RLWI.K.K. - Purpur

Label:Sirr – sirr 0025
CD, Album


1RLWI.K.K. — Purpur — Scharlachrot15:50
2Dan WarburtonDer Druck Und Die Temperatur Der Kleidung
ViolinDan Warburton
3Andrew DeutschOrion's Dog6:39
4Chris HalliwellIn Parallel Motion
Composed By [Interpretation], Effects [Processing], Glockenspiel, Bells [Tubular], Synthesizer [Yamaha D5], Voice [Some]Chris Halliwell
Edited By [Further Transformations]RLW
Oboe, VoiceLaura Evans
5Strotter Inst.Schwadron
Mixed By, Mastered ByDustin Plus, Strotter Inst.
6Stephen VitielloKneel (Or Hover)
Effects [Moogerfooger Murf Pedal], Electronics [Photocell]Stephen Vitiello
7Wehowsky* / Frisch* / Rainey*I.K.K. — Purpur — Transformation Schwarz
Double BassJohannes Frisch
Electronics [Tone Generator 77], Effects [Electronic Transformations]Ralf Wehowsky
SaxophoneBhob Rainey



The "I.K.K."-project started in 1794, when Christoph Schmid wrote the lyrics for Ihr Kinderlein Kommet, using a melody by contemporary composer Johann Abraham Peter Schulz. It was performed soon after in Thanhausen an der Mindel for the first time.

In 2001, a few weeks before Xmas, I recorded my daughter Sonja (aged 5 then) singing some of her favourite Xmas tunes. Wonderful recordings. Her singing is full of emotional power and she even hits the right notes from time to time. The interesting moments are when her voice is moving around those notes. Instead of burying those recordings in the archive I came back to them soon after, because Jos Moers (the owner of the label Meeuw Muzak) was asking me to contribute to a series of Xmas 7"s he does once every year. So I recorded one for him early in 2002 for 2003’s yearly event: merry merry (mm 027). Side one has Sonja's singing untouched ("Stille Nacht", engl. silent night), well at least unedited, live. She got touched - rather hit - by Sören, my son, who was running around and trying to stop her (I do not know if this was a matter of taste or just a game). Side 2 has a funny piece composed from a transformed "Ihr Kinderlein Kommet". When the 7" was done I had the impression that the transformed sounds had a quality of their own, so I used them for further transformations, as well as to compose a new piece of about 15 minutes: "I.K.K. – Purpur – Scharlachrot".

Following my inclination for collaborative works I thought that this material could be of interest, not only for me, but also for a few other ex-, non-, anti- and reborn christians to work with. So I prepared a CD-R with the existing versions and some basic material from the piece. The first collaborator who got pestered with this CD-R was Bhob Rainey early in 2003. As our collaborative work expanded in other directions, his contribution to the "I.K.K." arrived late in May 2005 - and the piece containing his material - "I.K.K. — Purpur — Transformation Schwarz" - gloriously finishes this release.
Other "I.K.K." pieces were recorded by Formanex, Domenico Sciajno, Reto Mäder, Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra, Dust Breeders, Howard Stelzer, Wehowsky/Frisch/Russell, DJ Sasaki Takashi and Intertronik so far. Look out!
rlw, November 2005

Track 1 realized mid-2003.
Track 2 recorded February 2005 in Paris.
Track 3 performed at the Institute for Electronic Arts, Alfred, N.Y. in 2004 using GRM sound processing tools.
Track 4 composed and recorded in London, March-April 2005.
Track 5 recorded February 2005 at Stalden, Solothurn.
Track 6 recorded November-December 2004 in Richmond, Virginia.
Track 7 improvisations on double bass recorded in mid-2003; combined and added to in 2004.




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