Karl Berger, Kirk Knuffke - Moon as reviewed by jamesjazzy

December 10, 2016
Bore fest upon first few listenings.....while I do like slow cerebral Vibes (i.e. 1970's Gary Burton) this recording appears to be deadly empty.....couldn't even get to 2nd disc....

The Persuader - A View From Slussen as reviewed by cmacnulty

December 10, 2016
After all these years, everything about this release is still amazing.

Entheogenic as reviewed by Articuno

December 10, 2016
Their first two albums were good. After that things went downhill pretty quickly. Nowadays their tracks sound like they've been thrown together quickly and haphazardly, and they recycle the same sounds going all the way back to their debut album.

Hybrid (17) - All I Wanna Do Is Dance as reviewed by MRMR82

December 10, 2016
edited about 2 hours ago
How many copys where realest if anybody has any info. Hit me up thanks

Ott - Skylon as reviewed by kitoulolo

December 10, 2016
The best piece of music ever : "queen of all everything"...queen of all songs....adore !!!

George Harrison - Electronic Sound as reviewed by progfan97402

December 10, 2016
This is truly a controversial album in the career of George Harrison, and I never thought he was as controversial as John Lennon (I always thought that Harrison, as well as Ringo Starr were the two Beatles members that wanted to stay away from the Lennon/McCartney bickering). This was one of just two albums on the short-lived Zapple label (in fact bears the very same label as the standard Apple label), until Allen Klein came in and put a halt on the operation. So Electronic Sound is considered nothing more than rubbish, simply to exploit a then-new instrument, the Moog synthesizer. Not by me. About nine years later Vangelis did something similar with Beaubourg, but not on a Moog (apparently a Yamaha CS-80) and that one too gets similar reactions. I didn't buy Electronic Sound expecting "My Sweet Lord" or "Here Comes the Sun". Harrison came to LA in late '68 to see a demonstration of the Moog by Bernie Krause, and brought it to England, but not first without recording "No Time or Space" with Bernie Krause (which upsetted Krause), and the other, recorded in England with "Behind the Mersey Wall".

So you have to have an appreciation for early electronic music and avant garde. So if you have no trouble with Vangelis' Beaubourg (or its 1980s counterpart, Invisible Connections), or the music of Nik Raicevic, Mort Garson, or Morton Subotnik (who used a Buchla, rather than Moog), this should be right up your alley. One gets a big impression that George Harrison didn't entirely know what he was doing on the Moog (since I never laid my hands on a modular Moog, or seen one in the flesh, for that matter, I know they can be rather intimidating), so a lot of the sounds you hear are likely accidental, it's like turn the knobs and press the keyboard to see where it goes. But again, it's not too different from listening to a Nik Raicevic, Emerson Meyers, or Morton Subotnik album in many ways. So it's not like George Harrison was trying to go Tangerine Dream or Jean Michel Jarre here, nor was it an extension to the Beatles, it was him exploring avant garde electronic music, and I really do enjoy it, it's truly an album from a guy who had, well, no experience in this field. Of couse he never repeated this experiment again. Poor US chart showing is no surprise, it shouldn't have surprised him either, this wasn't going to be chart-friendly material, full of hits, like on All Things Must Pass. After this album, this very same synthesizer was put to good use on Abbey Road, this time, in a much more tuneful and low-key manner.

Beatles fans probably only want this for similar reasons they want John Lennon & Yoko Ono's two Unfinished Music albums, but for those interested in early electronic and avant garde, it's actually worth hearing.

Phase 5 Records as reviewed by dpayne5

December 10, 2016
Phase 5 Records was started in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1980 by Douglas Payne. Doug Payne and Polygon,Stan Arrington, Steve Byrd & U-Turn, and Sam Davis all recorded and released music using the Phase 5 Record label.

My Bloody Valentine - M B V as reviewed by snatchbeast

December 10, 2016
Besides the common problem of the record breaking thru the spine of the gatefold, this thing is perfect. Loud, bright but warm, and full. Play this loud!

The Life And Times - Lost Bees as reviewed by vintage_obsolete

December 10, 2016
"Passion Pit" is the only stand-out track on this album. Great song.

Radicais Do Peso - Ameaça Ao Sistema as reviewed by Namixxx

December 10, 2016
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Radicais do Peso is a brazilian rap group formed in 1990 straight from São Paulo. The group members are DJ Ninja, Mega (Heliobranco), MC Jack, Rooney, Alambeat and G.D.O. The group released this album in 1992 and won the group revelation of the year.

Traffic - Mr. Fantasy as reviewed by streetmouse

December 10, 2016
The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper had a reach far beyond merely the music, the sound and the presentation … what The Beatles laid down with Sgt. Pepper and all that lead up it, created a blueprint of sorts, and there were many who followed those ideas, with Traffic being one of them. The original UK version, as with The Beatles, left off all of the hit singles such as “Paper Sun,” with the US take attempting to rectify the issue by retooling the album and calling it Heaven In Your Mind, and then including those lost classic tracks, where in their hast, completely reordering the tacking of the album. And the saga doesn’t stop there, with the outing being reconfigured so many times, it’s tough to know where the story begins and ends.

One thing I will say is that Traffic would never make an album like Mr. Fantasy again, and even if one discounts those hits, the album sincerely shows a band in the mist of transition, though this being their first proper release, it’s more fitting to say that they were finding their footing. Take Mason’s sitar washed “Utterly Simple,” a song that is flooded with George Harrison influences, yet turns almost in mid stream, becoming a parody of itself, laden with Moody Blues spoken words, words that sound out of place, and a bit corny even for The Moody Blues. There are some studio effects that allow several of the tracks to feel rather tired … “Heaven In Your Mind” was to be laced with stereo panned vocals and reverb, that don’t seem to come off as planed; though having said that, all of the tracks have been creatively arranged and bursting at the seams with power. The one thing that does linger with listeners is the fact that Traffic should not have ventured down the psychedelic road, because it wasn’t them, it didn’t suit their music, and by the time of its release, the psychedelic wave had already crested.

Probably the major issue with Traffic was the nature of the group in and of itself, where each member was strong enough to be fronting their own band, and by finding themselves stacked up against each other, they were all struggling to find their own voices, leaving the record to sound like bits and pieces of far too much, seeming to lack direction, and a center that would hold them in check.

Disregarding all of this, Mr. Fantasy does hold some magic, though probably more for those who where there then, then those coming to this album after becoming familiar with the Traffic that would secure a seminal place in the pages of rock history. So be kind as you open this door, you don’t need to hold your breath with reverence, just try to imagine a time when recording was still in its infancy, when these ideas where totally fresh, when so much was trial and error, and even when things went momentarily sideways, what was glimmered from these historic recordings paved the way for so much beauty that was to follow.

Regardless of how I rated this release, I could not live without “Heaven In Your Min,” “Dear Mr. Fantasy,” “Dealer,” or “Coloured Rain.”

Review by Jenell Kesler

Roy Ayers - Virgin Ubiquity (Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981) as reviewed by teebnyc

December 10, 2016
A diverse production fusing the best elements of Soul, Jazz Funk, R&B and Disco! The pressing is sonically superior which adds more value to this collection of rare grooves by the master Vibraphonist. Roy Ayers & Ubiquity, the heads thank you

Various - The Linn Drum Jams as reviewed by xj23

December 10, 2016
Not sure why this is called The Linn Drum Jams. It is clearly an Oberheim DMX on every track.

Norah Jones - Day Breaks as reviewed by hemiguy2015

December 10, 2016
Fantastic album and artist!!!
Quality pressing and beautiful translucent orange vinyl!!
A real treat for those of you who like sultry female Jazz vocals.

Pink Floyd - Animals as reviewed by hemiguy2015

December 10, 2016
Fantastic Job on these 2016 remasters!!!
I Also have the Wall, Atom Heart Mother, Obscured and they are all fantastic pressings.
Sound quality is crisp clean and the vinyl is quiet.

Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home as reviewed by Somaz

December 10, 2016
Two old rockers sounding young again. Fabulous.
The grit is evident.
Great harp playing too

Richie Hawtin as reviewed by DOCTOR_DIATRIBE23

December 10, 2016
edited about 7 hours ago
Brilliant documentary on his life I did once see... I grew up in Buckinghamshire.... To be that close to Banbury,... It's a good feeling ;)

Digital Mystikz - Return II Space as reviewed by deeztayl

December 10, 2016
An absolute masterpiece. These tracks are unbelievably detailed works of art while also being total hoodie-up CHOOOOONS. Listening to this really loud on vinyl with headphones makes me feel like I'm in the star gate scene from "2001". There's literally nothing else like this record.

The Suburban Knight* - Nocturbulous Behavior as reviewed by Swinger

December 10, 2016
edited about 7 hours ago
This is why we drove whilst being awake for a couple of hours after a 24 hour+ party in berlin, This is why we lost loves, this is why we stayed awake for ever, This is techno!

Jesse Ashlock - Still Water Runs The Deepest / There's No Time Like Today as reviewed by ross.jones

December 10, 2016
There is so little information and no images for this record I cannot tell if my copy (for radio stations) is different. Please add more information and images to this record to make it useful.

Secret Hero & Lethal One / Lethal One - No Democracy / United States as reviewed by neurodynamo

December 10, 2016
I like the acid break in United States and the air raid siren but putting an vocal Obama sample in any record - I will never buy that period what slime that creature was :(

No Democracy make a statement like that and I expect pummel my brain acid stuff not really here sorry

and the 303's sound too familiar and samey in both tracks

have fun sampling the Top Trumper in future releases

not bad but still Piccadilly, has the Lethal One dose for me :)

Rowland The Bastard - Lets Dance as reviewed by neurodynamo

December 10, 2016
The Steve Mills mix is cool, the best mix here

the other mixes sound poor and Roland has made some amazing old tunes

a disappointing release - and what a shame trying to revitalise an excellent old label

A missed opportunity

George Lewis - Changing With The Times as reviewed by jamesjazzy

December 10, 2016
edited about 9 hours ago
No Bass player opens up the bottom and the music falls through the hole into a world of normalcy and hollowness.

Deru - 1979 as reviewed by BAZONG

December 10, 2016
His best work so far. On par with Biosphere's outstanding "Substrata" or "Cirque". Very strong, deep and athmospheric. I would say, a "milestone".
Should be rereleased as a double-CD (Remix-version incl.), maybe in 500 limitation or so...
Come on ! Vinyl-only is boring.

DJ X Rated - DJ XX EP as reviewed by TRAINSPOTTER47

December 10, 2016
This is a superb EP, Too Late is proper hardcore which takes you right there, one of the top tunes of late 92! Crazy!! In a crazy time!!! :D