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Pink FloydWish You Were Here

Label:Pink Floyd Records – PFRLP9, Pink Floyd Records – 5099902988016
Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Stereo, 180g
Style:Art Rock, Prog Rock


Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1 - 5)
A1.1Part 1
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
A1.2Part 2
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
A1.3Part 3
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
A1.4Part 4
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
A1.5Part 5
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
SaxophoneDick Parry
A2Welcome To The Machine
B1Have A Cigar
VocalsRoy Harper
B2Wish You Were Here
Written-ByGilmour*, Waters*
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (6 - 9)
B3.1Part 6
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
B3.2Part 7
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
B3.3Part 8
Written-ByGilmour*, Wright*, Waters*
B3.4Part 9

Companies, etc.



The stereo remastered album on Heavyweight 180 Vinyl
Remastered from the original analogue tapes by JAMES GUTHRIE, JOEL PLANTE and BERNIE GRUNDMAN
Original UK release date: September 1975
Made in the E.U.

Comes with printed inner sleeve, postcard and download code card.
The album is concealed in black shrink-wrap (making the front cover art "absent"). On the front of the shrinkwrap is a George Hardie designed sticker depicting two mechanical hands engaged in a handshake.

℗ & © 2016 Pink Floyd Music Ltd.

Runouts are entirely etched, and '51' & '=4' (Variant 1), '5 X +' & '=5' (Variant 2) and '15=Λ' & '+I ̶L̶ ' and 12=X (variant 4) T+17 and IhI (variant 5) are mirrored. See 'Notes on Vinyl records' section on Optimal Media GmbH page.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Scanned): 5099902988016
  • Barcode (Text): 5 099902 988016
  • Matrix / Runout (Label, Side A): PFRLP9-A (5099902988016A)
  • Matrix / Runout (Label, Side B): PFRLP9-B (5099902988016B)
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 1): 5099902987613-A 51 BG24222-01 A1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 1): 5099902987613-B =4 BG24222-01 B1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 2): 5099902987613-A 5 X + BG24222-01 A1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 2): 5099902987613-B =5 BG24222-01 B1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 3): 5099902987613-A BG24222-01 A1 15=Λ BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 3): 5099902987613-B +I ̶L̶ BG24222-01 B1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 4): 5099902987613-A BG24222-01 A1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 4): 5099902987613-B 12=X BG24222-01 B1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 5): 5099902987613-A 17+T BG24222-01 A1 BG
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 5): 5099902987613-B IhI BG24222-01 B1 BG

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
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Wish You Were Here (LP, Album)Harvest, Harvest2C 068-96 918, 2C 068 - 96918France1975
Wish You Were Here (LP, Album)ColumbiaPC 33453US1975
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Wish You Were Here (LP, Album, Stereo)HarvestSHVL 814UK1975
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Wish You Were Here (LP, Album)CBSCBS 80955Israel1975
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Wish You Were Here (LP, Album, Stereo)CBS/SonySOPO 100Hong Kong1975
christonabike's avatar
My copy sounds okay. No clicks or pops from what I can hear on mine, sounds pretty good. Guess I was just lucky.
kopa666's avatar
Edited 3 months ago
Sorry but the Us CD of 1984 sounds better, very disappointed... Useless
quattropesanti's avatar
I read all the reviews... I haven't any Wish You Were Here vinyl: is this edition worthy or not?

or is better continue with the CD?

echauhan1's avatar
Edited 4 months ago
Did a back to comparo with this Bernie and a 1980 Japanese Half Speed Master Sound 30AP 1875. I would say that there is a bit more presence and musicality on the Japanese pressing side 1 especially Welcome To The Machine, although mine does have more surface noise than this Bernie. Soundstage a bit broader on the Japanese on side 1. On side 2 Cigar sounds a bit more detailed on this Bernie, but the Japanese definitely has a warmer and deeper bass at the expense of slight inner and upper detail than this Bernie. Same for Wish You Were Here, more midrange energy and lower bass in the Japanese, with this Bernie being better in the upper mid and highs with more shimmer in the strings and cymbals. Rest of side 2 for Shine On, same story, the Bernie brings out more detail in the upper mid and highs that seem buried in the Japanese half speed. The Japanese definitely has an advantage with more energy in the mids and fuller lower deeper bass at the expense of the detail, however soundstage and presence seem more prominent overall in the Japanese.

Derbystar74's avatar
clicks and pops and no real improvent compared to my 75 german pressing. Bought it as my original is extremely warping but even though only better dynamics which is not an issue to me.

This pressing sounds somehow slowly!!??
Can anyone confirm?
Colear's avatar
Why do publishers persist in packing records in cardboard? Mine arrived so covered in dust that it took me five trips to the cleaning machine to finally get something listenable, and even then, there's still a lot of noise. It's so stupid...
It spoils my enjoyment, I find it hard to form an opinion on the remastering work.
kierand73's avatar
Great sounding remaster. The pressing, however, is riddled with clicks and pops, even after a cleaning. My side B is especially bad, and sadly, I didn't give it a spin right away and missed the return window. (Ordered mine from Amazon in July 2021, in case that helps anyone.)
leonthepro's avatar
Review from the UK Original vs 2016 Cut:
Just listened to my First UK press of WYWH and these are my first impressions.
Besides some crackles which I mostly hope to get off with some cleaning Im quite happy with it for a number of reasons. Coming off of the 2016 issue as my only copy its clear that theres a lot more punch in the sound, that being the biggest difference. The low end bass is fuller and the sound is still so effortless, really wonderful. Wish You Were here just slams it compared to the new issue by Grundman and its really enjoyable.
Whats not as enjoyable are a few details. I can play the Grundman cut louder overall and whats gained from that soundwise is a bit of the soundstage and most of all the effect sounds. One of my favorite parts of the whole album is in Shine on right when the singing starts. It goes "remember when you were young..." and then there is that ominous laugh. That laugh used to send chills down my spine, mostly because of how real and in the room it felt. But its not as effective in the original. I feel similarly about the opening to Welcome to the Machine and Wish You Were here with their sound effects.
This is just on first listen, Ill be going back to the 2016 issue next time and see if it sound underwhelming now or still holds up. Despite it all Im happy to have both the oldest and newest releases and maybe some day Ill find a sound that strikes the middle between the two or change my mind on them completely.

On second inspection I notice a few other things, mainly about the EQ and Soundstaging again. The UK original is somewhat more low end favored which is probably what gives it its smoother and more bass filled sound. The BG is higher end favored and I feel reflects a slightly more realistic reproduction, even with less bass. Its probably what made me feel like the effects were less in the room on the UK as they become slightly less present and real. Now what I mean by soundstaging is the way in which instruments are placed. BGs work on this Pink Floyd series has been a very neutral and balanced approach. As with the EQ, the soundstaging is less deep, but then instead more present, and you hear some instruments buried in the mix of the original more so hear. Is that good however? Sometimes emphasis is more important than making everything heard at all times. Perhaps cymbals become more annoying than effect full after a while. Its very dependent on the listener.
With the progress made here I have to say that I again favor the Reissue over the original and vice versa for certain things. But given the cost and effort required to find a clean original the reissue might just edge it out here.

Equipment Used:
Technics SL1210GR
Paratrace tipped Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge
Cyrus 2 Amplifier
System Fidelity SF-3050 Tower Speakers
Ledmouth's avatar
Punchy as hell, wide dynamics and great bass. Recommend this remaster 100% but if money isn't an object to you go for the first pressing.

Choochtown's avatar
Edited one year ago
Question: I have a 180 gram pressing with the black outer plastic sleeve. UPC code is 5099902988016. It does not have thelarge black 2016 sticker that says "remastered..."
The inner cardboard sleeve states "Mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante (das boot recording) and Doug Sax (The Mastering Lab)" There is no mention of Bernie Grundman. Labels are black and purple instead of black and blue, there is not year mentioned anywhere as to when it was pressed. So.....What pressing do I have?