Radiohead - The Bends as reviewed by Duke-Lion

September 25, 2016
My copy is quite sibilant and also loses fidelity on the inner tracks, Its not my set up as other records sound fine. I'm really struggling with this one.....

Tom Jenkinson - Bubble And Squeak E.P. as reviewed by keymap-records

September 25, 2016
Dismayed by the meh reviews of this one by my fellow coggers. This is one of my favorite Squarepusher albums and IMHO the perfection of his fusion of 90s dnb and 70s jazz. Impeccable mindblowing drum programming, fantastic Jaco-esque upper register bass guitar solos over deep sub basslines, beautiful original melodic compositions centered around Fender Rhodes jazz chords, more complex than 99.9% of other jungle/breakcore before or since. None of the schizo soundtracky/discoish detours his music can sometimes take or overreliance on DSP, just pure instrumental bass worship and Amen permutation bliss. Maybe not the all time best Squarepusher album if only because it's only 2 tracks long, but definitely an essential one.

Manual - Until Tomorrow as reviewed by scoundrel

September 25, 2016
On his debut, Manual decides to hang around UNTIL TOMORROW with the warm crackling and gentle strums of "Nova" before it leads into some tropical steel pans. The hiss takes up a prominent role in "Velvet Sunset" even as the melodic elements assert themselves until it finally gives up, while a percussive chatter lingers in the background of "It'll Be Fine." "Frequently" refracts upon itself at the end, and "Lunate" quietly picks up the pieces with some soft piano chords. Some quicker breaks speed up "Inn," though a langourous bliss still permeates the track, as a Boards of Canada-like starriness twinkles through "Baja Nights." The chittering percussion returns on "Tomorrow" to guide the album out on a soft wave. A sweet listen.

Jan & Dean - The Little Old Lady From Pasadena as reviewed by SchizoMelodies

September 25, 2016
This album is all over the place... honestly it's more of a children's novelty record than a legit surf album. You can expect plenty of wholesome & inoffensive music that even grandma can enjoy!

Billy May And His Orchestra - Sorta-Dixie! as reviewed by SchizoMelodies

September 25, 2016
edited about 3 hours ago
This record tries to make a musical joke about a SUPER LOUD orchestra constantly INTERRUPTING a Dixieland Jazz band. While there are a few stand out moments, all in all the joke gets old and this record is a chore to listen too. It's TOO PIERCING! I do love the cover art though.

Various - The History Of Jazz Vol. 1 - N'Orleans Origins as reviewed by SchizoMelodies

September 25, 2016
Excellent collection of early Jazz & Blues recordings of artists from New Orleans. Some rare tracks here.

Fragma - Toca as reviewed by Narsha

September 25, 2016
edited about 5 hours ago
Toca is must have album for Electronic music collections. The obvious reason is the legendary singles "Toca's Miracle", "Everytime You Need Me", and "Toca Me". But if you've listened to Euro-dance playlists or ever let a website like YouTube autoplay this type of music, you'll probably find that you've heard many songs from the album before. In the sea of trance/dance/NRG albums that came out of Europe around the time of this album, this one manages to harness the familiar electronic sound without becoming monotonous or boring.

It's a shame that the vocalist of "Toca's Miracle" was not properly compensated for the song (it was basically an illegal track). It's also a shame that she (Coco) and Maria Rubia were not featured on more of the album. Although Damae's vocals are sometimes very enjoyable, there are some tracks that are notably worse for her presence.

The Japanese print is a must for the two bonus tracks. The club mix of "Everytime You Need Me" is great, while the Above and Beyond remix is one of the best trance songs of all time (in my opinion) and thus completes the album.

Lana Del Rey - Paradise as reviewed by cblanchard2018

September 25, 2016
This album is absolutely breathtaking. Lana has one of those voices that should only be listened to on vinyl. Her voice and her sound is very retro-sounding. Just stunning.

Jóel Pálsson - Septett as reviewed by tamplier.1974

September 25, 2016
For those of us who aren't world travelers, hot jazz out of Iceland might seem unlikely. Or cool jazz for that matter, but saxophonist Joel Palsson's Septett takes a giant step toward putting that North Atlantic island nation on the jazz map.
Reed player Joel Palsson studied at the prestigious (for good reason) Berklee College of Music, graduating summa cum laude. He has appeared on over fifty recordings, with Septett being his second outing as a leader. The music here is rooted in the familiar, but containing a shade of the odd or otherworldly, as if the sound of jazz in the relative isolation in Reykjavik is evolving along parallel lines with its American counterpart, but with some small and very interesting divergencies— with you might say, an Iclandic tinge.
Septett has its share of fine solo spots for saxophone and trumpet, but the ensemble work is its strong point—spirited and swirling reed/brass conversations doing their give and take in front of a solid but quirky (in the best possible sense of the word) rhythm section.
One of the signatures of Palsson's complex arrangements—and one element of what I'm trying to get at with words like "odd" and "otherworldly" and "quirky"—is a keyboard undercurrent. The Hammond, Wurlitzer, sythesizers, sampler, and jarmdollo (a can that goes boo, like a cow, according to Palsson) are used subtly and judiciously throughout, without calling attention to themselves or taking the music away from and an accoustic/organic feel, giving density and fullness to songs that sometimes bop, and sometimes bring Ellington ( The Far East Suite ) or Gil Evans ( Sketches of Spain ) to mind. Palsson's music apparently knows no geographical boundaries.
A marvelous ensemble recording by Iceland's sax man, an effort that should should earn him an audience far beyond his North Atlantic homeland.
All About Jazz

Criminalz - Criminal Activity as reviewed by SupportBoy

September 25, 2016
Spice 1, Jayo Felony and Celly Cel making an album together? A dream.
I don't know why Jayo was listed as featured artist instead of main one on the front cover, but this album was the shit, a bangin' combination of West ("Puttin' in Work", "My Life", "The Real World"), South ("Niggaz Like Us", "Boss Up") and G-Funk music ("Reminisce", "What They Hittin' fo?", "Rollin' wit' My Folks"), unfortunately went almost unnoticed.

Das Blasorchester Freiweg - Hanseatic/Unsere Marine as reviewed by donotdisturb1

September 25, 2016
Sound postcard plays HANSEATIC brass band Freiweg & the Octavios

M-Ways - Slippery Trip Hazard as reviewed by OminousMafioso

September 25, 2016
Just...a masterpiece. The instruments, the lyrics, the wit, this album just...works!

Various - Junction 001 as reviewed by ishanbjw

September 25, 2016
Great first EP for this new label, A-side offers a very percussive and very exhilarating track, while B-side is way more groovier. Brilliant!

Vicki Sue Robinson - Nightime Fantasy / Feels So Good It Must Be Wrong as reviewed by merlinstar14

September 25, 2016
The Nocturnal album soundtrack version is a minute and a half longer than the 12" mix.

Skymaster - Africa E.P. as reviewed by mewinyoulose

September 25, 2016
All 3 tracks here are fantastic. But "Exclusive Spirit" is absolutely killer!!!

Guy J - The Trees, The Sea & The Sun as reviewed by nihilisten

September 25, 2016
Very, very good melodic house. Best house album of 2015 for me. Quite an archivement to make a 22 track album without any filler tracks. Guy J just gets better with age...

Templeton Peck - Untitled as reviewed by mundayschild

September 25, 2016
I wish Fourtet would stop playing my bloody records!! thats why the price has gone up on this to stupidity levels.
This had been sitting here for a few years for under a tenner easy.

Fifth Harmony - 7/27 as reviewed by cblanchard2018

September 25, 2016
After their debut album Reflection, Fifth Harmony has released their sophomore album, 7/27, titled after the date they were formed, July 27th, 2012. After releasing their smash hit lead single from the album, Work From Home, back in February, their much-anticipated album is finally out, and with much praise. This time around, the girls have abandoned Reflection's sound in favor of a more R&B feel, and those songs are more prominent with Gonna Get Better and All In My Head, which has a heavy reggae feel to it.

Track 1: That's My Girl - To kick off the album, we have That's My Girl, a nothing-can-go-wrong song, with a positive message behind it about girl power. This song is everything the girls stand for: girl power, feminism, etc. This song is a great start to the album.

Track 2: Work From Home (feat. Ty Dolla $ign) - The second song on the album uses a simple beat and turns it into a hit that is sure to be played in every club across the world. In the song, the girls sing about their man always working, and that they're the boss in the relationship. Basically, everything they sang about in That's My Girl is completely contradicted in this song.

Track 3: The Life - Next up, we have a fun, summer-time pool-party-type song, with such lyrics as "Getting down on a beach in Dubai" and "Pool side, sipping on a Mai Tai" to really get the party started. This is the perfect song to play at pretty much any dance party.

Track 4: Write On Me - By the fourth song on the album, the party's already started, and the girls have made sure that the party slows down for a second with a song talking about love and romance. The lyrics are pretty basic, but it's still a great song nonetheless. Despite the first four songs having heavy beats, the only instruments this song has is a guitar and a drum beat.

Track 5: I Lied - The song's title sounds like a contradiction from the last song, that talks about love. In this song, upon hearing the lyric "I said I love you, but I lied," the listeners are left in confusion, asking themselves, "Weren't they just singing about romance in the last song?" Then, immediately after, they're hit with a wave of relief as they hear "Cause love never got me this high." This is pretty much Write On Me with a heavier beat and a faster pace with some misleading lyrics, and an amazing beat drop.

Track 6: All In My Head (Flex) (feat. Fetty Wap) - It's obvious the girls are still somewhat toying around trying to find their sound with this song, which features an awesome guitar reggae riff at the beginning, and also throughout the song. This song is about being in bed with the one you love, and that is proven with the lyric "Come and climb in my bed. Don't be shy, do your thing."

Track 7: Squeeze - Just by the title, one can tell that the party's slowing down yet again for arguably the best song on the entire album. Though not as overly explicit with its message as All In My Head is, this song is about just wanting to hug your boyfriend/girlfriend so tight and never let them go.

Track 8: Gonna Get Better - While this song is my least favorite on the album, it's still better than half the stuff that you hear on the radio nowadays. From its opening lyrics to its last beat, this song talks about not leaving someone no matter what they go through, and talking about how it will get better (hence the song's title Gonna Get Better).

Track 9: Scared of Happy - This song talks about someone being scared to open up for love and happiness. With its upbeat lyrics and heavy beat, this song is sure to get anyone who hears it bopping their heads and dancing around.

Track 10: Not That Kinda Girl (Explicit) (feat. Missy Elliott) - With the girls' first official explicit song, this club banger is about not going with the flow and not "putting out" for boys. With an iconic rap verse by Missy Elliott, this song is sure to be their next single sooner or later.

Deluxe Edition Songs:
Track 11: Dope (Explicit) - One of the best songs on the album, Dope is about just telling someone they're cool, they're awesome. Just an amazing upbeat song, slowed down just a smidget, so it's not as fast as Not That Kinda Girl, but not as slow as Squeeze.

Track 12: No Way - By the end of this song, there's no way you won't be in tears. This song is about going through a horrible breakup and talks about being blinded by love that one can't see the other is unhappy. Definitely their deepest, most emotional song.

If you're a fan of pop music and/or girl groups, definitely pick this album up. You'll dance, you'll love, you'll cry. You'll feel every emotion at least once throughout this album.

Thompson Twins - Into The Gap as reviewed by darlingkandie

September 25, 2016
It's unfortunate that, for whatever reason, the bonus disc here does not include the complete remix album that accompanied the original UK cassette. This same company's reissue of "Quick Step & Side Kick" accurately reproduced that album's UK cassette remix album, so I was expecting this release to do the same. Unfortunately I didn't read the track listing closely enough before ordering. Having purchased the nice looking blue vinyl reissue they just recently released, I didn't need this double disc at all. That said, it's not particularly bad, just unnecessary and very perplexing. I'll be more careful when ordering in the future.

The Inmates (2) - Five as reviewed by FPL

September 25, 2016
Issue date is wrong. 1984 is original press by Lolita. Revenge was created many yeas after at the end of the eighties by Jacques Leblanc (Jukebox Mag) created also Eva/Lolita before.

Various - The Hidden Tapes as reviewed by walhalla_2000

September 25, 2016
edited about 12 hours ago
The last track "Microphone Connection" comes from me, I have it on tape and made a copy for Veronica Estela Vasicka. I received the original recording from Henk Wallays who worked together with Tara Cross. It comes from the orginal demo tape where Tara Cross comments every base track before sending it to Henk Wallays.

Charles Aznavour - J'aime Charles Aznavour, Vol. 4 as reviewed by auvinen1956

September 25, 2016
A rare Ducretet Thomson issue. A similar album jacket exists on EMI SCEX 340810. Also a different photo sleeve was issued on EMI/Columbia SCTX 340810.

Radiohead - In Rainbows as reviewed by benchox

September 25, 2016
Ok This pressing sounds terrible, a totally waste of money!

Charles Aznavour - 5 - On Ne Sait Jamais as reviewed by auvinen1956

September 25, 2016
Here's the EP recording of four iconic songs. The first issue is from 1956 but there are a new similar edition for every each year up to 1965. Only the label colours change in the year 1957. Seemingly a good seller and cautious marketing in the 50's.

Pahel & Terence Chill sind Das Tagteam - Erste Runde as reviewed by siCk79

September 25, 2016
edited about 12 hours ago
Da hat man als Ruhrpott Rap fan drauf gewartet, Pahel von RAG und Terence Chill aus der Bunkerwelt in Witten. Terence auch bekannt durch die erste Creutzfeld Jakob album vom Track : Zugzwang!! Sehr dope beats produziert von Terence und ausgefeilte Lyrics ausm Pott, die ihres gleichen Suchen. Hohes Niveau!!! Peace