Rotator - Choose Your Poison, Mine Is Hardcore!!! as reviewed by noizstepper

February 15, 2009

If you are fed up with all those breakcore outputs during the last years, this is all you need! If you like to support this first league artist!
Rotator follows my vinylcase since some years.
I remember a time, when this newcomer was playing in the beginning of the 2000th on a party called fuckparade, beeing a total newbie between newcomers like vsnares, hellfish and other now wellknown scene acts!
THis mix will mash up your home hifi stereo from moody dead can dance samples up to punky 666 BPM black Flag Guitar shit in a super highend quality. Rotator allows himself to mix his best tracks on one fantastic cd!

Rotator - Choose Your Poison, Mine Is Hardcore!!! as reviewed by mookie427

December 3, 2008

Having spent a bit of time away from the likes of Venetian Snares I stumbled upon the artist 'Rotator', having heard a sample of his work off the brilliant compilation CD 'Invasion From XXX Dimension'. After a lot of searching on the internet I found an online music shop which had 1 copy of the album in stock so snapped it up and when it arrived popped it in my computer. I thought I'd heard the best the genre of breakcore had to offer with Venetian Snares, boy was wrong. Rotator is in a different league altogether.

Throughout the album you can clearly hear samples also used by Aaron Funk in some of his tracks - Dancehall Devastation and the absolutely amazing track Untouchables being two of the tracks sharing samples. Best use of sample though has to be in the track Ole Olew Junkyard, utilising part of Chumbawumba's hit 'Tubthumping'

The first half of the album is first class. It suffers a brief dip with the middle two tracks (Labba Labba and Distorted Species) being the only two I'd class as 'filers'. Top tracks are Dancehall Devastation, Untouchables, Meloko Dolomo and One Sharp Knife.