VariousEssential Electro - The Business

Label:Street Sounds – HBOX 1
Series:Street Sounds Electro – Box
9 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Mixed
Genre:Hip Hop


A1The PackmanI'm The Packman (Eat Everything I Can)
Co-producerFrank Heller
ProducerBobby Robinson
A2NewcleusJam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)
ProducerJoe Webb
A3West Street MobBreak Dancin' - Electric Boogie
A4C-BankGet Wet
ProducerJohn Robie
B1K-9 CorpDog Talk
ProducerArchie Ivy
B2G-Force (21)Feel The Force
FeaturingCaptain Cee, Ronnie Gee
ProducerWill Crittendon
B3Project FutureRay-Gun-Omics
B4Captain RockThe Return Of Capt. Rock
ProducerThe Fantastic Aleems*
C1The B-BoysTwo, Three Break
ProducerVincent Davis (2)
C2The B-BoysCuttin' Herbie
ProducerKurtis Blow
C3XenaOn The Upside
C4HashimAl-Naafiysh (The Soul)
ProducerJerry Calliste Jr.
D1Rammellzee vs. K-RobBeat Bop
D2Two SistersB Boys Beware (Club Mix)
ProducerRaul A. Rodriguez
D3Grandmaster Flash & Melle MelWhite Lines (Don't Don't Do It)
E1Divine SoundsDollar Bill
E2Imperial BrothersWe Come To Rock
E3NewcleusJam On It
ProducerFrank Fair, Joe Webb
F1Boogie BoysZodiac
F2PumpkinKing Of The Beat
F3Davy DMXOne For The Treble (Fresh)
ProducerDavid Reeves (2)
F4Fresh 3 MC'sFresh
ProducerBill Moore, Dave Ogrin
G1Steps AheadRadio Active
G2Pumpkin And The Profile All-StarsHere Comes That Beat!
G3Herbie HancockMega Mix
ProducerGrandmixer D. ST.*
H1Run-DMCSucker MC's
H2Key-MaticBreakin' In Space
ProducerCharles Casseus
H3The VHBBeethoven's Fifth (Street) Symphony
ProducerVincent Davis (2)
H4CybotronTechno City
ProducerBen Grosse, Cybotron
I1Great Peso* & Mr. NastyIt's Time To Rock
I2Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. HydeFast Life
ProducerKurtis Blow
I3Knights Of The TurntablesTechno Scratch
ProducerJim Callon
I4Egyptian LoverEgypt, Egypt
ProducerEgyptian Lover
I5Arthur BakerBreaker's Revenge
ProducerArthur Baker
J1Captain RockCapt. Rock To The Future Shock
J2AleemRelease Yourself
J3Fantasy ThreeThe Buck Stops Here
ProducerAldo Productions
J4High Fidelity ThreeB Boys Breakdance
K1Tyrone BrunsonThe Smurf
K2Warp 9Light Years Away
K3Warp 9Nunk (New Wave Funk)
K4Man ParrishHip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop)
K5Herbie HancockRockit
ProducerHerbie Hancock
L1Twilight 22Electric Kingdom
ProducerGordon Bahary
Producer3070, Juan Atkins
L3HashimAl-Naafiyish (The Soul)
L4Captain RockThe Return Of Capt. Rock
ProducerThe Fantastic Aleems*
L5Time ZoneWild Style
M1The B-BoysTwo, Three Break
ProducerVincent Davis (2)
M2The Russell BrothersThe Party Scene (SV)
M3Davy DMXOne For The Treble (Fresh)
ProducerDavid Reeves (2)
M4The PackmanI'm The Packman
Co-producerFrank Heller
ProducerBobby Robinson
N1ShannonLet The Music Play (Dub)
N2XenaOn The Upside
N3Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic ForcePlanet Rock
ProducerArthur Baker
N4The Jonzun CrewPac Jam (Look Out For The OVC)
O1Zer-OReal Time (Retrospective Dub)
ProducerBellini (3)
ProducerPete Ramon
RemixGreg Wilson
O3Broken GlassStyle Of The Street
ProducerJustin '84
RemixGreg Wilson
O4ForevereactionU People
ProducerEric Freeman (2)
P1Zer-OReal Time
ProducerBellini (3)
P2RapologistsHip Hop Beat (Street Mix)
ProducerMastermind (7)
ScratchesWhiz Kid
P3ForevereactionBed "34"
ProducerEric Freeman (2)
Q1DJ Born Supreme AllahHip Hop On Wax Volume 3
Q2DJ Red Alert*Hip Hop On Wax Volume 2
Q3DJ Chuck Chillout*Hip Hop On Wax Volume 1
R1DJ Born Supreme Allah / DJ Chuck Chillout* / DJ Red Alert*Hip Hop On Wax Volume 1, 2, 3 Megamix


This is a 9 record box set consisting of:
Electro 1
Electro 2
Electro 3
Electro 4
Electro 5
Crucial Electro 1
Crucial Electro 2
UK Electro
and a Bonus Break (Hip-Hop On Wax)

G3 is a Mega Mix of Herbie Hancock tracks produced and mixed by Grandmixer D.ST., including Rockit, Autodrive, Future Shock, TFS, Rough, Chameleon '84.

I5 is listed incorrectly as Breaker Revenge.
5000 boxed sets only


  • Linoz's avatar
    essential second wave hip hop a must to have i recomend electro number 3 a beast ....hip hop rules
    • D_spayre's avatar
      I have this box for years and years, bought it when it came out. Thought to look it up....worth a bit, so I guess it's time to sell, I'm not doing anything with vinyl in over 30 years now...
      • albababylon's avatar
        Picked this up from car boot sale years ago for next to nothing. Fantastic spread of old school hip hop.
        Turned out to be a bit of a bargin too.
        • JFSR's avatar
          I collected the original albums as the were released back in the day.. Then, when this box came out, I sold my vinyl separate albums and put the money towards the box.. I had to have the bonus disc.. Hop hop on wax.. I do remember feeling real gutted when I opened the box to find no sleave artwork inside.. Just generic white sleave with different more colourful Streetsounds electro label designs. 32 years later, I still have the box set. The box it's self is a little battered over the years, but the vinyl still looks clean and sounds great.. And I still love it :)
          • axelmc's avatar
            Are the tracks mixed? sequenced, or full lenght?

            • phat360's avatar
              Edited 15 years ago
              To be perfectly and truthfully honest I am not totally impressed by this boxset. The reason being is that I have collected all of the individually released "Electro Streetsounds" albums because you get the same amazing tracks by the same innovative artists and the album cover artwork is also highly original, timeless and second to none. You do not get the same high standard of artwork with the boxset.
              However what you do get on this album which you cannot get on the individual albums is the "Hip Hop On Wax" volumes 1,2 and 3 which have been produced by "DJ Born Supreme Allah" "DJ Red Alert*" and "DJ Chuck Chillout". These tracks are excellent slices of early Hip Hop and Electro.
              I must state that this is still, "quote unquote" an essential boxset which the discerning oldschool collector of quality Electro and HipHop would need to complete the "Streetsounds" series.
              A must for die-hard fans.
              • eiskristall's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                THE BOMB. I learned a lot through this compilation to get an idea about the early times of hiphop-electro. Repetetive "assmoving" pattern tracks are collected with melodic masterpieces together here and definitely you know where all these samples come from which are used x-times nowadays. What a pity to be born too late for being a part of one of these block- parties at that time, the sounds are sure "lunacy on the streets" (Imperial Brothers - We Come To Rock is sounding somewhat modern, I'm heavily surprised). And now I'm curious to hear the other stuff from the artists who are credited here. Check out especially the bonus disc, the mixes are the ultimate shit!
                • paulh's avatar
                  This just takes me back to when I first got into hiphop as a kid, me and my friends used to try to breakdance and the electro tapes would be our soundtrack. When I got a bit older and was able to afford it, I bought this collection - priceless!


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