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1Cho Chang3:12
2Daytrip To Hogsmeade3:08
3Ginny And Me2:51
4Ode To Broom Or I Want To Tell You I Love You But Don't Know How3:01
5Voldemort: A Love Song5:30
6Concerning The Dementors On The Shore Of The Black Lake Or If The Dementors Should Take Me In My Sleep Give My Invisibility Cloak To Ron3:35
7Wizard Weezes' Radio Hour2:58
8Harry's Lament3:28
9Imperius Regrets7:52
10Animals That Have Left Me1:23
11Eulogy For An Acromantula4:09
12Freedom Is Only A Hippogriff Away3:31
13Norbert Will Eat You1:53
14It's Dragons! It's Mermaids!! It's A Maze!!!2:46
15Friends, Brothers, Kids, And Lovers: An Epilogue3:18
17A Pensieve Full Of Unrequited Love4:50
18Since March, Since September, and Still 2:36
19I Wish You'd Be My Witch3:52
20UV Radiation, Melted Ice Cream, And Other Things I Hate About Summer2:41
21Glenrock Falls6:07
22The War7:03
23An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter One: How The Thestrals Saved Christmas6:14
24An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter Two: Murder At The Top Of The World4:06
25An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter Three: We Lift Each Other Up4:28
26Books Say And I Say3:36
27Happy Ending4:10
28Prodigal Son4:16
29Wish I Lived In Lorelei4:50
30The Fall3:42
31I/We Stand Alone Together3:42
32Radio Song4:46
33Best Thing2:15



Liner Notes from Official Bandcamp Release Page at

The potion includes all three "studio" (an apartment, an old house, and an actual studio) albums from The Mudbloods.

"Out of the Forbidden Forest" (2006)
Tracks 1-9

"Animals that Have Left Me EP" (2007)
Tracks 10-14

"A War Amidst Pop Songs" (2008)
Tracks 15-22

Also, our three chapter Christmas Tale released on the Jingle Spells compilations over three years.

"An Epic Christmas Tale" (2007-2009)
-Chapter One: How the Thestrals Saved Christmas
-Chapter Two: Murder at the Top of the World
-Chapter Three: We Lift Each Other Up

Also, a group of recordings that I released under the name Harvey Dowd. These songs were debuted at Wrockstock then recorded with Jace McDonald in Ft. Worth. Track 31 "I/We Stand Alone Together" was co-written with Kimberly Knight.

"Potosi" (2008)
Tracks 26-31

Also, a couple of tracks recorded over the years and being released for the first time ever.

"Missing Ingredients" (2014)
Tracks 32 and 33

Radio Song - This is a song that I recorded in 2008 after out summer tour in Amarillo. I love the way this song sounds, it may be my favorite recording I've done.

Best Thing - A love song played on mandolin. 2009-2010ish?

The Mudbloods through the years have consisted of Adam Dubberly, Kyle Bradshaw, Kyle Lowder, Brandon McCullough, David Matsler, and Tyler Nicholas (Live).



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