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    Dave Phillips - III+ album cover

    Dave PhillipsIII+

    Label:Tochnit Aleph – TA 029
    CDr, Album


    1Everything Is Natural And Doesn't Know Why0:13
    2Recognising Individuality, Which Nullifies All Laws, Orders And Rules0:13
    3Religious Beliefs Conceal Humans From Themselves0:30
    4The Conflict Between Humans Disengaged From A Higher Animal World, And The Inhumanity They Secrete1:12
    5Affirming Life And Living It Without Having To Understand It1:07
    6The Non-Existence Of Generalised Truth, Love And Beauty2:53
    7Power Is Not Necessary To Guarantee Survival, And Survival Is Not Enough3:15
    8The Overvaluation Of Rational And Logical Thought And The Resulting Emotional Distance From Natural Chaos7:02
    9The Necessity To Destroy, Knowing That Violence Is A Resort Of Mental Impotence5:31
    10How Religion Rapes, And The Need To Castrate Rapists0:12
    11Choice Or The Realization And Activation Of Potential Possibilities Of How Not To Consume In Capitalism0:17
    12The Qualitative Positivity Of Refusal1:31
    13Revaluation Of All Values4:48
    14The Lie Of Good And Evil1:08
    15The Manipulative Orientation Of Organized Politics As Economic Tools And How Media Works0:37
    16Society's Channeling Of Its Suppressed Sensuality Into Advertisment0:09
    17Massmedia's Information-Overload And Its Lacking Direct Coherence To Existence1:06
    18Economic Values And Their Hostility Towards Real Life0:32
    19The Missing Foundation Of The Term Normal0:55
    20Methods Of Interpretation And Their Possible Manipulations, To Your Advantage0:12
    21Life Should Be A Pattern Of Experiences To Savour, Not To Endure0:15
    22To Live As Though There Was No Tomorrow0:09
    23The Principle Of Gift5:18
    24Richness Of The Idiots: Owning A Large Number Of Poor Goods0:45
    25The Transmutation Of Imagination Through Capital Into Feces0:55
    26All Beings Are Together0:37
    27We Have Nothing In Common Except The Illusion Of Being Together0:08
    29All Thoughts Are Bad Thoughts0:07
    30Refusing To Adapt To The Violence Of The World, And To Embrace The Violence Of The Unadapted6:35
    31Social Adjustment Offers A Choice Of Servitudes And Calls This Choice Liberty0:15
    32The Meaninglessness Of Time And The Illusion Of Perfection0:07
    33The Quality Of Perception Defines The State Of Intoxication0:06
    34History Is Only What Historians Tell Us0:14
    35The Obligation To Produce Alienates The Passion For Creation0:27
    36Duty Without Inner Necessity Is The Recipe For Idiocy0:09
    37The Authority Of The Majority. Laughable0:08
    38Unity With Nature Is Essential7:14
    39The Universe Wants To Play5:41
    40Attaining Lucidity From Power Only Unveils The Darkness Of Despair, Feeding One's Truth On Lies0:07
    41The Stultifiable Achievements Of Modern Man0:09
    42Infatuated With Progress, Comfort, Profit And Reason0:11
    43Corrupted Beings Who Have Lost Their Instincts0:07
    44The Inability To Play, Choosing Only Contemplation, Thus Forfeiting Nature0:06
    45The Hierarchical Principle, A Spell That Blocks Freedom0:06
    46You Could Be A Criminal - Be Prepared To Act Like One0:13
    47The Pitiful Gab Of The National Selfcenteredness0:09
    48Times In Which An Undifferentiated Generalised Anti-Position Is Hip0:19
    49The System Never Had A Friendlier Face0:28
    50Taking Sides Over Prefabricated Trifles That Conscientiously Stop Up The Sources0:08
    51Impersonal Relationships Are The No Man's Land Of Isolation0:11
    52What Binds To Others Must Grow Out Of What Binds To The Most Exuberant And Demanding Will To Live0:13
    53The Systematic Cultivation Of Consciousness And Awareness And Its Deployment In The World Of Deeds And Objects To Bring About Desired Results0:20
    54Smashing Symbols In The Name Of Nothing But The Heart's Longing For Grace, And Still Grasping Something At Its Roots0:23
    55A Society Distorted By The Falsification Of What Is Or Should Be Human0:07
    56The Individual Is Irreducable, Subject To Change But Not To Exchange0:45
    57To Hold And To Touch0:06
    58Chaos, Continual Creation, Life0:11
    59Instinctive Respect And Sensitivity0:39
    60Romantically Transfigured Change0:16
    61Language Abstracts0:09



    Previously released on tape as Schimpfluch 028.
    Comes in elongated paper sleeve.

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    Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
    New Submission
    III (Cassette, Album)SchimpfluchSH 28Switzerland1997