DJ Longdick - Haze EP JacksonCoke

July 23, 2017
This is DJ Longdick, I feel this finally needs to be said. I had no intention what so ever of publishing this music without giving credit to the original artists. In my original soundcloud uploads, when i had only a few hundred followers I gave credit to the artists and listed which song i extracted the samples from. E-beamz contacted me asking to do an EP, i agreed on the condition that he’d give the necessary credits and acknowledgments but he failed to do so and it threw me under the bus, heavily. For those who are labelling me as a thief etc etc you are way out of context, and i understand how you came to that conclusion, but there was more to it. I was new to producing at the time and didn't know certain do’s and dont’s but i would have never uploaded these tracks without giving orson wells and riohv the credit they deserve... dont be too quick to judge. Im not happy with the way the E-beamz ordeal went down, hence my disappearance and change in alias. If you have nay questions or want to chat about this, ill be contactable on soundcloud as “Jake Winks”, shoot me a message.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP lordgnarington

May 12, 2018
I see that this maybe wasn't your fault at the time of pressing but did you ever reach out to Riohv or pay him anything after the fact?

DJ Longdick - Haze EP OCCIDENTAL

September 28, 2017

Handled like a champ.
* * * * * * *

DJ Longdick - Haze EP JacksonCoke

August 3, 2017
Cheers bud, really appreciate it! five more words yeah yeah

DJ Longdick - Haze EP JacksonCoke

August 3, 2017
Its all sampled mate, Im quite sure. I didnt make the tune selection for the EP, i had original material at the time.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP ThunderingMantis

July 26, 2017
edited 2 months ago
Is the sample you used in 'Nightscape' taken from a Bakground tune, or did he sample that from you? Because I heard the same synth in one of his unreleased tunes

DJ Longdick - Haze EP infinitedub

July 25, 2017
we stand with you djld <3 four words more yeah

DJ Longdick - Haze EP VaporEmporium

June 7, 2017

:p Ahhh I love the sample work on this, only a fool would see this as anything othe than genius!

DJ Longdick - Haze EP Se.Vero

May 11, 2017
i was surprised to find out that "first contact" (which was also for me the reason to buy this record) seems to be half a rip-off. but guys, is there any information if the synth part of riohv's version of the tune is genuinely played by RIOHV himself, and not also just sampled from somewhere else? if the most recognizable part (synth) of the tune is just a sample from somewhere else, i don't see a problem really, as this happens all the time (producers using similar ideas with same samples). if the synth part is genuinely riohv's, then it's a shame, but the two tunes sound different enough for me not to confuse them.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP Reid.Babbington

October 16, 2017
Longdick* never saw a cent from e-beamz :( :( :(

DJ Longdick - Haze EP lordgnarington

May 20, 2017
Shortdick sent Riohv a version of "First Contact" in a direct message (via soundcloud?). It was presented as a remix of his track 1eyfjv33. Riohv was given no indication that it was going to be released. The track was released and Riohv has still never been credited or paid for the track he produced.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP gerifeca

May 3, 2017

Chordy synth makes it so classic, but hey! Copy+Paste music is not a talent, but rather stealing! It's a shame? Worth five pence. Rating: 1 / 5

DJ Longdick - Haze EP VaporEmporium

April 13, 2017

Sampling is ok.

seven more words needed to comment on this.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP djdirektinput

April 30, 2017

sure it is, but ripping off complete tunes isn't. riohv should be the one releasing that jungle tune not this prick

DJ Longdick - Haze EP Milomix

March 28, 2017
Oh wow. That's really pretty naughty. It's not even as nice as the original.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP lordgnarington

March 12, 2017
Yo Longdick when you don't give sampled sources the credit and money they deserve you're ripping them off and making yourself look like a total twat.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP reidbabbington

May 15, 2017
DJ longdick credited riohv on his own release, e-beamz didnt on theirs, not his fault.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP as reviewed by mattsvinyl

February 7, 2017
Love first contact and the only reason I bought this. Nice Bukem 95 style synth but such a shame its so short and ends so abruptly :(

DJ Longdick - Haze EP Waldooo

March 6, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
same. I like lofi deep house too, but first contact was the reason I bought it. Solid jungle, but it is too short. But damn, just heard that riohv track, that really is messed up. That's kind of pushing sampling a little too far if he were a producer who sampled every single little thing from other people then it would make sense but just having that one track that isn't even labeled as a remix which is literally just a remix of a song that was just one producer's original soundcloud track without crediting is pretty weird.

DJ Longdick - Haze EP as reviewed by JAAMESCAAN

January 28, 2017

absolutely whack that Longdick is sampling unreleased soundcloud tracks and labelling them as their own work (first contact is riohv's "1eyfjv33"). If you can't make your own melodies then you shouldn't be releasing music, its as simple as that.