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Eye For Detail (MP3, Compilation) album cover

VariousEye For Detail

Not On Label – none
27 x File, MP3, Compilation, 192kbps


1Dale CornishManagement (Dale Cornish Remix)1:57
2Aqua DentataNatural Wastage (Aqua Dentata Mycelium Shroud Mix)17:04
3In FogVerdigris (In Fog Remix) 4:54
4dsicDsic - Procedures (Procedural Generation Mix)4:54
5Clive Henry (2)Witch Mania, Mend Gem 9:14
6Brian LavelleSlowly, We Illuminate Future Truths7:27
7Van AppearsMolluscs 2:17
8Ap MartletNew Plateaus 16:24
10Chrissie CaulfieldOto T50 - CC Remix9:25
11DR:WRLeft Unresolved (Short) (Dr:Wr Remix)5:53
12Hardworking FamiliesBe To Under Weather To Be 6:36
13John Tuffen From Orlando FergusonWeather To Be Under (Five! Is The Number! He Is Bounteous!) 11:07
15Simon AulmanRemix Of Midwich's Too Early From Every Day Is The Same 3:16
16Paul Watson (9)Midwich (Hangover Mix)9:37
17PossetA Moment Of Stillness 4:37
18The Piss SuperstitionTinymuscle5:22
19Michael Clough (2)Left Unresolved Cakemix Edit 9:59
20Neil CampbellMidwichMIX 5:48
21DevotionalhallucinaticAugust In Ribblehead (Midwichskullmask Soundclash) 4:42
22Michael GillhamOTo T22 - Part II 9:50
23Daniel Thomas (8)Striking Flint18:03
24Breather (9)Throating (Stomaching Cover)5:02
25YolStoma 23:18
26ZNLa Industria De La Luz (a Midwich Re-interpretation) 17:39
27Andrew Jarvis*Bosky (AJ Vocal Remix)4:57



Radio Free Midwich is delighted to announce the release of eye for detail – the Midwich remixes album.

About six weeks ago a passing comment on Twitter was tossed over the chalet balcony and started to roll down the mountainside. The resulting giant snowball crashed through the doors of my back catalogue and, within hours, a happy band of looters was ransacking the vault. An album was retroactively called into existence with a deadline and a charity cause adding some ‘oomph’ to proceedings. The cut off was the 30th September, the release date today. Such is the unfettered power of the no-audience underground.

I have been delighted with the number of responses, the enthusiasm with which contributors embraced the task and the breadth, quality and imagination shown in the submitted tracks. The artists featured represent a (partial at least) cross section of the ‘scene’ RFM reports on and the gathering of the clan has reminded me, more than once, of the ridiculous oTo tapes project I oversaw a decade ago (indeed, check out the title of Michael Gillham’s track – dude also has a long memory). It has been extremely flattering and morale boosting to see such art inspired by my own meagre output. I am humbled but beaming.

A few words about the album itself. I have made a stab at organising a coherent running order but please feel free to chop and change according to your own mood. Over such a long time, and with so many different styles in play, some juxtapositions are going to grate for some listeners. I have done a little light-touch mastering – mainly just amping up a couple of tracks – but not much, most tracks are presented as they arrived. There are some variations in volume but SO BE IT – no unnecessary compression/loudness war crap here.

The cover photograph was donated by Michael Clough and I encourage all readers to regularly check his tumblr site for a stream of similar observational genius. The download includes a portfolio of a further seven photographs from Clough to accompany the release. Also in the bonus items is a document listing links to further information about the featured artists and, where possible, links to the Midwich material that was the source for their track.

Finally then: the cause. It seemed appropriate to me to make this a charity release and chose the Red Cross as the beneficiary. You may be aware of the front line medical help they supply in disaster situations but may not be familiar with the global network they have for tracing missing family members, or the support they provide to refugees in accessing services and adapting to life in a new country.

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