Chico (2) / Alozade - Move Excited / Raise Your Hands Up as reviewed by og.mc.1

January 18, 2017
Please Note Distributed By "Music Ambassador" A Side "Move Excited" By "Chico" Matrix NB 105A
B Side "Raise Your Hands Up" By "Alozade" Matrix NB 106B (First Distribution Batch)

Donna McGhee - Make It Last Forever as reviewed by Disco_Russ

January 18, 2017
Done a stunning job of reissuing this brilliant Patrick Adams production and spreading it onto 2 deep cut 12"s. Sounds amazing!!

Cloud One - Atmosphere Strutt as reviewed by Disco_Russ

January 18, 2017
WOW! Picked this up about 6 months ago and at a reasonable price too!! What an amazing song, gets played every time I play some disco! Brilliant improv keyboards running through the track, amazing vocals and stunning production by the legend that is Patrick Adams!!

Jagg - Take Time as reviewed by mesanov

January 18, 2017
edited 22 minutes ago
Repress is coming Woohoo, and few more words to say.

Kiki Gyan - 24 Hours In A Disco 1978-82 as reviewed by Disco_Russ

January 18, 2017
One of my favourite releases on Soundway, just stunning! Plus some extended versions too!

Danny Krivit - Edits By Mr. K as reviewed by Disco_Russ

January 18, 2017
Outstanding compilation!! Stand out track for me is The Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love edit, quality!!

Mark E - Scared as reviewed by Disco_Russ

January 18, 2017
Seriously nice pair of edits here by Mark E. Both tracks outstanding. Plenty for d.j's to play with here!!

Larry Levan - Larry Levan’s Classic West End Records Remixes Made Famous At The Legendary Paradise Garage as reviewed by Disco_Russ

January 18, 2017
The genius that is Larry! Worth buying just for the Taana Gardner tracks alone but there are so many other brilliant songs on this compilation!! Needs to be in everybody's collections who is in to disco!!

François Kevorkian - The "FK" EP as reviewed by Disco_Russ

January 18, 2017
A very solid E.P from Francois and as his first house release it shows his skills off working a dancefloor perfectly!

Various - High Performance Showdown as reviewed by JVXP

January 18, 2017
Living in Germany, and starting listening to Drum and Bass in the late 90s, you end up sooner or later at one of the most prolific german labels here.
In my case the contact with Precision stemmed always from my love with the colder and funkier sounds of that time, even though anyone else of my fellows tended more towards either Bukem or JumpUp when going out.

This compilation marks my personal high point of the labels pretty solid back catalogue.

This is also one of those releases, that no one probably ever heard of, even though it has a pre-Bad-Company feature of Future Forces and some extremely great tracks. Tsuneari Fujiis - "Waves" being one of my All-Time Top 5 Drum and Bass tracks ever!

Makai and Future Forces Inc's Cylon is that dark, funky Roller with sweeping synths, rolling breaks and funky bassline. The breakdown after 3:30 minutes has one of the best riffs of that era! You would not believe this hasn't been released on Renegade Hardware if it wasn't released here. Kabuki and Mainframe already had a few feature that were established in '97 (i believe) that resulted in Omen, which was done in collaboration with No-U-Turn's Nico. I guess this was a similar collaboration, when Fresh and D-Bridge played out here in Germany in 97/98. It is interesting as the liner notes mention, that already Dan and Darren had left Hardware when this was released and the note hints at big things to come (which in this case was )EIB( )

Where as Cylon is quite dark and industrial, Le Mans is much much funkier. WahWah Guitar/Bass, skitty and steppy beats and a looped ambiance sample coupled with a vocal about the Le Mans racetrack, this one is surely recognizable and quite solid! The bassline is so actually so memorable that it pops up involuntarily in my mind from time to time.

Ono Sendai, another alias of Kabuki and Mainframe, has this eerie stomping beat and screeching sounds, before it drops into an hinted acid bassline. A Soulpride break in the background accompany the tune, before dropping into an frenetic and uplifting techno synthline, before dropping into straight two-step mode.

Miguel Ayala's "The Punisher" is a great funky tune, centered around an detuned jazzy, old piano loop and subtle two-step groove, before dropping into a droney, looping bassline, that carries away the filtered main piano sample. In know Miguel was heavy into hiphop and the sample is actually a hint at his love for beats and samples!

As said above "Waves" is one of the greatest track I've ever heard. It's so simple, but at the same time evokes a lot of emotion (well in me at least!). Starting of with a reverberated ambiance sample, a faint Tuvan throat-singing vocal, muted beat and hihat it gradually transforms into this acidy, but not hectic, captivating cascade of bass, that changes and meanders through the whole tune. Adding shakers and playing with all samples, before dropping into one of the calmest moments of my late teens, when the slowly progressing string sample comes in, this one always captivated my mind and imagination. Teenage angst sometimes makes you imagine sitting alone in a far away city, but this one always had that glimmer of hope in it, that i missed from that time. Listing to this today is totally different, but it is still very captivating and a soothing experience for me.

Monophace - "Main Task" is totally different from Waves and the darkest and hardest tune on this compilation. Taking cues from the Renegade Hardware Sound this one is a great Techstep track, with a well-known sample, memorable guitar riff, straight-in-your-face two-step beats and menacing bassline.

As said in the beginning, this might be one of those DnB compilation you've probably never heard of, even though there are some solid and interesting tracks on it. I'd also recommend getting the CD version of this as it features a few extra tracks of all artists, that were released before this one (Inside Straight, Deadly Nightshade, Centipede) and of course the 12" Edit of Makai's biggest hit "Beneath the Mask"!

Vana Imago - Tesi as reviewed by delirium303

January 18, 2017
edited about 1 hour ago
Oh man....emotions could arrive at their zenith through his music. Especially in case of side A. This man ist like an italion stallion in the sundown. Music to cry by forfillness... no wonder the Italiens create Lamborghini, DeTomaso, Iso, Maserati ...this is the soundtrack to a drive with a brutal and loud dark sportscar over lone coast streets...and not with a game console, you know..
This is the sound you don't find often in your musical life. Noisewaves created by a person who is not only a good technical musician. It needs also some open mind for human tragedy.
Full, full points...

Mike Oldfield - Amarok as reviewed by Arizur

January 18, 2017
The big Revenge to the commercial Pop World. Plenty of Ironie, Fun, Folk & Virtuosity! His best work since Ommadawn. ;-)

Art Pepper - The Summer Knows as reviewed by lcartau

January 18, 2017
Incredible jazz quality record ! Fantastic series of 4 records

Why Are They - Liquid Lights as reviewed by thai80

January 18, 2017
Review from http://www.sonicreducer.it/
Hardcore punk with female voice, guitar riffs that are quite metal and very funky slapped bass. At time they remind me of Naked Aggression, other times they remind me of Jingo De Lunch, or even late 80's/early 90's Red Hot Chili Peppers...

Electric Envoy - Channel Deluxe as reviewed by crowfoot

January 18, 2017
Totally agree with you, Channel Deluxe is a banging bit of Techno, as played by billy nasty circa 2000 in his essential mix, reminds me of early 90's R & S , Platypus, Rising high etc, that i was following at the time, just ten year later...with its trance chords and dubbed out FX.... still sounds fresh listening now ......

Various - Real Ibiza V - The Sun Lounge as reviewed by spacebiscuit

January 18, 2017
These compilation really do give the early Cafe Del Mar series a run for their money and fast becoming classics i their own right which will be worth a few quid in years to come no doubt. Listening to these CD's never fails to evoke memories of lazy afternoon's spent on the magical White Island during the peak years of the early 2000's. However given the timeless quality of the tracks featured, this CD still provides a perfect soundtrack in the present.

Gas - Box as reviewed by ZBBSI

January 18, 2017
edited about 4 hours ago
Same. Very disappointed.

The box's shape is basically cheap. The "art book" is just for the name: it looks like "holiday-book-printed-edition". The photos are filtered with a ugly photoshop filter (pixels are bubbles).

About the vinyls: a lot of my vinyls had fingerprints and scratches. Inner sleeves are scarred. I just can't understand.

But it's still GAS, so ... :)

Schade Kompakt. Does anybody know quality of others Kompakt (re-) editions?



Ryan Carter - The Exaggerated Tales Of... as reviewed by RyaCart91

January 18, 2017
“Blood Pressure” is Ryan Carter’s take on Big Sean’s “Blessed” and it’s no stretch to say that Ryan saw something completely different than Ye as he rhymes about everything from food to ‘beating his meat’. Hilarious as that may look in print, the audio is even better; you can tell he’s having fun with the instrumental but furthermore lyrically doing back flips over this beat. Dude can rhyme, plain and simple. “Eating Chicken in the Bucket” has a jumping bass line, claps and tambourine that allows Ryan Carter to harmonize right along with it. Once the horn section goes, the joint ratchets up a notch. The second verse by Ryan is a rapid­fire staccato flow that fits the mode and makes this one of the most complete songs on the project by far.

“Netflix My Desire” is a throwback croon where, over slow production, Ryan sings his love of the streaming service and even as over-­the-­top as it is, the song is well produced and I couldn’t help but laugh as I too, have a burning desire for Netflix. “Grown Ups (Skit)” rings true as I thought the exact same thing as a kid and seeing adulthood slowly creep up on you is something crazy. “Hurl at My Life” sounds like something Too Short and E­-40 would feel right at home on; the funky beat swings back and forth and Ryan rides the track expertly. What I like the most about this one is how well Ryan does his thing; there’s no pretense here, he is going for his without pause. 

“Ever Since I” roasts Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, acting as a serenade to women across the globe explaining how indeed it goes down in the DM. “Kinda Famous” goes in on Big Sean’s “Play No Games” and his off­key singing adds a unique spin on the cut as he deftly weaves through the Aaron Hall sample. I liked how he was able to tell a story within the song—him being harassed by police—and keep everything congruent.

Overall, "The Exaggerated tales of…" is a parody album of the first order and the thought that went into it is impressive. The main theme present here is sex and oddities and for those looking for a
composition lighter than the norm, definitely give this one a go. ~Charles Sweet for CyberPR

The Gloria Record - The Gloria Record as reviewed by sketchwithfire

January 18, 2017
one of life's greatest EPs of six songs. Whatever you pay just know it's worth it.

Thomas Wood - Lost & Found EP as reviewed by djmf420

January 17, 2017
Yep all 4 cuts are great. Just quality deep house all around on this release

Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket as reviewed by CooGarn

January 17, 2017
Solid pressing, mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering! Looks and sounds terrific :D

Don Ray - Standing In The Rain as reviewed by NY_Club_Classics

January 17, 2017
All-time classic professional, elegant, disco-at-its-finest club smash hit. Too bad there was no original UK, German or Italian 12" release of it.

Chilly - For Your Love as reviewed by NY_Club_Classics

January 17, 2017
The 11:50 LP mix is too long and drags in places, and the 6:25 US promo 12" mix is too short. The UK and German 12"s got it just right and split the difference with the 9:02 mix.

Audrey Madison - Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet as reviewed by marcialenrique1

January 17, 2017
If That's What Makes You Sweat
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet !