Next (3) - You're An Illusion as reviewed by AUTOMATIXROMANTIX

August 31, 2016
Beautiful synthy early 80's italo song that is much lesser known or celebrated than other Xenon productions, but very potent new romantic vocal version and perfect italo instrumental !

Julieta Venegas - Aquí as reviewed by agrandanimal

August 31, 2016
An astonishing debut album, here you can begin to wonder what the future holds for this amazing artist, her piano playing on this album is insane, and when she plays her accordion watch out!

K.90* - Genesis / Phantasm as reviewed by neurodynamo

August 31, 2016
edited about 2 hours ago
Absolute old NRG acid trance force

This is really for the old neuronic heads

Genesis - Teraform mix - Aliens springs to mind - so much tweaking acid trance breakbeat funk

Phantasm - starts with ecstacy synths then launches in a beat swirl - halfway through dark audio intercourse synth -and to the end - are you ready to fly sample - timeless

doesn't need any remixes

This is the shit from 96 :)

Piss off new stuff LOL !

Duke Ellington - Rarest Style 1952 Duke Ellington Private Sessions ! as reviewed by MamboMadness

August 31, 2016
Notes: Single LP with no details re: date or personnel. There’s some speculation that the date in question is March 22nd, 1952, but I haven’t seen solid scholarship to back this up. I would assume we’re listening to the Duke Ellington band of 1952, which would look something like: Duke Ellington (piano); Ray Nance (vocals, trumpet, violin); Jimmy Grissom, Betty Roche (vocals); Russell Procope (alto saxophone, clarinet); Hilton Jefferson (alto saxophone); Jimmy Hamilton (tenor saxophone, clarinet); Paul Gonsalves (tenor saxophone); Harry Carney (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet); Willie Cook, Clark Terry, Cat Anderson (trumpet); Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, Juan Tizol (trombone); Wendell Marshall (bass); Louis Bellson (drums).
Thoughts: To a certain extent, Duke’s music requires me to put on my thinking cap. Some people wake up, and their cap’s on. I tend to resist putting it on until it’s absolutely necessary, and even then I get irritated that it’s messing up my hair. As much as I love music, I don’t always enjoy approaching it with the most critical ear. This is in part because I don’t have the best ear, and in part because there’s a certain joy in just letting sounds wash over you and deriving some abstract pleasure from that. I tend to equate the Duke Ellington / Count Basie divide in jazz with the Beatles / Rolling Stones debate in rock. In each case, the latter remained primarily a blues band, while the former was eventually perceived as making “art” on a level that transcended the genre they originally helped to create. As time went on, Duke got a little heady, and I have to put in work as a listener to keep up. But that’s later, and in 1952 Duke was still making his trademark brand of big band jazz. In some ways, it was an odd time in Duke’s career, and the band wasn’t doing particularly well financially, and it became hard to sustain a big band with
R&B on the horizon, and with jazz declining as America’s predominant art form. Sonny Greer, Lawrence Brown, and Johnny Hodges all left for greener pastures, and the band’s great revival at Newport in 1956 was still four years off. Still, musically it’s a great record—I just wish I could scrape up some details about the date. Time to ask Phil Schaap!

Black Tea - Winners Of The World's Worst Rap Competition as reviewed by CykoMF

August 31, 2016
Lyrically this record is very hard core, even prophetically so considering today's American society.
The played out samples only divert from the intense message of this unknown artist. Who apparently swept the 1998 World Competition winning all 3 top medal honors. Wow!

Rebel Yelle - Purple Heart / Lemon Soul / Orange Scream as reviewed by neurodynamo

August 31, 2016
edited about 3 hours ago
The Original Purple Heart was a staple in 96 for many UK open free parties - I know as I heard it

Better call that love - I don't think a crossover sample has been so incredibly used

I have mentioned the remixes but the original has that ACID ZEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lemon Soul is a classic bubbly Geezer style track - I cannot hear Gizelle's influence here as much though

Orange Scream has that Gizelle progressive acid vocal style but I will always remember her Mizbehavinit

Gizelle and Guy made some classics back in the day - Thanks

The La's - The La's as reviewed by Jstrout

August 31, 2016
This pressing is absolute TRASH. It actually skips in places, proving it is a crappy CD rip of the album pressed to vinyl. Lots of static noise, clicks and pops all over the first side and parts of the second side. An absolute abomination in every sense of the word.

AVOID Plain Recordings and their affiliates 1972 and 4 Men With Beards at all costs. You're just throwing money away on this garbage.

Acid Steve / OB1 (6) / Sterling Moss & Darc Marc / Tik Tok (2) - Mad As Hell as reviewed by neurodynamo

August 31, 2016
4 more decent tracks from current acid nu skool techno artists

Respect for 4 tracks on a vinyl which is just what vinyl junkies want and is what people should expect if masters and pressers are right on

I do prefer these artists older discography to be fair though as this is more technoey

Jamie Taylor's track is the best by far on this release so Check This Shit - He still keeps the acid madness :)

Michael Rank - Red Hand as reviewed by clip326

August 31, 2016
A great record. Michael's harmonies with Heather McEntire of Mount Moriah are excellent through out the record. Highly recommended.

Babymetal - Babymetal as reviewed by LPWJ

August 31, 2016
edited about 4 hours ago
I don't think I have heard a record this experimental and interesting since Enigmas 1st with the Gregorian monks world phenomenon, this is my favorite band for the time being and for a long time to come for bringing som energy into the world of metal and the world of music... A crossover act as good as if Kylie Minogue would make a record with Slipknot; maybe some interest in the japanese culture might help or for some earlier asian HR/HM bands, with the tradition of clean sounding music and freshness; tracks 2, 11, 13 &14 being personal favorites...good luck with the Olympics're already winners ahead of your time as always!

Mass-X-Odus - Gang Wars / Redlining as reviewed by Quartumdimensio

August 31, 2016
My fave Adam X release. Hard as nails .

Frank Sinatra - No One Cares as reviewed by Jake_Plester_Coyne

August 31, 2016
What can I say but saying that's it's the pure brilliance of Frank Sinatra. It's Beautiful music that can achualy reduce you to tears given the right moment. It's fantastic to fall asleep to, and I mean that In a good way. It's so light and so beautifully composed and played. So soft. The orchestration In this and any other classic Frank Sinatra album. You can totally see yourself on the cover listening to this album. Whisky, feeling sorry for your self, yea, that's what this album gives off. So sad yet so beautiful. Iv never understood how he did it. Almost has the same effect of blues music but it's not it's vocal jazz/classical. True pioneer of his day one that will go down in time forever. His voice is pure brilliance. This is for a-sensual piece of music for anyone's collection.

Alf Cranner - Både Le Og Gråte as reviewed by SveinGu

August 31, 2016
This is not the 1st edition, which was released in 1964.

Talla 2XLC - The Eternal Mystery as reviewed by Nigelous

August 31, 2016
Help me, please! Who knows the movie from which taken lyrics for this music?

Reinhard Lakomy - Electronics as reviewed by marssquirrel

August 31, 2016
I like the two East German electronic music albums of Reinhard Lakomy. Of course I was happy to see both available on CD - finally. But there is one big frustration - the track "Begierde und Hoffnung" is missung about 20 seconds of the end on the CD. Why is it stripped-down? On the CD "Die DT 64 - Story Vol. 12 - Electronics" it can be heard in it's full length. That's why I can't give full five stars for this release. Next time, please act with more caution.

Jack Barlow - Baby, Ain't That Love as reviewed by Jake_Plester_Coyne

August 31, 2016
I picked this up for £1 at my local car boot in the UK so how it ended up there I have no idea. This album is the most classic of classic sounding country albums. Sleazy, lazy, and humbling songs about the hard life of a early American. This album doesn't like going in any other direction, not that many country albums do however I would've liked to seen maybe a difference in pattern. The best track on the album is by far the last track "Suddenly There's Sunshine" . That's a fantastic song. Fantastic vocal melody, fantastic piano melody, fantastic sounding guitar, the song is generally brilliant and is little hidden gem for me to treasure through my £1 investment. If you see a copy of this anywhere, buy it because as you can see from this page there's not that many about and it's generally a fantastic piece of music that was unfortunately lost over the years.

The Orb - The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld as reviewed by e.vondran

August 31, 2016
Sounds great! Its a warm blanket of aural goodness. They did break up the tracks differently than the original release but I don't think it takes away from the experience all that much.

Hardfloor - Trancescript as reviewed by neurodynamo

August 31, 2016
UK release of this is so cheap

Come on old skool acid lovers

Trancescript is one of the best acid trance tracks ever made

Happy 20th is acid silly drum funk - Wicked

Are you on high love is a fantastic dirty 303 neon demon :)

A valuable musical benchmark !!

Crystal Gayle - Miss The Mississippi as reviewed by Jake_Plester_Coyne

August 31, 2016
I have to say I was not too impressed with this album. This album lacks anything interesting, it is very commercial especially for the time of its release. None of the songs on the album aren't necessarily bad, there's no songs that I would not listen to however, I would not go out of my way to get this album under any circumstance. This album is four chords all the way. There is some mediocre piano playing especially on the song "The Blue Side". If I was on a very long car journey in Texas or on our relaxing beach somewhere possibly this album would come on because it is very is easy listening. I don't think it is a very intuitive and interesting album to listen to. It's strange, I think the focus was too much towards country music and actually if we look at the more disco sounding song "A Little Bit of the Rain" we start to get a more complex song. This album is so mediocre. If you see a copy of it for a decent price and it's in decent condition, buy it, but I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to find a copy.

The Wow Signal - Infinity's Lobby as reviewed by flipster

August 31, 2016
This is exceptionally good hard rock, with a nice buzzing groove. Indie rock it is not!

Jackson C. Frank as reviewed by jazzjazz

August 31, 2016
If this mans life were a Hollywood film it would sound so far fetched! Tragic is an understatement. His only album is stunning. Blues run the game is something very special, but I keep coming back to Tumble in the wind from the kitchen tapes. World weary and so so poignant. Not a dry eye in the house.. Bless him.

Captain Tinrib - The Manta Remix as reviewed by telogic

August 31, 2016
I have this on white label promo with promo page

Convextion - 2845 as reviewed by mojuba_records

August 31, 2016
Repress is coming soon, don't pay inflated prices here, write a mail to info AT mojubarecords DOT com to secure a copy for the best rate!

Todd Rundgren - A Wizard, A True Star as reviewed by Jake_Plester_Coyne

August 31, 2016
This album is... Weird. I had a friend who introduced me to it who simply describe it to me as Todd Rundgren...on drugs. I don't even want to know what was taken during the production of this album. This album is also fantastic. Extensive, interesting, new and that there a theme to the whole album. This is an album that doce what it says on the cover. At the court it is a strong prog album, however there are elements of just weird. The only examples I can think of would be Frank Zappa or something like John Zorn's more obscurer projects. It's a weird turn considering (I think) he's last album was "Something/Anything" which was a classic sing a song writer album released in the early 70s in inspiration from Carole King's tapestry. As I said, I don't know what was taken during the production of the album. Some of the songs do share a similarity in either what there about or what they're supposed to represent however, the style has completely changed. The songs themselves are quite funny and do have a joking elements in it which I think is it an extra bonus to this album. Now I could go into the composing/playing in this album but I think this review would take up the rest of the page if I did so. I will make note of the production on this album. This is what could class it as an experimental album from the 70s. It has so much distortion, echo and reverb on here but yet somehow Todd makes it sound great still. Nothing clashes, which I guess is a true example of what a fantastic producer Todd was and still is. Lots of cutting and pasting... it's a true example of experimental producing in the 70s when new ways of recording were made. This album is great, full of great tracks and odd ways of showing them. occasionally there are parts of the song or intervals that just don't fit however the majority of the album is pure brilliance. For someone who is used to listening to more commercial pop music or even rock music, this may be not your particular album however if you are looking to get into more obscure albums this is the necessity in your collection.

Factory Floor - 25 25 (Blue Bag Edition) as reviewed by mondie

August 31, 2016
Sounds phenomenal, completely unrestrained dynamics. Just how you would hope electronic music would be captured but so often isn't.