Roland Burrell - Rip Off / Rip Off Version as reviewed by teatwomilky

July 28, 2016
MEGA RARE 1st UK press with trombone led instrumental version on the B side........ MURDER!!!

Gardland - Syndrome Syndrome as reviewed by Thermospore

July 28, 2016
Amazing stuff. Nice packaging, and recording quality is great. My favorites are side A and Nothing But Not Zero. Must have for lovers of this genre. The record factory could have done a better job of not getting fingerprints and dust on it before it got into the shrink wrap though.

Lynn Drury - Come To My House as reviewed by RBaker686

July 28, 2016
Don't miss this gem of an album produced by John Porter. It captures the essence of Lynn's attraction, and leaves you dazzled and bemused.

Hyperbump - Pump It Up as reviewed by bass_rider

July 28, 2016
Side X .mix: Absolute high class piano magic. Intro leads to piano that just seems to keep you in suspense, making you want to know what's coming next. Awesome female rap that works with the male vocals throught, with samples copped over to perfection. Nearer the end the fiddle,flute (or whatever wind it is ) and bongos add a surprise to your mix.A serious tune to have in your collection, worth buying whilst cheap. " Setting it off like a bouncing ball, come one, come all.

Fenner, Leland & O'Brien - Somewhere, Someday, Somehow as reviewed by johnkatsmc5

July 28, 2016
Fenner, Leland & O´Brien "Somewhere Someday Somehow" 1970 US mega rare Psychedelic Folk Rock



Reissue of unknown LP's from 1969 (50 and 250 original LP copies, respectively): Peace In Our Time + Somewhere, Someday, Somehow. These were originally issued on the RPC Vanity label. Stunning LP's filled with that broken dreamer vibe, where youthful idealism and naivete met the cold facts of Vietnam and the government's 'true intentions'. The resulting sound is somewhat akin to some of Bryan MacLean's work with LOVE and Crosby's Wooden Ships, yet this music is all their own. Some excellent fuzz on a couple tracks, and hailed by all who have heard it. Original copies sell for seriously lofty amounts!"

Michał Szpak - Byle Być Sobą as reviewed by Krissmaan

July 28, 2016
This issue has Digipack. I have another Matrix / Runout :Sony DADC A0102679966-0101 15 A00
Mastering SID Code: IFPI L555 and is another IFPI number :IFPI94K8 smaller and close to center of disc. The rest data are the same.

Progresiv TM - Dreptul De A Visa as reviewed by Lektronikumuz

July 28, 2016
"The 70s were the decade of progressive rock music of all calibers. And it seems not one country of this world was spared when the new kind of sound spilled over like a giant wave of inspiration. Even the European Eastern Block countries where rock music was regarded as subversive by the authorities had their share of rock bands with a hippie, heavy or freaked out direction. We recall OMEGA from Hungary, SBB from Poland or MODRY EFEKT from the Czech Republic and of course PHOENIX from Romania. The latter were the biggest rock music export of their home country but there were others with them building a solid spine for the still young and expanding rock scene. One of these nowadays rather unknown forces was PROGRESIV TM, a band not to categorize too easily. They loved big melodies with a yearning approach for the vocals, mixed up blues, folk, jazz and playfully twisted rock patterns. The guitar had a scratchy and fuzzy distortion that came close to what Tony Iommi ripped off his fretboard on the very early SABBATH albums even when the composition itself rather felt like a relaxed and jazzy ballad. What you get here on this debut album released in 1976 is a really captivating, well produced and even better played piece of rock music combining influences from everything that was cool at the time the band was formed, around 1972. Folky and catchy heavy rock like GOLDEN EARRING or JETHRO TULL, dreamy Eastern rock like OMEGA and PHOENIX, utterly grinding guitar power like early BLACK SABBATH and some wicked progressive freakouts along with jazzy breaks. If you are looking for a hot blooded and steaming, yet relaxed unique rock album from the 70s and can get along well with a band singing in its native tongue rather than English, grab this masterpiece."

The Raven Age - The Raven Age as reviewed by andreamaiden83

July 28, 2016
Incredibilmente una bellissima sorpresa dal vivo in quel di Trieste. Sanno davvero il fatto loro, un ottima rivelazione di grande impatto scenico sul palco e grande energia. Consigliatissimi.

Frankie And The Witch Fingers - Heavy Roller as reviewed by Buzzdim

July 28, 2016
First heard F&TWF on Gideon Coe BBC music. Bought this on the back. A fabulous fabulous record deep routed in psychedelia. Hard to make a comparison as they are unique. This record will gain momentum and sell out - take the leap of faith and enjoy.

WestBam - We'll Never Stop Living This Way as reviewed by AUTOMATIXROMANTIX

July 28, 2016
Before his mega stardom as one Berlin's Love Parade founders and that whole "Europe-embraces-dance-music thing of the early 90's , this Dj had been at it through the 80's mixing and experimenting with all manner of dance music. It was a welcomed event in the late 90's to see him resurface with that "old school" style sound again after he lived many years indulging in trance.
This album is compatible with some of the early Gigolo Records electro experimentalism coming out Germany in 1999.
Overall plenty of great tunes, I actually got a kick back then (and still do) from "Beat Box Rocker" because of it's clever use of a Sir Mix Alot. sample /hook .

Lord Of The Isles - What's Lord Got To Do With It? as reviewed by swollenknees

July 28, 2016
edited about 4 hours ago
sweet googly moogly! Jamalicous . the lord forgives your transgressions

Brad Fiedel - Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) as reviewed by Hanuman1

July 28, 2016
This was the ZAVVI.COM exclusive pressing. Ltd. to 500 on transparent vinyl.

Riff Raff (13) as reviewed by johnkatsmc5

July 28, 2016
Riff Raff “Riff-Raff” 1973 UK Prog Jazz Rock first album



One of those early 70's forgotten prog bands, Riff Raff came together almost as a natural consequence of the member's different paths crossing each others at times. Although the group started quite different than the final stable line-up, it was mostly the brainchild of Tommy Eyre and Roger Sutton (both having played with Ainsley Dunbar's Blue Whale and Retaliation, Juicy Lucy, Joe Cocker, Nucleus, Mark-Almond, Alan Price, Trinity with Auger and Driscoll, etc.) and later on Pete Kirtley (Griffin, Alan Price) and Aureo De Souza (Brazilian-born, played with nucleus) and Bud Beable (Ginger Baker's Airforce). Their music hovers between rock and jazz, but is not easily pigeonholed in either, neither;-).

They released their eponymous debut album in late 73, but they had already recorded a previous album the year before under a different line-up, but for obscure reasons, it was not released until almost 25 years later. After a second album, the members parted ways, but all three albums are definitely worthy of the proghead's interest a forteriori if he likes Jazz-rock. .....

The success of the acoustic "unstressed" Album John Maiella (John Mayall) "The turning point" (1969) and "Empty rooms" (1970) offered hope in the musicians accompaniment known bluesman on the plates. In the middle of 1970go John Mark (Jon Mark) and Johnny Almond (Johnny Almond) - guitarist and singer in the wind, respectively - left the Maiella group and gathered under its authority, a new ensemble MARK-ALMOND. Taking the soft harmonies of folk-rock, the band recorded several works of interest which is manifested today.

The first two records ( "Mark Almond" 1971 / "Mark Almond II" 1972) he was assisted by two very talented, but lesser-known artist. One of them, keyboardist Tommy Eyre (Tommy Eyre), started his professional career in the band, Joe Cocker (Joe Cocker) at the end of the '60s (by the way, Tommy arranged and played on the well-known "Kokerovskoy" version With a little help from my friend) a couple of years joined AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETELATION. There he became acquainted with Paul Williams (Paul Williams), who later invited Tommy in the JUICY LUCY. For some time there, he served as a guitarist, but soon joined the MARK-ALMOND, which followed its fame as a splendid session artist.

Roger Sutton (Roger Sutton) - a great bass player and guitarist, was less well known than Tommy Eyre, but had a remarkable talent of the composer. In 1972, Roger had a conflict with the leader of MARK-ALMOND John Mark, and he left the band, taking Tommy with him.

At the beginning of the 73rd round of the couple going to the core of a new group - RIFF RAFF. Vocalist Alan Marshal (Alan Marshall) and drummer Kenny Slade (Kenny Slade) were only temporary members, while guitarist Peter Kirtley (Peter Kirtley) quickly found a common language with the founders. Deciding to move in the direction of progressive jazz-rock band vocalist left post free, as all attention was given to the instrumental parts. Finally, the finding in the face of Oreo de Sousa (Aureo de Souza) suitable drummer, RIFF RAFF started to record their first album.

In September 73rd "S / t" went on sale. The album did not impress the mass audience, which in fact does not upset the musicians - they understood that such deliveries music success, they are unlikely to achieve. Early next year, RIFF RAFF released their second and strongest album "Original man". Music has become more solid and energetic. They combined the blues passions with jazz improvisation (Goddamn the man), cold and indifferent to the violent vocals keyboards finally Kirtley has recorded one of the most brutal guitar solo that ever heard the world.

But the failures are increasingly surrounded by musicians RIFF RAFF. Also faded interest from record companies (contract expired and the new has not been signed), trouble struck the drummer. A native of Brazil, he had to quickly return to their homeland, as to remain in England, he had no right. Immediately after his departure, the band disbanded group.

Now very few people know this great team. But for each of the four musicians it was stellar. They do not obey the instructions of the producers, or the orders of other musicians (all four avid session performers) - in RIFF RAFF they played the music they knew, loved, felt.

On the wave of interest in progressive rock 70s it was reprinted many material. One of the releases is directly related to RIFF RAFF. At the beginning of '72, when the MARK-ALMOND just finished recording their debut album, and the musicians still had studio time Ayr Tommy and Roger Sutton, inviting friends recorded some "demo". They were assisted by Alan Marshall - vocal, Martin Ball - guitar, Rod Coombes - drums (ex-JUICY LUCY), Ritchie Dalton - sax. In 1999, these notes were issued under the name of "Outside looking in" studio Disconforme.
23rd May 2001 after a long struggle with an incurable disease that the world had left Tommy Eyre - R.I.P.....

Tommy Eyre - organ, Fender Rhodes electric piano, 6 & 12-string guitars, flutes, vocals
Roger Sutton - Fretless Fender bass, double bass, 6 & 12-string guitars, vocals
Pete Kirtley - Fender Telecaster guitar, vocals
Aureo De Souza - drums, percussion
Bud Beadle - saxophones

1. Your World
2. For Every Dog
3. Little Miss Drag
4. Dreaming
5. Times Lost
6. You Must Be Joking

7. La Même Chose

Riff Raff “Original Man” 1974 UK Prog Rock second album



Second (and last) official album, from this highly gifted group who would've probably deserved much more attention from the public. Still the "classic prog quartet", this time augmented not by one but two guest wind players and an all-around finer album. In this album Kirtley is asserting his songwriting role to the equal to Sutton, while Eyre gets only one credit.

The opening title track is right away giving you the ambiance that will pervade throughout the album, with a slightly jazzy Santana-like rock, enthralling you slowly but surely to ecstasy. A real feast, Yummmmmmyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! This small tour-de-force is followed by another full-out fusion, this time red-hot crater-flowing fusion-lava, Havakak, which apparently guitarist Kirtley wrote with a previous group. In a relatively calmer mood is the funky-jazz rocker Goddamm The Man track, yet another superb track with a great call and response between horns section and the guitar. Still softer, Kirtley's third track on this side of the album is a more jazzy-soulish fusion, which pales a bit in comparison with previous tracks, but is still of a high calibre, just a little slow at times.

Sutton's The Waster is a slightly jazzy-bluesy-soulish mid-tempo track with big horn arrangements, and De Souza's drums tazke on conga flavours: just lovely. In a very different style, Eyre's lone composition contrasts heavily, but is nothing shocking either, especially when hearing its high quality keyboard fest. The last track is another fusion masterpiece, even if you have to wonder the track has its name for the first few minutes, but if the track does pick up at times, it remains to a superb mid-tempo with Eyre's electric piano particularly haunting, the whole album throughout.

Unfortunately, the group will have to fold (or chose to) when British musician-union forced Brazilian drummer de Souza out of the country by pushing for the non-renewal of his working visa. But this collapse was also due to US deals not falling though also. But this bunch of riff-raffers did go out in a very stylish manner pulling in a very strong British fusion masterpiece, just missing by a tad the fifth star. Definitely their crowning achievement and a must discover for fusion lovers and progheads alike.....

Line-up / Musicians

- Tommy Eyre / keyboards, string synthesizer, vocals
- Bud Beadle / saxophones
- Steve Gregory / saxophone, flute, clarinet
- Pete Kirtley / guitars, vocals
- Roger Sutton / bass, cello, vocals
- Aureo De Souza / drums, percussion

Guest musicians :
- Joanna Newman / vocal on "In The Deep"
- Joe O'Donnell / viola on "Original Man"

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Original Man (7:40)
2. Havakak (6:06)
3. Goddamm The Man (6:09)
4. In The Deep (3:59)
5. The Waster (5:09)
6. Tom's Song (4:22)
7. Speed (9:16)

Rezonance Q - Get On The Floor (Its Not Over) / Keep On Trying as reviewed by djrollo

July 28, 2016
All time favourite from the BCD label. Rezonance Q with 2 amazing tracks.

YMC - Moody Traxx 1 as reviewed by daft_geeze

July 28, 2016
one of the biggest, one of the best.... much respect

Equiknoxx - Bird Sound Power as reviewed by smilingassasin

July 28, 2016
Another quality release from DDS. Not a bad track to be heard on this album, it's a thing of beauty. Keep it coming guys.

Remco Helbers - On Some Road as reviewed by richardgurtler

July 28, 2016
Remco Helbers "On Some Road" CD

Wow!!! I simply can't start with any other words. What a well-hidden masterwork by an ambient guitar dronescaper Remco Helbers!!! This Dutchman is also known as one of the members of ambient/dhrupad/trance project Chalnat. This little gem of art was already self-released by Remco on physical CD back in 2002 (!!!) and it's a best example there is no justice in music industry!!! Certainly big shame on me for not exploring this jewel much sooner. Yeah, I still keep in mind when searching infos about Chalnat and discographies about each member popped up, but unfortunately in Dutch only, so I somehow didn't pay any deeper attention to them. Otherwise I would be able to get at least some hint on Remco Helbers', I believe, debut solo album. So I had to wait until Forrest Fang has brought this stunningly gorgeous album to the light some weeks ago (huge thanks, Forrest!!!). Some additional background info on this recording, the music was inspired by paintings of London-based abstract painter John Kimber, who met Remco Helbers during a Guitar-Craft course led by Robert Fripp in 1998. Each of the seven tracks is represented by a painting, all of them are printed on the 8-panel front insert. Except Remco Helbers and John Kimber, credit goes also to Sid Smith for the liner notes (he was an attendee of the same course). This music was firstly presented on the opening night of an exhibition of John Kimber's paintings in July 2001 at the Long Gallery at Lauderdale House in London. I should add that "On Some Road" album was digitally re-released in 2015 on Turmoil Music label.

Equipped with Chapman Grand Stick, bells, bowls and sampler, "On Some Road" journey unfolds with 7-minute "Urban Nightscape II". A truly gracious and warm dronescape magnified with filigree mindscaping flickerings invades, drifts and meanders through gorgeously expansive nocturnal vistas and glimpses. What a beauty!!! The listener is immediately bathed in an ultimate looped atmospheric elixir, a pure drone magic virtuosically executed by Remco Helbers!!! "A Kinder Blue IV" holds its magnificently embracing dimension, masterfully counterpointing balmy rises and ebbs with intangibly reverberating helixes. Euphoniously evocative, yet meticulously dissonant, certainly another superb composition!!! Its companion "A Kinder Blue II" safely keeps on billowing path, where it exquisitely merges insistently pinnacling cinematic horizons, elusive bell contemplations and peculiarly traversing tapestries. Immensely reflective dronendeavour!!! "Floating In Sequence II", with 3 and a half minutes minutes the shortest piece on the album, seems to be the most enigmatic composition so far, where circling stringed patterns continuously interplay with slowly emerging and expressively weeping panoramas, while remotely ethereal bells surreptitiously sneak in. On the contrary the following cut, "Cathedral I" clocks to 9-minute mark as the longest track "On Some Road". The title couldn't be chosen more precise, my listening room is invaded by gracefully immense washes, which are persistently permeated by hauntingly reverberant reminiscences. Sublimely monumental, yet splendid mindscapes are endlessly carved and commingle with abstract images revealed by sunlight filtered through stained glass windows. Another intense drone tour de force, bravo, Remco!!! "Obsession I" delves deeply into shadowy unfathomable depths, where undulating, rather monochromatic drone is relentlessly confronted with ear-tickling transcendental meridians. Oracular "Floating In Sequence II" is easily surpassed, a journey beyond the gates awaits here, enter now!!! The closing "Dragon III", another longer piece clocking to nearly 9 minutes, remains safely on the path guided by tenebrously sculpted scenario pervaded by intriguing resonances, occasionally augmented by cinematic climaxes and meditative glimmers. A very strong outro indeed!!!

This is an utterly jaw-dropping, over 49 minutes long listening exploration, I still can't believe... And I keep on wondering how could I miss such masterwork for many many years. But anyway, always better later than never!!! As I have found lately, this album received handful of very positive reviews during 2002, but unfortunately it still remains criminally unexposed. As informed by Remco, he still has boxes with this CD, which was a result of bad experiences with some distributors back in the days when he started with his label. So he quickly became disillusioned about this kind of business and because at the same time he was moving into his studies about stringed instruments of the Hindustani classical music like surbahar (bass sitar) and rudra veena, "On Some Road" CD is still a strongly undiscovered jewel. Yeah, the future offerings by Remco Helbers might sound quite different, but I don't mind, because he is an exceptionally gifted artist!!! I definitely will keep an ear out for his next soundsculptings. So it's quite obvious an epic "On Some Road" CD gets my highest recommendation!!!

Richard Gürtler (Jul 27, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Attentat Rock - Le Gang Des Saigneurs as reviewed by PITU242

July 28, 2016
ATTACK ROCK was created in Avignon in the early 80s as a trio. Pierre Bremond (bass), Didier ROCHETTE (guitar & amp; vocals) and Alain SOLER (drums) then produce a Rock Square that one can not equate to any form of Metal (There are a record in the form a 45t released in 1980: "black Jacket / Too much tropics"). Following the departure of Alain, Peter and Didier then surround Martaial Van Zerger (drums) and u second guitarist named Hervé RAYNAL (future FIREFOX, FACE TO FACE, SMOKEHOUSE ...) and directory metamorphoses into a melodic hard rock and sung in French. Their eponymous debut album was released in 1981 and surprised everyone by its quality and power of his compositions; Yet it benefi ts not a recording made by a Major medium to large reinforcements. Very quickly the radios broadcast this album and the specialized press chronic, ROCK ATTACK is even invited to participate in a national TV (Antenne 2, at the time). The group then participated fully in the significant growth experienced by the French Metal scene at that time. Following this, the records DEVIL'S Parisian label will look also at ROCK ATTACK and allow it to realize a second LP will be recorded stream in 1983: "The gang of tappers' ... This will be the album of the consecration. This second album will see the arrival of Thierry GAULME on drums, replacing Martial. Then the group continues its ascension by signing with Virgin for a third album "Strike" released in 1985. The training loses one of its founding members, Didier Rochette is replaced on vocals by Marc QUEE and guitar by Fabrice Fourgeau. A year later, as the band was about to release a fourth album, "Pink Rose" Hervé RAYNAL ROCK ATTACK leaves which then changed its name to ... PINK ROSE and called her "Just what you needed" album.

Attentat Rock - Le Gang Des Saigneurs as reviewed by PITU242

July 28, 2016
ATTENTAT ROCK est créé en Avignon au tout début des années 80 sous la forme d'un trio. Pierre BREMOND (basse), Didier ROCHETTE (guitare & chant) et Alain SOLER (batterie) produisent alors un Rock carré que l'on ne peut pas encore assimiler à une quelconque forme de Metal (Il en existe une trace sous la forme d'un 45t sorti en 1980 : «Blouson noir / Too much tropiques»). Suite au départ d'Alain, Pierre et Didier s'entourent ensuite de Martaial Van ZERGER (batterie) et d'u second guitariste du nom de Hervé RAYNAL (futur FIREFOX, FACE TO FACE, SMOKEHOUSE,...) et le répertoire se métamorphose en un Hard Rock mélodique et chanté en français. Leur premier album éponyme sort en 1981 et surprend tout le monde par sa qualité et la puissance de ses compositions; il ne bénéfi cie pourtant pas d'un enregistrement réalisé par une Major à grands renforts de moyens. Très rapidement les radios diffusent cet album et la presse spécialisée le chronique, ATTENTAT ROCK est même invité à participer à une télé nationale (sur Antenne 2, à l'époque). Le groupe participe ensuite pleinement au développement important qu'a connu la scène Metal française à cette époque. Suite à cela, le label parisien DEVIL'S records s'intéressera lui aussi à ATTENTAT ROCK et lui permettra de réaliser un second LP qui sera enregistré courant 1983 : «Le gang des saigneurs»... Ce sera l'album de la consécration. Ce second album verra l'arrivé de Thierry GAULME à la batterie en remplacement de Martial. Puis le groupe continue son ascension en signant chez Virgin pour un troisième album : «Strike» qui sortira en 1985. La formation perd alors l'un de ses membres fondateurs, Didier ROCHETTE qui est remplacé au chant par Marc QUEE et à la guitare par Fabrice FOURGEAU. Un an plus tard, alors que le groupe s'apprêtait à sortir un quatrième album intitulé «Pink Rose», Hervé RAYNAL quitte ATTENTAT ROCK qui change alors son nom en...PINK ROSE et intitule son album «Just what you needed».

Tangerine Dream - Sorcerer as reviewed by notec

July 28, 2016
THE STORY OF the score to one of my all-time favorite movies and how it came to be is quite remarkable. William Friedkin (director) met with Tangerine Dream in Paris, told them the story and gave them the script to "The Sorcerer." He writes in the liner notes "One day in the middle of a primeval forest in the Dominican Republic, about six months into shooting, a tape arrived from THE DREAM, containing ninety minutes of musical impression. It is from this tape that the film has been scored, through the musicians had not then nor even now as this is written seen any of the footage. Yet somehow they were able to capture and enhance every nuance of each moment where their music is heard."

TANGERINE DREAM in my opinion were the early pioneers in the synth-techno dreamscape creation. These guys used everything they got there hands on - mostly sequencers, mellotron's, synthesizers and the guitar work of Edgar Froese. Sorcerer has some very beautiful ambient pieces on it like "The Search" "Creation" "The Journey" and "The Mountain Road" that stand on their own right nicely. Often you can see where bands of the time like trendy pop stars Pink Floyd may have been influenced or even "borrowed" from this dynamic trio. "The Dream" may have been written separately from the movie but you can't deny the fit, or the reality of the now classic "Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)." It's raining pretty hard outside here - I couldn't think of a more perfect time to write this review.

The Gods Planet - LP 2 as reviewed by doncurtis

July 28, 2016
One of the best techno LPs of 2016 (so far).

Isorinne* - No Strength of Sun as reviewed by doncurtis

July 28, 2016
An ambient drone masterpiece and another excellent release by Yerevan Tapes.

FP-Oner* - 6 as reviewed by doncurtis

July 28, 2016
A truly compelling, mesmerising and enchanting journey through the deeper and cosmic side of House music.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy as reviewed by Kittysafe

July 28, 2016
The first song skips every few seconds "Just Like Starting Over" very strange, as the record itself looks perfect and I cleaned both the record and needle.

Ramones - Halfway To Sanity as reviewed by blackplastik

July 28, 2016
This is a very underrated Ramones album and my favorite studio album of theirs. (all-time fave is "Loco Live") Rare pick slide on "Garden of Serenity" and lots of groovy backing vocals. Check out "Go Little Camaro Go" with Debbie Harry! The Peds did a fantastic "Death of Me" cover which was faster and more aggressive.