Razor (2) - Violent Restitution as reviewed by Thrashman75

November 20, 2017
Top 10 thrash,speed metal Album of all time and they don't make it like this anymore hail Canada!

Various - Listen 3 - A Faze Compilation Of Montreal Music as reviewed by Automaticamore

November 20, 2017
From A to B side, this comp is divided into more rock-oriented selections (the a-side), and more electronic songs (the b-side). Personal preference for the b-side, but it lacks anything close to the great tracks on the first Listen compilation (specifically the coveted Degrees Of Freedom - August Is An Angel, and, IMO, Three Lines - Reason). Still worth picking up for fans of obscure Canadiana.

Suzy Q - Tonight (Remix) as reviewed by Automaticamore

November 20, 2017
Only the 7" Canadian Unidisc pressing of this single features the instrumental -- not a true instrumental, as it retains the chorus vocals, which is IMO the best part of the song (verse vocals are a tad too affected for my taste).

Silicon Soul - Who Needs Sleep Tonight as reviewed by discodjcom

November 20, 2017
This is pulsating electro madness ... an underground gem and techno predecessor!

DJ Force And Evolution* - High On Life as reviewed by n4t0r

November 20, 2017
You absolutely can’t beat this track. One of the bes from this era. Awesome piano, great vocal and finished so well. Will be a favourite forever!

Marcel Woods - 3-Stortion / Lemon Tree as reviewed by n4t0r

November 20, 2017
Lemon tree has to be one of the best melodies you will hear in Trance. Nothing quite like it. Unfortunate it doesn’t continue throughout the track.

Various - Mini Compilation as reviewed by X-205

November 20, 2017
dj snooker- twinz (the voxx mixx) is one of the coolest detroit tunes out there

Sigur Rós - In A Frozen Sea: A Year With Sigur Rós as reviewed by jarsu

November 20, 2017
edited about 2 hours ago
Smaskifa has 3 versions issued on vinyl in Untitled #1 (Vaka) 10" so this set does not give you anything new to pay for. IF you don't have all these records.. then you could consider this as a compilation .. but for a compilation this only carries 3 perhaps the best records of the band.. but that is not enough isn't ? NOT even close.. :) And there was a risk at the first place to get these records in warped condition in this .. SO I really don't see any real point of this.. I do have whole disco of this band on vinyl (those that are pressed on one) but this one I will pass.

Judy Mayhan - When I Think Of You as reviewed by Lee_Armstrong

November 20, 2017
I played this CD again recently. Judy Mayhan has one of the most beautiful voices; it's such a shame that illness cut short her recording career. On the opener particularly, where so many great voices have recorded Jimmy Webb's "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress" from Linda Ronstadt to Judy Collins to Joan Baez, the crystal clarity and passion of Judy Mayhan's singing still grabs me and puts me in awe. "Look To The Rainbow" jumps alive as well as the superlative "Hands On the Wheel." This is an excellent set, well worth the search. Enjoy!

Randomer - Smokin as reviewed by neles-scholtes

November 20, 2017
Smokin is in my opinion an absolute banger. Very happy with my copy.

Bruce Grant - Enough Is Enough as reviewed by remy.rateau

November 20, 2017
Excellent rée dit, very beautiful vinyl has to recommend has everything amateur of funk, recording completes, very good seller, good communication... Completed!!! *****

Pauline Anna Strom - Trans​-​Millenia Music as reviewed by gene_pool

November 20, 2017
Absolute stunning masterpiece!
Buy it before it is too late!
Best comp of 2017

Mark System* - Final Approach LP Sampler as reviewed by Stereochemistry

November 20, 2017
Optix is a subtle bit of brilliance. One of the best of the past decade.

Various - Coeur De Palmier as reviewed by doc-boy

November 20, 2017
edited about 4 hours ago
Whoa! That Janeret track is unbelievably good. LTJ Bukem would have been all over this back in the days. Janeret delivered another DnB banger with "Throb" but "Solstice" is another level.

Various - Walk The Line (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) as reviewed by dj_hipz

November 20, 2017
waiting for years for the vinyl release. sounds so bass, different than the cd and the movie. a little booklet with photos from the movie and from studio while joaquin and the others recording would be so nice. maybe few words about recording process. anyway, get it if you liked the movie.

Shpongle - Codex VI as reviewed by adzix

November 20, 2017
After finally receiving my copy I am happy to say that this is one heck of a pressing.
Love the artwork, it's a double gatefold, with die-cuts on the inside.
Each record is in a printed sleeve with tiny specks of gloss overlay on a few letters.
All three vinyls are plane and sounding beautifully, Codex VI has a very balanced mix.
As for the music: Simon does it once again, this guy can't go wrong imho.
A little more dub, tons of flutes and weird sounding electronics, lush soundscapes and hypnotic vocals, this is what you want to hear when listening to Shpongle.


I Camaleonti - Monica Vitti - Tango Della Gelosia as reviewed by discografic

November 20, 2017
good recording, and great arrangement of "Tango della Gelosia"
also nice side B song

Kenny Burrell With Coleman Hawkins - Bluesey Burrell as reviewed by dj_hipz

November 20, 2017
what a press, plays like a dream, beautiful album, full satisfaction, grab and enjoy all your life.

Jackie McLean - Jackie's Bag as reviewed by dj_hipz

November 20, 2017
i don't recommend this to anyone cares about sound; it's so high, i've listened the digital and 2x45rpm vinyl copies of acoustic sounds, it sounds perfect. havent tried music matters version. but this is not a good press for this perfect session.

Art Blakey - A Night At Birdland, Volume 1 as reviewed by dj_hipz

November 20, 2017
my copy is highly warped from the center. i dont get this 75th reissues suck, full of problems, i normally buy european copies and complain about them, but this US version really suck. sound is almost OK, a little bit high, but this warp, oh my this warp. try to find other copies, from the early 80s or 70s, which also has a better cover imho.

Ono Scream as reviewed by karlmort

November 20, 2017
Love this. Cold and dark postpunk from Belgium. Highly recommended.

Miriam Makeba, Rochereau* Et L'Orch. Afric. Fiesta 66* - Pole M'Ze / Mokolo Nakokufa as reviewed by FrankHancke

November 20, 2017
The artist of this release is not Miriam Makeba. It is R>ochereao etc. Pole M'ze is only written by Miriam Makeba, while Rochereau has written the b-side.

Sean McCabe - Starry Night EP as reviewed by Groovah

November 20, 2017
edited about 5 hours ago
A very nice EP from one of the UK's leading lights in producing quality, underground, deep and soulful House grooves. "Star Night" is my personal favourite here, it's a quality 'late at night' vibe with a great retro feel to it and all three tracks are quality in equal measure.

Janeret - Deep To Deep as reviewed by DjAir5

November 20, 2017
Absolutly stunning tracks, maybe it could be pressed on vinyl? I would order it directly.