Outline - Examined Life as reviewed by djcaspa

December 15, 2017
edited 19 minutes ago
Love 'Encounter' to bits! Quality track. I adore the way the kick cheekily rolls back in after the break at 2:46. Genius! I used to play at some more hard house/trance/acid techno-type gigs years back, but always wanted to include some 'proper' techno, so I combined some of the more 'techno-ish' hard house/trance/acid techno tracks interspersed with tracks like this. Worked really well, because the pace was just right - even those who weren't expecting to hear something as dark and minimal as this couldn't fail to move when it kicked in. Cracking record! I used to use 'Still Life' a lot too as, with the greatest of respect, a simple transitional track before bringing a biggie in. Perfect for that purpose!

Scott & Keith - Deranged as reviewed by pcylfe

December 15, 2017
Deranged bonus drums remix is the stand out track for me. Lovely choppy amens mixed in with a heavy unrelenting bassline that'll shake your bones. Darkside business for sure :D

Dorothy Moore - Once More With Feeling as reviewed by bargainvinyl1

December 15, 2017
In my opinion Dorothy Moore deserved more recognition because she has recorded excellent songs in her career. I want to note that one of the best albums of Dorothy Moore is the album of 1978, called "Once More With Feeling". I suggest that everyone buy this record. It is worthy to have it in your personal collection.
It was released on Malaco Records and includes some brilliant songs.

Kamero - Ring My Bell "84" as reviewed by NUCLASSICS

December 15, 2017
Does Anybody have a copy of this willing to sale?

Rhythms Del Mundo - Cuba as reviewed by Kittysafe

December 15, 2017
Would love to see this get a nice vinyl release.

Various - Great American Train Songs Volume 1 as reviewed by stellasdad

December 15, 2017
This is an incredible set of songs pulled off the master tapes, according to Sun Entertainment. It’s to honor Casey Jones and his infamous train wreck. Quite the piece of Americana. Wish someone would re-release exactly like it is on vinyl. Beautiful in all its glory.

Evanescence - Fallen as reviewed by MrHeartagram

December 15, 2017
Not a bad song, awesome press and beautiful purple vinyl!

Metallica - Load as reviewed by MrHeartagram

December 15, 2017
The Sound of this issue on vinyl is incredible! really nice gatefold.

Trivium - Vengeance Falls as reviewed by MrHeartagram

December 15, 2017
Killer album!, the vinyl sounds ace, tight with a lot of punch very nice press.

Various - The Juices Vol 2 as reviewed by veedjee_square

December 15, 2017
Masterpiece of deepness and soul for liquid lovers. A side is funky rollerz with fresh vocals. B side is even more better, deep and minimalist, absolutely more chilled and jazzy, keys are wonderful. Can't stop spin it !!!

Feedback Max - Intense 6 / Low as reviewed by blagga3

December 14, 2017
edited about 3 hours ago
Superb old school track. From that magical period towards the end of 1991 when all the best 'real' hardcore tracks came out. Intense 6 is up there with tracks like Pandemic's "Slammin", Visa's "Let Me See Ya Move", The Hypnotist's "Hardcore You Know the Score", Armageddon's "Hellraiser", and other tracks of that ilk.

Various - Smekkleysa Í Hálfa Öld as reviewed by Chromelodeon

December 14, 2017
An interesting compilation of Icelandic musicians that vary greatly, but also seamlessly flow into one another making for a very diverse yet united listening experience. The genres vary from hard rock to funk and disco, and each artist has a distinct sound and mood. This release also contains early recordings of Sigur Rós (referred to as the English name Victory Rose here) and Björk, which may interest fans of these artists. All in all, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this album and recommend it to anyone interested in Icelandic music, or those who wish to try listening to more foreign music in general.

Rob Zombie as reviewed by MatthewCVR

December 14, 2017
White Zombie was watered down-RZ albums kick ass big time!

Mercyful Fate - Curse Of The Pharaohs as reviewed by evilmainer

December 14, 2017
Really enjoy this release, had it for years and a big fan of first two LP’s and EP of Fate. This is a nice addition with some early versions and outtakes. The quality is VG for what it is, strong stereo but the dynamic highs and lows clearly missing. The early version of Dangerous Meeting (Walking Back to Hell) is worth the price, however it does make me jones for the DBtO version.

Arnaud Le Texier - Bolton EP as reviewed by MarkusSchwarzDSTRT

December 14, 2017
Serious Techno! New mysterious label from Hamburg called District 66. Well known from their parties at Uebel & Gefaehrlich. Two huge banger by Arnaud Le Texier and remixes by Andre Kronert and Myk Derill.

Clark Davis (2) - D313 EP as reviewed by MarkusSchwarzDSTRT

December 14, 2017
Matter Of The Heart! DISTRICT 66s Co-Owner Clark Davis Established With The Labels 3rd EP A Symbiosis Of The Past. Present And Future. The A1 and B1 Reduced And Functional Original Tracks Are Remixed By Two Of Davis Respected Producers. In The Late 90ies. Alexander Kowalski Was One Of The Key Artist Which Influenced Him And Still Remains With His Very Own Signature Sound. Nowadays State-Of-The-Art Markus Suckut Reflects With His Minimalism And On The Point Grooves The Artistic Present And Future Of Davis Definition Of Techno.

Wayne (16) - Metal Church as reviewed by Mudslick

December 14, 2017
kick ass cd that brings back the Metal Church of old . RIP Daivd Wayne

Grateful Dead* - Infrared Roses as reviewed by progfan97402

December 14, 2017
OK, so I don't claim to be an expert on the Dead, I never attended any concerts, I was 22 (almost 23) when Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995, so sure I was old enough to attend their concerts during their final days, but didn't. But apparently during the late '80s and into the 1990s the band would do a set called "Drums"/"Space" where they pretty much do away with traditional melody and structure for free form improvisations and duo drum/percussion solos (with both Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart duking it out). These were all recordings from this set at the end of the '80s/beginning of the '90s, some when Brent Mydland was still alive, others dating with Bruce Hornsby doing piano duty (as an unofficial member). Even Branford Marsalis makes an appearance. Now I'm not kidding you when this reminds me of early '70s Krautrock like Amon Düül II, Ash Ra Tempel and even early Tangerine Dream, lots of really moody, spacy ambient parts. When the guitar kicks in I expect Manuel Göttsching, rather than Jerry Garcia to step in. Of course this being the Dead, it's Jerry, of course, although he doesn't have much of a presence here (neither does Bob Weir). There's only the occasional reminder of traditional Dead, like a brief excerpt of "Uncle John's Band". Other than, it's tons of experimental space rock, and lots of drums and percussion (Mickey Hart is a percussion nut, and you probably didn't need to read his 1990 book Drumming at the Edge of Magic to know that, but it helps). Some Deadheads won't care for this as they feel this is taken out of context but for those who feel this is the best part of a Dead concert would more warm up to this. And then Krautrock fans that make you wonder if the Dead were aware of those German groups or if it were the Dead that had an impact on said groups. Interesting document to own, nonetheless. But if you want a more traditional live Dead setting, obviously there's tons to choose from, like official live releases and bootlegs, but if you're a Deadhead that would be a bit obvious.

Eddie Lebron And His Orch. - Ghetto Records Present...Eddie Lebron as reviewed by Brooklyngroove

December 14, 2017
This album has all the traditional recipes of being a holy grail. It starts with the dope ass artwork by legendary cover artist, among other things, Izzy Sanabria. Izzy was well known for his work with Fania, for whom he designed everything from their logo to a heavy amount of all their iconic album covers. The mix of photography with drawings is so ill and fits perfectly the music and the times. The photo features the band members chilling on the block in front of a storefront. The street is filled with litter, a Puerto Rican flag, and beer bottles.

One dude on the cover has on a 3/4th length leather coat with his hands suspiciously tucked in. Just to the left of him is another dude with his fist raised on some Young Lords “Power to The People” gesture. This is the balance of the time the music was made.

While the gangs made East Harlem and other neighborhoods danger zones, the Young Lords were awakening the people to the less than human conditions in which they lived. Etched just beneath the album title it reads: “El Barrio…Love it or Leave it!” Precisely.
Another piece of record digger nerdom that makes this album so sought after is the fact that it was on a small label, Ghetto Records. The label, which was semi-run by Joe Bataan, has as much legendary status as the music itself. I go do a whole article just on the stories and rumors I have heard about its very short run.

Then there is the music. The most important thing. This album is a perfect example of the classic 1960’s Nuyorican salsa I love. The sound is as aggressive as the realities that birthed it. Personal favorites are “Pena” “Solo Me Admiras” and “Te Lo Dedico”.


Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Blade Runner 2049 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as reviewed by twilightambiance

December 14, 2017
I wish I could give two different ratings for the media and the packaging.

Let's get the good out of the way. This soundtrack sounds amazing (with the exception of Almost Human). Very few pops or clicks on all sides for my copy. Fascinating electronic and (dark) ambient music. "Sea Wall" is a roller coaster of emotions just like the scene it represents.

The bad: the packaging. Most, if not all of the images seemed to have been blown up from smaller sizes and appear pretty low-resolution when scrutinized. The records are inside of printed inner sleeves, nothing more. The printed inner sleeves and outer jacket are both very thin, so I got seam splits on all of it, unfortunately. Even worse, the sides of the printed inner sleeves are not the same height, so your records will actually be exposed to the elements on the shorter side unless you put it in another inner sleeve that's tall enough (which I recommend). The packaging could have been thought through some more.

I'm not sure why "Almost Human" needed to be in this movie or this soundtrack in any way. It's a generic, forgettable pop song that didn't sound great on vinyl.

Charles Manson - Charles Manson as reviewed by LPWJ

December 14, 2017
edited about 8 hours ago
Yeah I heard this back in 1994 when he should have been released...bought together with San Quentin and always thought it was called The Whitey Album...and was surprised that it was as good as it was since it never been played so I had heard it in films and/or radio

Prodigy* - The Fat Of The Land as reviewed by MINDustry

December 14, 2017
1997. A year that put techno music on the map and solidified it as "a thing" for years to come.

This album is absolutely everything you'd want AND more from a punk influenced hardcore techno album that pulls no punches. This album is 20 years old now but it FAR surpasses what's passed off as Techno these days. Smack My Bitch Up just pumps you up with adrenaline and is good for working out or a party. Climbatize is the most experimental, trippy, wierd sounding song I've ever heard the Prodigy release but it's one of my favorite tracks on this album for that very reason. And of course, Firestarter, which is the standout track that perhaps made this album the most famous.

Breathe and Narayan are also standout tracks on this one.

The sad thing about this album is that it marked the downfall of the Prodigy music wise after the 90's came to an end. Their 2004 effort was mediocre at best and had nowhere near the punch that Jilted Generation and this release did. They really fell off track after this record.

Needless to say, if you consider yourself a fan of electronic music or Hardcore Techno and DON'T have this record in your collection, then you aren't a true fan.

Nosferatu (4) - Rise as reviewed by MINDustry

December 14, 2017
Extremely rare and melodic Gothic Rock. This is a classic that's hard to find for a good price so if you can get it, do so. I must've listened to this CD 5 times after it arrived in the mail. The opening song sends shivers up my spine with the intro in particular. "Siren", "Lament", and "Vampyres Cry" are also standout tracks that really dig into the spirit of Gothic Rock.

The Electric Hellfire Club - Calling Dr. Luv as reviewed by MINDustry

December 14, 2017
What a fitting tribute to a band so unique in sound which ended far too soon. This album has it's share of pure hilarious moments but it's ultimatley a tribute to Dr.Luv who died in a car wreck in 1995 I think it was. Needless to say the band continued releasing music but it was never the same after Luv's demise.

This album will have you snapping your fingers and laughing nearly all the way through.

I am way to young to have gotten to see these guys live in the 90's but at least I have the music that's preserved for future generations.

Throbbing Gristle - D.o.A. The Third And Final Report as reviewed by MINDustry

December 14, 2017
What an incredibly horrifyingly creepy album. My favourite genre is Industrial, yet I had never heard a Throbbing Gristle record before, so I purchased this and the White album made in 1978 and listened to it. Pure experimental genius. The Hamburger Lady is my favourite. So eery and creepy.

If you want to visit the roots of Industrial and figure out where it REALLY came from (not Nine Inch Nails or Ministry), give these guys a listen along with Coil, Einsturzende Neubaten, and Monte Cazazza. You owe it to yourself if you consider yourself a fan of the genre.