Hyde (22) - Hyde as reviewed by Atticarol

November 22, 2017
Excellent album, priceless, clarity in songs and so happy to have this one, Love it!


Grant (24) - Perception as reviewed by Faustinas

November 22, 2017
edited about 1 hour ago
Brilliant album as per usual. Can't get enough Grant. Every time he releases an Album or EP I'll buy it even before listening. Can't go wrong with this. Deep house at it's finest.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets as reviewed by Trau_2012

November 22, 2017
Great box. Not suitable for the fast consumerism habits of nowadays. Enjoy the album, the concerts, the interviews and the Orion versions!! Feel it. Don't judge.

Neuro # Project* - The Electric Mothers Of Invention as reviewed by tharobster

November 22, 2017
a superb genre leading experimental album, sounding fresh still today in that retro kinda way. its easy to see why r&s became so interested to work with them. well in dave and si !

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound Of Thunder as reviewed by jonnyslb

November 22, 2017
edited about 1 hour ago
Well I've listen this album two times by now, and I can say about the quality of this reissue that by now is my least favorite of all reissues ( I don' t have ACoGDS). There is some improvement in the sound, it is more sharp, more clear, the bass in some songs is more noticeable, altought there's a bad side, in some songs the guitar is very high and there's some distortion. This caracteristic is also similar in the old pressings, but a little more noticeable in this version. This would be ok, but in my copy the 2nd Side has a huge problem, during Sorrow, The Dogs of War and On the Turning Away, there's some sort of feeback in the higher notes that is very unpleasant. I share this situation with you to see if somebody has that too. By now it's me and ricolek that aparantely that have this issue! Maybe I will exchange for another copy. Altought my copy has some dirt on it, but without any scratch, after some cleaning it was ok!

Radius - Obsolete Machines as reviewed by ghramsummers

November 22, 2017
I have to side with The Wire on this beautiful set:

"Speaking of concealing brilliance in smoky space, here the principle is taken to far distant limits. Three tracks here are culled from Steve Hitchell’s cassette demos from the early 1990’s, led by the 16 minute “Ethersonic” which manages to be constantly shifting yet changeless, like the beating subterranean heart of a sleeping city; inhuman, incomprehensible, sublime in scale yet paradoxically comforting. Even by the standards of the Deepchord/Echospace axis, it’s a gorgeously enveloping embrace. The pleasure is prolonged by two equally long new remixes of the track by Hitchell and Rod Modell as cv313: they add watery sparkle and electric cracks, making new experiences that, while they can’t match the totalizing wonder of the original, stimulate other synapses. Of the two other old tracks, the distorting “Oscillation Range” in particular can teach supposedly lo-fi producers a thing or two about how much scope can be achieved with bare bones tech."

Stheno / Facada - Primitive as reviewed by bass.criminal

November 22, 2017
Stheno's part of the record is great, just crushing grindcore with black metal influences, really great. Facada's songs are also good with a more traditional grindcore approach but the production is not so good.

Eat Static - Last Ship To Paradise as reviewed by Tom-Fu

November 22, 2017
Simply an incredible album! Eat Static pushing the boundaries, their equipment and creativity to the outer limits - breath in and soak up this sonic masterpiece.

1800HaightStreet - Endless as reviewed by Xhi

November 22, 2017
Waiting for an adequate nosedive into the sophisticated realms of modern Techno music, one could be hardly more pleased this year than with this 90-minute maelstrom of creatively diverse yet stylistically consistent rhythm-based ecstasy coming straight out of the blue. "Endless" hit me by chance and the fifth night in a row now, I'm dreaming of nocturnal flights through gargantuan woods and cities lying within them, with this album playing in the background. Maybe it's because of green abstinence, but I have to come to terms with the things I saw when listening to these tracks in my dreams. Confusing still, I can't stop playing it in the real world too. Fantastic pressing.

Little America - Fairgrounds as reviewed by Mudslick

November 22, 2017
edited about 3 hours ago
A very underrated AOR / ROCK band that should have had made more of an impact than they did . This album is one of my favorites and gets played on a regular basis.

DMF as reviewed by marcelov

November 22, 2017
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Slipknot - Slipknot as reviewed by bungler666

November 22, 2017
Freaking awesome album!! The green wax is rad as hell and the pressing sounds dynamic and clear. Must get for Slipknot fans!!

Shpongle - Codex VI as reviewed by solcambs

November 22, 2017
Wow - just wow. 4th listen and suddenly I'm appreciating it more. 3 listens on the FLAC download, and now the Vinyl. The album soundscapes and sound placement is broad, deep, and spaced. There is so much interest in this - the layers of sound specifically are so amazingly balanced! The production quality shines on the vinyl revealing a much more studio sounding sound - it's Shpongle no doubt, but with a gloss of quality that until Museum of the Consciousness is only apparent in comparison. That sameness initially under whelmed, felt like it was a re-hash almost, but on continued listening, you can start to appreciate the efforts that Simon Posford and Raja Ram have put into this release. There's so much new Shpongle to discover in the album - but underlined by a Shpongle fans will know and love.

Trio Pim Jacobs* Featuring Ruud Brink - Just Friends as reviewed by damianjgardner

November 22, 2017
This is a five star album. The warm, intelligent and effortlessly fluent tenor sound perfectly underpinned by the drummer less Jacobs trio, all hands contributing to a first class recording date. Plus clear and well balanced recording and a tasteful playlist. Nothing wrong with this. If you like Getz or Desmond then track this down and spread the word.

Ninety Pound Wuss - Short Hand Operation as reviewed by Revenant138

November 22, 2017
One of my favorite albums ever. Tons of wild, bizarre, jarring shifts in emotion and pacing. Really innovative and hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves.

Hieroglyphic Being - The Lost Transmission as reviewed by daftcombo

November 22, 2017
A-side mega electro monster killer. Needs a speed-up.
B-side sounds like a detuned piano, great track but the A-side is just crazy.
So cheap!

Various - Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) as reviewed by daftcombo

November 22, 2017
Good for "Body Bob", which sounds like a great Richard D. James Album leftover.

Tha Reella - Unrelesead Material as reviewed by chiara_66

November 22, 2017
rare cd unofficial barr9records
maurice thompson - jay williams for the production
barr theme music

Morrissey - Ringleader Of The Tormentors as reviewed by ghoststreet

November 22, 2017
IMO the best Morrissey solo album. It has it all: catchy pop, meloncholic drear, lush rock. It's the climactic peak of maturity of song writing, themes and arrangement, without losing any quality. The style being more richly invested in alternative rock than indie rock, giving it a fuller, heavier feel, complementing equally deep lyrics. You are constantly torn between the feeling of being chained down by lyrics, while the songwriting gives release and an air of freedom. Each lyric a lock and chain, each riff a key. This album has so many hits like Youngest Was The Most Loved, I Will See You In Far Off Places, You Have Killed Me and Life Is A Pigsty, which musically sits alongside the other wonderfully depressing Morrissey anthems like Yes I Am Blind and Seaside Yet Still Docked. While we'll never get another Your Arsenal, this album is what it would see while looking at itself in the mirror after years of loss and acceptance. Carrying a certain weight of loneliness that can only be defined with age.

Cappella - Everybody Listen To It as reviewed by electro.rj

November 22, 2017

G Force & Seiji - Northern Exposure / 3rd Rail as reviewed by Pleinmont

November 22, 2017
I'd forgotten about 3rd Rail for a long time then heard it on a RIVET Nu Wave radio show i'd taped back in 2004.
Jaw dropping tune, hard as nails and just relentless... Beats you up.
I'm guessing Randall has dropped this at some point, I'd like to think so. Fits well with his MACII tracks.
Awesome tune.

Oceansize - Effloresce as reviewed by Hans_Humus

November 22, 2017
Unfortunately even the third copy I received is far from perfect. On side 3 all copies got this annoying scratching sound bad pressings often have. All copies got audible scratches out of the sleeve. Over all: disappointing repress. :-/

Sneaker Pimps - SP4 as reviewed by curtisryan9

November 22, 2017
I've noticed a few samples here from the likes of Grace Jones and Propaganda, obviously not credited with it not being released properly so see if you notice anymore!

Suckerpunch (9) - Carols From The Canyon as reviewed by Bidzo

November 22, 2017
One of the most rocking records ever put out on Canadian soil; how they didn't become superstars is a mystery for the ages.

DJ Hell* - Hell Ärgere Dich Nicht as reviewed by

November 22, 2017
edited about 8 hours ago
Hot on the heels - only Wagner is more German and only Jeff Mills is more Techno. You dont like this? you dont like techno.
Plus, more cowbell than "We need more Cowbell" and a whistle!!! I mean really, this is the nuts!