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Pig SnorterMarauder / My 909's Got A Picture Of Chris Liberator On It

Label:Routemaster Records – ROUTE 21
Vinyl, 12"
Style:Techno, Acid


BMy 909's Got A Picture Of Chris Liberator On It


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Marauder / My 909's Got A Picture Of Chris Liberator On It (12", White Label)Routemaster RecordsROUTE 21UK1998


  • Braindead's avatar
    Edited 2 years ago
    This EP is great, IMO mainly for the A-side. Marauder is a masterpiece...
    It's dark, brooding and twisted...all the while whilst being hypnotic. Around the 4 min mark, it strips right back, becoming menacing...bringing in an air raid siren kind of synth line around 4:50. From here it builds, just getting darker and more twisted.
    It's not as sonically active as some Routemaster tracks, but it is a really good record for mixing into and out of...

    • drexcia2's avatar
      Marauder is a Sick Track. Sounds like Dave and Lawrie took a Sample from "Kinetic A.T.O.M" Borg Destroyer on this one and turned it into a Real Stomper. This is definitely up there with Routemaster's finest productions.
      • Spastmatiker's avatar
        is the B side played at the speed shown in the video or the slower speed on juno download?
        • maroko's avatar
          The A side tune is a lenghthy, mid tempo acid techno tune, which pounds along four minutes deep, with a steady and repetitive acid sequence, and then it breaks down for a minute and some change. About fifteen seconds into the sixth minute, this siren hook enters the loop, and a few more minutes down the line, there is a multi layered segment where the acid lines tangle with these nervous siren sounds. Overall, this is a very long, and for the usual Routemaster standards, pretty slow tune, but very fun to toy around with. The long and patient acid synths, with entire passages of alarms and sirens, make Marauder a track which can act as a set opener, but also maybe a number you'd drop in the mix for the sake of raising some tension with all thouse hooks!
          The B side is a proper London-esque banger, with crazy repetitive vocals, a pumping bass line and, drilling acid and very club friendly drive and structure. There is a smaller break around the five minute mark, when the vocal "my 909's got a picture of Chris Liberator on it" is pulled out of the track, and substitued with a "909" sample, but it all goes back to the initial madness as we close in on the seven minute mark. The acid intnesifies, and gets louder, and then for the last two minutes it's the proper hard acid techno with rabid acid leads bouncing all over the place!
          Personally, I much prefer the B side, as it has this really insane feel to it, with the demented vocal pulling itself throughout the entire track, plus the acid gets really intense towards the end. Maybe not the best Routemaster release, and not a good place to start, but I find the B side track in the upper echolon of tunes recorded for this label.