Label:Documents – 223515
10 x CD
Box Set, Compilation
Genre:Reggae, Folk, World, & Country
Style:African, Highlife


Original Zengala Band - Kenya
1-1Original Zengala Band*Usimcheke Kilema3:42
1-2Original Zengala Band*Nili Kua Na Numewango4:11
1-3Original Zengala Band*Sakina3:51
1-4Original Zengala Band*Mama Wa Kambo5:20
1-5Original Zengala Band*Asili Ya Utamaduni3:19
1-6Original Zengala Band*Pamela5:27
1-7Original Zengala Band*Sophie4:53
1-8Original Zengala Band*Vicky5:32
1-9Original Zengala Band*Baba Athumani3:43
1-10Original Zengala Band*Fitina5:03
Gonda Traditional Entertainers - Kenya
2-1Gonda Traditional EntertainersUngekua Ni Wangu5:55
2-2Gonda Traditional EntertainersGi Lake Victoria4:05
2-3Gonda Traditional EntertainersAno Mayo, Ano Baba4:50
2-4Gonda Traditional EntertainersNiche Boresha4:37
2-5Gonda Traditional EntertainersDimulowore4:49
2-6Gonda Traditional EntertainersMburi Ya Kitutuma4:13
2-7Gonda Traditional EntertainersLala Sawa Sawa5:06
2-8Gonda Traditional EntertainersMarifa Sawa Sawa5:36
2-9Gonda Traditional EntertainersNgombe Ni Mali4:15
2-10Gonda Traditional EntertainersLeo Ni Leo4:58
2-11Gonda Traditional EntertainersKenya Safari4:58
2-12Gonda Traditional EntertainersDunia Ina Mambo4:08
Them Mushrooms - Kenya (Kazi Ni Kazi - Tribute To Bob Marley)
3-1Them Mushrooms*We Are All One5:18
3-2Them Mushrooms*Unkula Huu5:59
3-3Them Mushrooms*Kazi Ni Kazi4:56
3-4Them Mushrooms*Mama4:22
3-5Them Mushrooms*Conmen Wicked Men4:02
3-6Them Mushrooms*Say No5:24
3-7Them Mushrooms*Enuff Is Enuff5:16
3-8Them Mushrooms*Rwanda4:59
3-9Them Mushrooms*Back In Dubai5:58
3-10Them Mushrooms*My Indian Lady4:53
3-11Them Mushrooms*Walanga Pera4:13
3-12Them Mushrooms*Tribute To Bob Marley4:27
3-13Them Mushrooms*Viva Italia5:17
3-14Them Mushrooms*Shine On4:52
3-15Them Mushrooms*Swiss Lady4:45
Rumba Is Rumba - Zaire (Bilenge Musica Du Zaire)
4-1Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Anna Bella7:45
4-2Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Wazazi Wangu8:17
4-3Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Bilenge Musica
4-4Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Likanisi7:55
4-5Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Rumba Is Rumba9:18
4-6Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Ewango7:58
4-7Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Rita. M7:02
4-8Bilenge Musica Du Zaire*Jay-Jay
Kawesa - Uganda (Yerere)
FeaturingBobo & Rocky
5-3KawesaAfrican Paradise4:42
5-4KawesaPhysical Thang
FeaturingEbony Affair
5-5KawesaKind O' Girl (Juliana)
5-6KawesaGira Otere Ogende4:34
5-7KawesaStop The Pain5:03
FeaturingK.M. (9)
5-9KawesaWashed Tears
FeaturingTedd Josiah
5-10KawesaLet Peace Shine
Vocals [Duet With]Noel (41)
5-11KawesaPeople Need3:48
5-12KawesaYerere (Remix)
Shadz 'O' Blak - Kenya (Serengeti Groove)
6-1Shadz 'O' Blak*Blak Void0:28
6-2Shadz 'O' Blak*Serengeti Groove3:34
6-3Shadz 'O' Blak*Pamoja Kwa Upendo5:11
6-4Shadz 'O' Blak*Do Me No Wrong4:23
6-5Shadz 'O' Blak*Disco Dayze4:18
6-6Shadz 'O' Blak*Keep On Moving3:18
6-7Shadz 'O' Blak*Freaky Love4:49
6-8Shadz 'O' Blak*I Need You4:11
6-9Shadz 'O' Blak*Shadow Of Your Fear5:25
6-10Shadz 'O' Blak*Don't Rush Me4:24
6-11Shadz 'O' Blak*Insatiable Lover4:37
6-12Shadz 'O' Blak*Serengeti Groove (Remix)4:18
Safari Sound Band: Mambo Jambo - Kenya
7-1Safari Sound BandMpenzi5:26
7-2Safari Sound BandHaba Haba Soup Soup4:38
7-3Safari Sound BandMambo Jambo3:48
7-4Safari Sound BandBinti5:17
7-5Safari Sound BandKala Mashaka4:48
7-6Safari Sound BandHinde5:29
7-7Safari Sound BandKabutema4:51
7-8Safari Sound BandMalaika4:54
7-9Safari Sound BandNilikupenda5:51
7-10Safari Sound BandMamake Asiya4:37
Tshisungu Kalomba & Kassala Mokumba - Zaire
8-1Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Dimba4:27
8-2Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Wangay4:49
8-3Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Uluhuala3:46
8-4Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Safi3:11
8-5Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Mokumba3:00
8-6Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Ngala Baba3:16
8-7Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Permis4:07
8-8Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Molangwa2:37
8-9Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Ditanta6:03
8-10Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Love Me5:08
8-11Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Dodo Payer4:09
8-12Tshisungu Kalomba* & Kassala Mokumba*Munanga3:49
Nii Mantse King Solomon - Ghana (Fofoi - Hi-Life · Sukus · Reggae)
9-1Nii Mantse King Solomon*Nyehe Ya Feo4:59
9-2Nii Mantse King Solomon*Dzoohee4:52
9-3Nii Mantse King Solomon*Fofoi (Ashinao Feefeo)3:20
9-4Nii Mantse King Solomon*Tsotsoobi4:56
9-5Nii Mantse King Solomon*Odze4:30
9-6Nii Mantse King Solomon*Olakami4:47
9-7Nii Mantse King Solomon*Time For Reggae4:20
9-8Nii Mantse King Solomon*Dzen Ye Kokloo3:59
9-9Nii Mantse King Solomon*Lobi5:05
9-10Nii Mantse King Solomon*Wiseman4:38
Sir Roberto - Ghana (Acquele - Hi-Life - The Original Style From Ghana)
10-1Sir RobertoYaa4:31
10-2Sir RobertoKaya Kaya4:58
10-3Sir RobertoAdofo Ndwom6:14
10-4Sir RobertoWaves4:26
10-5Sir RobertoSave The World6:37
10-6Sir RobertoA True African4:43
10-7Sir RobertoBegye W'Ani4:40
10-8Sir RobertoAcquele4:50
10-9Sir RobertoDo It Without Drugs4:58
10-10Sir RobertoEfri Woara5:07

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  • Barcode (Text): 4 011222 235152
  • Rights Society: mcps
  • Label Code: LC 12281
  • Other (Cat# CD 1): 223515-321/A
  • Other (Cat# CD 2): 223515-321/B
  • Other (Cat# CD 3): 223515-321/C
  • Other (Cat# CD 4): 223515-321/D
  • Other (Cat# CD 5): 223515-321/E
  • Other (Cat# CD 6): 223515-321/F
  • Other (Cat# CD 7): 223515-321/G
  • Other (Cat# CD 8): 223515-321/H
  • Other (Cat# CD 9): 223515-321/I
  • Other (Cat# CD 10): 223515-321/J
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1): 223515-321-22-1/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2): 223515-321-22-2/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 3): 223515-321-22-3/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 4): 223515-321-22-4/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 5): 223515-321-22-5/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 6): 223515-321-22-6/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 7): 223515-321-22-7/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 8): 223515-321-22-8/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 9): 223515-321-22-9/10
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 10): 223515-321-22-10/10
  • SPARS Code: ADD
  • SPARS Code: DDD
  • Price Code (PC): 321
  • Other (ISBN): 3-86562-666-1



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