Search (9) - Fenomena - Limited US Edition as reviewed by mralini

March 22, 2017
This CD is not remastered and was a direct replication of the 1990 Made In Japan Fenomena CD. The sound from the Fenomena 2003 remastered and remix version is better. Do not buy this CD if expect a better sounding version. The packaging is nicely done trying to replicate the LP version. But in my opinion, the should try to replicate the design from the cassette version which is familiar to every Search fans. A missed opportunity to make an awesome product.

Goodays as reviewed by jadawhannel

March 22, 2017
Thank you for my Beatles vs Stones CD which I received today.



Nirvana - Incesticide as reviewed by SSaxdude

March 22, 2017
This pressing sounds absolutely phenomenal. A significant step above the 1992 CD. I'm glad they went all out for a 45 RPM double LP. It sounds punchy with an incredible low end, like the 2013 pressing of In Utero. Except the 2013 In Utero sounds very dark. It is worth the price. I might say it's even better than the 2009 ORG Nevermind.

DJ Hype & Ganja Max - Volume Six as reviewed by krunchtime

March 22, 2017
Never knew this was first, original DJ Hype dub

The Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane as reviewed by StrawberryFields_

March 22, 2017
I really like both songs especially the psychedelic "Strawberry Fields Forever"
The picture sleeve looks very nice.

Alanis* - Alanis as reviewed by boyettalyssa

March 22, 2017
This is Alanis' first album when she was a teenager and it was released in Canada in 1991.

Duran Duran - Live in N.Y. City Nov. 1984 as reviewed by bungabunga

March 22, 2017
This record has an accetable audio quality than the average of the bootlegs.

James Taylor (2) - Gorilla as reviewed by evilmainer

March 22, 2017
Great album, wandering is a newly discovered gem for this fan.

Duran Duran - Cheek To Chic as reviewed by bungabunga

March 22, 2017
This record has a great audio quality than the average of the bootlegs.

Oh Wonder - Oh Wonder as reviewed by mattlebel

March 22, 2017
Nice listening quality -- I've got two of these framed (one as a gift) and keep one for playing.

Awesome gatefold art/lyrics, but all three versions that I purchased have slight yellow discoloration on the "Side C/ Side D" record. Same for anyone else?

Coppice Halifax - M31 as reviewed by alternating_bit

March 22, 2017
What a perfect blend of the 3 styles listed; ambient, dub techno and drone. The ticking clock-like rhythm almost acts as a pocket watch pendulum to put the listener into an innocuous trance-like state. The hypnotic aura of this body of work always leaves me to question how much variety or change was within and yet each time I tend to forget that quest as I'm so soothed by the score. Once again Brian Grainger offers an art form that many may not appreciate nor understand but for those who do, what bliss it is.

Megadeth - So Far So Good...So What as reviewed by Tweaker420666

March 22, 2017
I personally thought this album sounded amazing! I put on a different album afterward that I picked up and it sounded terrible in comparison (sound quality).

Schoolly D - Saturday Night! The Album as reviewed by driver_ufo84

March 22, 2017
CRUCIAL reissue. Every track goes HARD. Still love how Schoolly would rhyme and drum out the beat on the sampler simultaneously. All the way live, for real.

Struggle / Dean Frazer* / Sly & Robbie - My Baby / Rent A Car / Billie Jean as reviewed by happacat

March 22, 2017
Excellent little ep - Rent a Car is the instrumental version of My Baby btw

Yara (5) - Waiting For The Big Rain as reviewed by 4468368

March 22, 2017
Very rare CD. Jurgen Zoller(ex. Supermax drummer) plays all track.

Cutty Sark (2) - Die Tonight as reviewed by dj_stosh

March 22, 2017
The vocals on this album are a bit over the top in places, but not to the same extent as, say Tim Baker's in Cirith Ungol. The music is straight-ahead power metal, with some occasional boogie thrown in for good measure a la Saxon (see for example "Down and Out"). Both rhythm and lead guitar are very accomplished, especially on the instrumental track "October Holiday." Most of the highlights are on side one, which contains the gloomy slow-burner "Vultures in the Air," the manic "Jam to the Ramp," and the titular "Die Tonight," a song that manages to be both threatening and funny at the same time. Recommended for fans of Brocas Helm, Cirith Ungol, Sortilege, and other obscure 80's power metal that was available through mail order (or if you were lucky, at your local Aces Records in Tampa).

Plug - Drum 'n' Bass For Papa as reviewed by mandarinpeel

March 22, 2017
edited about 7 hours ago
Unlike anything I've ever heard or ever will hear (you included).

Royer (3) - Documented as reviewed by basile.michardiere

March 22, 2017
promising french dub techno producer, feeling like this 12" gonna explode

Dickie Goodman - Watergrate / Friends as reviewed by jimmydiscododd

March 22, 2017
For the money this is well worth buying, forget the 'comedy' A side though, Side B has a great slice of early 70's instrumental funk.... I wonder who the band were.

Inspiration - Follow That White Line as reviewed by Taffia1977

March 22, 2017
Pretty bonkers album, but contains some amazing drum breaks and pretty surreal moments of madness. Not sure how many were pressed but obviously very limited. A great rare find.

Funerary Call - The Black Root as reviewed by amynekrotique

March 22, 2017
'The Black Root' was originally released in 2004 on LP by the Polish label Fluttering Dragon. The album was remastered and reissued with new artwork as a CD in December of 2010 on the Australian label Fall of Nature Records. The album contains 8 songs and has a running time less than one hour.

While this album has all the telltale signs of a Ritual Dark Ambient album, such as the dark and disturbing sounds of occultist and ritualistic chants amongst deep, foreboding drones, I feel that this album falls more under the genre of Noise Ambient laced with elements of Drone Ambient. Particularly, I think this album borders on the lines of the sub-genre of Isolationism. After a few songs I found myself feeling as if I was locked away in a dark dungeon, chained up in a cold, dank room. As the songs progressed, I felt as if I was trapped in my prison cell, hearing the sounds coming from other rooms, and slowly going insane at the thought of being unable to escape the impending doom waiting before me. At times, the feeling was downright scary.

However, the typical sounds of Ritual Ambient were often lost under the more noisy elements of these musical compositions. The music does get pretty intense at a few spots where the sound envelops the room, but then progressively becomes quieter. This album has an inescapable Industrial feel to it and borders along the lines of Power Noise at times. Upon first listen, it reminded me of a more ambient Converter or perhaps a few of the ambient works by Manufactura. I also heard a bit of Sephiroth amidst the quieter portions of the album.

One thing I didn't like about this album was how repetitive it was. I like when Dark Ambient albums set a scene and tell a story. 'The Black Root' set the scene, for me it was a dungeon, but it didn't quite take me anywhere else. By the end of the album, I felt like I had listened to one really long song and I felt a bit exhausted, but perhaps that was the point of this musical creation. Perhaps MacFarlane wanted to touch upon the darkest corners of our soul to find what evils lie within, at 'The Black Root.' And in that case, he definitely succeeds at creating a foreboding inescapable atmosphere of dread and despair. You are in for one hell of a ride.

Taxim - Monitoring as reviewed by amynekrotique

March 22, 2017
I had never heard of Taxim before this review and it was very refreshing to hear a band that definitely has it's own sound. I was extremely impressed with the sound quality of the mastering of this album, and while I am into music with a harder edge, I genuinely had fun listening to it. I found myself being anxious to hear the next song. I listened to the tracks from the Bandcamp website on tiny Mac PowerBook G4 speakers and I couldn't believe how crisp and clear the songs were.

While 'Monitoring' features songs that some would say sound like EBM or Futurepop, this album is pretty much summed up as a Dark Electro album because there are multiple genres contained within. If you have heard the single '2011' that was released earlier this year, the entire album lives up to the expectations of that single. Many of these songs are extremely catchy even though they do not have vocals, and most of them are club and work friendly, but could also be listened to as background music while you are studying without being too intense.

As promised by previous albums, 'Monitoring' is mainly instrumental with a few vocal samples in German. The track 'Ich bin nicht schuld' features lyrics sung by Alex himself. It reminded me of And One, as he sounds a lot like Steve Naghavi (to me anyway). However, I'm not too impressed with the opening track, which is featured in a video on their website. I feel it's the weakest song on the album. After hearing the rest of the 'Monitoring,' I was hoping to be blasted with a stronger song to catch my attention and rope me into listening. The opening track just doesn't do that for me.

For me, the album felt light-hearted at the beginning, with the Cyberpunk/Dark Electro genres being introduced as fast and bouncy songs. As it progresses further into the album, the songs slowly morph into what could be considered EBM or Futurepop, while still having a darker feel to them. The last song is slower in nature and is very different from the rest. It may seem a little out of place, but it really wraps up the album into a neat little package and brings you back down from the chaos of the album. While some may be concerned that 'Monitoring' will be disjointed, what with featuring so many genres of music, the songs actually do have a natural flow to them which makes sense to the ear.

I recommend this album for someone who is sick of the 'same old, same old.' 'Monitoring' will not disappoint you. Fans of EBM, Futurepop and Synthpop will definitely enjoy this album.

Mentallo And The Fixer* - Music From The Eather as reviewed by amynekrotique

March 22, 2017
What can I say about this release? It appears that Gary is continuing with his theme from the 'Catalyst' album. The songs on this release were written with the intention of conveying Gary's personal altered experiences with drugs. And that's exactly what they reflect. I'm not a fan of drug usage, but this is still an interesting musical concept to me and I enjoyed the trip that Gary took me on. This album is absolutely chaotic. It's absolutely exhausting to listen to. It makes you want to rip your brain out of your skull. And it's absolutely AWESOME!!

When it comes to Mentallo, you either love him, or hate him. I am a very big fan of Mentallo's older work, as I'm sure most Industrial fans are. However, many years have passed since we were blessed with 'Where Angels Fear To Tread' and I doubt we'll ever be getting another album such as that from Gary. However, I feel that even with this 2012 release, Gary reflects on an older Industrial past and through all the schizophrenic, unstructured tracks on this release, I still get a vibe of old school experimental Industrial. You're not going to be hearing any oontzy EBM style tracks on this album, but you will get a healthy dose of music in the realm of Skinny Puppy, Download, OhGr and perhaps older Front Line Assembly.

I've listened to this album a few times now, and I'm still hearing new things every time I listen. I will admit, it's a bit exhausting to get through. Upon my first listen, I was kind of like, what the hell is this? Some of the tracks are very repetitive and are perhaps a bit too long, but I'm thinking that's ultimately what Gary is trying to convey. An endless cycle that you can't rip free from until you come down.

The tracks contain many layers of sound, but somehow all come together to form an experimental Industrial masterpiece. If you are in the mood to listen to calm music, this is not the album to listen to. If you have an anxiety disorder, this album will probably make it worse. All in all, after listening to the albums a second time, I began to appreciate it more. The only reason I gave this a 7.5 instead of 8 is because it doesn't have a high re-playability rate for me. This is something that I'd need to be in the mood to listen to.

There are no vocals on the 2 CDs that I listened to, but there are samples of human voices throughout. I'm pretty sure a bunch of them are porn samples, but his representation of his mind altering experiences make it hard to pin point where exactly the samples are coming from.

If you are interested, Mentallo & The Fixer have a few side projects: Mainesthai, Benestrophe, Shimri, Parking Lot In Drug Form and Reign of Roses (all from the early 90's, except for Gary's solo project Shimri from 2000)

Tweaker - Call The Time Eternity as reviewed by amynekrotique

March 22, 2017
'Call The Time Eternity' tends to steer itself away from the rock aspect of the band's sound and tends to focus much more on electronics, with songs ranging from trip-hop, to dark electro, to IDM and beyond. This album gives you a little bit of everything while still managing to sound like a complete album. The artwork also takes a new direction on this release, possibly implying that Mr. Vrenna has matured. This may upset some fans because the artwork from the first two albums was revered by us.

Guest vocals on this album include Jessicka Adams from Jack Off Jill (who he also helped produce) and kaRIN from Collide. Abhorrent Derelect also appears on this album. Jessicka's deep, sexy vocals on 'Nothing At All' surprisingly work well with a trip-hop beat, while kaRIN's wispy, ethereal vocals on 'Grounded' only seem fitting for the same genre. Vrenna also masters a cover of Phil Collin's 'I Don't Care Anymore."

The album's opening track, 'Ponygrinder,' includes Vrenna's signature drumming skills with a female robotic voiceover that gives you the impression you're about to be listening to everything you thought the new OhGr album was going to be. As stated before, not many songs feature guitars, but 'Areas of the Brain' fills in that gap along with more insane drumming. 'Hoarding Granules' has an inescapable dub feel to it, which proves that Vrenna has mastered many genres of music. Each song brings something new to the table and expresses various emotions, but still maintains somewhat of a chaotic roller coaster.

I feel that all 11 tracks on this album are fairly solid. Tweaker may not be for everyone however. Fans of IDM and Dark Electro will love this album. If you're a fan of super hard and fast danceable music this may not be the album for you, but I encourage you to give it a try. It's very different from NIN, but there are certain aspects of this album that maintain the sounds of quieter characteristics of NIN. I've been waiting patiently for a new Tweaker release and I am no way disappointed with what I got. I'm not saying that it's the album of the year, but it was a much anticipated release that deserves some recognition.

Atrium Carceri - Void as reviewed by amynekrotique

March 22, 2017
'Void' is not your typical Dark Ambient album. It appears to contain a few different elements of many sub-genres of Dark Ambient and this album seems to be more of a storyteller, giving us a vibe that we are listening to a soundtrack for a movie or perhaps a scary video game. It takes us on a journey down a narrow path leading to the darkest corners of our imaginations. I noticed that the album uses a lot of distortion and noise to surround ambient samples, such as fire crackling or the sounds of someone walking along a stone path.

"Dear Diary" is a short song that uses distorted vocal samples to speak of a diary entry. The filtering used kind of sounds like a Mondoshawan from The Fifth Element, and seems to decay over time as it's speaking. This song has a beat to it, as some of the other songs do, but most of the tracks on this album are flat out Black Ambient.

"Humanity's Cradle" kicks the storytelling aspect of the message from this album into high gear. We hear someone walking along a stone path and possibly a metal walkway. It appears he's on a journey, looking for something. Whether he finds what he's looking for or not, we never know, but we follow him on his journey, all the while hearing what appears to be white noise or distorted animal sounds surrounding him. I think this song is a metaphor for the journey that some of us take when we soul search.

"Curved Blade" is a song that sounds more like a track for a video game. It reminds me a lot of something you would hear from American McGee's Alice (very Vrenna inspired) as it has quite a cinematic quality to it. We hear creepy choir voices among distorted piano that gives it a childlike lullaby quality to it. This song uses more beats and I wouldn't consider it ambient, but rather Industrial IDM.

As you can see by a few of my track descriptions, you will be engaging on quite the sonic journey. As I was listening, I couldn't quite help but feeling that I was Alice, tumbling further down the rabbit hole. Atrium Carceri uses real life noises to tell a disturbing story that envelops the listener into a sinister world of darkness and chaos. Fortunately for you, you will make it out alive. Our traveler though, his adventure may not end in his favor. We'll never know...