377 Worlds CollideI See Red
2-387 Worlds CollideShe Will Have Her Way
2-397 Worlds CollideParting Ways
2-407 Worlds CollideWeather With You
2-417 Worlds CollideParadise (Wherever You Are)
2-427 Worlds CollideDon't Dream It's Over
Neil Finn - 2009 - The Sun Came Out 2CD\Disc 1
2-43Johnny Marr & Neil FinnToo Blue
2-44Jeff TweedyYou Never Know
2-45Sharon Finn & Neil FinnLittle By Little
2-46Neil Finn & Liam FinnLearn To Crawl
2-47KT Tunstall & Bic RungaBlack Silk Ribbon
2-48Don McGlashanGirl, Make Your Own Mind Up
2-49Johnny MarrRun In The Dust
2-50Liam FinnRed Wine Bottle
2-51Phil SelwayThe Ties That Bind Us
2-52Lisa GermanoReptile
2-53Ed O'Brien & Neil FinnBodisattva Blues
2-54Jeff TweedyWhat Could Have Been
Neil Finn - 2009 - The Sun Came Out 2CD\Disc 2
2-55Neil FinnAll Comedians Suffer
2-56Glenn RichardsDuxton Blues
2-57KT TunstallHazel Black
2-58Tim FinnRiding The Wave
2-59Phil SelwayThe Witching Hour
2-60John StirrattOver & Done
2-61Bic RungaA Change Of Heart
2-62Pat SansoneDon't Forget Me
2-63Don McGlashanLong Time Gone
2-64Elroy FinnThe Cobbler
2-65Glenn Kotche, Phil Selway & Neil Baldock3 Worlds Collide
2-66Sebastian SteinbergThe Water
Neil Finn - 2013 - Goin You Way (with Paul Kelly) 2CD\CD1
2-67Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Don't Stand So Close To The Window
2-68Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Four Seasons In One Day
2-69Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Before Too Long
2-70Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)She Will Have Her Way
2-71Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Not The Girl You Think You Are
2-72Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)For The Ages
2-73Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Sinner
2-74Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Won't Give In
2-75Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Careless
2-76Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Leaps And Bounds
2-77Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Only Talking Sense
2-78Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)New Found Year
2-79Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Into Temptation
2-80Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
2-81Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Private Universe
Neil Finn - 2013 - Goin You Way (with Paul Kelly) 2CD\CD2
2-82Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Dumb Things
2-83Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)One Step Ahead
2-84Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Deeper Water
2-85Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Better Be Home Soon
2-86Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)How To Make Gravy
2-87Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Distant Sun
2-88Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Winter Coat
2-89Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Fall At Your Feet
2-90Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)To Her Door
2-91Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Don't Dream It's Over
2-92Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Message To My Girl
2-93Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Love Is The Law
2-94Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Words Of Love
2-95Neil Finn & Paul Kelly (2)Moon River
Neil Finn - 2014 - Dizzy Heights
2-96Neil FinnImpressions
2-97Neil FinnDizzy Heights
2-98Neil FinnFlying In The Face Of Love
2-99Neil FinnDivebomber
2-100Neil FinnBetter Than TV
2-101Neil FinnPony Ride
2-102Neil FinnWhite Lies And Alibis
2-103Neil FinnRecluse
2-104Neil FinnStrangest Friends
2-105Neil FinnIn My Blood
2-106Neil FinnLights of New York

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Общее время звучания: 15ч.09мин.

Back cover mentions year "2001", but actually this compilation was released in 2014.

From back cover:
© 2001 Delta-MM Corp.
© 2001 "Навигатор" (ООО "Программа 2000")
Для распространения на территории СНГ и стран Балтии



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