VariousPsychonavigation Records 2016

Label:Psychonavigation Records – 2016
Memory Stick, Compilation, Limited Edition
12 x File, WAV, Album
9 x File, WAV, Album
9 x File, WAV, Album
4 x File, WAV, EP
6 x File, WAV, Album
6 x File, WAV, Album
4 x File, WAV, Album
13 x File, WAV, Album
10 x File, WAV, Album
8 x File, WAV, Album
6 x File, WAV, Album
4 x File, WAV, Album
File, MP3, Mixed, 320 kbps
Style:Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Dub Techno, Dark Ambient, Abstract


Dimitri Mazurov - Rudiments
1-1Dimitri Mazurov*Plethora2:38
1-2Dimitri Mazurov*Viscera5:39
1-3Dimitri Mazurov*Rete3:02
1-4Dimitri Mazurov*Plateau5:10
1-5Dimitri Mazurov*Nubilum Harp3:42
1-6Dimitri Mazurov*Wry4:52
1-7Dimitri Mazurov*Fibre3:16
1-8Dimitri Mazurov*Mech5:07
1-9Dimitri Mazurov*Nubilum5:08
1-10Dimitri Mazurov*Gyre2:52
1-11Dimitri Mazurov*Lacuna8:22
1-12Dimitri Mazurov*Vestige (Oval Remix)
Fictioncity - The Shell
2-1Fictioncity*My Diving Board5:24
2-2Fictioncity*Into The Shell3:06
2-3Fictioncity*Tears & Fireworks (Part 1)2:05
2-4Fictioncity*Alice's Wonderland's Wastelands4:33
2-5Fictioncity*Omega Teen4:37
2-6Fictioncity*Tears & Fireworks (Part 2)3:39
2-8Fictioncity*Inside The Shell4:22
2-9Fictioncity*Cunts, Dicks, Iphones4:08
Lingua Lustra – Essence
3-1Lingua LustraCloudsong6:58
3-2Lingua LustraKaleidoscope 24:12
3-3Lingua LustraMirrormusic 34:43
3-4Lingua LustraRoad Of Light9:20
3-5Lingua LustraLove Is The Force11:25
3-6Lingua LustraEssence36:14
3-7Lingua LustraMeditation6:35
3-8Lingua LustraFluxon52:31
3-9Lingua LustraAzimuth12:00
New Composers – Sputnik Of Life EP
4-1New ComposersSputnik Of Life6:10
4-2New ComposersInside (Instrumental)4:25
4-3New ComposersMusuk-Ka I Slova3:43
4-4New ComposersVechernuzvondub3:41
No Mask Effect - Double Or Quits
5-1No Mask EffectPunctual15:01
5-2No Mask EffectDouble Or Quits6:05
5-3No Mask EffectVoices Within7:02
5-4No Mask EffectLo-Fi Crystal8:41
5-5No Mask EffectTalk To the Russians7:29
5-6No Mask EffectPillar Of Dreams6:24
No Mask Effect - Nothing Out There
6-1No Mask EffectNothing Out There9:43
6-2No Mask EffectDenver9:55
6-3No Mask EffectKaren6:23
6-4No Mask EffectSleeping Shadows11:47
6-5No Mask EffectSpork12:54
6-6No Mask EffectHow Are You?11:11
No Mask Effect - Quick Smart
7-1No Mask EffectDowntown10:25
7-2No Mask EffectSense10:58
7-3No Mask EffectTransfer Of Deed Pt.1 & 221:37
7-4No Mask EffectGrass9:29
Pete Namlook & New Composers - Russian Spring
8-1Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part I)3:23
8-2Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part II)1:45
8-3Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part III)4:25
8-4Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part IV)2:06
8-5Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part V)3:03
8-6Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part VI)8:46
8-7Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part VII)3:45
8-8Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part VIII)2:59
8-9Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part IX)6:16
8-10Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part X)8:25
8-11Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part XI)6:22
8-12Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part XII)5:23
8-13Pete Namlook & New ComposersRussian Spring (Part XIII)2:24
Sense - A View From A Vulnerable Place
9-3SenseStarwalk V26:49
9-4SenseAll Is You6:23
9-5SenseAll Around Me6:11
9-7SenseEar Of The Behearer6:18
9-9SenseView From Another Place12:16
9-10SenseEb Ni Twein7:25
Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin - Between Ourselves
10-1Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinMomentary Lights4:20
10-2Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinAfternoon Letters By Charcoal6:37
10-3Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin Flowery Bands (To Bind Us To The Earth)4:58
10-4Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinBlind Tides Blow5:58
10-5Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinShapeless Of Rosewood Heart6:22
10-6Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinRain Shadows Encourage Us5:37
10-7Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinInvisible Kiss Of Stars3:50
10-8Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinStories Without History6:06
Subverter – Dark Matter Tuxedo
11-1SubverterThe Stuff Of Things7:37
11-4SubverterEscape Velocity10:01
11-6SubverterClean Machine9:59
Zenith - Zenith
12-1Zenith (6)Sacred Mirror14:57
12-2Zenith (6)Electro Dreams11:38
12-3Zenith (6)Plexus Solaris18:45
12-4Zenith (6)Aura19:15
60 Minute Psychonavigation Mix
60 Minute Psychonavigation Mix(59:15)
13-1.1Lingua LustraYour Face
13-1.2No Mask EffectDrift To You
13-1.3Sean QuinnImbrium
13-1.4Ciaran ByrneOde To Able Sail
13-1.6Antonio TrincheraThe Wind Make Himself
13-1.8New ComposersAdept
13-1.9Miss Silencio & Dr. AtmoMilk & Honey
13-1.11No Mask EffectTransfer Of Deed Pt 1
13-1.12International DebrisBeans
13-1.13Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav VdovinAfternoon Letters By Charcoal
13-1.14PovabSum 80
13-1.15Lorenzo MontanàQuantic Rajah
13-1.16The Living RoomInterlude


Limited To 50 Copies
Contains 1​1​ albums & 1 EP​ released on Psychonavigation Records in 2016​ + Special 60 Minute Mix of music from the back catalogue
- Wooden USB Cross
- Comes In A Special Xmas Gift Pouch Bag



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