Uli Jon Roth*Tokyo Tapes Revisited - Live In Japan

Ulrich Roth - Tokyo Tapes Revisited - Live In Japan album cover
Label:UDR – UDR073P88, UDR – UDR073P93
Box Set, Limited Edition
4 x Vinyl, LP, Album
6 x CD, Deluxe Edition


Blu-Ray: Live in Tokyo 2015
BR1-1All Night Long (Live)
BR1-2Longing For Fire (Live)
BR1-3Crying Days (Live)
BR1-4The Sails Of Charon (Live)
BR1-5Sun In My Hand (Live)
BR1-6Virgin Killer (Live)
BR1-7Kojo No Tsuki (Live)
BR1-8We'll Burn The Sky (Live)
BR1-9In Trance (Live)
BR1-10Rainbow Dream Prelude (Live)
BR1-11 Fly To The Rainbow (Live)
BR1-12Top Of The Bill (Live)
BR1-13I've Got To Be Free (Live)
BR1-14Polar Nights (Live)
BR1-15Dark Lady (Live)
BR1-16Pictured Life (Live)
BR1-17Catch Your Train (Live)
BR1-18All Along The Watchtower (Live)
BR1-19Little Wing (Live)
Bonus Blu-Ray
BR2-1Original Footage From The First Japanese Scorpions Tour 1978
Live In Tokyo 2015
CD1-1All Night Long (Live)
CD1-2Longing For Fire (Live)
CD1-3Crying Days (Live)
CD1-4The Sails Of Charon (Live)
CD1-5Sun In My Hand (Live)
CD1-6Virgin Killer (Live)
CD1-7Kojo No Tsuki (Live)
CD1-8We'll Burn The Sky (Live)
CD1-9In Trance (Live)
CD1-10Rainbow Dream Prelude (Live)
CD1-11 Fly To The Rainbow (Live)
CD2-1Top Of The Bill (Live)
CD2-2I've Got To Be Free (Live)
CD2-3Polar Nights (Live)
CD2-4Dark Lady (Live)
CD2-5Pictured Life (Live)
CD2-6Catch Your Train (Live)
CD2-7All Along The Watchtower (Live)
CD2-8Little Wing (Live)
Live In Osaka 2015
CD3-1All Night Long (Live)
CD3-2Longing For Fire (Live)
CD3-3Crying Days (Live)
CD3-4The Sails Of Charon (Live)
CD3-5Sun In My Hand (Live)
CD3-6Virgin Killer (Live)
CD3-7We'll Burn The Sky (Live)
CD3-8In Trance (Live)
CD3-9Rainbow Dream Prelude (Live)
CD3-10Fly To The Rainbow (Live)
CD3-11Top Of The Bill (Live)
CD4-1Yellow Raven (Live)
CD4-2I've Got To Be Free (Live)
CD4-3Polar Nights (Live)
CD4-4Dark Lady (Live)
CD4-5Kojo No Tsuki (Live)
CD4-6Pictured Life (Live)
CD4-7Catch Your Train (Live)
CD4-8Hell-Cat (Live)
CD4-9All Along The Watchtower (Live)
CD4-10If 6 Was 9 (Live)
CD4-11Little Wing (Live)
Live In Nagoya 2015
CD5-1All Night Long (Live)
CD5-2Longing For Fire (Live)
CD5-3Crying Days (Live)
CD5-4The Sails Of Charon (Live)
CD5-5Sun In My Hand (Live)
CD5-6Virgin Killer (Live)
CD5-7Kojo No Tsuki (Live)
CD5-8We'll Burn The Sky (Live)
CD5-9In Trance (Live)
CD5-10Rainbow Dream Prelude (Live)
CD5-11Fly To The Rainbow (Live)
CD6-1Top Of The Bill (Live)
CD6-2I've Got To Be Free (Live)
CD6-3Polar Nights (Live)
CD6-4Dark Lady (Live)
CD6-5Pictured Life (Live)
CD6-6Catch Your Train (Live)
CD6-7All Along The Watchtower (Live)
CD6-8Little Wing (Live)
Scorpions Revisited 4LP
A1The Sails Of Charon8:50
A2Longing For Fire2:50
A3Crying Days5:35
B1Virgin Killer3:58
B2In Trance6:44
C1Sun In My Hand4:48
C2Yellow Raven4:50
D1Polar Nights7:35
D2Dark Lady8:19
E1Catch Your Train3:16
E2Evening Wind5:39
E3All Night Long3:11
F1We'll Burn The Sky8:33
F2Pictured Life3:12
G1Life's Like A River3:05
G2Drifting Sun6:40
G3Rainbow Dream Prelude4:00
H1Fly To The Rainbow11:36


Super Deluxe Edition boxset, Limited to 1,000 copies only. 80-page hardcover photo book.
Also includes a signed certificate autographed by Uli Jon Roth (the certificate does not include the number, though the edition is listed as numbered), Uli Jon Roth signature sky guitar replica key-ring, “Scorpions Revisited" 4x 180 gms vinyl housed in a Gatefold Book (UDR073P93 - first ever LP release) with Donload code for a digital version of the Album.
On the CD prints, "Osaka" and "Nagoya" are accidentally swapped: CD 3 and 4 actually have the Osaka concert, CD 5 and 6 hold the Nagoya concert, as it is listed above and on the back cover.

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Tokyo Tapes Revisited - Live at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall (Box Set, Limited Edition, Blu-ray, , DVD, , 6×CD, Deluxe Edition)Ward RecordsWRDZZ-407Japan2016



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    The Songs C1 and C2 are not the indicated one on the vinyl. I know "Sun in my Hand" and "Yellow Raven" and I do not know these songs on my copy, they do not sound like Scorpions . Can anyone confirm?


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