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Johanna MartzyRadio Recordings

Coup D'Archet – none, Coup D'Archet – COUP 001, Coup D'Archet – COUP 002, Coup D'Archet – COUP 003, Coup D'Archet – COUP 004/2, Coup D'Archet – COUP 005, Coup D'Archet – COUP 006, Coup D'Archet – COUP 007, Coup D'Archet – COUPSP 01
8 x Vinyl, LP
Unknown, Compilation, Reissue, Mono


Violin Sonata In A
Composed ByCésar Franck
PianoJean Antonietti
Level UpA11. Allegro Ben Moderato
Level UpA22. Allegro
Level UpA33. Recitative Fantasia
Level UpA44. Allegretto Poco Mosso
Violin Sonata
Composed ByMaurice Ravel
PianoJean Antonietti
Level UpB11. Allegro
Level UpB22. Blues
Level UpB33. Perpetuum Mobile
Violin Concerto In D, KV 216
Composed ByW.A. Mozart*
ConductorEugen Jochum
Level UpC11. Allegro
Level UpC22. Adagio
Level UpC33. Rondeau: Allegro
Violin Concerto In E, BWV 1042
Composed ByJ.S. Bach*
ConductorEugen Jochum
Level UpD11. Allegro
Level UpD22. Adagio
Level UpD33. Allegro Assai
Sonata Op. 47 In A Major (Kreutzer)
Composed ByLudwig van Beethoven
PianoJean Antonietti
Level UpE11. Adagio Sostenuto - Presto
Level UpE22. Andante Con Variazione
Level UpE33. Finale (Presto)
Sonata Op. 30 No. 3 In G Major
Composed ByLudwig van Beethoven
PianoJean Antonietti
Level UpF11. Allegro Assai
Level UpF22. Tempo Di Menuetto, Ma Molto Moderato E Grazioso
Level UpF33. Allegro Vivace
Trio Op. 1, No. 3 In C Minor
CelloPaul Szabo
Composed ByLudwig van Beethoven
PianoIstván Hajdu*
Level UpG11. Allegro Con Brio
Level UpG22. Andante Cantabile Con Variazione
Level UpH13. Menuetto (Quasi Allegro) And Trio
Level UpH24. Finale (Prestissimo)
Piano Trio Op. 90 In E Minor (Dumky)
CelloPaul Szabo
Composed ByAntonín Dvořák
PianoIstván Hajdu*
Level UpI11. Lento Maestoso
Level UpI22. Poco Adagio
Level UpI33. Andante
Level UpJ14. Andante Moderato
Level UpJ25. Allegro
Level UpJ36. Lento Maestoso
Sonata Op. 78 In G Major
Composed ByJohannes Brahms
PianoIstván Hajdu*
Level UpK11. Vivace Ma Non Troppo
Level UpK22. Adagio
Level UpK33. Allegro Molto Moderato
Violin Sonata
Composed ByMaurice Ravel
PianoIstván Hajdu*
Level UpL11. Allegro
Level UpL22. Blues
Level UpL33. Perpetuum Mobile
Sonata Op. 1 No. 3 In A Major HWV 361
Composed ByHandel*
PianoJean Antonietti
Level UpM11. Andante, Allegro
Level UpM22. Adagio, Allegro
M3Danza Española
Composed ByFalla*
PianoJean Antonietti
Arranged ByKreisler*
Composed ByBeethoven*
PianoJean Antonietti
Composed ByFiocco*
PianoJean Antonietti
M6Berceuse Sur Le Nom De Fauré
Composed ByMaurice Ravel
PianoJean Antonietti
Sonata Op.1 No. 12 In F Major HWV 370
Composed ByHandel*
PianoJean Antonietti
Level UpN11. Adagio
Level UpN22. Allegro
Level UpN33. Largo
Level UpN44. Allegro
N5Etude Rhythmique – Arabesque No. 1
Composed ByMartinů*
PianoJean Antonietti
N6Le Printemps
Composed ByMilhaud*
PianoJean Antonietti
N7Six Romanian Folk Dances
Arranged BySzékely*
Composed ByBartók*
Sonata 1 In G Minor BWV 1001
Composed ByJohann Sebastian Bach
Level UpO11. Adagio
Level UpO22. Fuga
Level UpO33. Sicilliano
Level UpO44. Presto
Partita 3 In E Major BWV 1006
Composed ByJohann Sebastian Bach
Level UpP11. Preludio
Level UpP22. Loure
Level UpP33. Gavotte En Rondeau
Level UpP44. Menuet 1, Menuet 2
Level UpP55. Bourée
Level UpP66. Gigue
Sonata for Piano and Violin in B flat major KV454
Composed ByW.A. Mozart*
Level UpO11. Largo - Allegro
Level UpO22. Andante
Level UpP13. Allegretto

Companies, etc.



Clothbound slipcase containing 8 individual LP sleeves, carrying a total of 9 LPs.

Recordings by:
VARA Matinee, July 15, 1959 (side A); January 27, 1965 (side B)
Bayerischen Rundfunk, June 19, 1955, Würzburg der Residenz (side C); April 24, 1959, Herculessaal der Residenz (side D); June 20, 1955 (side P)
BR Studio, May 6, 1956 (side E)
Radio Suisse Romande, January, 1956 (side F); October 31, 1951 (N5 to N7)
WDR Cologne, November 10, 1969 (side G to J)
Schweitzer Radio DRS, November 25, 1972 (side K and L)
RIAS Berlin, May 4, 1962 (M1, M2, side O); April 4, 1966 (M3 to M6);
Sender Freies Berlin, November 14, 1955 (N1 to N4)

Printed on the back of all sleeves:
"100% analogue advance-head cut to lacquer by Abbey Road Studios"
"180g vinyl by optimal media production GmbH"
"Original oil painting © Mik Godley 2011"
"Design and Logo © Coup d'Archet 2011"

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 1, on spine): COUP 001
  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 2, on spine): COUP 002
  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 3, on spine): COUP 003
  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 4, on spine): COUP 004/2
  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 5, on spine): COUP 005
  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 6, on spine): COUP 006
  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 7, on spine): COUP 007
  • Other (Individual cat#, sleeve 8, on spine): COUPSP 01

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