Waterdigger - Welcome To Seminole Heights as reviewed by royhas2012

April 26, 2017
Heroin Texas (Self-Released 2008)

Noisy freaking and nasty sleazed of the blending Avant-Garde, Rock n’ Roll or Folk-Country and World Parody Music through a drunken performance led by Jiblit Dupree from Orlando, Florida within his drunken band of mad-heads musicians on the releasing for this record entitled Welcome to Seminole Heights and calling themselves as Waterdigger; consisting as well with Don Butler on bass, theremin, guitars or Ed Lowery the drummer and backing vocals, Danny McGuire on vocals and guitars brought the experimental blissful of ignorance sounds adopted from Grunge spirits, Punk attitude and Redneck life-style in every kinds of songs recorded here like the silly Hoopdy, the Nascar’s anthem on My Last Name as introductions too, Dirty Foot with Billy Summer and Granny is Better or Soul Lady – little less or more completing the history of a bad man background and the continuity on musical adrift via the acts of stupidity, daily informal swearing, more drinking and trailer park’s criminal compilations – all added into one dirty freaking album here on Welcome to Seminole Heights; personal or by socialite. You shall feeling annoyed because of the no good damn vocals or thus weird guitar effects as nothing to thanking over this jerky dumb work ! This is Waterdigger.

Various - Sun, Smog And Hate as reviewed by mustardnbuns

April 26, 2017
this compilations is so beautiful. if you're a fan of AJJ's earlier stuff and want to explore more stuff from that vein, the Phoenix side of this album is really really wonderful and i highly recommend checking out and pursuing every artist on this comp (not only the Phoenix side, but the L.A. side too!)!

DJ Massive - The Mad Skills E.P Part 1 as reviewed by pete.devnull

April 26, 2017
Years later and still no comments on this Easygroove Classic? Absolutely killer, all the dj massive eps on HCV are good, but this one is definitely a step beyond the previous 4 (6 if you count the first 2 alias ones), if you like your tunes fast and frantic.

Ion Ludwig - Ghost To Coast as reviewed by dolive

April 26, 2017
Long live the Queen bitches, long live the King ..!

Goldie - Inner City Life (2017 Rebuild / Burial Remix) as reviewed by sneakdiss

April 26, 2017
whoa, goldie's 2017 rebuild is actually very good! for the most part, just tightens up the original with a surprising amount of restraint. diane charlamagne's vocals are higher in the mix. R.I.P....

Various - 7" Up! as reviewed by Jarren

April 26, 2017
edited about 4 hours ago
A fantastic little compilation, full of songs that I personally had never heard before. You never got these on Radio 1 during the afternoon!

Musically, they range from Punkish aggression to Electronic minimalism, but they all hold a certain quirkyness which really ties them together.

Take a song like Don't Try To Cure Yourself, which discusses the scientific details of venereal diseases, yet is still absolutely hilarious.

Then you get the absolute mentalness which is Gerry & The Holograms. Based around what appears to be a tape loop of the Dr. Who bassline, combined with metallic alien vocals, it doesn't really change for 4 minutes yet you're absolutely hooked.

Or how about the adorable & cute Red Box?

It's a song about waiting for a bus.

Every song has, as I said, a unique quirkyness and it's literally impossible to fault in any respect.

Plus, as the great sleeve notes say, it's better to have all these 7's on one LP instead of having to get up to change the record every few minutes!

Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band - Your New Best Friends as reviewed by scoundrel

April 26, 2017
After the criminally underrated A SPECIAL ALBUM, Ralph Myerz & the Jack Herren Band return for YOUR NEW BEST FRIENDS, a continuation of their downtempo explorations. The ringing and slide guitar of the sleepy "Kill The Habit" suggest a poppier direction, though the blippy dub of "Natasha '75" and "Escape From The Island" brings us back to the dreaminess we've been waiting for. Easy listening disco infiltrates "L.I.P.S.T.I.C.K." and the ridiculously perky "Waiting For You," while a noir fuzz envelops "Dubspace." The tranquil "My Private Night" sounds as if it came off a soundtrack from a 1950s romance, but "Dr. Lovemuscle" seems to have bounced off the electro-funk bus. A double bass grounds the spy chase of "Vendetta" before "She Was Here" returns us to the dreamy downtempo. The album closer, "So Me," continues that vibe, letting us drift off softly. While not as catchy as their debut, this album will still be your new best friend.

Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind as reviewed by GoodTunes

April 26, 2017
This is a terrific pressing. Punchy and loud. Flat and dead quiet throughout. Great stuff! Incredibly happy that Music on Vinyl pressed this so I could finally own it on vinyl.

dZihan & Kamien - Freaks & Icons as reviewed by cwmbran-city

April 26, 2017
Buy this for "Streets of Istanbul", a deep house secret weapon (if ever there was 1) of the highest caliber. When that snaking riff drops = utterly sublime. If you mix 2 copies in & out you can keep those chords/harmonics riding for an even more epic journey. Age has weathered it very well indeed.

Aaron Arce - The Noize EP as reviewed by lastmonkeyleft

April 26, 2017
B1 samples, "Everybody Get Down" by Alfonse Mouzon. Cool EP but the price is a bit absurd. "Pressure" is a monster

Mylo Featuring Freeform Five - Muscle Car as reviewed by scoundrel

April 26, 2017
Mylo's MUSCLE CAR gets a full complement of remixes here, with Tiga getting first shot, putting a glittery 80s sparkle and some acid into the track. Sander Kleinenberg follows soon after with a bass-heavier track that also brings in some poppy-sounding chanting. Neither Booka Shade/DJ T nor Justus Köhncke offer much alteration upfront but instead, both groups bring in their melodic techno in the latter half of their mixes. Alex Smoke offers a dark acid from the start, but it's Freeform Five's mix that grabs the most attention with its upbeat charge. You could say it puts the 'muscle' in "Muscle Car."

Scott Grooves - A New Day as reviewed by t.j.boyd94

April 26, 2017
A New Day (Mix 2) is one of the greatest house songs I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and no surprises it comes from Scott Grooves, probably the most criminally underrated producer on the planet. Play this in a club and try not to smile, laugh, dance and cry at the same time. Or be too overwhelmed and just stand there in awe.

Beautiful People (2) / The K-Creative - Harmony / To Be Free (Brother John) as reviewed by lastmonkeyleft

April 26, 2017
My copy skips on A1 side. its very annoying. looks brand new but that skip won't come out. sound quality is pretty good though...

Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll as reviewed by scoundrel

April 26, 2017
The title track from Mylo's DESTROY ROCK & ROLL gets the remix treatment here, letting the spirit move through the disco auto-da-fé. Tom Neville offers up a more spare, electro mix that's a touch darker than the original, whereas Headman takes an approach that brings in a mellow rock attitude to complement the electronics. Riton also goes for dark electro, but it's the original with its continuous call-out that charms the most.

Clipping. - Splendor & Misery as reviewed by rahbical

April 26, 2017
I absolutely adore this album, one of the most unique and creative pieces of work I've ever heard and it works beautifully. An amazing pressing too

Temples (4) - Volcano as reviewed by maicco.ferreira

April 26, 2017
I personally like the sound of it. Just put with my M44G cartridge and sounded much better.
Anyway, very pleasing record.

Robert Johnson - The Complete Original Masters: Centennial Edition as reviewed by leftypem

April 26, 2017
A very unique and fun way to experience Johnson's output, not only pairing the songs as they were originally released, but replicating the method many would have handled and stored them. Too bad it is a pricey set, and of limited availability. Uses the same up to date digital masters as the other official Centennial Collection offerings, this is the best Robert Johnson will ever sound, and it is superb considering the available materials.

Les Glimmer Twins*, The Rolling Stones - Grande Finale as reviewed by Earguy

April 26, 2017
This is a collection of songs off the now-officially released Hampton 1981 show, which was broadcast via pay-per-view. The sound quality is excellent, rivaling the sound on the official "Still Life" album. Some of the songs here appear on Still Life as well. I'd have to listen to the official release side-by-side, but to my memory this sounds better. A good souvenir of the 1981 Tattoo You tour. I just wish when I got this over 30 years ago that it was the entire show in this quality.

Ahmed Fakroun - Mots D'Amour as reviewed by jturkington

April 26, 2017
Bought this album for the track "Ya Farhi Bik". It's listed on here but a completely different song. Very disappointing repress.

Interstellar Funk - Caves Of Steel as reviewed by Ygnis

April 26, 2017
It sounded kind of ok on Soundcloud, but I bought because I trust the label (and for the sleeve art).
So I played it on my small soundystem at home and I have no words how good this record is.

Wonderful mastering, great pressing, killer release grab it if you can!

Watergate - The Battle as reviewed by xtraterrestrial

April 26, 2017
"Terra" is one of those b-side gems that I feel outshines the title track. Uplifting chords backed by dreamy strings and a hypnotic 303 line makes this a must have.

Psychocaravane - A L'Abri Du Convoi as reviewed by DisKebec

April 26, 2017
edited about 8 hours ago
Progressive-alternative country rock boasting mysterious cinematic surroundings that's sometimes reminiscent of Ennio Morricone. All-instrumental, led by the sound of the guitars, dobro, lap-steel, harmonica and organs, the vibes exude the American west....canyons, deserts and burnt orange sunsets ....all with an eclectic electronic and occasionally psychedelic ambiance.

The Cult - Love as reviewed by notec

April 26, 2017
edited about 8 hours ago
a loud, bright, harshly brutal mastering job here. loudness wars can be heard in full effect on this slab O' wax. "love" will forever be the black magic host of "she sells sanctuary" the monster radio hit that propelled these brits and their terrible haircuts (fucking eighties) into american households, cars and bars fronted by the mystical voice of ian astbury and billy duffy's gtrs. it would take fours years before the commercial success that this hinted at would arrive with The Cult - Sonic Temple and then off they went riding into obscurity in native american headress....

Various - The Blues World Of Eric Clapton as reviewed by Lucio.Vivaldi.

April 26, 2017
Great service. Enjoyed the experience. My seller for this was nice.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'i and Mark Mancina - Moana Original Motion Picture Soundtrack as reviewed by walnutsoap

April 26, 2017
edited about 9 hours ago
Unfortunately, this LP sounds more and more crappy (distorted, crackly and full of sibilance) the closer you get to the inner grooves - which is disappointing because some of the best songs (including "You're Welcome") are on the inner edges of the record. I don't usually notice this on most records, but it's extremely pronounced here.