Phenomyna - ART 5.1 likemindz

August 31, 2018
come on Mr. Degiorgio - repress this mutha...
the world will be a better place

Phenomyna - ART 5.1 alex.sheaf9

January 22, 2015
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agree with below! came for the red cell explanation, stayed for the nuron mix

Phenomyna - ART 5.1 as reviewed by GARYTRONIC

February 2, 2006
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Phenomyna aka Steve"Stasis" Pickton or Paul.W.Teebrooke.
All of the original tracks from this 12``single"ART 5.1"&"ART 5.2"came from the cd only release"ART5CD" Phenomyna-"Unexplained" in there original Versions.
These 12``singles were put together with some amazing mixes of there time.Earthfall "Explained By Nuron" is a timeless excursion into soulful electronica. Travellor"Explained By Red Cell" has the classic subtle melodies of Redcell which run right through the middle of this excellent timeless track.
"ART 5.1"&"ART 5.2" includes a rich atmospheric collection of mixes which highlight the finest in electronica at that moment in time....(1994)
In fact,they still standout to this day...........They should be re-mastered,and re-released on a cd,just to show what high quality output"ART"records had at that time.Pure quality......