Various ‎– Cementimental Presents 1 Second Chipnoise Comp Which Took Way Too Long

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258 × File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps


1 Gymnastic Decomposition Your Sinclair, But Why?
2 Machinery Of Nature Samiano
3 Tahnaiya Russell 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751
4 Nordloef #000000
5 Dispenser Sonic4theme
6 10konekt SKratch'in
8 Spike Of Anguirus Respecting The Fall Out Line
9 Ant2 Cool Music Is Made On Trackers (ReTetris Nanoloop Mix)
10 Cementimental Grassjelly
11 The Sons Of Charles Dexter Ward Thing In The Pit
12 Creeping Coins Mahalito
13 Rubbing Me I Offer You This
14 Bibjane Nada Brama
15 Platzangst Asplode
16 Nado Flying Shitzu
17 Pixel_play? D;
18 SIEBENTAUSENDARSCHGEIGEN Jump The Mushroom [Atari TV Game Stick_FX]
19 Virtually Boy Blow On The Bottom
20 MicroD Resurrected By Bears
21 Warning Broken Machine 8-Bitterness
22 ÊbC The ID3v2 Tag Contains More Data Than The Song Itself
23 Overthruster Clean Reflex
24 Ore Mill Avenue Game Glitch27
25 Doctorheredoctor Gottampootis
26 Dsic Dsic_8bit_1sec_warchest
27 Sukieinthecave G.K. Chesterton's Dream
28 Christ Malfunction S(h)at(e)anism
29 Droid Song Maywood Police Punch.
30 GABBERMENT ChipNvasion [Atari TV Game Stick_FX]
31 Furagwa Though I Have Nothing To Say, I Will Say It Like This!
32 Love Through Cannibalism Andrea Ruiz (Amenizando)
33 Derek Piotr Cowfaced Drama Teacher Tapping Across A Sewer Grate
34 Allan Zane 1-second_track
35 4mat Galaxy_inversion
36 Egg Bleet Final Zog
37 Ninjanerd Dance Bobble Bitch!
38 Tonylight Norides
39 Spindle (2) Your Life Can Change In One Second
40 Capstan Drive Home Is Where The Hiss Is
41 Ui (4) Galactic Bombil
42 Patent Pending Epicorchestral
43 Max Leonard Hitchings Chip Noise Second
44 Nightshade (7) Fade Away
45 Subscape Annex Warble
46 Timeheater Yes
48 xXxXXxxxX385wannabeesXxxxXXxXx Hipster
49 Bit Shifter Four Sirius
50 Jesus Seashell Yo Ratcat
51 Naxat Hark! The Unholy Vastness Approaches!
52 Catch The Red Lights Sometimes I Try
53 Vargalinguist For Pkt Ack (Calamity Jane IDM Remix)
54 Chip Pooner What I Think Of Unicorn Kid
55 RJ Myato Tim Drage's Animes
56 Glochid Pink Punching
57 Super Dimension Fortress Seussian Doctor
58 Svelte Velvet Blacklight Grinding
59 Leave Mule Iron Game Glitch Bass
60 Fantomenk Let's Kick Shell
61 Blohard Crash Landing
62 MicroE Ex Static
63 Dum Name Tatatat
64 A.R.GH This Is Awesome
65 I, Cocktus Cyan Cactus
66 goto80 Sponsored By Gatorade
67 Robot Jox Fist's Of Steel
68 Healthcare Roller
69 Gore Beyond Necromancy Joey's Twin
70 Struktur HS
71 ne7^triad 1000 (C64 6581 Sidchip)
72 Scissor Shock 8 Tit
73 Denis McCarty DB505-1SLT
74 Kreamy 'Lectric Santa Tape Miff
75 Gibson's Ghost Cyber Punks Not Dead
76 DEDan (3) Jizn Ne Vechna
77 Apophallation 416SS
78 Death, Sex... And Possibly Zombies 1 Is A Third Of The Magic Number
79 Oliver Emanuel Drum Break
80 Verl Splurt 708674741
81 Not Breathing Fucking Curbing R2D2 To The Curb
82 Klaptrap R.K
83 Derseem Stab
84 Dieselhog Titanium
85 UNAS Fake NES Ov The Trve Beast
86 Goldenrod City Okay, Let Me Just
87 Seesar Riding The Goblin Horse
88 Mysogynistic Bumsplat Minute (maɪ'n(j)ut) Minute (ˈmɪnɪt) Waltz
89 Bittermore This Godless Eight Bit Endeavor In One Second
90 Andr00 In The Nude For Moodles (6581 R4)
91 Dennis Ward Brazil 1984
92 1sec_chip01
93 Yalt Surge
94 Feckapede Kcuff
95 TriForm Deer Suspensions Mr Whippy's Moth-Bitten Curtain
96 Mortal (4) LSDJ Chiptunes Are Fun
97 Nada Zipp Micro Mass
98 PixlCrushr The Predicament Of Silence And Awkwardness Though Nothing Much Can Be Said At The Given Moment
99 Pigswill Level 4
100 P1XL Games Square Popcorn
101 Rabbit Girls Mock Opera
102 Le Scrambled Debutante 1-second Track
103 Marie2 Fastloader
104 Thretris Seculant
105 Locks Facebomb
106 MicroF Preserver
107 Junebird Something
108 I See Dead Pixels Final Decision
109 Argh (2) Argharghargh
110 Jumpsuit Enniscorthy
111 Rock Organ 8 Bit Organ
112 BBBlood Broken Bit
113 eraritjaritjaka 絶対領域
114 Half An Abortion 1234
115 Aditya Jayanthi Jinsei
116 Go Go Idaho Down Socrates
117 Crank Sturgeon Cavi Wince, Y'are, Y'are
118 Shoe Legend Money Making Machine
119 Jellica SOMBA
120 Spandex Heroes Inc. Blightmaster Levels Up
121 Carlos Lemosh American Pie
122 Rocket Racer My Fuel's Completely Exhausted But I'm Gonna Keep Flying As If Nothing Ever Happened In Fact It's Going Pretty Swell If You Ask Me
123 Tan40 Tool Music Is Made On Crackers
124 Public Domain (7) Weaken
125 Maneuver Lie Lo Game Glitch52
126 Disthroned Agony Back Of The Thumb
127 Estersands Boss Approaching
128 Deadbeat Deadbox
129 Zomvor Kiniz Delta
130 Ghandi (6) Say What
131 Philip K Has No Dick Tusk Foundation
132 Daisy (16) Rich Tea Or Digestive
133 R-13 Ampleforth Chip1
134 The Raytownian(s) Maximum HarshNES
135 SuperBustySamuraiMonkey Rapid
136 Cheapmachines Aan
137 Cassilda's Curse The Yellow Sign
138 Playing_pixel? Skeptic Breakdown
139 SK1 (2) Shit Spree
140 Fluxorgy Fluxorgy's Chips
141 Cybercrime You've Been Fiending With My Cat Again
142 Black Paul (2) Christopher Lee As Count Dracula
143 Kami68k Yahoo Japan Auctions
144 Ly (2) BigchestedNinjaApe
145 YosHIanDYOshI YoshiCORE
146 Dataswitch Hypno GB Love (Loopable)
147 Henry's Postal Service Interstellar Brain Canister
148 BitCrux Abort-fetuslife
149 Anton Mobin U Win
150 Sneedlehog Spellcrusher
151 Max Farnea Instant Pleasure
152 2xAA GBCamRPG
153 Ant2 Cool Music Is Made On Trackers
154 I Contain Guitars What It's Not Like You're Gonna Complain About It
155 Gun Nac Dead Galaxy
157 se§hor El Shit My Bong Broke
158 DJ Lower Intestines I Already Submitted A Track But Don't Tell Anyone
159 The Giant Albino Penguins Teki Li Li!
160 J.M. Bowers Eight Bit Universal, One Second Eternal
161 Cable Club Air Filter
162 Gaps Leave Space
163 Technical Protection ft. Atomic Jets The Title Of This Song Has Eighty Eight Characters (Including Spaces And This Sentence).
164 uper Mecha Ultra Xenagon II Tim Drage Sent Me My Electric Tootbrush Through Royal Mail And Probably Made A Song Title About It
165 Toxic Nads Trust Fund Maybe
166 His8 A View To Remember
167 Promute Airer
168 Nestrogen The Volume Column Is Bogus!
169 The Creature Who In The Waking World Used to be Pickman Ball Of Light In The Pine Barrens
171 The Joneses (2) Let Us All Enjoy This Special Moment We're Sharing Together
172 Love Urine Meal Game Glitch Loop2 A
173 ZAZI Gush
174 Captain Chaos (3) Hyperduck 23 Bitches
175 The Abominable Mr Tinkler Righteous Block
176 Pkt Ack For Calamity Jane
177 The Noisettes Basic Hues
178 Decktonic One Second
179 Amen Sister Dino Thunder
180 Interstates (Etc.) Fuckwave
181 Large Bits Collider $Rgyt••
182 Fist Taker Harsh Brick
183 The Nice Kitty And The Bad Cat THE B345T
184 Rectal Necrosis Digital Diarrhea
185 Khades You Suffer (Napalm Death Cover)
186 Gibbering Fiend Call To Worship
187 Varan The Unbelievable Sidbow
188 The Make-a-wish Foundation I Want To Be On A Noise Comp Before I Die
189 Wisdom (8) Within A Second
190 Suicibit DEATH
191 Buskerdroid Supernova
192 Mutant Beatnick Ulipo
193 Guanoman In That Rancid Yet Sexy Moment I Was Reborn
194 That Old Lady On Your Street Sweater Dog Porn
195 Are We There Yet Scum Klapper
196 Little-scale Rock Thrower!
197 Power Smoothie Vertical Lift
198 Glitchfish Op Wintersport
199 Jazzbit Mode This Is Not A Teaser I Swars It
200 Cotton (6) Desdemona
201 MonsieurLewis PikaPikachuu
202 Judas Barnacle My New Timecat
203 Knightronize A Dark Studio With Little Neon Lights Hanging
204 HuiBunD Ghuero
205 Godinpants Hip To Be Square
206 Das Hype Machine A Cosmonaut's Rise And Fall
207 Mega Dirt Ikanari Plopper
208 JayTresh Bad Load
209 Monseigneur Le Shit Maybe Ill Be A Blue Piano
210 Blackfour Chalice Practice
211 Sick To The Back Teeth Kicked To The Curb By Frau Nobody
212 Nascent Error Generation Masochistic Barbering Circle Of Juggernauts
213 Mr. Hilter Mr. Hilter's Victory Theme
214 OCP (2) Flipado
215 Mary (36) The Trouble With Triangle Waves
216 James Chown Clucky Chicken (GameBoyCameraDJ)
217 Pandotrix! Gone Fishing In Arabia
218 The Other Ones (5) Conversation On Dark Mountain
219 Zan-zan-zawa-veia Vnyl Gawd
220 黒い傘 (Kuro Kasa) 緑 (Midori)
221 Kamal Sabran KS Tune
222 Skin Walker How To Howl
223 Willbe 1 Second K.O
224 ☺ (3) Fun Factory©
225 Ubey Botgot
226 Irrlicht Project 1.2nd.stspk
227 Corporal Robot Lips Yesterday I Forget The What My Name Is
228 Rain Rien A Second Whale For Tim Drage
229 Yncor Quartz
230 Rush Coil So Much For The Massacre
231 Overthruster Yeah
232 MAT64 Killing The Two-headed Squirrel With A Butter Knife
233 Lissajou Libellules
234 Nestroyer Rockashocka
235 Russolo (3) ^%$#
236 Travis Johnson (2) So Many Lives
237 c-c Bring It
238 ADF (3) Do Not Compute Or Else
239 Remora Major
240 Fuckjazzforaminute (Or A Second) The Song That Doesn't End (Until The Second Is Over)
241 FearofDark 1,000,000,000,000 Picoseconds Of Funk
242 Nanodrone Dubme
243 Ironing Whistle Thrush
244 Emil Beaulieau with Pat Rubbish One Second Past Old As Fuck
245 Milted Actually
246 Cranial Drill We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee
247 Acillej Some More Asid
248 Zyron Glärb
249 d0us R0ck2dacheddandebaseya
250 Rubbish Just A Two Bit No Account Scum2
251 Nq(slash)skrju* Slow Magic
252 Mayan Plow Advance
253 Robert, Shaun 1 Second Voice Track
254 Is That A Nun On Your Conscience Or Are You Just Pleased To Flay Me Let This Be Love
255 Appendages Non Gratis Curt
256 My Lovely Figment Shit Hits The Fan... And All In All Its Not Too Bad Once You Get Out The Club Soda
257 The Amber Room BREAK_FAST
258 Partially Formed Ghoul Death's Charm Bracelet
259 Thurstone Moore's Record Collection Staggeringly Pretentious And Meaningless Psychobabble



Track 228 by Rain Rien ("A Second Whale for Tim Drage") is a .txt file that contains a URL for a 1 second youtube video of a whale.

Available for free download via the Internet Archive.

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April 15, 2011
I really sort of like the video game console w/ADD on LSD feel of it! Beats just all harsh noise. Besides, what do you expect for free? However, it would have a better impact as a one-sided 7" or something...

Allan Zane


April 1, 2011

Wow... Is this what our over-stimulated digital world ridden with pharmatropic drugs for our ADHD ridden populace, who are addicted to instant data transfers and surfing streams of inane clips of other peoples banal lives has taken us to? A musical environment that is so awash in DIY production that any one with a 3 second sound file sitting around on a computer containing a random snapshot of life is suddenly an "Artist"? Leave it to the "indy-Noise-ster" scene to make the art of picking out a clever name for yourself that becomes a new artist page in Discogs every time you put another garbage file track out on the internet to be an "Art" all in itself! I may as well record me and my GF while high and hungover, babbling nonsense and gibberish at each other amidst giggles and our dog making cute whiny yawns, I can make a netlabel with some clever nonsense name, and put out a new file of random BS for free download to pollute peoples computers with every day! It will be so avant-garde! no two files alike, and you can be sure that every file will only be played or listened to once before it is deleted to make room for a new wave of free download-able garbage, the new season of American idol and your IM amigo's daily youtube blogs about their new 4g phones, what their facehugger "Friends" are doing and twitting about how they are in need of a good bowel movement.
Sorry to be so heavy handed folks, but gimme a break people. I support indy noise/experimental artists as often as I can, but this is just straight up masturbatory, or maybe it's more like a strange digital form of mammals marking their territory, like a dog that pee's just a little bit on every thing within a 50 foot perimeter.
So to summarize my take on this, 200 plus clever new 'artists' names and track titles were painstakingly created, grossly overshadowing the effort put into creating each "Track" This should be a promo item given to the Video Game Industry. As a teaser for the work output available to them by bedroom sound hustlers worldwide. One question remains for me, how many of these tracks were straight up sampled from some video game, or some other track or part of a track by said artist, their friend, or no one in particular? The world shall never know. My free copy of this, is already in my recycle bin. It was a ~little~ fun, that I will say! Thank you "artists" for entertaining me for about 15 minutes, I do appreciate it. but DAMN file culture, disposable like Gillete!