VariousBeat-Club Jubiläumsedition 1965-1972

Label:Studio Hamburg Enterprises – 57334
25 x DVD, PAL, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Mono
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Mono
Genre:Rock, Blues, Pop


Volume 1: 1965 - 1968
Disc 1: Beat-Club 1 - 5
Beat-Club 1 Sendung: 25.9.1965
1-01The Yankees*Halbstark
1-02The Yankees*Tequila
1-03The Yankees*Always And Ever
1-04The Yankees*Help!
1-05The LiverbirdsPeanut Butter
1-06The LiverbirdsWhy Do You Hang Around Me
1-07The LiverbirdsDiddley Daddy
1-08John O'Hara & His Playboys*I'm Down
1-09John O'Hara & His Playboys*We've Got To Get Out Of This Place
1-10John O'Hara & His Playboys*Wooly Bully
Beat-Club 2 Sendung: 30.10.1965
1-11The Phantoms (3)See See Rider
1-12The Phantoms (3)Hang On Sloopy
1-13The Phantoms (3)Please Mr. Postman
1-14Ian & The ZodiacsLiving Loving Wreck
1-15Ian & The ZodiacsFace In The Crowd
1-16Ian & The ZodiacsAll Of Me
1-17The German Blue Flames*Too Much Monkey Business
1-18The German Blue Flames*You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine
1-19The German Blue Flames*Sunbeams At The Sky
1-20The German Blue Flames*Teen Scene
Beat-Club 3 Sendung: 4.12.1965
1-21The MushroamsGet Off Of My Cloud
1-22The MushroamsMercy, Mercy
1-23The Mushroams & Susanne WeberI'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
1-24Sonny & CherI Got You Babe
1-25The RattlesCome On And Sing
1-26The RattlesLittle Queenie
1-27The RattlesShe Is The One
1-28The Rattles(Stoppin In) Las Vegas
1-29Gerry & The PacemakersDizzy Miss Lizzy
1-30Gerry & The PacemakersFerry Cross The Mersey
1-31Gerry & The PacemakersMy Babe
Beat-Club 4 Sendung: 22.1.1966
1-32The LordsShakin' All Over
1-33The LordsQue Sera, Sera
1-34The Remo FourPeter Gunn
1-35The Remo FourLike A Rolling Stone
1-36Chris Andrews (3)Yesterday Man
1-37Chris Andrews (3)To Whom It Concerns
1-38The Remo FourBut I Was Cool
1-39The LordsPoor Boy
1-40The LordsWishin' And Hopin'
1-41The LordsI'm A Hook For You Baby
1-42The LordsGreensleeves
1-43The LordsBoom Boom
Beat-Club 5 Sendung: 12.2.1966
1-44The BootsIn The Midnight Hour
1-45The Tramps (4)Medley: Just A Little Bit
1-46The Tramps (4)Remember
1-47The Tramps (4)Gone, Gone, Gone
1-48Isabella Bond* & The Tramps (4)Bread And Butter
1-49The BootsGloria
1-50Ian & The ZodiacsLeave It To Me
1-51Ian & The ZodiacsWhy Can't It Be Me
Disc 2: Beat-Club 6 - 10
Beat-Club 6 Sendung: 26.3.1966
2-01The Spencer Davis GroupKeep On Running
2-02The OverlandersMichelle
2-03Twinkle (3) & The German Blue Flames*Sha-La-La-La-Lee
2-04The Birds And BeesShout
2-05Eileen (2)The Boots Are Made For Walking
2-06The Birds And BeesDown In The Boon Docks
2-07Sandie ShawI Don't Need That Kind Of Lovin
2-08Sandie ShawTomorrow
Beat-Club 7 Sendung: 16.4.1966
2-09The German BondsSonata Facile
2-10The German BondsWe Are Out Of Side
2-11The SilkieThe Times They Are A-Changin
2-12The German Bonds & Tanja MayDon't You Rock Me Daddy-O
2-13The German BondsSing Hallelujah
2-14The SilkieGo, Tell Him On The Mountain
2-15The SilkieYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away
2-16The Pretty ThingsMidnight To Six Men
2-17The Pretty ThingsRainin' In My Heart
2-18The Pretty ThingsRoadrunner
Beat-Club 8 Sendung: 28.5.1966
2-19The Remo FourPeter Gunn
2-20The Remo FourWhatcha Gonna Do About It
2-21Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichHideaway
2-22Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichHold Tight
2-23Graham BonneySuper Girl
2-24The WhoSubstitute
2-25The HolliesLook Through Any Window
2-26The HolliesVery Last Day
2-27The HolliesI Can't Let Go
2-28The Remo FourRock Candy
2-29The Walker BrothersLand Of 1000 Dances
2-30The Walker BrothersLove Minus Zero
2-31The Walker BrothersThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Beat-Club 10 Sendung: 16.7.1966
2-32Monks*Boys Are Boys
2-33The Image (2)Red Rubber Ball
2-34Sandy SarjeantCan't Stop The Want
2-35Country Stars*Orange Blossom Special
2-36Country Stars*Busted
2-37Country Stars*Folsom Prison Blues
2-38Monks*Monk Chant
2-39Monks*Oh, How To Do Now
2-40Neil Christian (2)That's Nice
2-41Sonny & CherWhat Now My Love
Disc 3: Beat-Club 11 - 15
Beat-Club 11 Sendung: 27.8.1966
3-01Sounds IncorporatedRinky Dink
3-02Sounds IncorporatedFingertips
3-03Sounds IncorporatedLittle Red Book
3-04Cliff Bennett & His Rebel Rousers*Hold On, I'm Comin'
3-05Cliff Bennett & His Rebel Rousers*Got To Get You Into My Life
3-06Shape And Sizes*A Little Lovin' Something
3-07The Moody BluesBye Bye Bird
3-08The Moody BluesReally Haven't Got The Time
3-09The Washington DC's32nd Floor
Beat-Club 12 Sendung: 24.9.1966
3-10The Bunch Of FivesCan You Hear Me?
3-11Carol Friday & The Remo FourEverybody I Know
3-12Carol Friday & The Remo FourHeatwave
3-13Graham Bonney & The Remo FourSuper Girl
3-14Graham Bonney & The Remo FourBarefottin'
3-15Graham Bonney & The Remo FourDon't Fight It
3-16Sonny & CherThen He Kissed Me
3-17CherI Feel Something In The Air
3-18Sonny*Laugh At Me
3-19Sonny & CherLittle Man
3-20Carol Friday & The Remo FourLittle By Little
3-21The Bunch Of FivesJump Back
Beat-Club 14 Sendung: 19.11.1966
3-22John Smith & The New Sound*Winchester Cathedral
3-23David & JonathanLovers Of The World Unite
3-24Lee Drummond (2)Hi Hi Hazel
3-25John Smith & The New Sound*Big Big Time Operator
3-26David GarrickDear Mrs Applebee
3-27Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichHard To Love You
3-28Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichBend It
3-29David & JonathanTen Storeys High
3-30John Smith & The New Sound*You Don't Know Like I Know
3-31Jacques DutroncEt Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi…
Beat-Club 15 Sendung: 31.12.1966
3-32Neil Christian (2)Two At A Time
3-33The Washington DC'sLoving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
3-34The Washington DC's & Helena MajdaniecDuzy Bad
3-35The Washington DC'sSeek And Find
3-36Neil Christian (2)Oops
3-37The EasybeatsFriday On My Mind
3-38The EasybeatsLovin' Machine
3-39The Washington DC's & Helena MajdaniecI Don't Want Him
3-40Paul JonesMy Way
3-41Paul Jones & The Washington DC'sHigh Time
Disc 4: Beat-Club 16 - 19
Beat-Club 16 Sendung: 21.1.1967
4-01Lee Curtis & The All-StarsLooking Back
4-02The LordsLate Last Sunday Evening
4-03The LordsHave A Drink On Me
4-04The RattlesLove Of My Life
4-05The RattlesGood Times
4-06The RattlesHey Sally
4-07The RattlesIt Is Love
4-08The AnimalsSee See Rider
4-09The AnimalsA Love Like Yours
4-10The AnimalsShake, Rattle And Roll
4-11The WhoI'm A Boy
4-12The WhoHeatwave
4-13The WhoHappy Jack
Beat-Club 17 Sendung: 25.2.1967
4-14Twice As MuchTrue Story
4-15Sandy PoseySingle Girl
4-16Percy SledgeWarm And Tender Love
4-17The Remo FourAin't Love Good Ain't Love Proud
4-18The Creation (2)Painter Man
4-19Graham BonneyThank You Baby
4-20The EqualsI Won't Be There
4-21Cream (2)I Feel Free
Beat-Club 18 Sendung: 11.3.1967
4-22Geno Washington & The Ram Jam BandQue Sera, Sera
4-23Geno Washington & The Ram Jam BandMichael
4-24Geno Washington & The Ram Jam BandYou Don't Know Like I Know
4-25Cliff Bennett & The Rebel RousersI Take What I Want
4-26Cliff Bennett & The Rebel RousersI'll Take Good Care Of You
4-27The SmokeMy Friend Jack
4-28The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceHey Joe
4-29The Jimi Hendrix ExperiencePurple Haze
4-30The WhoHappy Jack
4-31The WhoSo Sad About Us
4-32The WhoMy Generation
Beat-Club 19 Sendung: 1.5.1967
4-33Whistling Jack SmithI Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
4-34The SnappersUpside Down, Inside Out
4-35The WhoPictures Of Lily
4-36David GarrickPlease Mr. Movingman
4-37The Dave Clark FiveYou Got What It Takes
4-38Julie FelixI Can't Touch The Sun
4-39The Escorts (3)From Head To Toe
4-40Sandy SarjeantCan't Stop The Want
4-41Jimmy CliffGive And Take
4-42Lee Curtis & The All-StarsWhat Are You Gonna Do
4-43Julie FelixThe Lost Children
Disc 5: Beat-Club 20 - 24
Beat-Club 20 Sendung: 20.5.1967
5-01The EqualsHold Me Closer
5-02The Small Faces*I Can't Make It
5-03Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichTouch Me, Touch Me
5-04The Bee Gees*New York Mining Disaster 1941
5-05The WhoPictures Of Lily
5-06The KinksMr. Pleasant
5-07The DublinersSeven Drunken Nights
5-08Cream (2)Strange Brew
5-09Whistling Jack SmithI Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
5-10Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichLoos Of England
Beat-Club 21 Sendung: 24.6.1967
5-11The LatchAll Night Girl
5-12The KinksWaterloo Sunset
5-13Twice As MuchCrystal Ball
5-14The Small Faces*Here Come The Nice
5-15P.P. ArnoldThe First Cut Is The Deepest
5-16The ExceptionThe Eagle Flies On Friday
5-17LuluThe Boat That I Row
5-18The Marquis Of Kensington*The Changing Of The Guard
5-19Cat StevensI'm Gonna Get Me A Gun
Beat-Club 22 Sendung: 22.7.1967
5-20Jimmy CliffGive And Take
5-21The HolliesCarrie Anne
5-22The Herd*I Can Fly
5-23The Dave Clark FiveTabatha Twitchit
5-24The New Formula (2)Do It Again A Little Bit Slower
5-25The TroggsNight Of The Long Grass
5-26Chris FarloweMoanin'
5-27Dave DaviesDeath Of A Clown
5-28Chris FarloweYesterday's Papers
Beat-Club 24 Sendung: 23.9.1967
5-29The Small Faces*Green Circles
5-30Alan DavidCompletely Free
5-31Twice As MuchCrystal Ball
5-32Manfred MannHa! Ha! Said The Clown
5-33P.P. ArnoldThe Time Has Come
5-34Cat StevensCome On And Dance
5-35Keith WestExcerpt From "A Teenage Opera"
5-36Truly SmithI Wanna Go Back There Again
5-37The Bee Gees*To Love Somebody
5-38Cat StevensA Bad Night
5-39The Small Faces*Itchycoo Park
5-40Anita HarrisJust Loving You
5-41Manfred MannSo Long Dad
Disc 6: Beat-Club 25 - 28
Beat-Club 25 Sendung: 14.10.1967
6-01The EqualsPolice On My Back
6-02Family DoggPattern People
6-03The Alan Price SetSimon Smith And His Amazing Dancing Bear
6-04David GarrickDon't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Gonna Melt, Sugar)
6-05The Herd*From The Underworld
6-06Bella And MeWhatever Happened To The 7-Day Week
6-07The FortunesThe Idol
6-08Vanilla FudgeYou Keep Me Hangin' On
6-09The Alan Price SetThe House That Jack Built
Beat-Club 26 Sendung: 25.11.1967
6-10Barry MasonRowbottom Square
6-11The Flower Pot Men*Let's Go To San Francisco
6-12Sharon TandyHold On
6-13Johnnie Young*Craise Finton Kirk
6-14Family DoggThe Storm
6-15Scott McKenzieSan Francisco
6-16Scott McKenzieLike An Old Time Movie
6-17Felice TaylorI Feel Love Coming On
6-18The Bee Gees*Massachusetts
Beat-Club 27 Sendung: 30.12.1967
6-19The Flower Pot Men*A Walk In The Sky
6-20Billy NichollsWould You Beleive
6-21Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band*The Equestrian Statue
6-22Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band*Little Sir Echo
6-23The Bee Gees*World
6-24P.P. ArnoldGroovy
6-25Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichZabadak
6-26Marion*I Go To Sleep
6-27The Small Faces*Tin Soldier
Beat-Club 28 Sendung: 13.1.1968
6-28Carla ThomasB-A-B-Y
6-29Dave JustinEverybody's Gone Home
6-30Neil Christian (2)Let Me Hear You Laugh
6-31Billie DavisAngel Of The Morning
6-32Long John BaldryLet The Heartaches Begin
6-33The Herd*Paradise Lost
6-34Dave DaviesSusannah's Still Alive
6-35Procol HarumHomburg
Disc 7: Beat-Club 29 - 32
Beat-Club 29 Sendung: 9.3.1968
7-01Paul & Barry RyanPictures Of Today
7-02The Moody BluesNights In White Satin
7-03B.B. KingHeartbreaker
7-04Nirvana (2)Pentecost Hotel
7-05Sharon TandyFool On The Hill
7-06Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichThe Legend Of Xanadu
7-07Amen CornerBend Me, Shape Me
7-08TrafficHere We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
7-09Georgie FameThe Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
7-10Manfred MannMighty Quinn
Beat-Club 30 Sendung: 6.4.1968
7-11The EqualsI Get So Excited
7-12Procol HarumQuite Rightly So
7-13The Bee Gees*Harry Braff
7-14David McWilliamsThe Days Of Pearly Spencer
7-15Arthur ConleyFunky Street
7-16Gene PitneySomething's Got A Hold Of My Heart
7-17The MoveFire Brigade
7-18Manfred MannMighty Quinn
7-19Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The TrinitySave Me
7-20The HolliesJennifer Eccles
Beat-Club 31 Sendung: 27.4.1968
7-21Big Boy PeteCold Turkey
7-22The ExceptionRub It Down
7-23Family DoggI'll Wear A Silly Grin
7-24Arthur ConleyShake Rattle And Roll
7-25Reparata & The Delrons*Captain Of Your Ship
7-26Gene PitneySomewhere In The Country
7-27The Bee Gees*Harry Braff
7-28John Walker (3)I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
7-29The Small Faces*Lazy Sunday
Beat-Club 32 Sendung: 22.6.1968
7-30The Herd*I Don't Want Our Loving To Die
7-31Madeline BellPicture Me Gone
7-32Manfred MannMy Name Is Jack
7-33Tommy James & The ShondellsMony, Mony
7-34Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The TrinityThis Wheel's On Fire
7-35The Small Faces*Lazy Sunday
7-36The Association (2)Time For Livin'
7-37P.J. ProbyLing Ting Tong
Disc 8: Beat-Club 33 - 35
Beat-Club 33 Sendung: 13.7.1968
8-01Raymond FroggattCallow-La-Vita
8-02P.P. ArnoldAngel Of The Morning
8-03At Last The 1958 Rock And Roll Show*I Can't Drive
8-04P.J. ProbyWhat's Wrong With My World
8-05The World Of OzThe Muffin Man
8-06Unit 4 Plus 2*You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
8-07Dave JustinYou Outside
8-08Gene PitneyShe's A Heartbreaker
8-09At Last The 1958 Rock And Roll Show*Great Balls Of Fire
Beat-Club 34 Sendung: 31.8.1968
8-10The EqualsBaby Come Back
8-11Tim RoseLong Haired Boy
8-12Cupid's InspirationYesterday Has Gone
8-13The MirrorGingerbread Man
8-14Ranee And RajFeel Like A Clown
8-15Arthur BrownFire
8-16Bruce ChannelKeep On
8-17Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichLast Night In Soho
Beat-Club 35 Sendung: 14.9.1968
8-18Amen CornerHigh In The Sky
8-19John Walker (3)Kentucky Woman
8-20The EqualsLaurel & Hardy
8-21Ben E. KingIt's Amazing
8-22The NiceAmerica
8-23Madeline BellI'm Gonna Make You Love Me
8-24Status QuoIce In The Sun
8-25Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichLast Night In Soho
8-26Canned HeatOn The Road Again
8-27Arthur ConleySweet Soul Music
8-28Leapy LeeLittle Arrows
8-29The HolliesDo The Best You Can
8-30The MoveWild Tiger Woman
8-31Ben E. KingWhat Is Soul
Volume 2: 1968 - 1970
Disc 9: Beat-Club 36 - 38
Beat-Club 36 Sendung: 12.10.1968
9-01Vanity FareI Live For The Sun
9-03The MerseysLovely Loretta
9-04The Love AffairA Day Without Love
9-05The Grapefruit*C'mon Marianne
9-06Harry NilssonEverybody's Talkin'
9-07Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichLast Night In Soho
9-08The WhoMagic Bus
9-09Sandie ShawThose Were The Days
9-10The EasybeatsHello, How Are You
9-11The TroggsHip Hip Hooray
Beat-Club 37 Sendung: 16.11.1968
9-12The EasybeatsGood Times
9-13Spooky ToothThe Weight
9-14Blue CheerSummertime Blues
9-15Family DoggBrown-Eyes Girl
9-16The WhoMagic Bus
9-17Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichThe Wreck Of The Antoinette
9-18The Bee Gees*I've Gotta Get A Message To You
9-19The HolliesListen To Me
9-20Barry RyanEloise
Beat-Club 38 Sendung: 31.12.1968
9-21The FoundationsBuild Me Up Buttercup
9-22Simon Dupree & The Big Sound*Thinking About My Life
9-23The EqualsSoftly Softly
9-24Tiny TimTip-Toe Thru' The Tulips
9-25Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah BandI'm The Urban Spaceman
9-26Gene PitneyBilly You're My Friend
9-27Manfred MannFox On The Run
9-28The Bee Gees*I've Gotta Get A Message To You
9-29Geno Washington & The Ram Jam BandBring It To Me Baby
9-30Billie DavisI Want You To Be My Baby
9-31Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends
9-32The MarmaladeOb-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
9-33The Beach BoysBluebirds Over The Mountain
9-34The FlirtationsNothing But A Heartache
Disc 10: Beat-Club 39 - 41
Beat-Club 39 Sendung: 25.1.1969
10-011910 Fruitgum Co.*Goody, Goody Gumdrops
10-02The MoveBlackberry Way
10-03Ohio ExpressChewy, Chewy
10-04Status QuoTechnicolor Dreams
10-05The DoorsLight My Fire
10-06The Beach BoysDo It Again
10-07The GunRace With The Devil
10-08Raymond FroggattRoly
10-09Barry St. JohnCry Like A Baby
10-11The TremeloesMy Little Lady
Beat-Club 40 Sendung: 22.2.1969
10-12Harmony GrassMove In A Little Closer Baby
10-13Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah BandCanyons Of Your Mind
10-14Leapy LeeHere Comes The Rain
10-15Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The TrinityRoad To Cairo
10-16Amen Corner(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice
10-17Canned HeatGoing Up The Country
10-18Love SculptureSabre Dance
10-19Root* & Jenny Jackson (2)Lean On Me
10-20Billie DavisMake The Feeling Go Away
10-21The TremeloesI Shall Be Released
10-22Barry RyanLove Is Love
Beat-Club 41 Sendung: 29.3.1969
10-23Simon Dupree & The Big Sound*Broken Hearted Pirates
10-24The SearchersUmbrella Man
10-25Sly & The Family StoneEveryday People
10-26Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The TrinityIndian Ropeman
10-27The RascalsHeaven
10-28Marv JohnsonI'll Pick A Rose For My Rose
10-29Melanie (2)Animal Crackers
10-30The HolliesSorry Suzanne
10-31Peter SarstedtWhere Do You Go To My Lovely
10-32Creedence Clearwater RevivalProud Mary
10-33The Beach BoysCalifornia Girls
10-34The FoundationsIn The Bad Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me)
Disc 11: Beat-Club 42 - 44
Beat-Club 42 Sendung: 26.4.1969
11-01U.K. JonesLet Me Tell Ya
11-02Les ReedDon't Linger With Your Finger On The Trigger
11-03Grisby DykeThe Adventures Of Miss Rosemary La Page
11-04Paul Williams SetSly Sadie
11-05David McWilliamsThe Stranger
11-06Melanie (2)Bobo's Party
11-07Trifle (2)All Together Now
11-08Manfred MannRagamuffin Man
11-09Clodagh RodgersCome Back And Shake Me
11-10Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichDon Juan
11-11The KinksPlastic Man
Beat-Club 43 Sendung: 7.6.1969
11-12SteppenwolfRock Me
11-13Paul Revere & The RaidersLet Me
11-14Status QuoAre You Growing Tired Of My Love
11-15Jimmy James & The VagabondsClose The Door
11-16ColosseumWalking In The Park
11-17Fleetwood MacMan Of The World
11-18Spooky ToothThat Was Only Yesterday
11-19SteppenwolfBorn To Be Wild
11-20The Beach BoysBreak Away
11-21Joe SouthGames People Play
11-22Chris Andrews (3)Pretty Belinda
11-23Mary HopkinGoodbye
11-24The Dave Clark FiveMulberry Tree
Beat-Club 44 Sendung: 28.6.1969
11-25CaravanPlace Of My Own
11-26Brian Poole & The SeychellesSend Her To Me
11-27The FlirtationsWhat's Good About Goodbye My Love
11-28Keef Hartley Band*Waiting Around
11-29Marsha HuntWalk On Glided Splinters
11-30Procol HarumA Salty Dog
11-31Richie HavensLady Madonna
11-32Family DoggA Way Of Life
11-33Three Dog NightOne
11-34Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichSnake In The Grass
11-35Ohio ExpressMercy
Disc 12: Beat-Club 45 - 47
Beat-Club 45 Sendung: 2.8.1969
12-01The Dave Clark FiveLive In The Sky
12-02SteppenwolfSookie Sookie
12-03Paul Revere & The RaidersOut On That Road
12-04The MarmaladeBaby Make It Soon
12-05The Rainbow PeopleLiving In A Dreamworld
12-06Robin GibbSaved By The Bell
12-07Zager & EvansIn The Year 2525
12-08Clodagh RodgersGoodnight Midnight
12-09The Beach BoysSurfin' USA
12-10Thunderclap NewmanSomething In The Air
12-11Plastic Ono Band*Give Peace A Chance
Beat-Club 46 Sendung: 30.8.1969
12-12Deep PurpleHallelujah
12-13Three Dog NightTry A Little Tenderness
12-14Procol HarumLone Gone Geek
12-15Tim RoseHey Joe
12-16Interstate RoadshowGrindy Grind
12-17Windmill (2)Big Bertha
12-18Jimmy RuffinI've Passed This Way Before
12-19SteamhammerJunior's Wailing
12-20SteamhammerWhen All Your Friends Have Gone
12-21The MoveCurly
12-22Humble PieAlabama 69
12-23Humble PieNatural Born Boogie
Beat-Club 47 Sendung: 27.9.1969
12-24Fat MattressNaturally
12-25The WhoTommy Overture / Pinball Wizard
12-26The WhoTommy Can You Hear Me / Smash The Mirror
12-27The WhoSally Simpson
12-28The WhoI'm Free
12-29The WhoTommy's Holiday Camp / We're Not Gonna Take It
12-30Fat MattressMr. Moonshine
12-31Fat MattressMagic Forest
Disc 13: Beat-Club 48 - 50
Beat-Club 48 Sendung: 25.10.1969
13-01Blodwyn PigThe Modern Alchemist
13-02Ten Years AfterGood Morning Little Schoolgirl
13-03Tea & SymphonyBoredom
13-04The NiceHang On To A Dream
13-05Barry RyanThe Hunt
13-06Joe CockerDelta Lady
13-07Chicken ShackTears In The Wind
13-08Marsha HuntDesdemona
13-09Vanilla FudgeShotgun
Beat-Club 49 Sendung: 29.11.1969
13-11YesNo Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
13-12CaravanMagic Man
13-13Champion Jack DupreeSchool Days
13-14Champion Jack DupreeCalcutta
13-15Babylon (6)Into The Promised Land
13-16ManBrother Arnold's Red And White Striped Tent
13-17The Original Delaney & Bonnie And Friends*Poor Elijah (Tribute To Robert Johnson)
13-18The Original Delaney & Bonnie And Friends*Where There's A Will, There's A Away
13-19The Original Delaney & Bonnie And Friends*Comin' Home
Beat-Club 50 Sendung: 31.12.1969
13-20SteamhammerLouisiana Blues
13-21Hardin & YorkTomorrow Today
13-22Hardin & YorkThe Pike
13-23Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichTonight Today
13-24Chicago Transit AuthorityI'm A Man
13-25Terry ReidSuperlungs My Super Girl
13-26Terry ReidRich Kid Blues
13-27Terry ReidHighway 61 Revisited
Disc 14: Beat-Club 51 - 53
Beat-Club 51 Sendung: 30.1.1970
14-01Humble PieThe Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake
14-02FreeMr. Big
14-03Juicy LucyChicago North Western
14-04Renaissance (4)Island
14-05Spirit (8)1984
14-06ColosseumThe Machine Demands A Sacrifice
14-07John MayallI'm Gonna Fight For You J.B.
14-08Canned HeatLet's Work Together
14-09Canned HeatMove On Down The Road
Beat-Club 52 Sendung: 28.2.1970
14-10BadfingerRock Of All Ages
14-11Taste (2)It Happened Before, I'll Happen Again
14-12Taste (2)If The Day Was Any Longer
14-13Bobbie GentryLouisiana Man
14-14Clouds (2)Big Noise From Winetka
14-15Jackie LomaxHow The Web Was Woven
14-16BadfingerCome And Get It
14-17Arlo GuthrieAlice's Restaurant Massacre
14-18Joe CockerDear Landlord
14-19Jethro TullThe Witch's Promise
Beat-Club 53 Sendung: 28.3.1970
14-20Mott The HoopleYou Really Got Me
14-21Ashton, Gardner & DykeRolling Home
14-22Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta Love
14-23Edgar Broughton Band*American Boy Soldier
14-24Mott The HoopleAt The Crossroads
14-25Marsha HuntKeep The Customer Satisfied
14-26Ashton, Gardner & DykeBilly And His Piano Without
14-27Edgar Broughton Band*Love In The Rain
Disc 15: Beat-Club 54 - 56
Beat-Club 54 Sendung: 18.4.1970
15-01The MoveBrontosaurus
15-02Taj MahalTomorrow Will Not Be Another Day
15-03Johnny WinterJohnny B. Goode
15-04It's A Beautiful DaySoapstone Mountain
15-05The FlockIntroduction
15-06Taj MahalSweet Mama Janisse
15-07The WhoThe Seeker
15-08Johnny WinterMean Town Blues
Beat-Club 55 Sendung: 30.5.1970
15-09Black SabbathBlack Sabbath
15-10Rare BirdSympathy
15-11Rare BirdBeautiful Scarlet
15-12Black SabbathBlue Suede Shoes
15-13Jody GrindPaint It Black
15-14Blodwyn PigSee My Way
15-15Renaissance (4)Kings And Queens
15-16Canned HeatFuture Blues
Beat-Club 56 Sendung: 27.6.1970
15-17Van Der Graaf GeneratorWhat Ever Would Robert Have Said ?
15-18Brinsley SchwarzEbory Down
15-20Mungo JerryIn The Summertime
15-21Family (6)The Weaver's Answer
15-22SantanaIncident At Neshabur
15-23Mungo JerryMighty Man
Disc 16: Beat-Club 57 - 59
Beat-Club 57 Sendung: 15.8.1970
16-01Atomic RoosterSave Me
16-02SteamhammerI Wouldn't Have Thought
16-03Edgar Broughton Band*Apache Drop Out
16-04Dr. John, The Night TripperMardi Gras Day
16-05Jethro TullWith You There To Help Me
16-06Jethro TullNothing Is Easy
16-07Edgar Broughton Band*Silver Needle
Beat-Club 58 Sendung: 5.9.1970
16-08Hard MeatThe Ballad Of Marmalade Emma And Terry Grimes
16-09The Pretty ThingsCries From The Midnight Circus
16-10Cat StevensLady D'Arbanville
16-11FreeFire And Water
16-12Humble PieFor Your Love
16-13Cat StevensHard Headed Woman
16-14FreeAll Right Now
Beat-Club 59 Sendung: 26.9.1970
16-15Status QuoSpinning Wheel Blues
16-16Status Quo(April) Spring, Summer And Wednesday
16-17Third Ear BandHyde Park
16-18Black SabbathIron Man
16-19Black SabbathParanoid
16-20Eric Burdon & WarSpill The Wine
16-21Jimi HendrixHey Joe
Volume 3: 1970 - 1972
Disc 17: Beat-Club 60 - 62
Beat-Club 60 Sendung: 24.10.1970
17-01Amon Düül IIBetween The Eyes
17-02Amon Düül IIEye Shaking King
17-03The Incredible String BandEverything's Fine Right Now
17-04Ginger Baker's Air ForceEarly In The Morning
17-05Ginger Baker's Air ForceSunshine Of Your Love
17-06Ginger Baker's Air ForceToday
Beat-Club 61 Sendung: 28.11.1970
17-07Stone The CrowsDanger Zone
17-08ColosseumTake Me Back To Doomsday
17-09FotheringayToo Much Of Nothing
17-10Muddy WatersBlow Wind Blow
17-11Muddy WatersHoney Bee
17-12ColosseumTanglewood 63
17-13Stone The CrowsLove 74
Beat-Club 62 Sendung: 31.12.1970
17-14UFO (5)Boogie
17-15The MoveWhen Alice Comes Back To The Farm
17-16Warm DustIndian Rope Man
17-17Warm DustWorm Dance Part 1
17-18Warm DustWorm Dance Part 2
17-19Emerson, Lake & PalmerTake A Pebble
17-20Emerson, Lake & PalmerKnife Edge
Disc 18: Beat-Club 63 - 65
Beat-Club 63 Sendung: 30.1.1971
18-01Joe CockerCry Me A River
18-02Patto (2)San Antone
18-03Ashton, Gardner & DykeMister Freako
18-04Ashton, Gardner & DykeResurrection Shuffle
18-05Iron ButterflyEasy Rider
18-06Iron ButterflyButterfly Bleu
Beat-Club 64 Sendung: 27.2.1971
18-07Ike & Tina TurnerI Want To Take You Higher
18-08Golden EarringHoly Holy Life
18-09Atomic RoosterTomorrow Night
18-10John Mayall & USA Union BandMy Pretty Girl
18-11T. RexRide A White Swan
18-12T. RexJewel
18-13Tom PaxtonTalking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
18-14Ike & Tina TurnerRiver Deep, Mountain High
18-15Ike & Tina TurnerHonky Tonk Woman
18-16Ike & Tina TurnerProud Mary
Beat-Club 65 Sendung: 27.3.1971
18-17Curved AirIt Happened Today
18-18Skid Row (2)An Awful Lot Of Woman
18-19Skid Row (2)Unco-Op Showband Blues
18-20The Soft Machine*Composition Based On Three Tunes
18-21Curved AirPropositions
18-22Curved AirVivaldi
Disc 19: Beat-Club 66 - 68
Beat-Club 66 Sendung: 24.4.1971
19-01YesAll Good People
19-02ManDaughter Of The Fireplace
19-03Popol VuhBettina
19-04ManWould The Christians Wait For Five Minutes, The Lions Are Having A Draw
19-05SantanaJungle Strut (Singing Winds, Crying Beasts)
19-06YesYours Is No Discgrace
Beat-Club 67 Sendung: 22.5.1971
19-07Rory GallagherLaundromat
19-08The ByrdsChestnut Mare
19-09Rory GallagherSinner Boy
19-11The ByrdsEight Miles High
Beat-Club 68 Sendung: 26.6.1971
19-12Lucifer's FriendRide The Sky
19-13Warhorse (2)Ritual
19-14FrumpyTake Care Of Illusion
19-15Fleetwood MacDragonfly
19-16Bremer Studio-OrchesterWolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony 40 D-Moll
19-17MountainDon't Look Arond
Disc 20: Beat-Club 69 - 71
Beat-Club 69 Sendung: 24.7.1971
20-01Mick Abrahams BandGreyhound Bus
20-02CaravanGolf Girl
20-03OsibisaPhallus C
20-04The Grease BandLet It Be Gone
20-05Et CeteraRaga / Lady Blue / Thursday Morning Sunrise
20-06James GangWalk Away
20-07Mick Abrahams BandWhy Do You Do Me This Way
Beat-Club 70 Sendung: 7.8.1971
20-08Emergency (6)Times Passed By
20-10Weather ReportWaterfall
20-11Beggars OperaRaymond's Road
Beat-Club 71 Sendung: 25.9.1971
20-12Birth ControlGive Me Shelter (The Work Is Done)
20-13Canned HeatLong Way From L.A.
20-14If (6)Forgotten Roads
20-15Family (6)Holding The Compass
20-16Creedence Clearwater RevivalSweet Hitch Hiker
20-17Curved AirBack Street Luv
20-18Canned HeatBig City
20-19Deep PurpleNo No No
Disc 21: Beat-Club 72 - 74
Beat-Club 72 Sendung: 30.10.1971
21-01Champion Jack DupreeI'm Going To Bremen To Get To The Radio
21-02StonegroundAdded Attraction
21-03T. RexJeepster
21-04T. RexLife's A Gas
21-05Richie HavensHere Comes The Sun
21-06Passport - Klaus Doldinger*Uranus
21-07Jethro TullLife's A Long Song
21-08Alice CooperUnder My Wheels
21-09Johnny Cash & Bob DylanOne Too Many Mornings
21-10Procol HarumIn The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence
Beat-Club 73 Sendung: 27.11.1971
21-11Fanny (2)Special Care
21-12ManAngel Easy
21-13The MoveDown On The Bay
21-14Hardin & YorkLike A Rolling Stone / Freedom
21-15SladeCoz I Love You
21-16RedboneThe Witch Queen Of New Orleans
21-17Fanny (2)Blind Alley
Beat-Club 74 Sendung: 26.12.1971
21-18Rory GallagherUsed To Be
21-19King Biscuit BoyHoy Hoy Hoy
21-20Stone The CrowsGoing Down
21-21SantanaBlack Magic Woman
21-22Alexis Korner & FriendsOh Lord, Don't Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me
21-23Rory GallagherIn Your Town
Disc 22: Beat-Club 75 - 77
Beat-Club 75 Sendung: 29.1.1972
22-01Billy PrestonThem Changes
22-02Poco (3)C'mon
22-03Epitaph (2)Early Morning
22-04MountainRoll Over Beethoven
22-05Curtis MayfieldMove On Up
22-06Curtis MayfieldMighty, Mighty (Spade And Whitey)
22-07Curtis MayfieldWe're A Winner
22-08Curtis MayfieldWe People Who Are Darker Than Blue
22-09Canned HeatRefried Boogie
22-10Heads Hands & FeetCountry Boy
22-11Billy PrestonThe Bus
Beat-Club 76 Sendung: 26.2.1972
22-12Livin' BluesL.B. Boogie
22-13Nazareth (2)Morning Dew
22-14Bell & Arc*So Long Marianne
22-15Earth & Fire*Storm And Thunder
22-16Mouth & MacNealHow Do You Do
22-17Livin' BluesHitch-Hikin'
22-18Bell & Arc*She Belongs To Me
22-19Atomic RoosterBreakthrough
Beat-Club 77 Sendung: 25.3.1972
22-20Heaven (14)Crazy World
22-21Guru GuruOxymoron
22-22Edwin StarrIt's A Family Affair
22-23Steve Miller BandJackson Kent Blues
22-24Steve Miller BandNothing Lasts (Acoustic)
22-25Steve Miller BandLivin' In The USA
22-26MC5Kick Out The Jams
22-27Jeff Beck GroupDefinately Maybe
22-28Stephen Stills' Manassas*Rock & Roll Crazies / Cuban Bluegrass / Jet Set
Disc 23: Beat-Club 78 - 80
Beat-Club 78 Sendung: 27.5.1972
23-01Pacific Gas & ElectricAre You Ready
23-02The KinksMuswell Hillbilly
23-03Chuck BerryJohnny B. Goode
23-04Chuck BerryWee Wee Hours
23-05Chuck BerryLet It Rock
23-06The Grateful DeadOne More Saturday Night
23-07The DoorsTightrope Ride
23-08The Rolling StonesShake Your Hips
23-09The Rolling StonesTumbling Dice
Beat-Club 79 Sendung: 24.6.1972
23-10Tucky BuzzardFast Bluesy Woman
23-11Deep PurpleHighway Star
23-12Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band*I'm Gonna Booglarize You Baby
23-13FrumpyGoing To The Country
23-14New Riders Of The Purple SageTruck Drivin' Man
23-15Don McLeanVincent
23-16Ashman ReynoldsTaking Off
23-17Rory GallagherPistol Slapper Blues
23-18The Rolling StonesJam Session
23-19The Rolling StonesLoving Cup
Beat-Club 80 Sendung: 30.9.1972
23-20Carl PerkinsBlue Suede Shoes
23-21Carl PerkinsMe And Jesus
23-22Johnny CashA Boy Named Sue
23-23Johnny CashSunday Morning Coming Down
23-24Johnny CashTennessee Flat Top Box
23-25Johnny CashI Still Miss Someone
23-26Johnny CashMe And Bobby McGee
23-27Anita CarterLovin' Him Was Easier Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again
23-28Johnny CashRock Island Line
23-29Johnny CashFolsom Prison Blues
23-30Johnny CashI Walk The Line
23-31Johnny Cash & June Carter*Jackson
23-32Johnny Cash & June Carter*If I Were A Carpenter
23-33Johnny Cash & June Carter*If I Had A Hammer
23-34Johnny CashA Thing Called Love
Disc 24: Beat-Club 81 - 83
Beat-Club 81 Sendung: 28.10.1972
24-01Ike & Tina TurnerGet Back
24-02The Everly Brothers*Stories We Could Tell
24-03The Grease BandWild Side Of Life
24-04The ByrdsBlack Mountain Rag
24-05The ByrdsSo You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
24-06Mick Abrahams BandNot To Rearrange
24-07Stephen Stills' Manassas*It Doesn't Matter
24-08Stephen Stills' Manassas*Hide It So Deep
24-09Heads Hands & FeetTryin' To Put Me On
24-10James Taylor (2)Come On Brother
24-11Three Dog NightTry A Little Tenderness
Beat-Club 82 Sendung: 25.11.1972
24-12Fanny (2)Borrowed Time
24-13The Phlorescent Leech & EddieFeel Older New
24-14King CrimsonLarks' Tongues In Aspic
24-15Alice CooperPublic Animal No. 9
24-16Alice CooperElected
24-17Alice CooperEighteen
24-18Mike HuggBlue Suede Shoes Again
24-19Fanny (2)Summer Song
24-20Stone The CrowsPalace Of The King
24-21Stone The CrowsGood Time Girl
Beat-Club 83 Sendung: 9.12.1972
24-22The OsmondsHeartbeat
24-23The OsmondsOne Bad Apple
24-24The OsmondsYo Yo
24-25The OsmondsHold Her Tight
24-26Donny OsmondToo Young
24-27Donny OsmondSweet And Innocent
24-28Donny OsmondWhy
24-29The OsmondsCrazy Horses
24-30The OsmondsWe Gotta Live Together
24-31Jimmy OsmondHeartbreak Hotel
24-32Jimmy OsmondHound Dog
24-33Donny OsmondPuppy Love
24-34The OsmondsDown By The Lazy River
24-35The OsmondsShuckin' And Jivin'

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Limitiert auf 2.000 Stück! Alle 80 Original Beat-Club Folgen in Amp-Verpackung auf 25 DVDs mit 120 Seiten Booklet, nummeriertem Zertifikat, Soundmodul und Autogrammkarte von Uschi Nerke.
+ Bonus Disc

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  • skydropco's avatar
    It's a shame they didn't add all the 'Lost Broadcasts' that are floating about (War,The Move, Fotheringay, MC5, Beefheart, Manassas,Johnny Cash...)
    • windofchange's avatar
      The full track listing fo 'set #3 (discs 17-24) is as follows:
      BOX SET # 3
      DISC # 1- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (17)
      Beat Club 60 - 24.10.1970:
      1. Amon Duul II – Between The Eyes
      2. Amon Duul II – Eyes Shaking King
      3.. The Incredible String Band – Everything’s Fine Right Now
      4. Ginger Baker's Air Force - Early In The Morning
      5. Ginger Baker's Air Force - Sunshine of Your Love
      6. Ginger Baker's Air Force - Toad
      Beat Club 61 - 28.11.1970
      7.. Stone the Crows – Danger Zone
      8. Colosseum – Tke me back To Doomsday
      9. Fotheringay – Too Much Of Nothing
      10. Muddy Waters –Blow Wind Blow
      11. Muddy Waters – Honey Bee
      12. Colosseum – Tanglewood 63
      13. Stone The Crows – Love 74
      Beat Club 62 - 31.12.1970
      14. UFO - Boogie
      15. The Move – When Alice Comes Back To The Farm
      16. Warm Dust – Indian Rope Man
      17. Warm Dust – Worm Dance
      18. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Take A Pebble
      19. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Knife Edge

      DISC # 2- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (18)
      Beat Club 63 - 30.01.1971
      1. Joe Cocker – Cry me a River
      2. Patto – San Antone
      3. Ashton, Gardner & Dyke – Mister Freako
      4. Ashton, Gardner & Dyke – Resurrection Shuffle
      5. Iron Butterfly – Easy Rider
      6. Iron Butterfly – Butterfly Bleu
      Beat Club 64 - 27.02.1971
      7. Ike & Tina Turner – I Want To Take You Higher
      8. Golden Earring – Holy Holy Life
      9. Atomic Rooster – Tomorrow Night
      10. John Mayall & USA Union Band – My Pretty Girl
      11. T.Rex – Ride A White Swan
      12. T.Rex - Jewel
      13. Tom Paxton – Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
      14. Ike & Tina Turner – River Deep, Mountain High
      15. Ike & Tina Turner – Honky Tonk Woman
      16. Ike & Tina Turner – Proud Mary
      Beat Club 65 - 27.03.1971
      11. Curved Air - It happened Today
      12. Skid Row – An Awful Lot of Woman
      13. Skid Row – Unco-op Showband Blues
      14. The Soft Machine – composition based on three tunes
      15. Curved Air – Propositions
      16. Curved Air - Vivaldi

      DISC # 3- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (19)
      Beat Club 66 - 24.04.1971
      1. Yes – All Good People
      2. Man – Daughter of The Fireplace
      3. Popol Vuh - Bettina
      4. Man – Would The Christians Wait Five Minutes, The Lions Are Having A Draw
      5. Santana – Jungle Strut (singing winds, crying beasts)
      6. Yes – Yours Is No Disgrace
      Beat Club 67 - 22.05.1971
      7. Rory Gallagher - Laundromat
      8. The Byrds – Chestnut Mare
      9. Rory Gallagher – Sinner Boy
      10. Kraftwerk – RuckstoBgondoliere
      11. The Byrds – Eight Miles High
      Beat Club 68 - 26.06.1971
      12. Lucifer's Friend – Ride The Sky
      13. Warhorse- Ritual
      14. Frumpy – Take Care of Illusion
      15. Fleetwood Mac - Dragonfly
      16. Bremer Studio-Orchester – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony 40 d-moll
      17. Mountain – Don’t Look Around

      DISC # 4- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (20)
      Beat Club 69 - 27.03.1971
      1. Mick Abrahams Band – Greyhound Bus
      2. Caravan – Golf Girl
      3. Osibisa – Phallus C
      4. The Grease Band -Let it be Gone
      5. Et Cetera - Raga
      6. Et Cetera - Lady Blue
      7. Et Cetera - Thursday Morning Sunrise
      8. The James Gang – Walk Away
      9. Mick Abrahams Band – Why Do You Do Me This Way
      Beat Club 70 - 07.08.1971
      10. Emergency – Time Passed By
      11. Can - Paperhouse
      12. Weather Report -Waterfall
      13. Beggars Opera – Raymond’s Road
      Beat Club 71 - 25.09.1971
      14. Birth Control – Give Me Shelter (The Work Is Done)
      15. Canned Heat – Long Way From LA
      16. If – Forgotten Roads
      17. Family – Holding The Compass
      18. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Sweet Hitch Hiker
      19. Curved Air – Back Street Luv
      20. Deep Purple – No No No

      DISC # 5- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (21)
      Beat Club 72 - 30.10.1971
      1. Champion Jack Dupree – I’m Going To Bremen To Get On The Radio
      2. Stoneground – Added Attraction
      3. T.Rex – Jeepster
      4. T.Rex – Life’s A Gas
      5. Richie Havens – Here Comes The Sun
      6. Passport with Klaus Doldinger - Uranus
      7. Jethro Tull – Life is a Long Song
      8. Alice Cooper – Under My Wheels
      9. Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan – One Too Many Mornings
      10. Procol Harum – In The Wee Small Hours of Sixpence
      Beat Club 73 - 27.11.1971
      11. Fanny – Special Care
      12. Man – Angel Easy
      13. The Move – Down On The Bay
      14. Hardin & York – Like A Rolling Stone
      15. Hardin & York - Freedom
      16. Slade – Coz I Love You
      17. Redbone – The Witch Queen of New Orleans
      Beat Club 74 - 26.12.1971
      18. Rory Gallagher – Used To Be
      19. King Biscuit Boy – Hoy Hoy Hoy
      20. Stone The Crows – Going Down
      21. Santana – Black Magic Woman
      22. Alexis Korner & Friends – Oh Lord, Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb On Me
      23. Rory Gallagher – In Your Town

      DISC # 6- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (22)
      Beat Club 75 - 29.01.1972
      1. Billy Preston – Them Changes
      2. Poco – C’mon
      3. Epitaph – Early Morning
      4. Mountain – Roll Over Beethoven
      5. Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up
      6. Curtis Mayfield – Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)
      7. Curtis Mayfield – We’re A Winner
      8. Curtis Mayfield – We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
      9. Canned Heat – Refried Boogie
      10. Heads Hands & Feet – Country Boy
      11. Billy Preston – The Bus
      Beat Club 76 - 26.02.1972
      12. Livin' Blues – L.B. Boogie
      13. Nazareth – Morning Dew
      14. Bell & Arc – So Long Marianne
      15. Earth & Fire – Storm And Thunder
      16. Mouth & MacNeal – How Do You Do
      17. Livin’ Blues – Hitch-Hikin’
      18. Bell & Arc – She Belongs To Me
      19. Atomic Rooster - Breakthrough
      Beat Club 77 - 25.03.1972
      20. Heaven – Crazy World
      21. Guru Guru - Oxymoron
      22. Edwin Starr – It’s A Family Affair
      23. Steve Miller Band – Jackson Kent Blues
      24. Steve Miller Band – Nothing Lasts (acoustic)
      25. MC5 – Kick Out The Jams
      26. Jeff Beck Group – Definitely Maybe
      27. Stephen Stills' Manassas – Rock & Roll Crazies / Cuban Bluegrass / Jet Set

      DISC # 7- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (23)
      Beat Club 78 - 27.05.1972
      1. Pacific Gas & Electric – Are You Ready
      2. The Kinks – Muswell Hillbilly
      3. Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode
      4. Chiuck Berry – The Wee Wee Hours
      5. Chuck Berry – Let it Rock
      6. Grateful Dead – One More Saturday Night
      7. The Doors – Tightrope Ride
      8. The Rolling Stones – Shake Your Hips
      9. The Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice
      Beat Club 79 - 24.06.1972
      10. Tucky Buzzard – Fast Bluesy Woman
      11. Deep Purple – Highway Star
      12. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band – I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby

      13. Frumpy – Going To The Country
      14. The New Riders Of The Purple Sage – Truck Drivin’ Man
      15. Don McLean - Vincent
      16. Ashman Reynolds – Taking Off
      14. Rory Gallagher – Pistol Slapper Blues
      15. The Rolling Stones – Jam Session
      16. The Rolling Stones – Loving Cup
      Beat Club 80 - 30.09.1972
      17. Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes
      18. Carl Perkins – Me And Jesus
      19. Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue
      20. Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Coming Down
      21. Johnny Cash – Tennessee Flat Top Box
      22. Johnny Cash – I Still Miss Someone
      23. Johnny Cash – me And Bobby McGee
      24. Anita Carter – Lovin’ Him Was Easier Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again
      25. Johnny Cash – Rock Island Line
      26. Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
      26. Jonny Cash – I Walk The Line
      27. Johnny Cash & June Carter – Jackson
      28. Johnny Cash & June Carter – If I Were A Carpenter
      29. Johnny Cash & June Carter – If I Had A Hammer
      30. Johnny Cash – A Thing Called Love

      DISC # 8- BEAT-CLUB 1970-1972 (24)
      Beat Club 81 - 28.10.1972
      1. Ike & Tina Turner – Get Back
      2. The Every Brothers – Stories We Could Tell
      3. The Grease Band – Wild Side of Life
      3. The Byrds – Black Mountain Rag
      4. The Byrds – So You want To be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
      5. Mick Abrahams Band – Not To Rearrange
      6. Stephen Stills' Manassas - It Doesn’t Matter
      7. Stephen Stills' Manassas - Hide it So Deep
      8. Heads Hands & Feet – Tryin’ To Put MeOn
      9. James Taylor – Come On Brother
      10. Three Dog Night – Try A Little Tenderness
      Beat Club 82 - 25.11.1972
      11. Fanny – Borrowed Time
      12. The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie – Feel Older New
      11. King Crimson – Lark’s Tongues In Aspic
      12. Alice Cooper – Public Animal No.9
      13. Alice Cooper – Elected
      14. Alice Cooper - Eighteen
      15. Mike Hugg – Blue Suede Shoes Again
      16. Fanny – Summer Song
      17. Stone The Crows – Place of The King
      18. Stone The Crows – Goodtime Girl
      Beat Club 83 - 09.12.1972
      19. The Osmonds – Heartbeat
      20. The Osmonds – One Bad Apple
      21. The Osmonds – Yo Yo
      22. The Osmonds – Hold Her Tight
      23. Donny Osmond – Too Young
      24. Donny Osmond – Sweet and Innocent
      25. Donny Osmond – Why
      26. The Osmonds – Crazy Horses
      27. The Osmonds – We Gotta Live Togeher
      28. Jimmy Osmond – Heartbreak Hotel
      29. Jimmy Osmond – Hound Dog
      30. Donny Osmond – Puppy Love
      31. The Osmonds – Down By The Lazy River
      32. The Osmonds – Tambourine
      33. The Osmonds – Dance To The Music

      + Bonus Disc (25)
      This is a collection of Beat-Club go-go girl clips dancing to various records across the series.

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        Is there an English translation of the booklet in the box on line anywhere?


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