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    Jerry GoldsmithJerry Goldsmith At 20th Century Fox

    Label:Varèse Sarabande – VCL 0204 1028, Varèse Sarabande CD Club – VCL 0204 1028
    6 x CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
    6 x Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
    Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Brass & Military, Stage & Screen
    Style:Score, Contemporary, Classical, Choral, Dark Ambient, Military, Modern Classical, Soundtrack, Opera, New Age


    1-1Patton - Main Title
    1-2Patton - First Battle
    1-3Patton - Attack
    1-4Patton - German Advance
    1-5Patton - Pensive Patton/End Titles
    1-6Tora! Tora! Tora! - Main Title
    1-7Tora! Tora! Tora! - Chancellery
    1-8Tora! Tora! Tora! - Pre-Flight Countdown
    1-9Tora! Tora! Tora! - On the Way
    1-10Tora! Tora! Tora! - The Final Message
    1-11The Sand Pebbles - Overture
    1-12The Sand Pebbles - Main Title
    1-13The Sand Pebbles - Getting Acquainted
    1-14The Sand Pebbles - Death Of A Thousand Cuts
    1-15Morituri - Main Title/Tokyo Assignment
    1-16The Blue Max - Main Title
    1-17The Blue Max - First Blood
    1-18The Blue Max - The Attack
    1-19Planet Of The Apes - Main Title
    1-20Planet Of The Apes - The Clothes Snatchers
    1-21Planet Of The Apes - The Hunt
    1-22Escape From The Planet Of The Apes - Main Title
    1-23Our Man Flint - Our Man Flint
    1-24Our Man Flint - You're A Foolish Man, Mr. Flint
    1-25In Like Flint - Where The Bad Guys Are Gals
    1-26In Like Flint - Mince And Cook Until Tender
    2-1Bad Girls - The Hanging
    2-2Bad Girls - My Land
    2-3Take A Hard Ride - Main Title
    2-4Take A Hard Ride - The Snake
    2-5Take A Hard Ride - The Wagon
    2-6Rio Conchos - Main Title
    2-7Rio Conchos - Bandits Ho!
    2-8100 Rifles - Main Title
    2-9100 Rifles - Escape And Pursuit
    2-10100 Rifles - I'll Go Back
    2-11Stagecoach - Main Title
    2-12Stagecoach - A New Passenger
    2-13Stagecoach - Family History
    2-14The Flim Flam Man - Main Title
    2-15The Flim Flam Man - No Rest For The Wicked
    2-16A Girl Named Sooner - Main Title
    2-17A Girl Named Sooner - Making A Difference
    2-18Ace Eli And Roger Of The Skies - Main Title
    2-19Ace Eli And Roger Of The Skies - Off To Monument
    2-20Ace Eli And Roger Of The Skies - Final Flight
    2-21Justine - Justine
    2-22Justine - The School
    2-23The Stripper - Main Title
    2-24The Stripper - Sunday Dinner
    2-25The Stripper - Title
    3-1The Edge - Lost In The Wild
    3-2The Edge - Deadfall
    3-3The Edge - The Edge
    3-4Chain Reaction - Meet Eddie
    3-5Chain Reaction - Ice Chase
    3-6Magic - Main Title
    3-7Magic - Corky's Retreat
    3-8Magic - Appassionata
    3-9The Other - Main Title
    3-10The Other - The Brothers
    3-11The Other - The Flight
    3-12The Mephisto Waltz - Main Title
    3-13The Mephisto Waltz - A Night In Mexico
    3-14The Mephisto Waltz - End Title
    3-15The Omen - Ave Satani
    3-16The Omen - The New Ambassador
    3-17The Omen - The Killer Storm
    3-18Damien: Omen II - Main Title
    3-19Damien: Omen II - Runaway Train
    3-20The Final Conflict - The Hunt
    3-21The Final Conflict - The Final Conflict
    4-1The Agony And The Ecstasy - Prologue - The Artist Who Did Not Want To Paint
    4-2Shock Treatment - Main Title
    4-3Shock Treatment - Home Work
    4-4Shock Treatment - Broken Glass
    4-5Shock Treatment - Night Scene
    4-6Shock Treatment - Nelson's Seduction
    4-7Shock Treatment - Shot In The Neck
    4-8Shock Treatment - Nelson's Escape
    4-9Shock Treatment - Hot Money #2
    4-10Shock Treatment - End Titles
    4-11Fate Is The Hunter - Main Title
    4-12Fate Is The Hunter - The Room
    4-13Fate Is The Hunter - Fate Is The Hunter (vocal: Jerry Write)
    4-14Fate Is The Hunter - Finale And End Titles
    4-15Von Ryan's Express - The Compound
    4-16Von Ryan's Express - Fire Sale
    4-17Von Ryan's Express - The Trek Begins
    4-18Von Ryan's Express - The Ambush
    4-19Von Ryan's Express - The Train
    4-20Von Ryan's Express - Dead End
    4-21Von Ryan's Express - End Titles
    4-22Von Ryan's Express - Fire Sale (bonus Track - Alternate)
    5-1S*P*Y*S - Main Title
    5-2S*P*Y*S - Anybody Got A Key?
    5-3S*P*Y*S - The Mannequin
    5-4S*P*Y*S - New Friends
    5-5S*P*Y*S - Who's Paying?
    5-6S*P*Y*S - Dog-Gone Par's
    5-7S*P*Y*S - Tools Of The Trade
    5-8S*P*Y*S - The Buy
    5-9S*P*Y*S - End Title
    5-10The Chairman - Suite
    5-11The Detective - Main Title
    5-12The Detective - Joe
    5-13The Detective - The School Dance
    5-14The Detective - A New Love
    5-15The Detective - A Family Affair
    5-16The Detective - Beach Scene
    5-17The Detective - The Ball Game
    5-18The Detective - Karen's Story
    5-19The Detective - Night Talk
    5-20The Detective - The Safe Cracker
    5-21The Detective - McIver's Story
    5-22The Detective - Joe's Decision
    5-23Alien - Main Title (Film Version)
    5-24Alien - Suite
    6-1Damnation Alley - Main Title/The Missile Site
    6-2Damnation Alley - After The Holocaust
    6-3Damnation Alley - Into The Valley
    6-4Damnation Alley - The Land Master
    6-5Damnation Alley - Cockroach Attack
    6-6Damnation Alley - Finding Billy
    6-7Damnation Alley - The Realignment
    6-8Damnation Alley - Blue Sky
    6-9Damnation Alley - Finale
    6-10Anna And The King - Main Title
    6-11Anna And The King - Anna Arrives
    6-12Anna And The King - March Of The Royal Children
    6-13Anna And The King - My Secret
    6-14Anna And The King - The Throne Room
    6-15Anna And The King - Anna Decides
    6-16Anna And The King - Better Ways
    6-17Anna And The King - A Royal Child
    6-18Anna And The King - No Marriage
    6-19Anna And The King - You Lose
    6-20Anna And The King - A Practical Woman
    6-21Anna And The King - End Titles
    6-22A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - Main Title
    6-23A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - A Warm Day
    6-24A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - No Tree
    6-25A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - When My Ship Comes In
    6-26A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - The Cake
    6-27A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - Don't Touch Me
    6-28A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - Father's Girl
    6-29A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - A New Tree
    6-30The Vanishing - The Couple
    6-31The Vanishing - A Beginning
    6-32The Vanishing - Diane
    6-33The Vanishing - Burial Ground, Resolution & Coda

    Companies, etc.



    Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century Fox: (Jerry Goldsmith) In one of the most comprehensive compilations ever to be released in the genre of film music, the Varèse Sarabande label built a 6-CD set based on the vast collection of material written by composer Jerry Goldsmith for films of the studio 20th Century Fox. According to Varèse, the 2004 set was meant to kick off a year-long celebration of Goldsmith's 75th birthday by the label (which had already announced in late 2003 that they would be releasing an SACD of Goldsmith's rejected Timeline score), though the composer passed away just a few months thereafter. Before diving into the debate about the concept of the 6-CD set itself, as well as the circumstances of its release, a summary of its contents may help you decide if it is worth the enormous expense. The set does not include all of Goldsmith's work for Fox; among the six exclusions are Capricorn One and Sleeping with the Enemy, both extremely unfortunate omissions, but it does offer at least one cue (and often many more) from Goldsmith's 39 other projects for Fox. For a comprehensive track listing, browse further down this page. All of the material on the first three albums has been released before, with the first album showcasing Goldsmith's war and action music, the second album containing Westerns, and the third album limited to suspense and horror. A considerable amount of the material on the first two albums had been recently released by Film Score Monthly in its limited Silver Age series of CDs. The third album contains a strong collection from the franchise of The Omen, however. The three latter CDs are the ones that will likely interest the collector of more obscure Goldsmith music. Among the more notable first-time releases are cues from Von Ryan's Express, Fate is the Hunter, The Agony and the Ecstasy (the original recording), and Alien, from which the original main titles and a medley of unreleased cues was offered for the first time. While most had never been heard even on commercial LP albums, The Chairman was making the transition for the first time. Although many of these scores had long been bootlegged, a few of them (such as Fate is the Hunter) were truly new to the ears of even the most avid Goldsmith collectors. More modern collectors appreciated The Vanishing as the only new inclusion from the digital era, though Varèse released that score in full as another of their Club entries not long after. In sum, there were 79 previously unreleased tracks between those final three CDs at the time of the set's debut.

    Contains liner notes by Robert Townson and Nick Redman
    Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith (*except)
    *Conducted by Lionel Newman (The Omen, Alien, Damien Omen II, The Final Conflict, Morituri, The Sand Pebbles,
    Take A Hard Ride, and Damnation Alley)
    Artwork and design by Matthew Joseph Peak

    All credits listed are contained inside thick booklet inside oversized slipcase.
    Limited to 1500 Copies which sold out almost instantly upon release on 2/10/2004.


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    It was great to hear some of the score from Von Ryan's Express.