Sir Spyro - Topper Top pat.roba

October 2, 2016
Only problem with this release is that they chose to put a previously released instrumental from 2014 on the b side instead of the Kahn remix, needs a release asap

Sir Spyro - Topper Top jjclinton

October 8, 2016
my guess is that its going to be on this years christmas whitelable.

Sir Spyro - Topper Top Shaneski75

September 30, 2016

Absolute badman material - DMM should really of pressed it on a 10" 800 Gram metal plate IMO lol .....the wait has that been long - either way I'm gonna murda my sub and bury this when it arrives - bless

Sir Spyro - Topper Top grinsta

September 28, 2016
No one is holding this record in his/her hands and people are already calling it a repress

Sir Spyro - Topper Top grinsta

September 29, 2016
oh damn didn't notice this. . . . . .

Sir Spyro - Topper Top KidContra88

September 28, 2016
Sold out, no 'one-per-customer'... This is going to go for a billion dollars. Repress available on Deep Medi if anyone is looking for a pre-order!