Livy Ekemezie - Friday Night daftcombo

February 17, 2018
This is a nice record but it was not worth 1000$+ to be honest. An instrumental version would be appreciated!

Livy Ekemezie - Friday Night matytas

May 10, 2018
I definitely agree, an instrumental version is very much needed!

Livy Ekemezie - Friday Night dmp

April 1, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
So glad this reissue didn't come out on the dubious PMG label.

Livy Ekemezie - Friday Night Crappucino

June 12, 2017
Couldn't agree more. Although I have 2 records from the PMG label, quality isn't even that bad though, it hurts to bring them my money. But having those records has more to do with the insane prices for the originals, then supporting that label. Anyhow, Odion is the real deal and definitely looking what they come up next.

Livy Ekemezie - Friday Night ScottyOh

April 14, 2017

That label is all glitz and no glamour. Countless titles that many have been waiting on to be reissued, yet most are mediocre vinyl rips with minimal presentation. Odion Iruoje and his label Odion Livingstone are the real deal. And the superb quality of this release is testament. Looking forward to following the releases on this label.