VariousThe Maranatha Series

Label:Maranatha! Music – 828147644037, Calvary Chapel Music – 828147644037
Series:Maranatha! (2) – Box
7 x CD, Reissue
Box Set, Compilation
Genre:Folk, World, & Country


Maranatha! 1: The Everlastin' Living Jesus Music Concert
1-1Love SongLittle Country Church
Written-ByC. Girard*, F. Field*
1-2Selah (10)In Jesus' Name
Written-ByC. Young*, J. Strange*
1-3Blessed HopeSomething More
Written-ByD. Rios*, D. Burgin*
1-4Country FaithTwo Roads
Written-ByC. Butler*, T. Stipe*
1-5All Groups*Holy, Holy, Holy
Written-ByT. Coomes*
1-6Gentle FaithThe Shepherd
Written-ByH. Cutrona*
1-7Debby KernerBehold I Stand At The Door
Written-ByDebby Kerner
1-8The Way (2)If You Will Believe
Written-ByD. Angle*, G. Arthur*
1-9Love SongMaranatha
Written-ByC. Girard*
1-10Children Of The DayFor Those Tears I Died4:51
Maranatha! 2
2-1Country FaithCome Quickly Jesus
Written-ByTom Stipe
2-2The Way (2)Jesus Is All That We Need
Written-ByGary Arthur
2-3Denny StahlThe Son In My Life
Written-ByDenny Stahl
2-4Blessed HopeNever Knew The Day
Written-ByJim Golden (3)
2-5Selah (10)He Lives
Written-ByErick Nelson (2)
2-6Debby KernerThe Peace That Passes Understanding
Written-ByDebby Kerner
2-7The Way (2)Jesus Is The One
Written-ByBruce Herring
2-8Country FaithBallad Of Luke Warm
Written-ByChuck Butler (2)
2-9Ken Gulliksen*Charity
Written-ByKen Gulliksen*
2-10Children Of The DayCan I Show You
Written ByP. Jacobs, R. Stevens
Maranatha 3: Rejoice In The Lord
3-1Mustard Seed FaithHappy In Jesus
Written-ByP. Fong*
3-2Becky UgartecheaGod Don't Care Who You Are
Written-ByBecky Ugartechea
3-3Hosanna (3)Why Art Thou Disquieted?
Written-ByM. McCusker*
3-4Ernie RettinoI'll Never Leave You
Written-ByErnie Rettino
3-5Karen LaffertyPlan Of Love
Written-ByKaren Lafferty
3-6Blessed HopeI'll Never Be Lonely
Written-ByJim Golden (3)
3-7Bob* & Steve*Psalm 42
Written-ByS. Woodham*
3-8Country FaithBig City Blues
Written-ByTom Stipe
3-9Mustard Seed FaithRest
Written-ByW. Link*
3-10Country FaithNursery Rhyme
Written-ByChuck Butler (2)
Maranatha! Four
4-1The Road Home (2)Since I Met Jesus
Acoustic Guitar, VocalsPhil Alardo
Bass, VocalsJohn Falcone (2)
DrumsEd McTaggart
Electric GuitarJohn Whytock (2)
Guest [Special Thanks], Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Brooks Honeycutt (2)
Guest [Special Thanks], Pedal Steel GuitarAl Perkins
Piano, Fiddle, Lead VocalsBill Sprouse*
Written-ByBill Sprouse*
4-2Mustard Seed FaithAll I Know
BassJohn Belles
DrumsLewis McVay
Guest [Special Thanks], CongasAl MacDougall*
Guest [Special Thanks], PercussionTom Stipe
Guitar, Lead VocalsOden Fong
PianoPedro Buford
Written-ByPreston Bing Fong
4-3Chuck Butler (2)Pearly Mansions
Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsChuck Butler (2)
Guest [Special Thanks], Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bob Carlisle (2), Karen Lafferty
Guest [Special Thanks], BassJay Truax
Guest [Special Thanks], DrumsJohn Mehler
Guest [Special Thanks], Electric GuitarBo MacDougall*
Guest [Special Thanks], PianoTom Stipe
Written-ByChuck Butler (2)
4-4Blessed HopeSo Much
Acoustic Guitar, VocalsDavid Rios*
Bass, VocalsPat Patton (2)
DrumsDon Kobayashi
Guest [Special Thanks], Tenor Saxophone, SoloistTom Kubis
Lead GuitarDoug Krupinski
Piano, Lead VocalsBill Bradford (2)
Written-ByBill Bradford (2)
4-5Good News (5)Pickin' Up The Pieces
BassBilly Batstone*
DrumsDavid Diggs
Guest [Special Thanks], Acoustic GuitarTommy Coomes
Guest [Special Thanks], Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bob Carlisle (2)
Piano, Lead VocalsErick Nelson (2)
VocalsYvonne Lewis
Written-ByErick Nelson (2)
4-6The Way (2)Have You Ever Heard
Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Electric PianoGary Arthur
Bass, Electric GuitarJohn Wickham
Electric Guitar, Flute, Lead VocalsDana Angle
Guest [Special Thanks], Harmonica [Introduction]Al Perkins
Lead VocalsBruce Herring
Written-ByDana Angle, Gary Arthur
4-7Children Of The DayThe Holy Spirit Song
Acoustic Guitar, VocalsWendy Carter
Bass, VocalsRuss Stevens
Guest [Special Thanks], DrumsJohn Mehler
Guest [Special Thanks], Electric GuitarJohn Wickham
Piano, Lead VocalsPeter Jacobs
Vocals, TambourineMarsha Stevens
Written-ByPeter Jacobs
4-8Karen LaffertyBird In A Golden Sky
Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsKaren Lafferty
Guest [Special Thanks], BassJay Truax
Guest [Special Thanks], Pedal Steel GuitarAl Perkins
Written-ByKaren Lafferty
4-9Wing & A PrayerOld Gray Ford
Bass, VocalsJay Truax
DrumsJohn Mehler
Pedal Steel GuitarAl Perkins
Piano, Organ, Lead VocalsTom Stipe
Written-ByTom Stipe
4-10Wing & A PrayerJesus Is Standing Here
Bass, VocalsJay Truax
Cymbal [And Brushes], VocalsJohn Mehler
Electric Guitar, Lead VocalsTommy Coomes
Pedal Steel GuitarAl Perkins
VocalsTom Stipe
Written-ByTommy Coomes
Maranatha! 5
5-1Gentle FaithJerusalem
Acoustic GuitarDon Gerber
BassHenry Cutrona
DrumsPaul Angers
Guest [Special Thanks], Electric Piano [Stereo Rhodes]Michael Omartian
Guest [Special Thanks], Synthesizer [ARP]Tom Stipe
Lead GuitarSteve Kara
Lead VocalsDarrell Mansfield
PercussionAlex MacDougall
5-2Daniel AmosAin't Gonna Fight It
Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsTerry Taylor
Acoustic Guitar, VocalsSteve Baxter (6)
DrumsPaul Angers
Electric Guitar, VocalsJerry Chamberlain
Guest [Special Thanks], PercussionAlex MacDougall
Written-By [uncredited]Terry Taylor
5-3Parable (2)Maybe
Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsChuck Butler (2)
Acoustic Guitar, VocalsJoy Strange
Bass, VocalsPat Patton (2)
DrumsDon Kobayashi
Guest [Special Thanks], Electric GuitarTommy Coomes
Guest [Special Thanks], Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes]Bill Sprouse*
Guest [Special Thanks], PercussionAlex MacDougall
Written-By [uncredited]Chuck Butler (2)
5-4Mustard Seed FaithSidney The Pirate
Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsOden Fong
BassDarrell Cook
Guest [Special Thanks], DrumsJohn Mehler
Keyboards, VocalsPedro Buford
Vocals, PercussionLewis McVay
Written-ByPreston Fong*
5-5Fred FieldFalling
Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsFred Field
Guest [Special Thanks], BassJay Truax
Guest [Special Thanks], DrumsJohn Mehler
Guest [Special Thanks], PianoErick Nelson (2)
Guest [Special Thanks], SaxophoneDave Garland (3)
Guest [Special Thanks], VocalsVirgil Beckham
Written-ByFred Field
5-6Erick Nelson (2)Something Happened To You
Guest [Special Thanks], Backing VocalsMarty McCall, Myma Matthews*, Stormie Omartian
Guest [Special Thanks], BassScott Edwards (2)
Guest [Special Thanks], DrumsJohn Mehler
Guest [Special Thanks], GuitarAl Perkins
Guest [Special Thanks], OrganMichael Omartian
Guest [Special Thanks], Tenor SaxophoneIra Raibon
Piano, Clavinet, Lead VocalsErick Nelson (2)
Written-ByErick Nelson (2)
5-7Bob CullSo Much Love
Arranged By [Arrangement], Orchestrated By [Orchestrations], Piano, Organ, Lead VocalsBob Cull
Guest [Special Thanks], Backing VocalsMarty MCCall, Myma Matthews*, Stormie Omartian
Guest [Special Thanks], BassScott Edwards (2)
Guest [Special Thanks], DrumsJohn Mehler
Guest [Special Thanks], Electric GuitarDavid Diggs
Guest [Special Thanks], VocalsVirgil Beckham
Written-ByBob Cull
5-8Bethlehem (2)Bright And Shining Son
Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsDan Daniels*
Bass, VocalsJohn Falcone (2)
DrumsDan McCleery
Electric Guitar, VocalsJim Frank (5)
Guest [Special Thanks], Synthesizer [ARP], Arranged By [Arrangement], VocalsTom Stipe
Steel Guitar, VocalsDon Franco*
Written-ByGlenn Daniels
5-9Sweet Comfort*Golden Ages
BassKevin Tomson*
Drums, VocalsRick Tomson*
Guest [Special Thanks], Pedal Steel GuitarAl Perkins
Piano, Lead VocalsBryan Duncan
Written-ByBryan Duncan, Rick Thomson
5-10The Road Home (2)Psalm 5
Bass, VocalsJohn Falcone (2)
DrumsEd McTaggert*
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Lead VocalsBill Sprouse*
Guest [Special Thanks], ChoirThe Musicians of Maranatha!*
Guest [Special Thanks], Conductor [Music Conducted By]Tom Stipe
Guest [Special Thanks], Orchestrated By [Orchestration]Michael Omartian
Guest [Special Thanks], OrganMichael Omartian
Guest [Special Thanks], Timpani [Timpany]John Mehler
VocalsDiana Hershey
Written-ByBill Sprouse, Jr
Maranatha! Six: A Family Portrait
6-1Karen LaffertyBeautiful Day
Acoustic GuitarKaren Lafferty, Virgil Beckham
BassBill Batstone
Drums, PercussionAlex MacDougall
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes]Kelly Willard, Phil Kristianson
VocalsKaren Lafferty
Written-ByKaren Lafferty
6-2Bruce HerringPerfect Will
Acoustic Guitar, Electric GuitarBobby Warford*
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bruce Herring, Terry Oelrich
BassJim Fielder
DrumsChet McCracken
FiddleTom Ferguson (2)
Lead VocalsBruce Herring
PianoRichard Souther
Written-ByBruce Herring
6-3Sweet Comfort*Somebody Loves You
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bryan Duncan, Randy Thomas
BassKevin Thomson
DrumsRick Thomson
Electric GuitarRandy Thomas
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes]Bryan Duncan
Lead VocalsBryan Duncan
OrganMarty Echito*
PercussionAlex MacDougall
Written-ByBryan Duncan
6-4Aslan (6)Who Loves The Lonely
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bill Hoppe, Jim Abdo*, Mike Holmes*, Toni Holmes
BassRick Conklin
Drums, PercussionJohnnie Graves
Electric GuitarMichael Holmes (17)
Lead VocalsRick Conklin
Piano, Organ [Pipe], Synthesizer [ARP]Bill Hoppe
Synthesizer [(ARP) String Ensemble], OrganJim Abdo*
ViolinToni Holmes
Written-By [uncredited]Rick Conklin
6-5Erick Nelson (2)He Gave Me Love
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Don Stalker, Erick Nelson (2), Michelle Zarges*, Steve Berg (3)
BassBill Batstone
Lead VocalsErick Nelson (2)
Written-ByErick Nelson (2)
6-6Parable (2)The Plain Truth
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Chuck Butler (2), Lisa Faye Irwin, Virgil Beckham
BassGary Arthur
DrumsDon Kobayashi
Electric GuitarJohn Wickham
HandclapsThe Honeys*, Malcolm Wild
Harmony VocalsLisa Faye Irwin
Lead VocalsChuck Butler (2)
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Synthesizer [Micro MOOG]Alan DiCato
Written-ByChuck Butler (2)
Written-By [uncredited]Fred Field
6-7Bethlehem (2)Desert Song
Acoustic GuitarDanny Daniels (2)
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Danny Daniels (2), John Falcone (2), Richie Furay, Tom Stipe
DrumsDan McCleery
Lead VocalsDanny Daniels (2)
Pedal Steel GuitarDom Franco
PianoRandy Rigby
Written-By [uncredited]Glenn Daniels
6-8Becky UgartecheaNightingale
BassJim Fielder
DrumsChet McCracken
English HornThil
Piano, SynthesizerRichard Souther
Vocals, Acoustic GuitarBecky Ugartechea
Written-ByBecky Ugartechea
6-9Daniel AmosFather's Arms
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Jerry*, Mark*, Terry*
DrumsEd McTaggert*
Electric GuitarTerry Taylor
Electric Guitar, SoloistJerry Chamberlain
Lead VocalsTerry Taylor
PercussionAlex MacDougall
Piano [Acoustic], Electric PianoMark Cook
Written-By [uncredited]Terry Taylor
6-10Bob & Joy CullSail Away
BassBill Batstone
DrumsAlex MacDougall
French HornJoe Kruger*, Tom Tucker (8)
HarpVerlye Mills
Vocals, Acoustic GuitarBob Cull, Joy Cull
Written-ByBob Cull
Maranatha Seven
7-1Tommy CoomesLove Is The Key
Acoustic Guitar, Lead VocalsTommy Coomes
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bili Thedford, Dona Thedford, Venetta Fields
BassDarrell Cook
Electric Guitar, SoloistHadley Hockensmith
Electric Piano [Rhodes]Harlan Rogers
Written-ByTommy Coomes
7-2Bob Bennett (3)Spiritual Equation
Acoustic GuitarBob Bennett (3)
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bob Bennett (3), Robin Glick
BassBill Batstone
DrumsJohn Mehler
Electric GuitarHadley Hockensmith
PercussionAlex MacDougall
Written-ByBob Bennett (3)
7-3Oden FongHe's Always There
Acoustic Guitar, VocalsOden Fong
BassDarrell Cook
DrumsKeith Edwards
Electric GuitarHadley Hockensmith
HarmoniumJonathan Brown*
OrganHarlan Rogers
Written-ByOden Fong
7-4Leon PatilloDon't You Worry
DrumsGaylord Birch
Piano, Synthesizer, VocalsLeon Patillo
Written-ByLeon Patillo
7-5Kelly WillardI'll Just Depend On Him
Arranged By [Strings], Conductor [Strings Conducted By]Stan Endicott
DrumsKeith Edwards
Electric GuitarHadley Hockensmith
Piano, VocalsKelly Willard
Written-ByKelly Willard
7-6Crystal RiverDeath Couldn't Keep My Jesus Down
Acoustic BassMel Durham
BanjoDon Gerber
Dobro, Vocals [Harmony]Wayne Eames
FiddleTom Ferguson (2)
GuitarDave Sylvester*
Lead VocalsBruce Herring
MandolinEvan Anderson (4)
Written-ByGreg Clarke (6)
7-7Richie FurayGlory To God
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Danny Daniels (2), Richie*, Tom Stipe
DrumsJohn Mehler
Lead Vocals, GuitarRichie Furay
PianoTom Stipe
Written-ByRichie Furay
7-8Tom & Sherry GreenWalking On The Water
BassMarc Levine
DrumsKeith Edwards
Electric Guitar, Acoustic GuitarTom Green (16)
PercussionAlex MacDougall
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes], OrganHarlan Rogers
VocalsSherry Green
Written-BySherry Green
7-9Al BarringtonOld Age
Acoustic Guitar, VocalsAl Barrington
Arranged By [Strings]Michael Harrison
BassDarrell Cook
DrumsMike Fickling
Steel GuitarSteve Swinford
Written-ByAl Barrington
7-10Fred FieldHe'll Be Coming In The Clouds
Acoustic GuitarDon Gerber, Fred Field
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals]Bill Batstone, Fred Field, Tommy Coomes
BassDarrell Cook
DrumsPaul Angers
Electric Guitar, Lead VocalsFred Field
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes]Terry Clark (3)
Written-ByFred Field

Companies, etc.



Recorded at Buddy King's Studio, Huntington Beach, Calif. (1-1 to 6-10);
United Audio Studios (3-1 to 3-10)
Sunwest Recorders, Hollywood (5-1 to 5-10)
Martin Sound Studios, Alhambra (6-1 to 6 10)
Studio 55, Hollywood (6-1 to 6 10)
Location Recording Service, Burbank (6-1 to 6 10)
Northstar Studios Inc., Boulder Colorado (6-1 to 6 10, 7-7)
I.A.M. Studios, Irvine, CA (7-1)
Maranatha! Studios, Santa Ana, CA (7-1)
Mixed at Sound Lab Inc., Hollywood, CA, Producer Workshop, Hollywood, CA (5-1 to 5-10)
Mastered at A&M (6-1 to 6-10).
Remastered at

℗ & © 2012 Calvary Chapel Music.
Manufactured and distributed by Calvary Chapel Music

Calvary Chapel Music [1970] 1-1, 1-9
Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa Inc./Universal Music-Brentwood Benson Publishing [1970] 1-2 to 1-4, 1-6, 1-8; [1972] 2-1 to 2-4, 2-7 to 2-9; [1973] 3-1 to 3-3, 3-5 to 3-10, 7-6; [1974] 4-1 to 4-10; 7-10 [1976] 5-1 to 5-5, 5-7 to 5-10; [1977] 6-1 to 6-4, [1980] 7-2, 7-4, 7-6 to 7-9
Bud John Songs, Inc. [1970] 1-10; [1972]1-10; [1974] 4-7
Coomsietunes [1970] 1-5; [1980] 7-1
Word Music, Inc o/b/o Rettino/Kerner Publishing [1970] 1-7; [1972] 2-6; [1973] 3-4
Erick Nelson Publishing [1972] 2-5; [1974] 4-5; [1976] 5-6; [1977] 6-5
New Spring Publishing [1976] 5-2; [1977] 6-9
Preston Fong [1980] 7-3
Willing Heart Music [1980] 7-5

No visible Mould or Mastering SIDs.

Each disc and 8 page folding booklet is housed in individual gatefold Mini-LP cardboard sleeve, all of which enclosed in outer box.

Track 1-10 and 2-10 are credited to "Marsha Carter" on the original packaging picture, alias of Marsha Stevens (as credited in this release booklet). Credited as both above.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Box): 828147644037
  • Barcode (CD 1): 8 28147 64404 4
  • Barcode (CD 2): 8 28147 64406 4
  • Barcode (CD 3): 8 28147 64407 5
  • Barcode (CD 4): 8 28147 64502 7
  • Barcode (CD 5): 8 28147 64503 4
  • Barcode (CD 6): 8 28147 64504 1
  • Barcode (CD 7): 8 28147 64506 5
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1): 26366-MARANATHA ONE, GMI-CA
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2): 26367-MARANATHA TWO, GMI-CA
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 3): 26368-MARANATHA THREE, GMI-CA
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 4): 26369-MARANATHA FOUR, GMI-CA
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 5): 26370-MARANATHA FIVE, GMI-CA
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 6): 26371-MARANATHA SIX, GMI-CA
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 7): 26372-MARANATHA SEVEN, GMI-CA


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