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Floyd Tillman - I Love You So Much It Hurts His Recordings 1936-1962 & 1981 album cover

Floyd TillmanI Love You So Much It Hurts His Recordings 1936-1962 & 1981

Label:Bear Family Records – BCD 16415 FL
6 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Blues, Folk, World, & Country
Style:Country, Western Swing, Country Blues


1-1The Blue Ridge Playboys*Anything2:30
1-2The Blue Ridge Playboys*Blue Monday2:34
1-3The Blue Ridge Playboys*Rhythm In The Air2:21
1-4The Blue Ridge Playboys*Swing Baby Swing2:21
1-5The Blue Ridge Playboys*Gimme My Dime Back2:50
1-6The Blue Ridge Playboys*That Old Fashioned Way2:31
1-7The Blue Ridge Playboys*Can't Nobody Truck Like Me2:36
1-8The Blue Ridge Playboys*Take Me Back To West Texas2:45
1-9The Blue Ridge Playboys*You're As Pretty As A Picture2:42
1-10The Blue Ridge Playboys*Georgia Pines2:34
1-11The Blue Ridge Playboys*Ain't You Kind Of Sorry Now2:29
1-12The Blue Ridge Playboys*Ain't You Kind Of Sorry Now2:31
1-13Leon Selph And His Blue Ridge Playboys*Whose Honey Are You2:35
1-14Leon Selph And His Blue Ridge Playboys*What Difference Does It Make3:09
1-15Leon Selph And His Blue Ridge Playboys*Two More Years (And I'll Be Free)2:59
1-16Leon Selph And His Blue Ridge Playboys*A Precious Memory2:35
1-17Leon Selph And His Blue Ridge Playboys*Why Do I Love You2:27
1-18Leon Selph And His Blue Ridge Playboys*Some Day2:43
1-19Leon Selph And His Blue Ridge Playboys*If You Should Go Away I'd Cry2:39
1-20Floyd TillmanI Didn't Know2:41
1-21Floyd TillmanThere Must Be Someone For Me2:39
1-22Floyd TillmanI'm Always Dreaming Of You2:32
1-23Floyd TillmanDon't Be Blue2:50
1-24Floyd TillmanI Never Felt This Way Before2:23
1-25Floyd TillmanMaybe I'll Get By Without You2:41
1-26Floyd TillmanI'd Settle Down For You2:33
1-27Floyd TillmanIt Had To Be That Way2:31
1-28The Village BoysI'll Come Back To You2:52
1-29The Village BoysNothing Matters To Me2:52
2-1The Village BoysDaisy Mae2:41
2-2The Village BoysAnything That's Part Of You3:19
2-3The Village BoysI'm Gonna Change All My Ways2:43
2-4The Village BoysGee! But I Feel Blue2:28
2-5The Village BoysThe Mountains Will See Her Face No More3:01
2-6The Village BoysLet's Make Believe We're Sweethearts3:03
2-7Floyd TillmanIt's Been A Long, Long Time2:49
2-8Floyd TillmanAll Because Of You2:26
2-9Floyd TillmanI've Learned My Lesson Now2:24
2-10Floyd TillmanThey Took The Stars Out Of Heaven2:27
2-11Floyd TillmanRio Grande2:30
2-12Floyd TillmanWhy Do You Treat Me This Way2:27
2-13Floyd TillmanThere's No Use To Try It Anymore2:43
2-14Floyd TillmanEach Night At Nine2:37
2-15Floyd TillmanG.I. Blues2:51
2-16Floyd TillmanDreams Won't Let Me Forget You2:47
2-17Floyd TillmanDrivin' Nails In My Coffin2:39
2-18Floyd TillmanDrivin' Nails In My Coffin2:36
2-19Floyd TillmanGo Out And Find Somebody New2:28
2-20Floyd TillmanGo Out And Find Somebody New2:41
2-21Floyd TillmanSome Other World2:40
2-22Floyd TillmanSign On The Dotted Line2:29
2-23Floyd TillmanI'm Leaving This OId World Someday2:34
2-24Floyd TillmanThe Same Old Blues2:36
2-25Floyd TillmanIt's A Cruel, Cruel World For Me2:29
2-26Floyd TillmanThe Stars Fell Out Of Heaven2:33
2-27Floyd TillmanGotta Have Somethin'2:37
2-28Floyd TillmanSweetheart Darlin'2:52
2-29Floyd TillmanYou Made Me Live, Love And Die2:39
3-1Floyd TillmanYou're Not Worth The Teardrops2:40
3-2Floyd TillmanSentenced To A Life (Without You)2:41
3-3Floyd TillmanI'm Checkin' Out On You2:50
3-4Floyd TillmanThere's Blood On The Moon Tonight2:42
3-5Floyd TillmanIt's Got Me Down2:32
3-6Floyd TillmanPlease Don't Pass Me By2:42
3-7Floyd TillmanCold, Cold Woman2:21
3-8Floyd TillmanI'll Take What I Can Get2:29
3-9Floyd TillmanI Love You So Much It hurts2:42
3-10Floyd TillmanDrinking And Thinking2:54
3-11Floyd TillmanGals Are Funny That Way2:54
3-12Floyd TillmanHouston Waltz2:31
3-13Floyd TillmanWestphalia Waltz2:55
3-14Floyd TillmanSlipping Around2:03
3-15Floyd TillmanThis Cold War With You2:49
3-16Floyd TillmanI'll Never Slip Around Again2:39
3-17Floyd TillmanDarling Don't Go2:58
3-18Floyd TillmanMama, What'll I Do2:40
3-19Floyd TillmanI Gotta Have My Baby Back2:54
3-20Floyd TillmanIt Had To Be That Way2:58
3-21Floyd TillmanI Almost Lost My Mind2:38
3-22Floyd TillmanPrecious Memory2:54
3-23Floyd TillmanI Gotta Stop2:31
3-24Floyd TillmanThe Little Miracle3:13
3-25Floyd TillmanThe Last Straw2:57
3-26Floyd TillmanJust As Long As I Have You2:55
3-27Floyd TillmanThe Grandest Prize2:37
3-28Floyd TillmanI've Got The Craziest Feeling2:56
4-1Floyd TillmanI've Got The Craziest Feeling2:54
4-2Floyd TillmanRose Of Old Monterey2:58
4-3Floyd TillmanI Don't Care Anymore2:54
4-4Floyd TillmanWhy Are You Blue2:49
4-5Floyd TillmanI Don't Care Who Knows2:51
4-6Floyd TillmanI'm Falling For You3:08
4-7Floyd TillmanYou're That To Me3:01
4-8Floyd TillmanEach Night At Nine2:51
4-9Floyd TillmanI Love You Just As You Are2:45
4-10Floyd TillmanGuess I'll Be Playing The Field From Now On3:09
4-11Floyd TillmanDon't Say You Love Me, Just Show It2:32
4-12Floyd TillmanWhy Do I Drink2:29
4-13Floyd TillmanI'll Still Be Loving You2:58
4-14Floyd TillmanIf I Loved A Liar2:11
4-15Floyd TillmanEach Little Thing Reminds Me Of You2:54
4-16Floyd TillmanI Got A Feller2:17
4-17Floyd TillmanWho Cares2:37
4-18Floyd TillmanGood Bye Tomorrows (Hello Yesterday)2:18
4-19Floyd TillmanTake My Love With You Too2:35
4-20Floyd TillmanI Finally Saw The Light2:32
4-21Floyd TillmanIt's Over, All Over2:35
4-22Floyd TillmanThe Worm Has Turned2:20
4-23Floyd TillmanA Small Little Town2:47
4-24Floyd TillmanMore Than Anything2:21
4-25Floyd TillmanJust One More Time2:51
4-26Floyd TillmanI'll Never Be The Same Without You2:22
4-27Floyd TillmanCall On Me (And I'll Be There)2:37
4-28Floyd TillmanOne More Day, Wasted Away2:18
4-29Floyd TillmanSometime, Somewhere, Somehow2:09
5-1Floyd TillmanShe's Long Gone2:52
5-2Floyd TillmanLet's Make Memories Tonight2:47
5-3Floyd TillmanMagnolia Garden Waltz2:19
5-4Floyd TillmanGrasshopper2:10
5-5Floyd TillmanSave A Little For Me2:16
5-6Floyd TillmanBaby, I Just Want You2:04
5-7Floyd TillmanBig Houston1:56
5-8Floyd TillmanCockroach2:02
5-9Floyd TillmanHeartaches For Gold2:36
5-10Floyd TillmanRunning Away2:52
5-11Floyd TillmanFloyd's Song2:54
5-12Floyd TillmanCold Cold Beer2:39
5-13Floyd TillmanThe Record Goes Round And Round2:41
5-14Floyd TillmanMy Heart Won't Forget2:07
5-15Floyd TillmanOn You My Life Depends2:11
5-16Floyd TillmanI'm Free From The Love I Had For You2:12
5-17Floyd TillmanI Love You So Much It Hurts2:43
5-18Floyd TillmanI Gotta Have My Baby Back2:13
5-19Floyd TillmanIt Makes No Difference Now2:35
5-20Floyd TillmanSome Other World2:32
5-21Floyd TillmanSlipping Around2:23
5-22Floyd TillmanThis Cold War With You2:11
5-23Floyd TillmanI've Got The Craziest Feeling2:03
5-24Floyd TillmanI'll Keep On Loving You2:13
5-25Floyd TillmanThey Took The Stars Out Of Heaven2:00
5-26Floyd TillmanEach Night At Nine2:04
5-27Floyd TillmanDaisy Mae1:59
5-28Floyd TillmanI'll Take What I Can Get1:56
6-1Floyd TillmanLonesome Without The Blues2:40
6-2Floyd TillmanLife Is Just A School2:30
6-3Floyd TillmanEach Night At Nine2:30
6-4Floyd TillmanIt Just Tears Me Up2:07
6-5Floyd TillmanThe Song Of Music2:44
6-6Floyd TillmanThe Record Goes Round And Round2:34
6-7Floyd TillmanStickin' My Neck Out2:08
6-8Floyd TillmanWhatever You Do2:17
6-9Floyd TillmanDaisy Mae1:42
6-10Floyd TillmanTwo Stubborn People2:32
6-11Floyd TillmanThis Cold War With You2:14
6-12Floyd TillmanLet's Make Memories Tonight3:07
6-13Floyd TillmanI'm Still In Love With Every Girl2:27
6-14Floyd TillmanEach Night At Nine2:46
6-15Floyd TillmanI Love You So Much It Hurts2:15
6-16Floyd TillmanWhen Your Woman Turns Bad2:29
6-17Floyd TillmanMr. Bottle2:13
6-18Floyd TillmanI Don't Care Anymore1:59
6-19Floyd TillmanEmpty Glass1:59
6-20Floyd TillmanDrivin' Nails In My Coffin2:10
6-21Floyd Tillman & Mickey GilleyI Love You So Much It Hurts2:45
6-22Floyd Tillman & Ernest TubbOne Way Love2:56
6-23Floyd TillmanMemories Are All That's Real3:28
6-24Floyd Tillman & Merle Haggard & Willie NelsonI Gotta Have My Baby Back2:49
6-25Floyd TillmanI Am Music4:23
6-26Floyd Tillman & Willie NelsonSlipping Around2:48
6-27Floyd Tillman & Merle HaggardHalf A House3:08
6-28Floyd Tillman & Johnny Lee (3)My Mistake2:26
6-29Floyd TillmanMy Life Was Just A Game3:07
6-30Floyd TillmanThe Last Sad Song2:37


6-CD box (LP-size) with 80-page hardcover book, 173 tracks.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4 000127 164155
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1): BCD 16415-1
  • Mould SID Code (CD 1): IFPI UU013
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2): BCD 16415-2
  • Mould SID Code (CD 2): IFPI UU013
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 3): BCD 16415-3
  • Mould SID Code (CD 3): IFPI UU013
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 4): BCD 16415-4
  • Mould SID Code (CD 4): IFPI UU013
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 5): BCD 16415-5
  • Mould SID Code (CD 5): IFPI UU013
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 6): BCD 16415-6
  • Mould SID Code (CD 6): IFPI UU017