Various - Rapology - Better Guide To Rap as reviewed by reggaefaridon

July 25, 2017
Top Dancehall Jamaican Djs who started genre from the first hit maker the Godfather of rhymes daddy U Roy Big Youth the don gorgon read sleeve for important information on the birth of rap be happy get a copy🇯🇲

Led Zeppelin - The Lights Go Down as reviewed by Anostomus

July 25, 2017
I attended this show. It was performed at the Tulsa Civic Center; with a seating capacity of around 6,500.
Superb acoustics! During heartbreaker fans rushed the stage; security went into panic aka freak out mode , turned the lights on.... Robert Plant stated "we won't play until the lights are turned off". They turned them off; Jimmy Page went straight back into heartbreaker as if it had not been stoppe. Great version of that's the way and a blistering ending with communication breakdown. Great show!!~

Paul Simpson Connection - Use Me, Loose Me as reviewed by msteegh

July 25, 2017
edited about 3 hours ago
One of my all time favorites disco songs with very nice use of a xylophone.
I just don't understand it being classified here as "Garage house", Discogs says among other things this about Garage house: "This style was popular in the beginning of the 90's.", The record is from 1983 (I bought it - and still have it in good shape - also back then.)
Perhaps someone with a better understanding of "Garage house" can clarify this.... (I wouldn't use the term "House" for this tune at all).

Whitney (8) - Light Upon The Lake as reviewed by happydayz94

July 25, 2017
pressing is awful. Sounds way better on mp3. It seems like a lot of people are complaining about the pressing. Fantastic summer record though

Peter McConnell - Broken Age as reviewed by 1ofamillion

July 25, 2017
So my copy was pretty meh, misaligned and popping as the needle moved from left to right. I may have just gotten very unlucky, but I am hoping they will exchange it.

Stephen Bishop - Bowling In Paris as reviewed by REENO

July 25, 2017
Great to have those new studio pics in the inner sleeve, especially because Phil Collins is pictured, but the mastering is compressed, hurting the dynamics. Stick with the original Atlantic cd.

Consortium Carissimi - Giacomo Carrisimi: Ten Motets as reviewed by jgilhousen

July 25, 2017
This is a beautifully and precisely executed performance, very clearly recorded.

Bicep - Just EP as reviewed by djboxmusic

July 25, 2017
People will look back in years to come and realise this was a moment in house music history. Incredible 12 inch.

Various - FM as reviewed by mikeyman66

July 25, 2017
edited about 6 hours ago
When a radio station's management announces that there's going to be an upswing in commercials on the air, with a strong emphasis on ads for the U.S. Army, the anti-establishment deejays form a united front against the "suits."

With station manager Jeff Dugan's (Michael Brandon) unofficial approval, the other employees hijack the station, playing the kind of music they like before the authorities can arrive. Martin Mull appears in his feature-film debut as a zoned-out record spinner.

In addition, the film includes live appearances by the likes of Tom Petty and REO Speedwagon & live performances by Linda Ronstadt and Jimmy Buffett.

RonWellsJS - Waveforms Volume II as reviewed by DUBHUNT

July 25, 2017
edited about 7 hours ago
Ingore the slag below (tangee). This ep is one of the best new 'old skool' EP's in recent years. There is something for everyone in this including some killer jungle techno style tunes and also an amazing more deep 4 to the floor tune that wouldnt sound out of place in any modern house/techno event. 5 stars from me and hopefully we see more well produced work coming out from this label

Dubtronix - Fantasy / Pass De Dub! as reviewed by SpraggaHatchet

July 25, 2017
One of the bigest drops in Jungle. Too Tough. I Done Broke Out.
Underated tune.

Global Citizen - METAL as reviewed by TELEJON

July 25, 2017
This is one of the better cover versions of the Gary Numan track METAL on a cool blue vinyl.

Global Citizen - Numanoid as reviewed by TELEJON

July 25, 2017
An excellent single which all Numanoids can relate to ,no pun intended .The B side is just cracking, it's on good quality vinyl and a cool picture sleeve,5 out of 5 from me.

Sparks - No.1 In Heaven as reviewed by AloneWithStrangers

July 25, 2017
I think it is safe to say that this vinyl pressing of 'No. 1 In Heaven' is not very good. It isn't brickwalled like the Repertoire CDS and has a decent dynamic range but a) the bass is smothering everything & b) the snare drums are a mush. Sloppy execution all round.

The CD included is the same as the most recent Repertoire CDs: extra tracks but the sound hurts your ears.

Why no quality control?

loscil Featuring Kelly Wyse - Intervalo (Adaptations For Piano & Laptop) as reviewed by hafler3o

July 25, 2017
Whenever I see one of these 'my music with someone else guesting' type of releases, my cynical hat slips down over the eyes and ears. I become a little blinder and deafer. 1st question I know I want answering is "Is it worth 'avin'?" Answer "Oh yes!". The additional piano makes it like a cross between Nils Frahm & Deaf Center. The music is caressed into new forms and folds, new textures and facets are revealed in Scott Morgan's soundscapes. The final two parts are almost bare piano though, but both pieces are strong and cold and do not suffer in the stripping back process. Well played!

The Sounds Of Infinity as reviewed by dmitrijs.vl

July 25, 2017
very beautyful compositions. heard many years ago and still love them. must hear!

Various - Hero Of Time (Music From "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time") as reviewed by Ph.DnD

July 25, 2017
Very noisy/poppy release. Not happy with the quality of this press, but the presentation is superb. If looks were everything, it would get a full 5 stars. Not indicative of the quality I have gotten with 8bit releases before-- the Dustforce and Warframe soundtracks both sound excellent.

The History Of Colour TV - WRECK as reviewed by TS-Musix

July 25, 2017
edited about 10 hours ago
Do I need a crane to lift this edition on my record player? :-)
Now I kow why it is called Cranes Records :-)

Eminem - The Eminem Show as reviewed by mordecai2302

July 25, 2017
This 3D reissue is just so cool, the red cassette is extremely amazing!

Combined Force - Here Comes Da Noize / I Can't Wait as reviewed by djrobovw1

July 25, 2017
Here Comes Da Noize ) best tune in the CAT/ apart from volume 1 that samples frankie goes to hollywood - power of love.

Anti Demos Cracia as reviewed by AceBeaty

July 25, 2017
This originally Portugal based cassettes tapes only label, born in the late 1980's which developed through the 90's is proof that Portuguese can do fine Industrial, Shoegaze, EBM & Electro Wave, glad it has seen a re-birth via Bandcamp in this new Millenium. Recommended.

Vangelis - Blade Runner as reviewed by Gutlord

July 25, 2017
This RSD pic lp release is absolute shit.

Yes, a picture disc has background noise, but this has crackling and popping all over the place on both sides. No other pic lp I own has nothing like this going on. Went to a local record store and properly cleaned the record with their machine, no effect what so ever. The mix & master is off on this release too. And it could have a proper jacket and inner sleeve, but just has a die cut and a tight heavy plastic sleeve. A rip off if anything is. Hope to score one of the previous versions...

Wild Honey - Look To Your Soul as reviewed by koolkatz-66

July 25, 2017
This is a fab American Garage/Psych 45. I Really don't think it should be linked to the UK group which contained Tina Charles !

Various - Totally Wired Italia Vibrazioni as reviewed by housedj75

July 25, 2017
Though on AJR & sporting the Totally Wired moniker, this record is much more jazzy house than acid jazz. That said, there's some killer stuff here & the 2 or 3 acid jazz tracks are on point. Nice add to the collection.

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. as reviewed by cottonmouthVII

July 25, 2017
My copy has no playing issues and sounds fantastic. Zero vocal distortion and great full sound with the album generously spaced out over 2 discs. This is the kind of pressing that Kendrick albums deserve. Oh, and my cover artwork is not blurry at all. In fact I think it's really cool how the letters in "DAMN" are glossy and have a different texture. Definitely not my favorite album ever from Kendrick, but still probably at the top of my album of the year list so far. I'm not sure what made him think his vocals in "LOVE" or "GOD" sounded good (I cannot keep a straight face when he whines "I wanna be with you", or for really any of GOD), but aside from those 2 tracks this album is incredibly solid. Obviously DNA, HUMBLE, ELEMENT, YAH, and XXX are dope tracks, but don't sleep on FEAR or LUST, two of my favorites. Also a shoutout to DUCKWORTH at the end for a really catchy laid-back, old-school beat and fantastic story-telling. Kendrick keeps holding it down in the midst of a lot of thoughtless rap, and I love him for it. I just hope he doesn't get too angry and bummed out by the world around him, as this album suggests might be happening.