Mr. Science - 1978-1979 as reviewed by flexi-skull

September 28, 2016
Immediately brings to mind DEVO, but this sounds more left field and less polished. Great reissue.

Radhika Mohan Maitra, Kalyani Roy, Shankar Ghosh - An Introduction To The Music Of India as reviewed by Blvd.

September 28, 2016
edited about 1 hour ago
This record is off the wall on account of the musicians' combined talents & effortless hipness / hypnotic-ness

Kai Tracid - Skywalker 1999 as reviewed by Jarren

September 28, 2016
edited about 3 hours ago
Skywalker, what a track! Mysterious, dark & elegant.

Best played at around -4, slower is definitely better for the mood this track gives.

Marcos Valle - Girassol as reviewed by rollfil

September 28, 2016
Side A has vocal,side B just instrumental. On label side A "Girassol", side B "Girassol - Play back" Need corrections. Probably the time of side B is not 1:40.

Shannon - Let The Music Play as reviewed by aeckles

September 28, 2016
I hadn't listened to this since the mid-80s, and recently bought a used copy of the cassette and boy did it hold up to the test of time, musically speaking. What an amazing album. While Shannon's vocals aren't anything spectacular, they're good enough to catch yourself belting out the lyrics along with each listen. The arrangements are fresh, even by today's standards. Why can't there be music like this on the radio today? Despite its age, it doesn't sound dated to me. Songs like Give Me Tonight and My Heart's Divided could easily blend in today's catalog, and stand apart from the Rhianna's and the Sia's of the world. While there have been MANY reissues and remixes of the title track over the years, the original (and the remix included on this release) are in no need of being fixed. Each song stands on its own and requires nothing else to make them groove-worthy. On top of the great music, the sound quality of my cassette is particularly surprising. Very clear and crisp for a 33 year old tape. I'll be playing this one for a long time to come.

Ulver - Perdition City (Music To An Interior Film) as reviewed by mtngchi

September 28, 2016
I have a pressing defect on the very last couple of seconds of Nowhere/Catastrophe, where each revolution there are crackles at one point. I checked it closely and it's the surface of the record itself (non-fill maybe?). It pains me to say that, because otherwise it's a stellar reissue, the rest of the album sounds great and I'd still recommend it as the definitive edition.

Vincenzo Tempera - Paganini Horror as reviewed by ogshags

September 28, 2016
Perfect horror soundtrack. The vinyl is crisp and clear. Very nice job!

Mr Monik - Pressure / Atmosphere as reviewed by jollijedi

September 28, 2016
Pressure is a fantastic tune. That I never heard it in 20 years floors me...

Pan Sonic - Kulma as reviewed by hafler3o

September 28, 2016
An arid, minimal, sparsely arranged (although there is plenty of detail sitting in the mix, well buried) hours worth of listening awaits. This is all beats, clicks, buzzes and drones but really artfully done. Kulma is nowhere near my favourite Pan Sonic release (I give this 3 stars 'average' but it's worth an extra half-star) but it has two aces amongst the blips, test-tones and stripped-back radiophonic weirdness: the first and last tracks, which build, urge, cajole and propel the listener towards a fittingly blissful electro-climax. The central portion meanders by comparison, which is not to say it is in any way inferior, just less neurally invasive!

Stanley Clarke - Rocks, Pebbles And Sand as reviewed by CykoMF

September 28, 2016
Rock solid jammin first side, then flip it over for a soulful quickie followed by funk with a jazzy prog ending.
Love the percussion processing used on Danger Street.

Mégumi Satsu* - Silicone Lady as reviewed by BAGNAT

September 28, 2016
Directed By – Christian Leroux* (tracks: A1 to A4, B2 to B4), Haruomi Hosono (tracks: B1), Serge Perathoner (tracks: A1 to A4, B2 to B4)

Aesop's Fables - Pickin' Up The Pieces as reviewed by streetmouse

September 28, 2016
edited about 8 hours ago
I find band names both interesting and deceptive, with few knowing of their origination or concept. Aesop’s Fables, was a collection of stories, some based on truth, some wishful thinking, though all were developed to deliver a message by a slave in ancient Greece. The fact that these stories began as oral translations allowed them to develop and morph over time, changing from their initial religious aspects to more traditional stories that children could relate to, ponder, giving them an axis on which to develop their thinking and accountability for their personal actions … all laced with secret and hidden meanings.

There are many who feel this little known band who fall somewhere on the line between The Young Rascals and Blood Sweat and Tears should have received more credit than they’ve gotten over the years, and that’s mainly because of their lack of originality, along with the fact that they never found their niche audience. During the early 70’s, Aesop’s Fables where smacked up against albums such as Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie, Exile On Main Street by The Rolling Stones, Honky Chateau by Elton John, Harvest by Neil Young, Curtis Mayfield with Super Fly, and a host of other minor albums that pushed this even more minor album into the back of the discount rack, lost for all time. While the album was envisioned to ride the psych wave, it was rather light on the psych, leaving many to scratch their heads in wonder. Everything about this mid tempo album was less than impressive, including the choice of many cover songs that go to show this was an attempt to put out a second release composed of bits and pieces left over from their initial outing In Due Time, all gathered from the cutting room floor … hence the obvious title Pickin’ Up The Pieces.

Without a doubt the cover art is one of the worst of all time, meaningless in it’s concept and application, belaying nothing that was held within the cardboard sleeve. One needs to realized that it’s one thing to have high school talent, it’s quite another to move from there into the real world, where an artist is expected to develop and deliver their own sound, perhaps drawn from inspiration, yet every note, every bit of this sustained fuzzed opus sounds derived and derivative of something else that actually was fresh, complex, and worthy of notation.

So, I suppose that leaves you asking me why this record is even in my collection. I asked myself the same thing when I stumbled across it … so I suppose my answer would be that it has value, and if someone is willing to pay for that value, then I’m willing to part with it, because while the music can be dismissed with the wave of my hand, the price tag can not.

Of course, this bring things full circle, with neither of the Aesop's Fable albums have anything to do with the original Aesop's Fables in any way shape or form.

Review by Jenell Kesler

Metallica - And Justice For All as reviewed by Goldrushed

September 28, 2016
I can confirm that this is a very good mastering

N.W.A* - Straight Outta Compton as reviewed by Annalipsi

September 28, 2016
Sound quality is good, the pressing respects the original release. But awfully pixelated cover print. What a shame!

P-Ben - Influence as reviewed by toinou44000

September 28, 2016
will there any ep soon?? very good job.
keep going.

Krueger - Turn On to Death as reviewed by centurionproductions

September 28, 2016
There is an error in this album, the album is the band krueger Brazil and placed the band Krueger Venezuela

Mick Pointer Band - Marillion´s "Script" Revisited as reviewed by bucko73

September 28, 2016
absolutely brilliant rendition, shame the tracks are split but I spoke to mick pointer and he said he wanted them to run true to the original album because when it was recorded it was played out of sequence

T. Rex - Bolan Boogie as reviewed by pobbard

September 28, 2016
This disc is a great, concise introduction to T. Rex/Tyrannosaurus Rex pre-Electric Warrior.

Saigon Kick - Water as reviewed by blackplastik

September 28, 2016
I really loved the single "One Step Closer", but as a whole I don't like this album as much as the previous two.

Insomnia (4) - Nostalgic / Down To Earth as reviewed by breakbeatscientist

September 28, 2016
An absolutely essential piece of hard to find oldskool hardcore history here. Fully licensed from Insomnia themselves (aka DJ UFO and Chris Rossi), and expertly, digitally cleaned and remastered from an original vinyl copy, due to the D.A.T.'s being lost to the ravages of time. Anyone doubting the sound quality of this record only need to check out the low quality soundclips on the official Jedi Recordings Bandcamp page here... https://djjedi.bandcamp.com/album/nostalgic-down-to-earth-repress (3 vinyl copies left!!!). But take it from me as an owner of this reissue. It's sounding crisp!

Project Pablo - One For Some EP as reviewed by julian.felling

September 28, 2016
Excellent EP!
Every single track is an enjoyment.
The Mastering&Soundquality is super nice and also the pressing is fine!

5* - much recommended Vinyl !

World Bang - Any Idea as reviewed by ozrixxxx

September 28, 2016
One of the best modern heavy metal rock records. near 20y old, but very up to date

Mikael (14) - Wildfire as reviewed by Underdogg4

September 28, 2016
Both tracks are heavyweight soundsystem bangers. Lintumies has the some of best sounding drums I've ever heard. Wildfire sounds like the opening tune at a FWD night. Amazing stuff, any DJ even thinking of playing a dubstep set should have this.

Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby as reviewed by DOCTOR_DIATRIBE23

September 28, 2016
edited about 13 hours ago
Just A Little More Baby is a wicked dub version of the original..
You get to hear the beginning beats and that deep harpsicord clearer thus better for sampling (but I didnt say that lol) and its great playing this out as it makes peoples heads turn when they realize this isnt the vocal version!...
As for the other side of this 7"...Well it's a bonafide classic!
Funk it up to get down party peoples!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree as reviewed by hans_gruber

September 28, 2016
Whoever pressed this LP needs putting out of business. It's a disgraceful product for a record that deserves so much more. Covered in marks and debris and grey/white wear spots. Everyone should return their copies in protest. If you can't do it properly, F*ck off out the game.