Gavin Bryars With Tom Waits - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet as reviewed by hafler3o

February 19, 2017
Is it me or is this way, way too long? At some point you have to say 'enough is enough'. The looping, building melody is quite lovely but the abrupt 'pause' before repeat is detrimental to the overall feel. Tom Waits does his best to liven proceedings at the end by singing the same refrain. John Cage never sounded so invigorating after this, especially the silent piece.

Gavin Bryars With Tom Waits - Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet as reviewed by hafler3o

February 19, 2017
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A Guy Called Gerald - The Peel Sessions as reviewed by Steveo33837

February 19, 2017
Hold on... Complete acid house class. Dreamy vocals over a smooth, soft 4/4 house beat enhanced by deep strings and a break similar to 'Pacific' by 808 State. The vocals... with a nod to the ahem... drugs around at the time; 'I can feel there's a force taking hold of me, it releases emotions that set me free - I try to take hold, but I lose control of my body, mind and soul'. A tune you can feel!

Stone cold classic which is just the one for a laid back bar in Ibiza. Way back in 1990, I had a tape... DJ Fingers (Luton) had superbly mixed this with Sweet Exorcist 'Testone'. Not the easiest tracks to mix but they blend just great.

Original early house music which hopefully will never get the awful EMD remix treatment a la Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix etc... hands off!

Yves Cloutier, Richard Toupin - Yves Et Toup as reviewed by DisKebec

February 19, 2017
Scarce undiscovered gem....pressed locally in very small numbers with only limited distribution. The short-lived Richard Toupin & Yves Cloutier collaboration resulted in only one obscure long play....this Xian folk-rock stunner….. a blend of smooth vocal harmonies, haunting acoustic guitars, flutes, & synths....all with great interplay.....swirling progressive arrangements and spacey psych-tinged vibes.

Sometines reminiscent of Harmonium's debut, but with a vibe very similar to the two progressive-folk gems recorded by the obscure Quebec bands Ajour and especially Shawi, which were both released around the same time (French lyrics, but with lots of long instrumental passages).

.... a "Dreamy artistic progressive folk masterpiece" ....

Rosetta Stone - Epitome E.P. as reviewed by ETSGroup

February 19, 2017
#2 - Adrenaline (Extended) was the best alt. club song on this cd.

Various - The Hits Of House Are Here as reviewed by intxausti13

February 19, 2017
Fantastic CD. Had it on cassette in 88 then got cd much later. Nitro Deluxe and Paid in full are standout track's

Ruby - Salt Peter as reviewed by ETSGroup

February 19, 2017
"4-Tiny Meat" was the best alt club song on this cd.

Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest as reviewed by sicxx

February 19, 2017
The atmosphere of Tomorrow's Harvest is fantastic. It's extremely dreamlike, almost mournful; even the more upbeat tracks like New Seeds, Come To Dust and Jacquard Causeway are haunting and often feel fuzzy, surreal.
The production, as expected, is gorgeous; punchy when needed and polished beautifully, there's an almost nostalgic tone throughout the whole thing, but it's also strangely futuristic. Like advanced technology, androids and artificial intelligence had been created in the 90's.
There's countless words to describe this album, and a lot of other users use some great ones, otherwordly, cinematic, murky, dark, fuzzy, organic, bizarre.
Repeated listens do it no end of justice, and it's become one of my favourite albums despite not being that impressed on the first listen. It's one I always come back to, and one that creates a mood like few others can.

The Advocate - Deviant as reviewed by Mach2

February 19, 2017
Picked this up after first hearing You Talking To Me and boy was it not a disappointment, both sides are absolute killers, but the Reeseline on Deviant Too just takes it to a different level, especially once the tearing amen kicks in after the slow build, easily one of my top ten tracks, the only disappointment was that The Advocate didn't release more on (their own label) Criminal Communications, every thing they did was top class and filled with attitude.

YellowMan - Reggae Essentials as reviewed by madmike127

February 19, 2017
This album sucks! I was so excited to have an album with so many good yellowman songs on here but hes so old it sounds like its playing at 75% speed sounds nothing like the originals be aware everyone this album was RECORDED! in 2013 not re issued

The Jesus Lizard - Down as reviewed by MEllODrOnE

February 19, 2017
All of these Jesus Lizard Touch & Go Reissues, remastered by Steve Albini sound so great. I also have Head and Liar and they both sound excellent as well. They are pretty true to the sound of the original releases except, I think the instruments are a little better defined on these reissues. I have the original Liar LP and the mix is a little louder and a tad bit more raw sounding. I would have to say both are worth getting. If you can't find an original these reissues are definitely a great alternative. 20 bucks gets you a high quality gatefold sleeve, two page insert, and premium 120G vinyl pressed by RTI. Out of all the reissues I've bought, The Jesus Lizard series is by far my mos all time favorite for the quality of the sound and the pressings are flat and quiet. Can't say enough good things about the these Jesus Lizard Touch & Go reissues.

Om Unit Presents Various - Cosmology Selections as reviewed by masaq

February 19, 2017
Finally the best of the Cosmology Trilogy digital releases makes the cut on vinyl. Label mainstays Moresounds, Danny Scrilla, DJ Madd, Kromestar and the label boss Om Unit, with contributions from Fracture, Distance and TMSV amongst others. This is a real gem of an album. There's Dubstep, D & B, Juke, and Half Time as well as 160bpm and Jungle elements to keep most bassheads more than happy. The sound quality is superb. The sub really is pronounced across all three plates which are cut nice and loud.

It really is hard to pick a favourite track, but Nuff Music, the Spiritwerk remix, Send them Come, After Dark and Hidden Dread are all superb tracks. I could just mention them all, they are so good in different ways. V7STX is a real heavyweight Kromestar track, What a Party, Riddim and Chatting Breeze are also top tunes.

In conclusion, the first vinyl album offering on Cosmic Bridge is going to prove to be a contender already for album of the year, it really is that good. What a start to 2017. Cosmic Bridge goes from strength to strength. Essential vinyl.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets as reviewed by motleyfan123

February 19, 2017
sounds OK, no skips or scratches on mine. Guess you have to get lucky if you have no skips.

Mötley Crüe - Mötley Crüe as reviewed by TerpMichael

February 19, 2017
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This is hands down the best of the Crue catalog. It is amazing what happens when you have a vocalist that CAN ACTUALLY SING. Vince Neil was always the weakest link.

Now if I could only find a copy on vinyl that wasn't ridiculously expensive.

Various - 98.7 Kiss FM Presents Shep Pettibone's Mastermixes as reviewed by Toco2009

February 19, 2017
A fantastic collection of disco/funk twelch inch versions. Most of them reached the Billnboard Hot Dance charts, A must buy

TMSV - Jazz Error / Calavera as reviewed by masaq

February 19, 2017
What a follow up to the Over Out EP (CBR17) also on Cosmic Bridge. Two absolute banging tunes on 10". Love both tracks. What a start to 2017 for Tomas. Big things in store I reckon.

Baruch Richman - Mizmor Haftorah Record as reviewed by vinylrules69

February 19, 2017
mine says haftorah of lech-lecha
otherwise seems the same thing

Mark Broom - From London With Love as reviewed by Tahrikator

February 19, 2017
captivating Mark Broom excellency !

Stephen Stills - Stills Alone as reviewed by Rockpile51

February 19, 2017
Very well done unofficial version, looks authentic on a silver faced disc !!!

Al Jarreau - 1965 as reviewed by mrcurley

February 19, 2017
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This 1965 session presents AJ at his finest, and a "true" jazz man. Unlike the 70's AJ pop and fame chaser that compromised his integrity and talent. I rate this album high within my jazz collection - solid high quality pure jazz listening.

Clyde Stubblefield as reviewed by DOCTOR_DIATRIBE23

February 19, 2017
RIP Clyde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing drummer you were! The original break beat!

J P Massiera* - The Unreleased as reviewed by djkiss72

February 19, 2017
this needs a repress very soon. Anyone agreed on that one?

Moviola - The Durable Dream as reviewed by notec

February 19, 2017
MOVIOLA ARE A musical sponge. Their music stretches out occupying a larger space. No one needs to tell these guys how to do cool, smooth dreamy little pop songs. With the windows rolled down just enough to let in plenty of fresh air - reflections can be gleamed - but it's their own style that wins the day. "The Durable Dream" taps into a somewhat retro-ish feel on some of these thirteen spry gems but no one gets hurt or is worse for the wear - the standout tracks "Crowding the Sky," "Accosted," and the PELL MELL-ish "1/4 Tank" are dandy strummers smacked with melancholy - add to that a bit of obscurity in the lyrics and a good mix of supporting musicians (cello, pedal steel and cornet) and you've got yourself one hell of a durable sound.

The Velvet Underground & Nico (3) - The Velvet Underground & Nico as reviewed by jeffreylisetto

February 19, 2017
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