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Shades Of OrionShades Of Orion 2

Label:Fax +49-69/450464 – PW 20
CD, Album, Limited Edition


Orion Transfer(1:11:14)
Level Up1Untitled5:01
Level Up2Untitled5:00
Level Up3Untitled5:00
Level Up4Untitled5:00
Level Up5Untitled5:00
Level Up6Untitled5:00
Level Up7Untitled5:00
Level Up8Untitled5:00
Level Up9Untitled5:00
Level Up10Untitled5:00
Level Up11Untitled5:00
Level Up12Untitled5:00
Level Up13Untitled5:00
Level Up14Untitled6:12



tinifni elbanatta eht fo lobmys a sa noir
Special thanks to: Elisabeth, Fabia, Kathrin, Turgar of Turgay Audio; Michael, Lisa, Ingrid

Limitation: 1,000
Tracklisting only states one title, Orion Transfer, which is spread over 14 tracks. The durations here listed were taken from the disc's table of contents except for the index track which is the duration printed on the booklet. The actual duration of the whole disc is 1:11:12.

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  • Label Code: LC 6269

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Shades Of Orion 2 (CD, Album, Reissue)Ambient WorldAW 024Germany2002


vborneo.d's profile picture
This is such a classic and one of my very favourite ambient albums ever, and I mean this seriously. Have to agree with others in that Inoue being aparently at the wheel here is definitely a great thing, as Namlook can get annoyingly 'noisy' far too often. I don´t really know how they actually created this one but it definitely works; The single notes commanding from the background for minutes are incredibly trance-inducing in such an essential, elegant way. This is pretty deep and emotional stuff in such a minimalistic way, and a gem to wonder at.

TOP 'ambient' by any standard.
Morgengrond's profile picture
I bought this in 1995 and sold it or gave it away for free...what a dumb FUCK I was :(
darktrain's profile picture
space is definitely the place.Vast,calming,freefloating and very very peaceful ambient from two of the finest purveyors of the form.
incuswetrust's profile picture
Absolutely cracking piece of prime ambience from the dynamic duo. No beats and all the better for it, as Namlook, when he runs out of steam, tends to add a kick drum to spice things up; alas all he does is turn mediocre ambience into mediocre techno. There is also a minimum of those bleeping ostinatos that litter his soundworks; and this is a good thing as i have always found them mildly annoying. But back to this work- an absolute must for ambient heads everywhere- captivating, surrounding in it's amniotic fluid-like warmth, enveloping, compulsive listening.
Many fax releases, including the Tetsu collaborations, are going for silly money now. But this series is worth every penny, along with the 2350 Broadway releases too. Invest now! Essential.
mergendy's profile picture
This is deep stuff. If you're solely into the lively, upbeat end of the Fax spectrum, you're on the wrong page! Quick, run! Head for the hills! :-) If, however, you enjoy a nice slice of extremely chilled, even spacy ambience, this is for you.

Another single-track affair, this one proceeds slowly, very slowly, on its journey from somewhere out in space to, well, somewhere else out in space, but like, it's the journey that's important, man! :-)

The piece works nicely as peaceful background, to be calmed by while you work or cook or whatever, but it also rewards the attentive listener by using track divisions to observe clearly defined sections (or parts of the journey, if you will), some of which are more eventful than others, all of which transport you to a (slightly) different place.

At the end of the day, though, it's pointless trying to describe what's going on here musically.....either you get it or you don't, and that's the way it should be. For the record, my favourite parts are 5 and 6....well, today anyway :-)

Verdict - Very nice, very nice indeed, just don't play it in front of someone who'll ask "So when's something gonna happen then?"