Suicide Highlife - McCarthyville

January 19, 2018
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Recorded at the cottage in the woods & mastered at Abby Road.
Limited to a few hundred copies.

This is a decent representation of one of the Isle Of Mans' most exciting young bands of the late 1980's.
This e.p. sounds like the musical offspring from a marriage between The Smiths, Wedding Present, & The Bunnymen. With experimental leanings; punk/pop sensibilities & excellent lyrics.
The 4th track is a dub mix of the title track.

The Bass Guitarist, Guy went on to work with Shack & The Drummer, Ross recorded with The Shamen (circa ENTACT).The Guitarists Selwyn & Phil later formed Colon- who did a John Peel Session.
The excellent lyricist & singer Ronan didn't pursue a musical career it seems?

An exciting & prolific band live, it's a pity they never recorded more.
A handful of Demos & live shows of varying quality were recorded & some of these surfaced on a compilation cd issued by Phil, on his own label (apparently consisting solely of groups he's in )- with a dubious & distracting remix, without the others consent or even knowledge!
Hopefully, better recordings of the band will one-day surface?

Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

January 19, 2018
Would love to AB this against an original pressing. For a counterfeit it is well produced, a little quiet and then suffers from loudness in a few places. And a few crackles in places but the separation and soundstage is very good.

Reverends - Derealization Blues

January 19, 2018
This is such an underrated album. Can’t wait for new material.

Ødelegger - The Titan's Tomb

January 19, 2018
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Raw, cold, madness, the titans tomb, can you get there the journey will be long, difficult, and test your soul...hey Ildjarn watch out Odelegger got your number . your style off music emulated better than ever..Bilskirnir is great...but Odelegger is amazing, Ildjarn style raw black metal about nature what more do you want check this out if you cherish Ildjarn, or Bilskirnir. Or true black metal in its raw form...5 stars also check out " The End of TIDES.....

Nookie - Spellbound

January 19, 2018
100 copies only? Given 122 "haves", I don't think so. Regardless, this is a nice 92 hardcore tune (even better if you like "Twin Peaks"). Big respect to Nookie, one of the first to open up his back-catalog of previously unreleased 92-95 stuff for release.

Create - Create 2

January 19, 2018
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Create 2 is a perfect execution in long-form weirdo minimalist/psychedelic/ambient/drone techno. "Om" is the transcendental centerpiece of this release, and, I would argue, the primary track that elevates the album to genius-level status. If you've ever been affected by electronic music in general, this is a song that you ought to check out immediately. Overall the entire CD is a trip -- great cosmic, urban atmospheric music for floating through the city, as previous astute reviewers have pointed out, with an ideal walking beat that reveals itself to only the most patient of souls. And in my humble opinion, the cheap-looking, off-putting mid-'90s cover art only adds to Create 2's fun mystique and brilliance. Please hear it.

Various - 30 Years Of Number Ones, Vol. 9

January 19, 2018
Track 1 is an Edit of the Single version. Normal length is approx 4.54

Astrobotnia - Part 03

January 19, 2018
This groundbreaking series that evolves beyond the Rephlex amateur aesthetic and moves into audiophile sound quality and composition. The beginning of the higher resolution and tone concept techniques that became the Colundi sound.

Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence

January 19, 2018
The impression I'm getting from this EP is that Trent is making post-NIN music, there are quite a few sounds/tones that are clearly reflective of past NIN albums but used in new ways and done quite cleverly with excellent production as usual.

Ex-Terrestrial - Paraworld

January 19, 2018
When I heard about the repress I was a bit mad at myself, I spent a good CAD$60 on this original copy version before I knew. But when it came in the mail I completely realized that it didn't matter; this EP is 100% worth it. Easily one of my top 10 favourite records of all time, up there with classics like OK Computer and Siamese Dream. I never thought something so insanely brilliant and sonically deep would come out of literally fucking nowhere. Thank god for 1080p. I'd rate higher than 10/10 if I could.

Kid606 / Ascdi / Printed Circuit - $ Vol. 8

January 19, 2018
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I always respected these pop song dissections/reanimations. Some are more catchy than others. How they didn't get sued I suppose because the underground shroud from big label ignorance that existed at the time. Not very achievable these days.

Little Big Bee - Scuba / K.G.O

January 19, 2018
I agree with all the below, not much else that can be said, except that it is simply SUBLIME!!! Pure love for this.

Humate - Love Stimulation

January 19, 2018
How much guys? Please contact me with prices, I'm in UK.

Alain Lubrano

January 19, 2018
My friend Alain Lubrano was a cery good french singer ♥

Drew Nelson - Doncha Darken My Door

January 19, 2018
Great record! I only wish I had been paid or had known that it would be pirated and released in Europe.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets

January 19, 2018
Sounds alright. However, the record skips multiple times during Track B2 ( Lepper Messiah ).

Plaid - Trainer

January 19, 2018
This compilation is the bridge between Black Dog and Plaid, stylistically. It's a beautiful energetic naive sound that is much more appealing to me personally. Using older gear/sounds and techniques that are really a nostalgic glimpse into the past every time I hear it. Classic idm tunes.

Various - Acid Warfare

January 19, 2018
I bought this cd on a hunch in 97 from a used book store and it was my first experiecnce with hard acid trance and I loved it. Over the yeard as my electronic music pallet grew and refined(and especially after I stopped taking hallucinogens) acid trance slid a ways down my preference list but this is a great example of the style when it had its peak in the mid 90's and several of these tracks are just plain out classic anthems. This cd isn't flawlessly mixed and thats ok but I for one like that it starts off mellow and melodic with Two Full Moons and a Trout and the next few build a bit until you hot the true gem of the mix-Dj Misjah & Dj Tim's "Access". This song is amazing and dancefloor destroyer even years after its release. After Access which just happens to be the cd's halfway point the mix picks up in intensity and "Acidity", lol. The 2nd half is the hard tunes and alot of squelching and squeeling TB303 action. So if you're a lover of this genre of if you're interested in the origins or hard acid trance and are lucky enough to come across this cd(cuz its quite rare) you should grab it up. Heck you know its rare when Discogs don't even have a copy, lol. when I saw that I lost a big chunk of my hope for finding another copy

The Maytals / Beverleys All Stars, The* - Teacher Teacher / Teacher Teacher (Version)

January 19, 2018
Great song and floor filler on any nighter! It sounds like a mixture of jamaican calypso and dancehall but with the mood of early reggae - I have found nothing of a comparable style yet.

The Orb - Anthology

January 19, 2018
I have this very rare CD for sale/swap, if interested contact me and we'll come to an arrangement. Discogs isn't legally aloud to sell it.

Horse Opera

January 19, 2018
Why this talented brotha didn't release more music I don't know. But damn this shit is fresh. Get his lp on vinyl while it's still cheap. Apparently he mastered a slew of releases for Planet Mu.

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds

January 19, 2018
Contact me if you will sell or swap, it is the Fluffapella I want as I already have the other 2 DT versions. MP3 or wav is fine.

Colourbox - Say You

January 19, 2018
"Say You" was taken from a U-Roy version, therefore are the writer credits. U-Roy is toasting over a Naggo Morris 1976 remake of the famous Ken Boothe song from 1968 which was written by Harris Seaton as it can be seen on the label on this release: Ken Boothe, Lyn Taitt & The Jets* / Lyn Taitt & The Jets* - Say You / Smokey Place. However it's complicated, the real original version is written by Robert Dobyne, Robert Staunton and Charles Jones. The first recording was made by The Temptations in 1965.
I like the Colourbox version of this tune. In 1984 I visited my first Reggae concert and started listening carefully to Reggae on radio, before that there was Reggae around, but I wasn't really aware of it.

Unknown Artist - Untitled

January 19, 2018
having owned 3 copies of this over the past 10 years (big secret weapon!), I'm fairly confident it's called "Trance Dance" as every copy has been labelled as such. All about the 16th note kick rolls, utter mayhem!