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A1BeckTough Fuckin Shit3:46
A2BeckFuck You Up & Get High0:50
A3BeckSatan Was Way Cool2:37
A4BeckBlah, Blah, Blah, Blah1:37
A6BeckWhen The Water Will Take Back The Land2:19
A7BeckRun From The World1:50
A8BeckIn This World3:27
A9BeckThat Highway Won't Get You To Heaven2:46
A10BeckAce Of Spade2:43
A11BeckShe Was A Beautiful Woman2:36
A12BeckI've Just Seen A Face Lift1:52
A13BeckTrash Can 1:17
A14BeckAre U Positive?2:58
B1Loser (9)Born Of Whiskey 2:05
B2Loser (9)Dad Came Home 2:18
B3Loser (9)Trash Can 2:21
B4Loser (9)Backwash Mother2:47
B5Loser (9)Back Of My Hand3:00
B6Loser (9)Stevie Nicks Licked Me4:04
B7Loser (9)Falling Off A Cliff3:52
B8Loser (9)Carburetor 0:33
B9Loser (9)The Fucking Train 4:18


Tracks A1-A15 are recorded by Beck.

Tracks B1-B9 are recorded by Loser, a lo-fi metal band formed by Beck and Steve Hanft in 1991.


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I Say this release be Removed because it's not a real release. I thought it was a burned copy to start with.
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Edited one year ago
OK, so this isn't really a release, but here's the story behind this non-release...

My pal's sister dated Beck's manager for a spell...he gave her a 90min cassette of old demos...the tape wasn't labeled, so all the track titles are 'working titles' my pal made up...He gave me a CD copy he transferred from her OG cassette and told me to NEVER let it get out..which I never did...

then one day, he decided to put a CD-R copy for sale on eBAY!...can ya believe that?? anyway, it got out into the world that way, and was never "released" in any other way other than that...

The guy who bought it might be one of the guys involved with Beck's Unofficial webpage...or involved in Beck circles, because all of my pal's faux track names became what the songs became known as in Beck's canon.... My pal had originally named the two sides of the cassette '4 track demos' and 'Metal Health Plan', but this was changed in Beck circles to just being '1992 Demo', at least as far as I've ever seen it...

seeing all the Beck demos, it seems like these tracks were all released elsewhere...or some of them, at least...and therefore this being here is not really correct, but here it is, and here it shall remain, I suppose...

so this does exist, but it was never released, other than by my pal via eBay...

that's the story, Edward Gorey...
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WTF a album? no way! a wonder if this is according to the rules of what is or isn't a album.