DJ 3000 - Just Work It / Get It as reviewed by Kbx_1982

April 26, 2017
edited 35 minutes ago
Awesome release from Motech. For me the best tracks are Just Work it & Get It (Chambray Remix) !

Jammin Gerald - Factory Thing as reviewed by Kbx_1982

April 26, 2017
This one is perhaps (for me) one of the best Dance Mania ever released.
The track 5AC is the way to go. A powerful drum track ! Simple but so good. A must have !

Daddy Tar - Zigzawya / Full Up Of Stylee as reviewed by Mad-Meex

April 26, 2017
Original version, the riddim album mix is different, weaker.

Various - Zigzawya Vol 1 as reviewed by Mad-Meex

April 26, 2017
The mix is different from the 12", weaker. A disappointment...
Tony Rebel being the strongest one here.

David Bowie - Absolute Beginners as reviewed by 10eiwob012016

April 26, 2017
The number on my sticker is 236263 and blacked out.

David Bowie - Bowpromo as reviewed by Chris2020

April 26, 2017
edited about 1 hour ago
The ultimate Parlophone rip off. They are taking us for mugs. Extorting every penny they can from Bowie fans when they should be protecting his catalogue rather than swamping the market with very poor releases such as this. Of course the original of this was a fascinating item and yes, we all would have liked it but to make this out to be a big deal boxed set priced at over £50 in most stores when it's in a generic, poor quality white box with a sticker with a few photos printed on average stock in a pointless envelope and a bit of tissue paper is shocking. The mastering and plates cost is reduced as it's one sided, (don't even get me started on why they didn't secure the rights to the Dana Gillespie B side and do this thing properly), and the sleeve is a single colour print. Very low price to produce, quite probably less than the Cracked Actor triple set (Now there's a fabulous release). This item is a disgrace and Parlophone should be ashamed. As they should be about 3 versions of the No Plan 12". Limited to 15,000!! Laughing all the way to the bank. They're taking the piss.

Steve Lacy, Kent Carter, Andrea Centazzo - Lost In June as reviewed by sotise2

April 26, 2017
the galling thing about the sound quality is that one hears that its a decent source recording, which has been ruined by too much digital syrup... reverb used without restraint... wake up Andrea Centazzo , stop ruining your records with Digital effects, you are not doing the music any Favors... respectfully!!!

Jefferson Airplane - After Bathing At Baxter's as reviewed by dharmabumstead

April 26, 2017
Beautiful, clean and quiet pressing that sounds great! I'd recommend it.

Moggi - Tra Scienza E Fantascienza as reviewed by keymap-records

April 25, 2017
Probably my all time favorite library music record. Just jaw dropping ahead of its time beautiful electronic music touching on prog, new age, italo, hip hop, idm, dnb. A cure for disappointingly overhyped library lps, this gem reminds that when it's good, it's really fucking good!

DJ T-1000 AKA Alan Oldham - Ratchet Traxx as reviewed by Kbx_1982

April 25, 2017
A must have especially for A1 !
A nasty track with an awesome vocal

Phish - Junta as reviewed by downesyndrome4

April 25, 2017
Absolutely perfect. Album is flat and dead silent. The mastering is flawless, the packaging is wonderful, all in all a fantastic album to own. Terribly happy with this one!

Macon Greyson as reviewed by notec

April 25, 2017
if ever there were a Son Volt doppelganger this band would be it - bare witness: 1999's "Miles From Here." the music is solid even if the songs don't always feel complete at times but heartland-ish and sincere. Buddy Huffman's everyman vocals swell with songwriter pride on practically every album/song and the years that followed - really show a progression that was uniquely their own. shame they seem to have fallen off the map after "20th Century Accidents." a rare under the radar rock band from the texas music scene that, when listening to all these years later should have been given their due

Marc Sabat - Les Duresses as reviewed by MrCrisp

April 25, 2017
Great pressing and presentation but unengaging music. Minimalist music, which I'm a fan of, but nothing to draw me in here.

Beneath Usual - Tool Box as reviewed by burninhell

April 25, 2017
Four Bangers on this release. digital honey. love this !!!!

Jamila Woods - HEAVN as reviewed by wolfgangvonberg

April 25, 2017
This was the best album of 2016 and 2017 hasn't given us anything better yet.

Tangerine Dream - Le Parc as reviewed by ryarobin

April 25, 2017
When everyone refers to vapor wave now as some hot commodity. They should check this one out for some retro/futurism.

Devil's Witches - Velvet Magic as reviewed by goat-scrot

April 25, 2017
edited about 8 hours ago
Fucking GREAT Stoner Metal, imagine if you slapped Uncle Acid's best songs into a blender with that groovy debut from Beastmaker.........you are in the right universe. 9/10 EASILY, can't wait to find an lp or cassette of this release.

Leila K With Rob 'N' Raz - Got To Get as reviewed by rons-no.1-records

April 25, 2017
I believe these pictures belong with a US version, not the Canadian version, as required here.

Division Germania / Macht & Ehre - Hass Schürender Lärm! as reviewed by FantomasRagnarok

April 25, 2017
Im looking for this on Vinyl, let me know if you wanna sell. Thanks!!!

Hong Kong Counterfeit as reviewed by KATYA.CASIO

April 25, 2017
Hello, I front the band Hong Kong Counterfeit. My Partner and I are deeply disturbed by being listed as "Electroclash act from New York". We have NEVER BEEN ELECTROCLASH, as we started releasing long before that. In fact we have always refused to play any Electroclash events or prticipate in their releases.
Dear Discogs, PLEASE list our genre as: Minimal Electronic, Disco-Punk (Synth-Punk), Synth Pop, Cold Wave, Post-Punk.
HK Counterfeit (Katya Casio & John Langdon)

Raime - Tooth as reviewed by Mr.Modular

April 25, 2017
edited about 7 hours ago
So, I've had this record for a year now, and I felt now I can really say what I feel about this album knowing it inside out and the motivations behind it. When I first heard the single "Dead Heat" released out of the blue one day, I was on the fence whether I really would like the new album, I was scared and excited. Terrified that I had waited 3 years for something, anything from Raime and it may not blow me away.

The first album they put out was a masterpiece on mood and sound, and every track felt very dark, intense, and diverse. I will say that it is probably one of the most polished meticulously crafted albums I've heard, so my expectations were sky high before I knew any real information about a follow up. Seeing the reaction to Raime's recent releases (Yally counted), I'm hardly surprised by how divided the fanbase became after they dropped "Tooth". It's almost the exact antithesis of the debut, it's synthetic, small sound palette and extremely minimal structure. Sure, Raime have always been minimal, but the new album really pushed them further in that direction.

Now, for my opinion on the album itself? I was kind of disappointed by my expectations, but because they were just that, I felt it was kind of unfair to judge the album just yet. I let it sink in for a long time, I found myself playing it more and more, really enjoying the very big sub-bass lines, and the very percussive and minimal guitar playing. The live drums add a bit more dimension to some of the tracks, and of course there are some very glassy synths to fill things in just a little. The actual sound of the record also makes a lot of sense in the context of who Raime is as Tom and Joe are very much music nerds with a keen ear for sound. They've expressed their love for Dub, Grime, and Albini style Post-Hardcore in interviews and DJ sets, and it totally makes sense that this is how the record would sound. I have no doubt in my mind that the duo worked for years to perfect the formula that they wanted for this album, so I think it's slightly puzzling that a lot of critics of the album feel that it wasn't done with much forethought.

I really do love this album, and I still play it at least once a week or every other week. I can't really explain why I like it so much other than that I really love the actual production of the album and the extremely minimalistic songs. The lack of diversity was definitely something I didn't care for too much, but after awhile that faded away and was certain that "Tooth" was something I really (really) liked. This along with Demdike Stare's "Wonderland" was one of my favorite releases last year, so give that a chance as well if you hadn't heard it!


Roy Loney - Rock And Roll Dance Party With... Roy Loney as reviewed by wipster

April 25, 2017
Love this album, highly overlooked IMHO. Just great rock and rolling dancin' music by Roy Loney the original (and best) singer of the Flamin' Groovies. I love all of Roy's albums, but this might be my favorite.

Antonio Carlos E Jocafi - Mudei De Idéia as reviewed by maicco.ferreira

April 25, 2017
Holy shit. It sounds fantastic even with a quiet cartridge/stylus!
No surface noise at all and it has a wonderful mastering job. Buy it!

Danzig & Doyle (3) - Misfits Revenge as reviewed by FullmetalKBk

April 25, 2017
This really kicks ass. Love the packaging. The video quality and audio quality are fantastic! \m/

Dub & Run - Sax Shaker / Open Your Heart as reviewed by dsyn2spin

April 25, 2017
Both tracks on this one are blatant reworks of 1992 era UK hardcore.
Most notably the classic XL release "Dub War" by Dance Conspiracy.
There is absolutely nothing new or original sounding here at all.
And it does not deviate from that formula one bit.
So it's essentially nostalgic sounding, but enjoyable nevertheless.
The B side is better IMO