Reviews for Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket


Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket Kai-Q

July 19, 2020
I add a note that the song "Nightmarket" contains a sample from the Commodore 64 game The Last Ninja 2 (The Mansion) originally composed by Matt Gray

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket askewself

June 29, 2020
edited over 3 years ago
Both tracks are as kool as a cucumber but nightmare ket stands on his own. Amazing like the Spider-Man.

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket as reviewed by AlexWayhill

June 2, 2018
I heard Nightmarket for the first time today and instantly fell in love with it. Suddenly I was standing on a rainy market in Japan, with rain making the ground steam and giving all the neon lights a halo. Awesome what fantasies music is able to unleash.

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket Doomguy-id

February 23, 2017
edited over 6 years ago

I don't really like Young Death, but I really enjoy Nightmarket! It's a genuinely fresh sound for burial, but still recognisable coming from him.

It's just unfortunate that this is another mixed bag release from him. A third track might have helped it. I hope he drops another Kindred or Truant, or better yet an Untrue!
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Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket andrefilipebmx

January 28, 2019
Try to ear Young Death in 33RPM in a moody day... I'm pretty sure if you have a heart you'll fall in love with it!

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket Vephthode

December 23, 2016
edited over 6 years ago
As ever I am left scratching my head as to how Burial makes his compositional decisions; as in, how to place *what* *where*, add this sample over *here*, etc. I mean, I suppose one could wonder the same of any music but these more recent Burial 'vignette collection' tracks stand so far outside of traditional composition & arrangement that I really can't predict where the track will take me as I listen, repeated sample choices and aesthetics not withstanding.
And, as with past releases, I love the perfectly imperfect production, the way lossy pitch-shift artifacts are embraced rather than hidden, all the clicks from hastily cutting and pasting mp3 samples and then throwing a reverb over it, warts and all... It could all either be completely slap-dash or he may have spent the better part of the past year making only these two tracks and agonising over each crackle. It's not for us to know, nor would I want to particularly. All I know is that his music appears to come from a genuine place and it moves me.

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket VazgenSolwork

December 22, 2016
These tracks are ok..
But how is it UK Garage ? :)

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket as reviewed by KaseReese

December 3, 2016
edited over 6 years ago

seriously dude, you crushed this, well worth the wait, and can't wait for the next one. the end section of Young death is devastation, this is my late night record for the winter. getting played every night, and the Sweetz release with Zomby is fire too
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Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket skull_fracture

December 9, 2016
Sweetz made my ears pour diarrhea.

four more words

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket Buzzdim

December 2, 2016
Oh this really is great. Nightmarket is a new sound and atmosphere - quite filmic. A very addictive play as gets better each listen.

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket BanditZero

December 1, 2016
I wouldn't be surprised if I saw Burial moving onto movie soundtracks or something along those lines.

Immense. Every single release is just immense

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket 1tripz1

November 29, 2016
Burial has matured. Hopefully if you've been listening to his music from the start, you've matured too. Yes the early days were great, but this for me is his best release to date.

Hopefully this will encourage people to explore the more experimental side of electronic music.

The frontier....

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket as reviewed by emdawgjunior

November 29, 2016
I agree fully with Willsy, i was just as shocked as anyone else by Burials change or redirection of sound and concept in "Rival Dealer." i was like... wow disco.. and loudness. but his messages are powerful throughout and like all other great slow burners, i grew to love every squeek, click and agonizing fade out. Burial is blue balling personified, it seems the more people ask, the less he provides. But his short and sweet pressings are so delightful and will help keep my bottle filled and home fires burning for many months to come. Every note is precious. So stop complaining. He will only give what he wants to give. I disagree that these pieces are "watery sketches"... i can imagine Will leaning over a laptop and agonizing over every inch of this piece of music. I definately feel that though young death has a more powerful message of sadness and comfort from a parent to a child.. Nightmarket is the stronger and more catchy of the two tracks i feel. It really captures everything i have always loved about burial. The feeling of cold buzzing florescent lights in a 24 hour Tesco express, the warmth of a take away cuppa on a rainy walk to the night bus, a feeling of wet concrete and splashy murky puddles. The cosy melancholy that only comes from a cold city heartbeat. Poppy keyboards and what sounds like the first thumpy kick of an 808 loop... but alas.. more crackle and fizz to follow.. you bloody tease!
Thanks Burial, you never fail to bring me joy, and you never fail to get me through the tough times! Cheers to many more sporadic and surprising musical morsels!

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket willsi

November 29, 2016
Unfortunately Burial's a big example of having "fans" that know better than the artist, and truly they aren't fans of Burial so much as they like "Untrue." If Bevan doesn't release exactly what they envision (another "Untrue"), then they trash him (along w/ Hyperdub). If I were Bevan I'd never release another piece of music again b/c of these people. However, he and Hyperdub keep putting out releases that stretch out the palette and continue to redefine his Burial project. Don't listen to desperate voices clinging to the old; they complained about "Kindred" almost five years ago and now praise it. They'll praise this one soon enough, too.
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Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket willsi

November 30, 2016
Cheers, man. I agree and like your thought of mixing them together.

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket notquitefaust

November 29, 2016
I totally cannot get enough of his last 3 EPs and Youth Death follows his progression immensely well. Truant EP and Rival Dealer EP back to back is AMAZING! I think spinning Youth Death in between them as an interlude would fit nicely or all in order or all shuffled...

Such a unique artist.

His full length LPs are great but I think less is more...I get more out of one of his 2-3 song (15-25min) EP than a 50min LP.

Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket SandCastle

November 28, 2016
Burial is not burial anymore, because of dark souls 3 not so good as dark souls one.