Saint Etienne - Too Young To Die - Singles 1990-1995 as reviewed by cesar.1004

December 8, 2016
CD 2 track 4. Speedwell (Dean Thatcher)) includes samples from Sandee "Notice Me" (Notice The House Mix)

King Tubby - Explosive Dub as reviewed by Jah_Roots

December 8, 2016
Definitely not mixed by King Tubby himself... Songs sound like they were recorded at Channel One studios and mixed AT King Tubby's by either Scientist , Jammys or Soljie...

Andy Kolwes - Walk To The Moon as reviewed by ORANGE00154

December 8, 2016
edited about 2 hours ago
Decent record but overhyped (judging by the price) in my opinion

A1 - sounds like 2 songs being mixed together really badly
B1 - interesting vocal sample, cool tune but nothing too unique or amazing
B2 - straight forward dance floor tune


McGuffey Lane - Day By Day as reviewed by CaptCook

December 8, 2016
Picture shows the Mono/Stereo Promo with Day by Day.
Tracklist, format, etc... shows the standard single.
Could somebody figure this out & fix it into 2 separate listings.

Various - The Best Dance Album In The World...Ever! 2000 as reviewed by Wadsy

December 8, 2016
The 2000 edition provides some terrific memorable hits on the first CD, beginning with dance and making its way into techno. The second CD lacks in consistency, and is quite forgettable however.

Various - The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 11 as reviewed by Wadsy

December 8, 2016
There were a few goodies to represent this 2001 dance album, but both discs start terribly but the latter halves contain some excellent goodies that you cannot forget. What brings the score down however were the repeated tracks from Part 10 and other editions such as 'The Best Dance Album In The World...Ever! 2000'. It's not bad, just could have been more.

Various - The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 10 as reviewed by Wadsy

December 8, 2016
I really appreciate the fact that this compilation has been going for so many years, hence the tenth volume. However, this is a poor excuse for even a sense of memorable music. The first disc is absolutely horrendous in every way, as maybe 2 or 3 songs were actually 'decent' dancing tunes. These were Spiller's Groove Jet, Madison Avenue's Don't Call Me Baby and Cher's Believe (Xenomania Mix).
The second CD is a lot better and had so much potential, as tracks 1 right through to Moloko's The Time Is Now are wonderful. Afterwards we are treated once again to the dismal irritable and boring songs right to the end. My favourites include 'The Power Of Love' by Frankie Hollywood, 'Ordinary World' by Aurora, Watergate's Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) and finally Marc Et Claude's I Need Your Loving (Like The Sunshine). All of those make me want to give this a high score but it's still a major disappointment.

Various - The Best Dance Album In The World... Ever! Part 9 as reviewed by Wadsy

December 8, 2016
For an end of the 90's club album, this one actually does it pretty good. 1998-1999 saw quite a downturn on the dance music front but this one still managed to keep me entertained for the most part. CD 1 includes the greats such as ATB's 9pm, Chicane's Saltwater, Phats & Small's Turn Around, Armand Van Helden Feat. Duane Harden's You Don't Know Me, Sash! Feat. Tina Cousins's Mysterious Times, DJ Sakin & Friends's Protect Your Mind and Fatboy Slim's Right Here Right Now. It does however suffer towards the end, but does quite well. The second disc is somewhat disappointing with only a few good choices - The Tamperer, T Spoon, DJ Sakin & Friends and Tina Cousins. It could have done better, but miles ahead of what was to come.

Ajja - Tulpa as reviewed by clockwork30

December 8, 2016
This album demands attention and time. Give it its due and then see the magic unfurl. As already mentioned by the below reviewer there are subtle melodies and details woven into each beat which will go totally unnoticed if you are a first time listener but in time they all emerge and by halfway into the album you are in a trance and enjoying each and every second of this beauty. Ajja stands apart from majority of the psy-trance artist but still he is an integral part of psychedelic music more like a scientist who has understood the basic of psychedelic music to the core level. All songs are part of one complete journey , no favourites here, but "Rude Alert" and "ifriend" are closer to me, treat yourself to this album and get lost in the intricacy of Ajja's world. Namaste.

Various - The Best Dance Album In The World...Ever! Part 8 as reviewed by Wadsy

December 8, 2016
While there is nothing too particularly wrong about this album, its nowhere near as good as everything that came before it. It starts off perfect in the first disc and then after Track 13 - Todd Terry's Something's Going On it goes downhill and never recovers. The second CD on the other hand, has good and weak patches throughout. My favourite songs on both CD's are Bamboo's Bamboogie, The Tamperer Feat. Maya's Can You Feel It, Steps's Last Thing On My Mind, –Todd Terry Feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown 's Something's Goin' On, PF Project Feat. Ewan McGregor's Choose Life, Rest Assured's Treat Infamy and Lovestation's Teardrops. I'll give an honourable mention to DJ Dado's Give Me Love, just for being a trance hit of enjoyment. It is a good album, but I would personally recommend 'In The Mix 98'.

Neil Young - Peace Trail as reviewed by streetmouse

December 8, 2016
As the second track says, “I can’t stop working …” and the man delivers yet again, finally shifting gears and getting back to his solid roots, making me feel that Indian Summer has just been extended for a couple more days with Neil Young laying out a barnstorming fury of what I can only describe as a laid back plugged-in acoustic record filled with intelligence and commentary on the social condition of this un-United States of America. As I listen I have flashes of the Jefferson Airplane clawing at the walls of the establishment, and if we ever needed anyone clawing at the walls, its now, though I am surprised that Neil Young is still the man dedicated to raising that fist.

His message is urgent, even if there is a disconnect with his audience, an audience who seem weary of the political message. Yes, they say, we live in a time of high anxiety stress and lies, a land busting at its seams with ecological crises, and leaders who don’t want so much to lead, as they want to reshape our minds … yet every person I talk to just wants to view their favorite TV channel on their latest device, and send images of their last lunch, along with descriptive Tweets about the guy sitting next to them on the train.

Peace Trail is sharp and cutting, often disorienting, putting the message above all else, with the hopes that the younger generation will look with wiser eyes, and not be taken for a ride, have the power to stand against the waves of hate and despair, and do the right thing for the right reason. No, it’s not a comfortable album, it’s certainly not a party album, it’s designed to remind you of what’s happening, that the ever present government eye is watching, and that if we don’t take care of each other no one will.

Peace Trail is a true folk record in the spirt of Woody Guthrie, but that was all along time ago, and those who download this gem and listen to it on their cheap earbuds are not gonna appreciate it, or even begin to understand its message, moving the songs to the least favored section, and eventually deleting them … and that’s the issue, if you don’t hear the message, heed the words, and respond to the call, then we’re doomed to be nothing but white bread, laying there in the sun to be picked at by passing birds.

Yep, “Purple Haze” has turned into a shopping mall soundtrack … but I remember when, so I’ll continue to feed my head, raise my fist, and kick at the walls with Neil Young at my side.

Review by Jenell Kesler

Various - True Blue The Best Of Sonic The Hedgehog as reviewed by hardline_szuters_fan

December 8, 2016
Great! I bought ANOTHER bootleg by accident! Well, on the bright side... this is bar none the best video game soundtrack CD I've ever bought! It most definitely captures The blue blur music at its best! A must-have for any video game or Sonic the Hedgehog collector!

Rudy Love And The Love Family - Disco Queen as reviewed by CleverHans

December 8, 2016
Top drawer blah blah blahddy blah bal blah blah. Done.

Van Halen - Before The Eruption as reviewed by Alpha333

December 8, 2016
Pretty much the most comprehensive set of early VH demos you can dream of.
The Ted Templeman 1977 demos sound particularly awesome.
Many of these tracks are still unreleased to this day.
Despite a handful of weaker tracks this 2 disc set makes for a great listen.

Sons Of Angels (2) - Thrill Of The Feel as reviewed by hardline_szuters_fan

December 8, 2016
Before Crush 40, there was this band. Sons Of Angles was the name of Crush 40 (and I will be referring to this band as such for the rest of this review) before they changed there name. This debut is nothing short of amazing with the not quite perfect songwriting that gives it charm, to the melodies of Jun Senoue's guitar which is just without a doubt astonishing, this is the epitome of a debut rock album! And what better way to start an album like this than to pay a homage to the USA.
Crush 40's version of "The Star Spangled Banner" is the one where singing is turned into electric guitar! Not the best version, but not even close to the worst.
"Dangerous Ground" is one of my favourite songs off this album and I really don't think you could put a better song at the beginning of this CD. A peaceful intro soon turns into cool rhythmic guitar as you spiral into "Dangerous Ground"
"Into The Wind" is a more melodic song which I personally think is about never giving up, no matter the consequences.
"Fill It Up" is the first of four instrumentals on this album. It's alright but nowhere near the awesomeness of the next instrumental.
"Revvin' Up" is a energetic song full of excitement! It hits hard from the start with an opening guitar riff that will be stuck in your head the whole day and you get revved up!
"Rush Into The Crazy World". Woo! That name's a doozy! This is by far the best instrumental on the disc and is also the most wild and crazy! A opening riff slaps you in the face and you get thrown into the craziness that is "Rush Into The Crazy World" and I don't know why but I love it!
We than have "In The Lead". This song is about the feeling of winning. It's great in some respects but fails at a few points. Nevertheless a motivational song that sounds like it came straight out of the 80's.
"Watch Me Fly" is the only ballad on this album and it is ultimately the worst song on it. Now, upon first inspection this song sounds like a good one which Is half right. While It is in no way terrible, it suffers from having some bad parts that really stand out.
"On The Road Again" is the forth instrumental and is not my favourite. It's actually probably my least favourite song on the album. Sorry Crush 40, not all the songs can be winners.
"Fuel Me" is my second favourite song on here, only losing to "Dangerous Ground". This song has some really good moments and is just... awesome.
"When The Sun Goes Down" is better than "On The Road Again" but I still don't favour it.
"All The Way" is a upbeat, competitive, unintentionally motivating song. What else is new with this disc? A great ending to a great CD, but wait! We still have one song to cover.
The bonus track from the video game Sonic Adventure: "Open Your Heart". This was the first Crush 40 song ever written and it is well known among the gaming community. This song is wild, it's awesome, it's... it's... fantasticool!!! Wait... what did I just say? Thrill Of The Feel is an amazing debut album by Crush 40 and you should definitely snag yourself a copy!

Aphex Twin - Syro as reviewed by Tytygigas

December 8, 2016
Absolute definition of a life-changing album. some of the best electronic music ever recorded, in my opinion.

Labor Of Love (3) - Edits 001 as reviewed by goldybiscuit

December 8, 2016
Perfect wee release- a definite must buy for any big funk / disco lovers

Pushkins - EP as reviewed by mondavino

December 8, 2016
Ska with a new wave synth sound. Nice sounding ep probably a bit ahead of its time in 83.

Various - Schatzi Vol. 1 as reviewed by goldybiscuit

December 8, 2016
Beautiful wee gem this- highly recommend picking this one up. The vocals on A1 are a joy to mix into anything and the rest of the edits are very funky. Will get the crowd going without fail

James Horner - Aliens (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) as reviewed by 78by29

December 8, 2016
edited about 8 hours ago
Sounds incredible to me even given all Horner's wonderful use of silence and near silence.

Orbital - In Sides as reviewed by Bateriano

December 8, 2016
edited about 9 hours ago
This is one of the finest electronic albums I ever heard in my entire life, for sure. It is absolutely brilliant. Wonderful landscapes sounds with outstanding beats. This is were classical music becomes in electronic music. This is a masterpiece. Best Orbital's album by far.

Park Avenue Playground - I Know / The Trip as reviewed by streetmouse

December 8, 2016
edited about 5 hours ago
One question people have always ask me is ”What makes some records so expensive?” That’s a difficult question to answer, with more reasons than I care to think of, though in the case of this gem, the reason is rather simple. Released on USA Records in April of 1967, “The Trip” epitomized all things psychedelic, featuring a fuzzed out breezy song with a hard edged lyrical presentation , capturing a perfect in your face disjointed garage structured snapshot of the mild altering substance lysergic acid diethylamide. It was sort of a freak-flag freak-out of banner waving, a number that simply by hearing initiated one into the counter culture underground … and owning it, well that qualified you to run for President. There is a caveat here, the song was not taken from personal experience, it was all from the imagined standpoint of a 17 year old during those hazy days.

The flip side was not written by George Eder [later to take the name George Michael], and is a rather Beatle-ish number, a bit quieter, but with the same bizarre atmospheric presentation.

This record is highly prized and highly sought after, and I know those who’ve spent over one thousand dollars of this bit of wax. The reason why this 45 is so rare, is that USA refused to distribute the record, and in addition the overstock of records were kept in a basement which later flooded, destroy all of them. The vinyl that did survive were early copies that found their way to radio stations, or were given to friends by the artist, meaning that there are but a mere handful of these out there.

Oh, and the band’s name … Park Avenue Playground was just that, a playground on Park Avenue.

*** George Michael [George Elder] moved from New York to California, and now considers himself a musical journeymen, having played with and contributed to hundreds of artist and their outings.

While the 45 is impossible to find, Sundazed Records has reissued it as part of various artists production entitled 2131 South Michigan Avenue: 60’s Garage & Psychedelia from USA and Destination Records as a 3 vinyl LP set and a double disc CD compilation … and is well worth your while to explore.

Review by Jenell Kesler

Señor Coconut - Gran Baile Con... as reviewed by Marcousis

December 8, 2016
Tasty and refreshing latin-flavoured music, this album bestows the genre with a new level of awareness, using electronic gear only, makes it sound even better than the traditional latin american approach and generally more appealing to a western ear. The rhythms are extremely addictive, even if you thought you could never like latin american music, Señor Coconut is going to prove you wrong, especially if you are already into quality electronic music. Go listen and buy the album is well worth it!!!

Sugai Ken - 鯰上 - On The Quakefish as reviewed by Oscarinberlin

December 8, 2016
One of my favourite releases of the year, not seeing this one get enough of love!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax as reviewed by mjb

December 8, 2016
edited about 9 hours ago
The 16-minute Sex/Original mix of "Relax" is not exactly a fun dance track, nor is the 8-minute edited version. It's more just a collectors' item. The entire arrangement is essentially just a meandering, endless "dub version" where samples and elements of the song's instrumentation come and go along with generous amounts of reverb, but none of the familiar lyrics or essential parts of the song are to be found. It's like a bunch of rejected samples and spare parts thrown together, providing the listener with something that sounds kinda like the hit song, but only as a reminder, like getting the smell of delicious food without the taste and texture. The thrown-in "kissy noise" samples are also obnoxiously placed, even by 1983 standards.

The reason for this situation, as Trevor Horn likes to tell it, is that Horn had never been to a disco before. He didn't understand how DJs were mixing dance records, and what kinds of song structures did & didn't work on the dancefloor. After a visit to a New York club in late 1983, he finally "got it" and set out to make the New York Mix, which is the harder, more traditionally structured, 7-and-a-half minute extended version that's found on most of the other 12" releases.

I don't know whether to really believe this story. I mean, disco had long been established and had run its course by then. His band Buggles even scored huge disco-pop hit several years earlier with "Video Killed the Radio Star". So even if he was otherwise living under a rock, he surely knew what kinds of sounds would get people's booties shaking. It seems unlikely that he would have no clue that stripping the song of all of its interesting parts and then filling up an entire side of a 12" with leftovers wouldn't get people excited. Maybe he's just printing the legend because he's embarrassed. Or maybe he's trying to spin the decision to release numerous versions of the same song as fixing a mistake rather than crass commercialism.