Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion as reviewed by Flan76

May 26, 2016
What a garbage pressing. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but even my untrained ears can detect how bad this is. It's so distorted, fuzzy, and overall muffled. 3/10 for the pressing, 10/10 for the music\

The Bemus Point - Infra Dig as reviewed by ThisGuyFrritz

May 26, 2016
edited 23 minutes ago
A few years after Y2K, I was finding stuff I never knew about. It started during the latter part of 2005 - before Christmas, in case you wanna know - when I checked out a CD of electronic music on eBay and the description would have a link. I clicked on it and discovered other stuff. One was Do-It-Yourself (DIY) homemade tape recordings on cassette tapes going as far back as when I was in middle school. Some have been recently reissued on CD-R. They contain underground music - some experimental electronic some rock-n-roll sorta stuff and a few other genres. I listened to some for the heck of it since they were FREE. I downloaded some MP3's from the Tapegerm Collective (also FREE). Listening to them made me think that I'm discovering obscure electronic artists you would not find in major stores. On eBay, after January 2006, I've been checking out circuit-bent toys with a few switches, contact points and other such add-ons for looping and random noises. Crazy sounds! Some have downloadable demo MP3's. Then I discovered this particular one: "Infra Dig" by The Bemus Point. The Bemus Point is a collaboration of two musical entities, SPITZNAGEL and INVERSE ROOM. I never heard of them guys, but they seem to be a pretty good duo.

Here, you get music made from electronic instruments - some homemade and some circuit bent. It sounded like that they have, at least, one Moog synthesizer there. Sometimes it sounded like something out of the 70s. But yet, the music itself was pretty much up-to-date. Nothing like disco, boogie or something to really get down (I can remember as far back as when I was less than 10 years old hearing such music from time to time). It sounded like there was a little jazz and new age (well, maybe) in there. Some improvisations and electronic drumming sequence here and there. There was even a circuit bent Speak-n-Spell on "Not Dead Yet." The music itself was not so much on the weird side. It was actually nicely done, more towards the ambient side. Oh yes, don't forget the guitars on "Zendomat." That's the shortest piece on the CD (3:56). A nice one, too. The longest one (16:37) was rather strange with a strange name, "Snarque." Not so much of a drag and a good piece, too. Just about every track on this CD I like.

Overall, if you're into electronic music, this would be worth checking out. I got this one on Ebay for $9 with free shipping.

Here are the "bonus" MP3s you can download for FREE:
Rehearsal Outtake May 17, 2007:
Outtake 1
Outtake 2
Outtake 3

The Rongo in Trumansburg, NY (Sept.13, 2005)
"Evaporated Metal Music" Recorded live at EMF, Ithaca, NY (Dec.3, 2005).

If you like Infra Dig, check out Spitznagel - SMX.

Various - The Music Of Cosmos as reviewed by ThisGuyFrritz

May 26, 2016
It was 1980, when I remember seeing a poster in school. That was the first thing I saw that had to do about "Cosmos". Some time later, my father used our first VCR to record a science show on PBS called "Cosmos". I was able to see it more than once, as well as other episodes. Educational stuff, cool props and good selelction of music.

One day while at a record store, I discovered a record called The Music Of Cosmos. Since I like some of the music, I thought I would buy it. The music is like a sampler of classical, electronic and other kinds of music. It introduced me to Vangelis, Synergy, and Tomita. It also introduced me to Shostakovich's 11th Symphony. I also got Bach* - Arthur Grumiaux - Complete Sonatas And Partitas For Solo Violin. The music on this "Cosmos" soundtrack is for those who would like Electronic/Techno/Ambient and Classical music.

One minor drawback: On the first and fourth tracks, the music would fade in during the first few seconds. It's not like that on the vinyl album. But that little drawback shouldn't be enough to ruin the CD version. (I still have both versions. by the way).

Although it's hard to get right now. If you do find it, chances are, you might have to pay a lot. Perhaps if it ever does get reissued, the 1st and 4th tracks might as well be more complete like the vinyl version.

Also get the 2 CD version (Various - The Music Of "Cosmos": Selections From The Score Of The Television Series "Cosmos" By Carl Sagan). But that, too, is hard to get right now... and you might have to pay a lot.

I would like a reissue of both versions. It outta be a 3-CD set containing the "single disc" and "double disc" versions on one collection.

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Tea Time Classics - Elegant Classics as reviewed by ThisGuyFrritz

May 26, 2016
Orpheus made many fine recordings for Deutsche Grammophon, done without a conductor. "Tea Time Classics" would be a good CD to get introduced to that orchestra. The selections are good for background music (like dinner time, tea time and setting a "light" mood). I got some albums by Orpheus (2 of them are featured in "Tea Time Classics": Prokofiev*, Britten*, Bizet* - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Symphonies; Rossini* - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Overtures). If you like this "Tea Time Classics," chances are, you'll want to get more CDs with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Here are my favorites (besides the 2 I've mentioned earlier):

The ones where they did Haydn's symphonies:
Symphonies No. 22 (Philosopher) • No. 63 (La Roxelane) • No. 80
Symphonies No. 44 "Trauer-Symphonie" • No. 77
Symphonies No. 45 "Farewell" • No. 81
Symphonies No. 48 "Maria Theresia" • No. 49 "La Passione"
Symphonies Nos. 78 & 102
Symphonies No. 53 "L"Impériale" • No. 73 "La Chasse" • No. 79
Symphonies No. 60 "Il Distratto" • No. 91

The ones where they did Mozart's Piano Concertos with Richard Goode:
Piano Concertos No. 18 & 20
Piano Concertos No. 25 & 9
Piano Concertos No. 23 & 24
Piano Concertos (No. 27 In B-flat Major, K.595 / No. 19 In F Major K.459)
There's also this one from 1981:
Mozart* - Richard Goode, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Piano Concertos (No. 17 In G, K.453 / No. 23 In A, K.488)
...which I don't own right now. And besides, I prefer the one with concertos 23 and 24.

And here are some more of my Orpheus Chamber Orchestra favorites:
Aaron Copland - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Appalachian Spring • Short Symphony • Etc.
Handel* - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Concerti Grossi, Op. 6
Bartók*, Stravinsky* - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Divertimento • Romanian Folk Dances • Dumbarton Oaks • Pulcinella Suite
Mozart* - Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Sinfonie Concertanti K. 297b And 364
Schoenberg*, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) · Kammersymphonien (Chamber Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2)
Beethoven*, Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Die Geschöpfe Des Prometheus (The Creatures Of Prometheus), Op. 43

This used to be my favorite:
Mozart* - Susan Palma, Nancy Allen (2), Orpheus Chamber Orchestra - Flute Concert No. 1 • Flute And Harp Concerto • Andante
... that is until I compared versions by Emmanuel Pahud and Julius Baker. The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra did very well on the performance. But as for the Pahud and Baker versions, I like their cadenzas better.

Chromaticus* - Album One: Introducticus as reviewed by ThisGuyFrritz

May 26, 2016
I can remember when I first saw a Chromaticus CD.

In 2002, I was looking up synthesizer music on eBay. One particular item mentioned guys like Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre along with one or two others and then it said "and now...". So, I clicked on the item. It was "CHROMATICUS - Album One: Introducticus." Back then, it had a little animation of a white CD case showing the CD. I listened to the highly compressed lo-fi samples ("Do I wanna get that?"). Then I considered... and reconsidered ("Well... for the cheap price, I think I'll bid on it!").

After listening to the CD for the first time, I knew it was something I wanna add to my collection of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre, Brian Eno, Synergy (Larry Fast) and other such stuff. Chromaticus tends to be something to give you a relaxed feeling. In fact, it was hailed as, "A dreamlike soundscape of soothing, healing, peaceful and calming tones unlike anything else in its genre!" I would agree to that. Anything wrong? Well... a few presets sounded like... How should I put it? I mean, I don't wanna be critical. It's actually nicely done. The samples helped me decide to get that Chromaticus CD.

I could imagine this music could be used for Nature and Sci-Fi / Fantasy stuff, besides relaxation, meditation and all that. It even made me think of what tracks on this CD (as well as the other 2) would I use for music of MY Sci-Fi / Fantasy stories (Man, I don't know when I'm ready, but I hope I'll get on with THAT soon).

Notice how all the names end in "icus." Here are my favorite tracks: "Entranceicus-Infiniticus," "Digiticus-Ificicus," "Illuminicus-Tunnelicus," "Octalicus-Hazithicus," "Redicus-Spherialicus," "Omnidigiticus-Duplicaticus," and "Majesticus-Ascentionicus." Listening to the whole album is a nice experience. If you like "Introducticus" then get Album Two: Geologicus and Album Three: Hydroicus to complete the trilogy. Each CD has a dozen tracks. So the three CDs would make it 36 tunes altogether, each one in two words with a dash in between and ending with "icus." Note that you might get the CD-Rs in slimline cases.

What you've just read was something I've written back in 2006 (I made a few necessary changes when I've submitted this on Discogs). The albums are available as MP3 downloads on CD Baby, which you would have to pay for them. As of my writing on this part of the review, it looks like you can't get them on physical media.

Here's something I didn't know until shortly before I first wrote this review: Chromaticus was done using Reason by Propellerhead Software. There's even a couple of tutorials on the Marcus Unlimited website (I don't think it's active anymore, unless I find out).

The Comet Is Coming - Channel The Spirits as reviewed by djkiss72

May 26, 2016
One of the best records so far this year in my opinion.

Stephanie Mills - All Day, All Night as reviewed by KLD330

May 26, 2016
This is up there with David Morales' best Def Mix productions. As per jtdevious, this is an absolute classic. Morales at the height of his powers. Key stabs, deep bass rhythm, drum kicks, 4/4 cymbal crash turnarounds, perfect vocal overlay - it really has it all. If you like his work on Strobelight Honey, you'll love this. Would still work early doors nowadays, due to the BPMs. However, any DJ worth their class would know how to use it!

Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X as reviewed by Afrosheen

May 26, 2016
This reissue is crap. The bass and hihats are distorted compared to the digital copies on CD. Someone used a bad source or isn't familiar with how to master for vinyl. The Discogs sellers must be aware of this for prices to remain high. Avoid.

Feverkin - From Your Window as reviewed by Blaine_

May 26, 2016
This record is pure bliss. Do yourself a favour and pick it up. :)

Monty Guy - Hungry For You as reviewed by jerseyben

May 26, 2016
INCREDIBLE "sleeper" single with a funky A side and catchy B side. Surprised this artist is not more popular.

David Vendetta - She Loves Me as reviewed by djenergyro

May 26, 2016
A+B2 The vocals are sampled from the record: Paul Johnson ‎- So Much (1998).

Elend - Leçons De Ténèbres as reviewed by 21DF3GF5RT

May 26, 2016
Very sorry that the first two albums came on vinyl.

Trellion & Figment - The Shadow People as reviewed by collector91

May 26, 2016
where the vinyl? . we want a vinyl support. who are agree with me?

Marc Streitenfeld - Prometheus (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) as reviewed by kittycollection

May 26, 2016
edited about 3 hours ago
As for my copy, pretty gorgeous. I am getting surface noise, but it is impossible for me to tell if that is the master (i.e., noise in the recording) as it is just a pretty consistent noise (though I doubt it given the budget caliber of the film). I'm sorry, I just cant' really complain about it though given the quality otherwise, and so I'm giving it five stars.

DJ UFO* - Deep Inside / Connected as reviewed by ian_s

May 26, 2016
Deep Inside was written around 9 months before it was released.

Cosmjn - Changes EP as reviewed by Gott

May 26, 2016
"Changes" /Side B is very cool. A Track that could goes on and on and on...."

Mobb Deep - The Infamous as reviewed by Ocho710

May 26, 2016
The only thing that concerned me when I listened to this press is that the end of Eye for a Eye plays for a brief moment before the Just Step Prelude. Other than that the rhymes are clear, the beats are heavy and the vinyls look beautiful, an all around great press.

Satyricon - Nemesis Divina as reviewed by Svartaheim

May 26, 2016
A worthbuying re-release, with good sound (for a coloured vinyl). The album is a masterpiece, so this is a good chance to get it on LP (if you missed the original one, or you don't want to pay 300 euros for it now).
I just don't understand, nor like the absence of the band logo and album title in front.

Johnny Burt (2) - Zany Girl / Do You Love Me Girl as reviewed by JohnnyBurt

May 26, 2016
My Name is Johnny Burt of Cherokee Productions. This label is my label and I am the songwriter, producer and vocalist on this record. If anyone wants to contact me they can get me on Facebook as Johnny Burt or email at jetjessiejames@gmail.com To the contributors, you can also contact me at the email and Facebook above. This music was created in my basement on Chene Street in Detroit, Michigan, USA and recorded at Elephant Studios in Detroit. I still have the masters, and I own all the rights to these songs. And to the contributors, I am very curious about how you obtained these records, because they have been out of circulation for years. But we are thinking of re-issuing the original sound recordings. There are more songs on the masters that I recorded that have never been released. I also did the record "Quick and Dirty" around the same time, under the name Jonab and also "I'm Sick of It" a 12" single under the name Half Breed, also under Cherokee Productions. P.S. I still have a few copies left of "Do You Love Me Girl" and "Quick and Dirty." Thank you.

Various - The Beavis And Butt-Head Experience as reviewed by animatedbat

May 26, 2016
I've received 3 copies of this from Amazon, and all 3 were badly warped. To make things worse, it's a horrendous pressing, audio wise. Full of pops and clicks, it sounds like a wreck. "Do America" RP is perfect, and actually sounds pretty good, but "Experience" is a total mess. Anyone else having similar issues?

Steve Poindexter - Short Circuit as reviewed by Gott

May 26, 2016
minimal acid strip to the bone! very cool und undercover ....yeahaaaaa

Steve Poindexter - Short Circuit as reviewed by Gott

May 26, 2016
minimal acid strip to the bone! very cool und undercover ....yeahaaaaa

Steve Poindexter - Short Circuit as reviewed by Gott

May 26, 2016
minimal acid strip to the bone! very cool und undercover ....yeahaaaaa

Steve Poindexter - Short Circuit as reviewed by Gott

May 26, 2016
minimal acid strip to the bone! very cool und undercover ....yeahaaaaa!