Efdemin - Efdemin stagl

May 17, 2018
As someone who doesn't even listen to techno, I occasionally find a techno album that really shakes my socks, and this self titled album is amazing. I think I probably only have about a dozen or so techno albums that I really listen to; Efdemin is in that collection. It's got a haunting and unique sound that is very addictive. I'm especially fond of "Knocking At The Grand" and "Acid Bells". Good stuff.

Efdemin - Efdemin einkoch

June 13, 2017
After 10 years this is still a great album. But i am again wondering why the Vinyl hasn´t got "Acid Bells" and "Bergwein" on it.

Efdemin - Efdemin as reviewed by scoundrel

May 11, 2011

Spare and deep: the perfect words to describe Efdemin's self-titled debut. The bell tones that start off "Knocking at the Grand" quickly shift into a driving beat and chime into fruition halfway through the track. "Lohn & Brot," on the other hand stays with the rhythm, with the exception of a deep, melodic break, while "Back to School" pushes the smooth synths at the front of the mix. The vocal sample that dots "Stately, Yes," interrupts its stateliness a bit, but the little sampled chant on "April Fools" fits right in. "Bergwein" returns to the bell tones that mark many of the album's tracks (but with an electro breakdown). The most heralded-track, "Acid Bells" has a monster beat and more modulated bells and is indeed crowd-pleasers, but I prefer the long tones and reverberating bass of "Further Back." Either way, there's much pleasure to be found here.

Efdemin - Efdemin Retrodreaming

March 2, 2010

Only find this today,and what can i say?? Well to start with this has blown my mind!!! Fans of "The field" will be right at home with this album!!...just listen to "Acid bells" what a track!....I will have to check some of his other work out,but this was a real treat for me,and i'm so glad i stumbled across it.A work of genius 5 stars *****

Efdemin - Efdemin as reviewed by daniel.tosaba

May 27, 2009
What an amazing release. At first, when my friend gave it to me on vinyl I was not under such impression, still I was enjoying it in some indistinct way, and this was one of the few records I had in that time.
Later on, after I have returned him his records, and after some time passed, I started to buy more and more(not too many) records and memory of this one popped out in my mind. I prelistened it online just for a few minutes and immediately ordered it on vinyl.
I am not type of person who goes into description of details, because when you touch essence for yourself details are overwhelming.
Phillip managed to experience enough of life to meet with the essence, this artwork is 'details'.
Thank you Phillip. Hope to hear again from you, but more importantly keep up the pace with Great spirit and stay genuine.


Efdemin - Efdemin as reviewed by mjago85

December 12, 2008

Efdemin's self-titled debut album on Dial may not stand out as much as previous albums on the label by Lawrence or Pantha Du Prince, but it is still a fine listen. Efdemin's sound is for the most part closest to Sten; quite dark and showing some debt to the constructs of 90s IDM, even a flash of progressive. However, there is a depth of emotion here that Sten doesn't really get to (granted that it is reached on his releases as Lawrence), which is in full effect on "Lohn & Brot", "Salix Alba" and "Bergwein". This release was always doomed to get overlooked, but it's a really good place to start for the newcomer to Dial without going straight to its classic releases.

Efdemin - Efdemin as reviewed by 7.52

October 15, 2008

I have given this release several opportunities to inspire or arouse some emotion from me. So far I have been disappointed. What a nastily boring record. Is this the new hip minimal sound or something? Maybe it is just me but I tried really hard to like this release. it just lacks inspiration.
Ironically, this type of minimal techno seems to be gaining popularity so maybe as a reviewer or music critic I am merely out of touch.
For what it is worth, I thought the edited version of acid bells on Agoria's At the Controls was amazing.