Billy McLaughlin, Soulfood - Guitar Meditations as reviewed by Expansive09

August 30, 2016
This was a budget cd and I honestly didnt expect it to be as good as it was.
What you get here is NO piano, NO percussion, NO chanting!
What the music entails is the softer side of acoustic guitar playing with nice slide notes, soft harmonics and quiet reflective melodies held minimally on quiet beds of synthesizer.
Many of the tracks do not have keys so its solo guitar and its very nicely thought out.
If you like early William Ackerman or Alex Degrassi with all the nuance of chamber instruments i.e. oboe or cello then this is a great little discovery to add to your collection.
Lastly the recording is clear and full of a nice dynamic spectrum for late nice listening!
A real gem of a find.

Gretchen - Lonely as reviewed by luis_antonio

August 30, 2016
ola,gostaria de ver a foto do disco,poderia poostar ou me mandar por email?

The Manhattan Pops Orchestra - The Glory Of Spain as reviewed by albinoniadagio

August 30, 2016
Red label pressings sound best. Orange label issues have a crackle problem.

Shilpa Ray - Paisley as reviewed by Free_Phi

August 30, 2016
My god this is an atrocious-sounding cutting. Not only is it plagued by grating, horrid distortion, but the master is so quiet that the noise just dominates, sounding like a deafening tearing noise over the muted musical signal. Uninspired performances, too.

Hank Williams Jr. - Old Habits / Won't It Be Nice as reviewed by ritalove

August 30, 2016

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Keef Hartley Band* - Halfbreed as reviewed by CykoMF

August 30, 2016
Not sure if this album was produced for the Quadraphonic format but, it is quite a good listen on my system. Lost of movement and sonic tripery. (new word!)

Pete Francis - The Movie We Are In as reviewed by Boarder6246

August 30, 2016
edited about 3 hours ago
Country jams, I really dig it, and I rarely approve of country albums. Electric country indie, enjoy y'all! Yellow bird jams hard, like happy body slow brain

Ramzi - For Haku as reviewed by Pheeb

August 30, 2016
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Have A Nice Life - Deathconsciousness as reviewed by PowderedHammer

August 30, 2016
My copy has the label slightly off center on both vinyls. Asides that, sounds magnificent. Came with a B and C side labels on their own which I found odd.

Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. - Anti-Solipsism pt. 1 - Creatures as reviewed by gullgrey

August 30, 2016
Great album! Great sounding vinyl! For fans of bluesy stuff, Tom Waits, Exuma and more noisy stuff.

Banda Black Rio - Maria Fumaça as reviewed by WhitestepMusic

August 30, 2016
The Brazilian Polysom repress is a beautiful 180gr vinyl, excellent sound quality, sounded better than the original in a comparison side by side with the OG brazilian press.

Beautiful instrumental funk sprinkled with some MPB and samba bits here and there. Amazing work in the brass section by Oberdan P. Magalhães who is the responsible for the brass section in other masterpieces like the Dom Salvador E Aboliçao LP and appearances in other classics like Arthur Verocai LP, Marcos Valle, Tim Maia LPs, very talented musician.

Chicago Skyway / Isoke - I Don't Give A Fuck as reviewed by niponjean

August 30, 2016
essential violence from Chicago Skyway - the true raw spirit of the town

Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks as reviewed by utsuru

August 30, 2016
After a so long wait I'm a bit sad too like you guys to hear some crackles and pops but I will keep it, I so happy to have it now. And the packaging is awesome. I'm juste a bit disapointed by the Damn fine coffee wich is on mine just brown with 1 or 2 splatters only.

Sarah Vaughan - Snowbound as reviewed by DOCTOR_DIATRIBE23

August 30, 2016
edited about 7 hours ago
Sarah Vaughan ‎– Snowbound (the track with the same name as the album) as sampled by RZA on the Method Man track Stimulation (Off of the album entitled Tical)..
Dreamy strings with just a hint of other worldly chills..
I haven't heard the full album by Sarah Vaughan but a copy is on its way too me so will be interested to hear it in its full entirety...

Guruh Gipsy - Guruh Gipsy as reviewed by progfan97402

August 30, 2016
Indonesia isn't the first country you think of for prog rock, in fact a country you don't think of for prog rock, but Guruh Gipsy is a rather good example. Their sole album was released on cassette, apparently the cassette gained popularity in Indonesia rather quick (in a time when the cassette in the United States was still looked on with a bit of suspicion, at least until the Walkman arrived in 1979), apparently LPs were a luxury in Indonesia and common people could only afford cassettes, but according to an Indonesian over at Prog Archives, the Guruh Gipsy cassette was being sold for three times the average cassette in that country, probably due to packaging.

When you hear the first cut, you'd think they were a Western-inspired ELP/Triumvirat type of prog rock band with Hammond organ, Moog, and choir, and that obviously holds true on that cut. After that they totally depart from that ELP/Triumvirat format and go into a strange mix of King Crimson-type prog and traditional Indonesian and gamelan music. Like many bands from Spain like Triana and Mezquita exploring flamenco styles in a prog context, so Guruh Gipsy exploring Javanese styles in a prog context. There's at times you swear you're listening to straight-up traditional Indonesian music but then you know you aren't when electric guitar, synthesizer and rock drums are used. I don't know if this would be to everyone's taste (some of the Asian influences might be a bit difficult on Western ears), but certainly worth hearing for those looking for off-the-beaten track prog.

Benedikt Frey - Out Of Here (Roman Flügel and Simon Haydo Remixes) as reviewed by juansoto10

August 30, 2016
must have , absolute killer ep , very great release

Arzachel - Arzachel as reviewed by mamimede

August 30, 2016
ZEL (Spain) and CBS (IT) are affordable in mint (-) and worth every cent. German pressings are good as well....just in case you you are looking for a really listenable powerful original and not having the chance to get an at least mint (-) one on EVOLUTION.
Same counts for the "other monster" RAW MATERIAL (on ZEL, CBS and VOGUE).

Anna Belle Caesar With Lionel Hampton And Orchestra* - Little Annie / Weak Broken Hearted Fool as reviewed by swordfishsoul

August 30, 2016
This version with Weak Broken Hearted Fool on the B side and with the matrix detail as above is the original release and NOT AN UNOFICIAL release

React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication as reviewed by lesoberon

August 30, 2016
edited about 8 hours ago
It states above that the vocal sample comes from Masters At work- Blood Vibes... in fact the original vocal is by Junior Reid on a track called One Blood from the album of the same name- thought i would clear that up :) This tune was well played by DJ Fabio back in the day :)

4 Hero - Escape That as reviewed by mystic2975

August 30, 2016
Under the radar gem. Ron's dub remix is something special.

Havdis - Novemberlys as reviewed by richardgurtler

August 30, 2016
Havdis "Novemberlys" CD

Swedish gterma certainly belongs to my fave drifting ambient-focused labels. This fastly emerging sympathetic label, run by Johan Rehn, started, if I am right, during 2011 and now their portfolio features around 50 CD releases, counting not only iconic veterans such as Mathias Grassow (also with Rüdiger Gleisberg), David Parsons, Markus Reuter and the late Oophoi (as Aqua Dorsa with Enrico Coniglio) or acclaimed Hakobune, Jason Sloan or Seetyca, but several other lesser known, yet ambitious and potential projects. Norwegian one man Havdis is one of them. The only thing I know about this project is the name of its main sculptor, Odd Jensen. The rest remains wrapped by intriguing mystery. Yeah, it drives me a bit nuts at some points, but on the other hand I respect Odd Jensen's privacy and I don't mind, because as Havdis he is always able to deliver a top-notch dronescaping work. That was the case of previously reviewed CDs, "Nightbreeze", released in October 2013, and "The Hidden Island", which is out since March 2012. As usual for each Havdis' album, Nina Benjaminsen is responsible for stunningly immersing photographs of Norwegian, mostly coastal natural terrains, masterfully portraying Havdis' enigmatic soundworlds. An 8-panel front cover insert of "Novemberlys" with back tray card is obviously no exception. Well-done, Nina!!! Johan Rehn takes care of the design duties, while A.P aka Anders Peterson expertly utilizes his mastering skills. "Novemberlys" was composed between 2012-2015 and was released during January 2016.

4-minute "The Waterhorse" opens with shoreline recordings, which are soon joined by warmly embracing washes and permeated by enigmatic glimpses and utterly gorgeous unfathomable choir-like drones. Additional, hauntingly ominous subterranean traceries sneak in as well. Strikingly graceful panoramas are counterpointed by perplexingly hypogean subtleties. A very strong intro!!! "Dressed In Dark Water" delves deeply into fascinatingly shadowy underwater domains with persistently rising and ebbing magnitudes, eerie effusions, reverberating helixes, cyber-biotic vestiges and climaxing silent ephemerons. What a beauty!!! "Deepsea Dweller", as announced by its title, dives into bottomless domains guarded by undulating ambiguous drones, while ear-tickling clinks are confronted with tenebrously rumbling bell echoes. This must be Havdis at its most submerging!!! "The Wind On A Lonely Hill", with 19 minutes the longest piece on "Novemberlys", unfolds with continuous drone, rather monochromatic, although crepuscularly serpentine and perpetually reinforced by gossamer cyber-tech fragments, while clandestinely solitary wind drifts and sweeps steeply sloping maritime cliff. "Glass Atmosphere" clocks just over a 13-minute mark and immerses the listener into an ultimate atmospheric opus, where magnificently flatlined drone coalesces with transient elusive pulses and oracularly encircling tinkles and glides through staggeringly enrapturing twilight sceneries, no matter if startlingly dramatic landscapes or beautifully silent meadows. "Wintersleep" unlocks the gates to the darkest caves in snow-capped forested hills, meticulously merging abysmally sinister drone breaths with glimmering primordial images and transcendental echoes of ringing enigmas. 17 and a half minutes long "The Strange Sighting At Søftan" closes this breathtaking journey with slightly lighter, yet abundantly dark tapestries, highlighted by mesmerizingly relentless oscillating meridians and guarded by warmly nebulous panoptic drones, serenely gliding into tenaciously expansive horizons, with inconspicuously permeating rhythmic vagueness. Havdis' aural insignias are fully activated and splendorously blossoming, atmospheric grace at its most enigmatic!!!

Almost 79 minutes long "Novemberlys" is another thrillingly accomplished installment by this obscure soundcarver, as usual, intensely exhibiting all his strikingly immersing signatures. A truly rewarding listening journey awaits for all connoisseurs of fascinatingly amorphous drone zones!!! It's no secret this project is one of my most favorites coming from the Scandinavian territories. Bravo and keep on droning, Odd!!! And kudos for your always good eye, Nina!!! So don't miss "Novemberlys"!!! And of course "Nightbreeze" and "The Hidden Island" too...

Richard Gürtler (Aug 29, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Various - Absolute Relaxed as reviewed by andywilson

August 30, 2016
Track 15 Moments of Love is credited to Art of Noise , however this is not Art of Noise performing - it is a very different group , very nice version though as it has classical Italian singing in it. If anyone can correctly name the group i'd be grateful.
Overall the cd is a good one and the sound quality is good.

The Horny Toads - Wired as reviewed by VinylVague

August 30, 2016
Highly recommended for Radio Birdman/New Christs fans. Rob Younger knows how to produce a rock record.

The Bluesbusters* - You're The One / I Won't Let You Go as reviewed by TheCasualKid

August 30, 2016
It's not the Blues Busters but the Keith & Ken version of I Won't Let You Go...

The Byrds - Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde as reviewed by mellisvan

August 30, 2016
It's worth mentioning that this release, like the 1991 US CD, utilizes the original mix. It does appear that noise reduction was used to remove the clicks at the beginning of "This Wheel's On Fire" although a slight pop can still be heard.
As this is the original mix, "Candy" is presented in it's original, shorter length.