Cosmique - Electronic Components (Mixtape) as reviewed by JAHEMZ

June 26, 2017
แหม่ หล่อจริง ทำโปรไฟล์ สตูดิโอ ด้วย อ่ะ
แจ๋ว ไปเรย ครับ ฮ่าๆๆ

This Heat - This Heat as reviewed by happypierrot

June 26, 2017
boucle répétitive en début ….et en fin de disque !

Various - Zeemansliedjes as reviewed by Ann6

June 26, 2017
The artist on Track 5 is "Oetze Verschoor", according to my cd. The music on the album is typical for the period and place in which it was recorded. It's sentimental and uses popular instruments, such as accordions. I like this album very much, but don't expect rousing UK or Canadian style sea shanties.

Daft Punk / Jovanoti* / Bop To The Trax - Musique / L'Ombelico Del Mondo / Make It Funky as reviewed by Soultronic

June 26, 2017
This is pretty much the only twelve containing the long version of musique. Used to go at way higher prices.

Bobby Konders - House Rhythms as reviewed by Soultronic

June 26, 2017
The sound on the original is just as crappy/good. There's 19 minutes of music on each side of this twelve. So go figure. I used to play ltbh all the time (which always required cranking up the volume compared to 'regular' 12s), but the entire ep is dope and certainly a classic in the canon of house music history.

Soundgarden - Telephantasm as reviewed by MEllODrOnE

June 26, 2017
pretty amazong piece of memorabilia from a pretty amazing band. This package is the shit. The stuff from superunknown sounds kinda rough but the rest sounds pretty damn good baby ya! Slaves and bulldozers kills it. Comes with poster, artwork, super legit, super awesom

Blind Dog - The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog as reviewed by MMSpineOfGod

June 26, 2017
This is an album everyone should own. Rock and roll. Power trios are always the best!

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Daydreaming as reviewed by saidanddone

June 26, 2017
Pretty shocked at how great this sounds regardless of the colored vinyl. Not an ounce of surface noise on my copy (bought used) and even though soft, clearness of all sounds on the recordings. Buy on sight. Absolutely lovely work.

Hemingway (2) - Memoirs EP as reviewed by RafReza

June 26, 2017
Side B is where it's at with this record. Rad new Toronto business!

Omarion / Minnie Riperton - Entourage / Lovin You as reviewed by petercroce

June 26, 2017
Pretty savage record right here. The remix of "Entourage" has a serious swing and bump to it, and the flip really jacks up Minnie Riperton's classic. The b-side is more of a dub, but still highly workable for the floor.

David Bowie - Let's Dance as reviewed by 7.62mmfullautogo

June 26, 2017

This is the pressing to get. Sounds incredible with minimal noise. Relatively inexpensive to boot.

Sandy Barber - I Think I'll Do Some Stepping (On My Own) (Opolopo Rework) as reviewed by JUJO

June 26, 2017
edited about 5 hours ago
Vinyl please! Great Rework d dddddddd ddddd dddd dddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Tierra (4) - Se Hace Camino Al Andar · Der Weg Entsteht Im Gehen as reviewed by ailleurs

June 26, 2017
This a flamenco albun with a twist: for the last track the guitar trio is joined by two guests, a bassist and a sitar player, for an enternaining piece of western-indianism. None of the previous tracks are noteworthy.

John Carpenter - Lost Themes as reviewed by yobkiss

June 26, 2017
My copy also has a lot of surface noise which which is really anoying. I hope they do a better pressing of this album

Dead Or Alive - Come Home With Me Baby as reviewed by PatronSaintofScratch

June 26, 2017
I had this and warped it to death. A rollicking camp hi-nrg stomp about a simple pick-up line! Deserved wild success. Didn't really get its due. Still a great song. RIP Pete Burns.

Device (3) - What Is Sadness? as reviewed by PatronSaintofScratch

June 26, 2017
As someone said already, this is a rip off of Enigma's "Sadeness". Those who bought Enigma's first album may recall a sticker that mentioned something along the lines of "The original "Sadeness". Don't accept imitations".

It's not great, it's not bad. There is a cool choral bit in the middle and it has an ok beat.

The The - Infected as reviewed by PatronSaintofScratch

June 26, 2017

This album came at a good time for me as I was looking for something different than the normal radio friendly music. An tight album of eight songs, Infected is gritty, grisly, and grandiose. Orchestration and some nice brass rumble under the songs about complex emotions. "Heatland" moans the advent of a capitalist England. "Angels of Deception" is a soldier of fortune's ideology about looking for money and war. In "Sweet Bird of Truth" he finds it. But with disillisionment and despair...

But it is the duet sung with Neenah Cherry "Slow Train to Dawn" that really captured me. A sick lovesong/hatesong about an affair going nowhere... or rather too far. "Mercy Beat" is a great driving song but a very sinister story of recklessness and desperation. Dark religious themes interplay throughout. It even lyric checks another song "Sweet Bird of Truth" then delivers the clasic line:

"So one day, I asked the angels for inspiration,
--but the devil bought me a drink,
& he's been buying them ever since."

In a way, Infected is a bit lounge, a bit rock, a bit soul and all these combine in menacing yet awe inspring ways.

Brahms*, Walter Klien - Handel Variations, Waltzes & Other Piano Music as reviewed by rconroy

June 26, 2017
Klien's Handel variations are nothing short of sensational. While characterising each variation, he keeps his eye on the overall logic of the composition, reaching a phenomenal intensity in the long coda to the fugue. Engineering standards in this series were variable, but these tracks are among the best, sound wise.

Willie Colon* - La Gran Fuga/The Big Break as reviewed by MamboMadness

June 26, 2017
OjO: There are Reissues of this Repress release that ARE NOT in this Data Base yet. So ask other sellers if theirs is identical to ALL pictures shown here before purchasing.

Aaron Cici - Blues as reviewed by amenhothep

June 26, 2017
Ein unglaubliche, rauhe und sehr warme Stimme, die sehr an die Legende der Trompete erinnert (Louis Armstrong). Dies CD ist für Jazz und Blues-Fans eine Bereicherung.

Fede Lng, Jessu Bru, Deejay Astral, Nostalgia (3) - PNP001 as reviewed by RedHotWax

June 26, 2017
A really impressive 4 track compilation out of the deep blue by fresh label PNP, created as a sub-label by London native Fede Lng (of Axe On Wax). Here they combine instantly recognisable edits with dance floor ready funk. Fede Lng is up first with his interpretation of the 1979 Leon Ware classic and, while there have been many an edit of this track over the years, we’re confident in calling this our favourite. Jessu Bru delivers a hard hitting stomper utilising that 909 to full effect as the title suggests. Deejay Astral delivers a track with great closed-hats and sleek vocals in ‘Say Yes’; it was this track that brought our attention to this project originally and the rest of it hasn’t disappointed. Finally, Nostalgia weighs in with a gorgeous sample heavy piece which satisfies all our disco needs and then some. Highly anticipated release by us here!

Perfect for: ‘Inside Your Love’ and ‘Say Yes’ have devastating dancefloor potential and are sure to have strangers smiling at one another all over the party. Jessu Bru’s number goes harder and will keep the energy at peak levels during any set.

Harry Wolfman - Ulibis EP as reviewed by RedHotWax

June 26, 2017
Lovely surprise package from Dirt Crew’s Harry Wolfman, London native and deep house purveyor. The three tracks on this EP bring a chilled vibe to the table, with ‘Epiphany Five’ being the funkier number of the collection. This cut lays down plucky strings and groovy synths guaranteed to bring the energy to any setting. ‘Ulibis’ itself is a chilled affair and has taken the title of our favourite with it’s well orchestrated harp chords and building percussion. The keys mid-way through steal the show and it’ll be a track that will definitely soundtrack a few sunsets this year. Finally, ‘Y’Sul’s Ball’ delivers a warm jazzy vibe with horns straight from the 60’s.

Perfect for: Absolutely ideal to bring in a mellow evening. Picture a warm sunset, beer in hand and busy garden party and you’ve got the image.

Aroop Roy - Rising Tides as reviewed by RedHotWax

June 26, 2017
Following on from a very special release on House of Disco in the shape of the ‘Talkin Bout Life EP’, Aroop Roy delivers yet again – this time on Sol Power Sound. Worldly vocals and bold bass run throughout this adventurous EP as we get to hear truly original production that is sure to destroy dancefloors everywhere. ‘Tembandumba Club Mix’ opens the party with a whirring synth and hard hitting kicks that will knock you for six. ‘Abale’ combines emotive stabby synths with a perfect vocal sample and an uplifting tempo carrying us through. The ‘Tembandumba Vocal Mix’ is a tribal affair and you’ll be moving your feet to the rhythm of African fingers striking bongos all evening. Perfect tactical pauses and energetic drops on this little number will set this one up for peak time use aplenty in the coming months.

Perfect for: Screams peak time all day long, and with early support from the likes of Soul Clap, Jazzanova and Karizma, you’ll be in good company.

Fat Freddy's Drop as reviewed by WALTHAMSTOW007

June 26, 2017
Most, if not all CD's and vinyl still available direct at, https://shop.fatfreddysdrop.com/

Tom Waits - Bad As Me as reviewed by Dannyboyo

June 26, 2017
I hate the word 'poet'. Fairly sure I read TW isn't keen on it either. He is a reporter and taking a song like Talking At The Same Time, for example, his reports touch on where a human being is at on a domestic, mundane level as an individual and a wider one-society, war, economy, reality-all in his choice of words. Last Leaf On The Tree is beautiful and harrowing...this is another fine opus from TW, a bit of Mule Variations and a bit of SwordfishTrombones vibes mixed together