The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds as reviewed by natewking

April 30, 2016
Sounds just like the original, which, for a historical item, I guess makes this record great. Its authentically packaged and is a faithful repressing of the original mono release.

With that said, the original mono release was an unfortunate casualty, so to speak, of a bad habit Capitol Records had in the 1960s to cut their lacquers way too loud, compromising the record's fidelity. Its not terrible, but there are a lot of other pressings that sound a lot better.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Because Is In Your Mind as reviewed by Manickelle

April 30, 2016
please create this album in 8-track pc 8-600-336 Phillips audiopack made in USA

Gloria Trevi - No Soy Monedita De Oro as reviewed by agrandanimal

April 30, 2016
I love this CD, the lyrics to "No Soy Monedita de Oro" were a case of life imitating art at the time of this release.

Bandulu Gang / Kahn (5) - HLM Dubplate as reviewed by freakie129

April 30, 2016
edited about 2 hours ago
Got this in the post today. Sound quality and mastering are amazing. Lathe cutting has come on a long way since the first one I heard. You wouldn't be able to tell it was a cutting from just the audio which is quite remarkable. Bravo HLM!

JAY-line - Loft On Broadway E.P. as reviewed by ycjmartens

April 30, 2016
Anyone willing to sell? Please pm.. Willing to pay a good price for sure.. :)

Beck - One Foot In The Grave (Expanded Edition) as reviewed by themingowman

April 30, 2016
Beck is one of those strange musicians that just happens to be hated by critics sometimes because of either the popularity of his commercially-successful music, or how much they hate earlier albums like this one. But, with negative reviews of this album and some of his earlier lo-fi indie work, I've noticed that they all follow a pattern of stuff like "The quality is low" or "These songs don't have meaning!" or, "Not enough aesthetic!". Well, the thing about his music is that it's something more of a feeling. Yes sometimes the lyrics don't make sense, or there might not be enough sound in a song, but why is that any reason to say it's bad? Songs on this album like "Hollow Log", "Cyanide Breath Mint" and "Fourteen River, Fourteen Floods" only have acoustic guitar for the most part. I say, for this kind of weird experimental anti-folk, there's really no position to compare it to other music and say it's bad because it doesn't follow the standards of the norm. Beck was selling millions of copies of "Mellow Gold" with his new hit single "Loser", and he still had the audacity to release something like this afterwards on a small indie record label. Well, why would he do that? Because although his style was commercially appealing at the time in the aspect of his Mellow Gold style, the intention of his style on this album and other earlier albums wasn't to keep his sudden success going, Some of these songs are songs he wrote a LONG time before he was famous, he had been playing "Hollow Log" and "Woe On Me" (formerly known as "Feel the Strain of Sorrow Never Cease") ever since he was making silly little tape demos for his mom and playing radio stations. He obviously knew that these songs weren't going to be loved by critics. He released them simply because these songs come from the heart, were weird and folky sounding, and are good not in the aspect of commercial music at the time and the success he had, but in the aspect of what these songs mean after listening to them and feeling them. This album is wonderful simply because of that aspect, which a lot of music critics can't bother to look into. Music falling under indie genres like this don't get enough credit.

Jerome Stokes as reviewed by landask

April 30, 2016
That voice is just as breath taking now as it was 30 years ago. Glad to see you continued!

The Vaselines - Sex With An X as reviewed by tipar

April 30, 2016
Really surprising album; I came to this one as a recommendation of Kurt Cobain solo works on iTunes and although it has nothing to do with Nirvana or Kurt —the only thing is that Nirvana did some covers of them as for example «Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam»— it is good alternative rock, a lot of «noise».

The Ginger Bread Men - Happy Squirrel as reviewed by themingowman

April 30, 2016
The unique and silly punk style that many bands of their time had tried to accomplish but just couldn't get it right. The Ginger Bread Men have that and a lot more to offer on this simple single, with both sides containing a quick punk song that isn't very serious. Which, is always a good break from "I wanna cut myself with glass and fuck and AIDS infested prostitute" style lyrics.

You+Me - Rose Ave. as reviewed by agrandanimal

April 30, 2016
One of my favorite albums in recent years. I can't wait for their second album.

Various - Buddha-Bar IV as reviewed by pcdoconline

April 30, 2016
All I can say, leave ya fingers of the vinyl release. Terrible pressing and a very bad mixing as well. Even though the music is interessting, but these days is loudness what counts, not quality.

Various - Wax Weapons 1 as reviewed by freakie129

April 30, 2016
Jordan O'Regan - Park Row is guaranteed to get a crowd moving. That second drop is so good

Djrum* vs. Struction (2) - Struktur as reviewed by freakie129

April 30, 2016
Tip - flick it up to 45rpm on the djrum side for some pretty cool footworky dnb. It sounds great at both speeds.

Mobb Deep - The Infamous as reviewed by Bell_03

April 30, 2016
"Survival Of The Fittest" could very well be the best hip-hop track ever... DJ Premier's sample and the beats. It is timeless.

Latin Tempo - Sangre Nueva as reviewed by Roberto4ever1978

April 30, 2016
Amazing-ass salsa record. They don't make it like that anymore. An underrated classic from the New York salsa scene in the 70s.

Jim Maguire (2), Patrick Maguire (2), Jim Mathews (3), Pat Mosca, Brett Bloomfield, Del Burchett - Maguire as reviewed by dsyn2spin

April 30, 2016
Don't mean to be overly critical, but man, this record
really frickin' sucks pretty badly. Some things are best left forgotten
for good reason. And this LP is one of them. AVOID!!

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quintet - The Apocalypse Inside Of An Orange as reviewed by pbrowder

April 30, 2016
I understand the color of the vinyl on this release varies quite a bit. I have seen copies in clear white, just clear, clear with black swirls/streaks (possibly unintentional) or any combination thereof. Both LPs in my copy were clear but kind of darkly tinted and with black streaks. Looks pretty cool and it sounds fantastic.

FBD Project - Deep Dance as reviewed by BOSHNUTS

April 30, 2016
No reviews .. ???!!! Just bought it can't wait to crank it up

Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty as reviewed by cglisci74

April 30, 2016
I have to agree with the other posters. Way too much sibilance in this release. Boo. I gotta find my cd...

Cheyenne - Rebel Underground as reviewed by DelinquentRecordsUSA

April 30, 2016
Cheyenne: Aiming for the big time
By Jonathan Baggs, Daily Staff Writer

Assembled in a local club this week, the five members of Decatur-based rock band Cheyenne seemed in high spirits as they awaited the release of their first compact disc. Lead singer Jayme Tyler had just woken up - it was 6 p.m. He growled at the waitress for a up of coffee.

Other members of the band: Scott Sutton, guitar and vocals; Nancy Chandler: guitar and keyboards; Dave Pittman, bass and vocals, were busy signed a piece of paper concerning publishing rights. "What am I signing?" French asked."

"Just sign it," Pittman retorted.

Conversation then turn to distribution of their new disc - Rebel Underground which is scheduled for release today at Camelot Music Stores throughout the Southeast. Pittman sighed - the business of rock'n'roll.

After forming in Decatur in March, the group began their Southeast club tour in July, mixing their own songs with cover versions of current hits and popular standards. Since then, they have headlined their own shows and opened for acts such as Holly Hatchet, Vicious Rumors, Foghat, and Danger Danger.

Rebel Underground is being released on Delinquent/Mutha Records and was recorded during 10 days in October. The band's record company is hosting a release part at Cheers on Alabama 67 on Thursday and Cheyenne will perform songs from the new CD.

The waitress returned with Tyler's coffee and drinks for the band. A waft of cigarette smoke soon enveloped everyone at the table. French described their music as "controversial" while other members said it was commercial hard rock.

"It's real, man ... back to the basic," Tyler said.

One review of the new disc, published in "Easy Rocker" magazine said an "Alabama-based hard rock band is a welcome slap in the face" and "L.A. is not the only place for powerful, inventive music." "One of the best compliments we get is when we get asked to play an original that already have played because they think it's somebody else," said Chandler.

Song ideas come from the way the group lives, according to French. "Our music is about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll and ... Jimmy Swaggart," says Chandler, who, according to the other members of the band, writes most of the material.

It's developing more into a collaboration of everybody, but right now it's primarily Nancy," Pittman said. Waving her hands in front of her face, Chandler says, "I don't like to hear that - it makes me nervous." Quickly she adds, "I do work my ass off 24/7 in all way for this band, for real - but it makes me ... you know ... ." Chandler shruggs. However, it is true, as her track record on the road as a fulltime touring musician can't be ignored.
The group describes its act as "uncontrolled" and a "three or four ring circus." "I think they're going to like it (Thursday) when we grab the girl and chain her to Michael's (drum) cage," Tyler said.

Cheyenne usually avoids playing in Decatur because the town generally doesn't cater to rockbands and this band, by no means, does the two-step, group members said. "We don't want to playhere," French said. "People around here don't know how to take what we do."

"It's almost impossible," Chandler says. "the money's not here to even pay for production, a competent crew, or band and gear transportation." Chandler is showing her touring experience again. But continues, "People turn on MTV and they see Motley Crue, but they don't expect them to come from Decatur, Alabama."

"But," Tyler said, "this is still home."

"A lack of local support for rock-n-roll is a shame," French said. "There's a lot of talent here that probably will never be seen simply because there is no support."

Some members of the group want fame, to get to the top of the slag heap, while others would be content with less. "well, I want it all but mostly I want to make good music," French said.

The "quiet" member of the band, Sutton, fumbled with a pack of cigarettes. He sipped a drink. It seemed that he might have something to say. "I hate all the other aspects of it besides playing," he said, "I mean, I even hate this [being interviewed]. I don't care how good the CD does - it doesn't matter. You put up with so much to get 45 minutes or two hours or whatever of satisfaction. But once you get that feeling, you want to access it any time you can. I hate to hear somebody barking - I want to get bit!" With that, Sutton drew back into himself and looked quizzically at the the others.

Pittman agreed. He said most people don't realize what it takes to get somewhere in music."we have our own publishing company, a business license, people ... think we just get up and play! I wouldn't go through any of this if it wasn't for the music."

Despite the drive toward success, the group does have a motto: "Live right, go to school, get a job, give us your money, and bring your sister," French said. He looked serious.

But, as the night wore on, the question remained: Why name the band Cheyenne?

Point blank Tyler said, "we were told that it looked good on paper."

Gen as reviewed by sicxx

April 30, 2016
A real talent signed to Fokuz in the early days, sadly only 3 EPs ever saw a release.
All 3 are really great though, maybe now sounding a tad dated (except for Reactor) they carry a real organic, mellow, intelligent drum & bass sound. A lot of prominent pads and key work in all 6 tunes, you can tell they were very well made and very thought out tracks.
Reactor I think is the favourite however, and made it onto Fokuz's Time Travel #2 LP. It's certainly one of my favourite tracks, and one that got me into the Fokuz and intelligent drum & bass sound many years ago.

Brim Nusher - Beginning To Fly as reviewed by Wizhard

April 30, 2016
Belgium's trance magic melodies... It's a mixture of hapiness and innocence, kind of a fairytale that makes you forget everything around you. Excellent production from the genius Luc Devriese, lesser known than other BE classics, hard to find !

Explicit Theory - Sonar Sessions EP as reviewed by Mark_Anthony

April 30, 2016
Super San Fran, Mark Farina style record. Lots of samples and happy sounds, mixed with a little bit of glitch/scratch. There's a time and place for the A-side. Outdoor, rooftops etc :0)

Sade as reviewed by professormouse

April 30, 2016
Dear 'Epic Records',
Since even Bananarama et al have had their albums re-released with the 2CD/DVD 'treatment'...
IF you wanna squeeze some more CA$H out this gal's long term fans could 'ye not do something along those lines ?
Or if U wanna be 'classier', you could always put out something like the Roxy Music CD 'box-set' for ms.Sade ??
Just a thought ! xx

Radiorama - The Legend as reviewed by rock-ranger

April 30, 2016
The real value here is Disc 1, on Disc 2 you'll get the same heavy filtered vinyl transfers as on the first Radiorama Album on this label.