George Michael - Older aidengrant91

November 27, 2018
I can’t believe I’m considering spending $800 on an album. Can someone PLEASE take pity on us GM diehards and reissue this seminal record??? Preferably before I completely take leave of my senses and part with an obscene amount of money for a piece of plastic.

George Michael - Older tonyknezovic

August 14, 2018
any news now for a vinyl reissue!?it would be nice to do that now!!!

George Michael - Older mansden

March 16, 2019
David Austin said recently it his intention to have all his albums reissued on vinyl. He also commented that he is aware older is out of print

George Michael - Older Misannthorpe

August 30, 2018
Yes, a re-issue would be nice, and a guaranteed seller if these comments are anything to go by, but unless it's done properly then what advantage would there be in owning it over a C.D.copy? I think we're all beginning to realise that recordings are being released on vinyl, with apparently little, or no regard to making them sound as good as is possible. The only consideration seems to be that they sell. How else can you explain the repeatedly sub par, sound quality releases by major artists like Bjork, Depeche mode and Radiohead, to name but a few?

George Michael - Older Derfunkmeister

August 30, 2017
Ridicilous prices and it's not exactly scarce with so many for sale. Some even just VG which isn't good enough to even play. This has certainly turned out to be the "Wall Street" of record sales. Which is why I don't buy much here anymore. It's full of Sharks/Parasites.

George Michael - Older italomania1985

January 14, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
I've never sell this vinyl record to anyone for Money, due the death of Geogre Michael. I have this record MINT and i'd love to have in my record collection, listen and feel the magic voice of the greatest singer of 80's. So, because i'm not a cemetery crow, that sell Everything for the Money, i keep this beautiful record and hear the Great voice of Γιώργος Παναγιώτου For Ever!!!! (26-7-2007 George Michael FINAL came to GREECE for the last Live, and i was there) Thank GOD!!! R.I.P Γιώργο.

George Michael - Older armedwithlove

August 6, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
It is glad u finally got to see him..and a little jealous u have the lp I want it so bad!!! It never was even available in the usa

George Michael - Older funkparlour1

January 17, 2017
I completely agree with you, its shameful how people are cashing in on his death, especially trying to sell items in not so great condition.

George Michael - Older beatflip

January 5, 2017
edited over 2 years ago

It's an amazing album. Of course I knew some of Michael's songs before, had a couple of singles, one with Wham, but it wasn't until this cool and laid back album was released, that he really got my ears opened. I already had quite a lot of listens of Older at one of my friends' place on a CD, before I went to a record store in Copenhagen, Route 66, and bought it on vinyl. I remember the seller said: "You've never heard so much bass" referencing the vinyl compared to the CD. That was back in the good old days when vinyl was 'dead'. It was 20 €.
*spinning the wheel ... vinyl*

George Michael - Older Revolutions_Records

December 28, 2016
RIP & to the people asking stupidly high prices for the vinyl you should be ashamed

George Michael - Older Leo-Holland

December 30, 2016
I think the vinyl prices for Older were already very high because the album is too rare.
It really needs a repress.

George Michael - Older Kaleid_19.03.90

December 25, 2016

One of my all-time fav`s.... unbelievable sounds and the voice of George Michael just brilliant... 5 Stars!

George Michael - Older tobi77

December 16, 2015
I absolutely agree. Can someone have mercy and finally repress George Michaels' masterpiece

George Michael - Older redroomboy

September 26, 2015
they have repressed everything until now - but why not this album???