Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding as reviewed by roussos.panagiotis

January 21, 2018
It is exceptional in all terms. sounds great. Although is not a reissue since it was never released on LP.

Lateral Tension - Pressure Device as reviewed by XIANWING

January 21, 2018

Big Bill Broonzy - Blues Singer Vol. 1 as reviewed by Bradx

January 21, 2018
My father used to bug me about the song 'Blues In 1890'. For years and years he asked me to try to obtain it for him. Blues In 1890 was his favourite song. My father was a big Broonzy fan and saw him at Wolverhampton Civic Hall sometime in the 1950s. He told me Broonzy came on stage with a big Martin guitar and said "there's two types of songs: spirituals and blues - this one's a blues".

Anyway - eventually I got hold of a copy of this 10" and gave it to my father for Christmas about 20 years ago. I think it cost me £20. I got it from a guy who had a massive Broonzy collection. It took me ages to finally do the deal.

When I gave it to my father I thought he would be highly delighted but he didn't say much about it and sadly it's a bit scratched - right on Blues In 1890 too.

Eventually I took it to work and dubbed it onto computer where I meticulously edited all the scratches out and then recorded it onto CDr for him.
He still didn't say that much about it - parents eh? What to do with them?

Shortly after that my father died and all his records came to me - so now I own it.
I gather it's quite rare. Apparently the first ever blues released on vinyl (as opposed to shellac). Broonzy recorded it in Paris in 1951 when he was on a European tour.

Crossed Out - 1990-1993 as reviewed by javierxsanxcubx

January 21, 2018
CROSSED OUT 1990-1993
1-7 Self Tittled EP September1991
8-15 (8-12 released for the 5" split with Dropdead), (9-13 released for Son of Bllleeeeaaauuurghhhh) and 14-15 unreleased versions. February of 1992.
16-21 Split with Man is the Bastard October 1992.
22 Rehearsal December 1990 unreleased
23-29 April 1991 - Demo tape
30-41 Recorded on 27 March 1992 " Live on KSFC Radio on Claremont, Ca."
42 and 43 Rehearsal on sometime on 1992, 42 instrumental.
44-47 Recorded on August 21, 1993 "Live on Ché café of San Diego - CA."
-Totally remastered via profesional proffesional art design and graphic concept by TSP
Not another shitty bootleg.

Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan* - Four Tracks From Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan as reviewed by NY_Club_Classics

January 21, 2018
edited about 2 hours ago
The best pressings of the all-time soul/funk/disco classics Tell Me Something Good, Once You Get Started and You Got The Love. An ABC management/marketing mistake for not putting Chaka's killer soul ballad Sweet Thing as the B2 track instead of Dance Wit Me. If they had, that would have made this great UK 12" even more collectible and valuable!

Roman (69) - Any Place But Home as reviewed by smallandnimblerecord

January 21, 2018
Just listened to your album driving in Texas. Love it! Reminds us so much of Guy Forsyth.

The Gentle People - Emotion Heater as reviewed by dica

January 20, 2018
The Luke Vibert remix is an absolute drum & bass masterpiece - surprised it wasn't credited to Plug. What a tune...

Ran Blake - Open City as reviewed by jamesjazzy

January 20, 2018
Solo noodling. I have to keep writing there is a minimum of 10 words

Oliver Prime - Sights Beyond / Shining as reviewed by Jarren

January 20, 2018
Sights Beyond is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful pieces of music that I have ever heard.

Dark, enveloping, mysterious.

Klaus Schulze, circa Timewind, but Trance.

I'd love this on vinyl.

Cleansing Wave - Crude E.P. as reviewed by butlersystems

January 20, 2018
The hell is with these three sides? It is interesting (10 words needed to post )

Unknown Artist - Mike's Finest Breed as reviewed by nn3417

January 20, 2018
edited about 6 hours ago
Where is TCR001? Does it exist?

Regardless, this record is extremely good!

Cafe Tacuba - Re as reviewed by robertochl_2011

January 20, 2018
Extreme rare record. Few copies were pressed. No have reissues yet.

Psychic TV - Snakes as reviewed by contra_fighter1983

January 20, 2018
Being a fan of PTV earlier releases 1984-85, Snakes starts on a "meh" note (sounds more like the "thank-you release"). But when side B rolls PTV brings back that unique weirdness when "snakes" hits and ends with a great Floyd dual cover. Album overall is good but not my favorite. If one was into the newer sound of PTV it is an album to acquire.

Pretty Lightning - The Rhythm Of Ooze as reviewed by cdequaker

January 20, 2018
Repetition. Change that bubbles underneath and appears on the surface only by comparison of where-it-is to where-it-was. Mix that with some innovative and primal psychedelic blues, and you’ve discovered this band’s secret formula. On their 3rd album, this German duo creates a mysterious and hypnotically entrancing aura of sound that combines raw, boogie-stomp blues, otherworldly psychedelic sound threads and a fever-inducing Motorik drive. Recalls a diverse array of bands: Wooden Shjips, The Black Keys, Dream Police, Left Lane Cruiser, Ty Segall, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, Thee Oh Sees, The Telescopes, Loop, Psychic Ills. “The Rhythm Of Ooze” embellishes the tone and texture of its guitars with an urgent drone of primitive reverberation. This, along with the recurrent echo of rhythmic percussion that powers the fundamental movement here, forms an album of magical audio energy. –Recommended—as a potion for brain and body.

Oscar Peterson And Count Basie - "Satch" And "Josh" as reviewed by streetmouse

January 20, 2018
This is by no means the first pairing of Oscar Peterson and Count Basie, and always seems like pairing that shouldn’t work, nevertheless it does, and splendidly so, with perhaps their contrasts being what allows these two piano players to sound so outstanding together. Yet riding under the current, setting the stage and laying down the groundwork was Louis Bellson on drums and Ray Brown on bass, along with Freddie Green on guitar, where all of the players come together to create a warm rich harmonic atmosphere where they don’t so much play off of each other, but rather for and with each other to create a sonic whole of precision and grace.

This is a piano dominated outing, and one that’s designed for vinyl, where the intimacy and inferences are well defined as your tonearm gently floats between the grooves and spectacular notes simply ooze from your speakers in a sparkling manner that resides somewhere between boogie woogie and smooth up tempo bebop jazz from the mid 1970’s that really swings.

Review by Jenell Kesler

Marlena Shaw - Love Dancin' as reviewed by uofsc93

January 20, 2018
Heard it on Sirius XM Studio 54 Jellybean DJ set: very derivative.

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedoes as reviewed by MEllODrOnE

January 20, 2018
Damn! This reissue sounds great! Great low end on this with deep bass and punchy drums. Very full sounding dynamic record, nothing gets muddy, clarity is amazing. Gotta mention those drums again, the drums sound awesome and have major impact. I have the first s/t album which also sounds rad and Full Moon Fever which sounds good but I think this Damn The Torpedos album sounds the best so far. Pressed at QRP and even tho it comes in a thick cardboard inner sleeve there were no scratches, scuffs or damage to the vinyl surface, thankfully. Plays great, very lively sounding with perfect balance. Bernie Grundman does great things with that low end drive that really powers the rest of the music. Superb sound. If I have to pick something to complain about, I wish the vocals were a little more present on some of the tracks. 9/10 easily though.

Piero Umiliani - Grazie! as reviewed by singingintherain

January 20, 2018
As someone just discovering this artist, I can say I enjoy the selections! A lot of soundtrack-esque funk and chill music. I sort of bought it on a whim because I like VMP's offerings but I think I would've preferred an album over a compilation. My copy wasn't warped.

Henry Saiz - Balance Presents Natura Sonoris as reviewed by subterFUSE

January 20, 2018
This mix is nothing short of spectacular. Henry Saiz's unquestionable masterpiece. A 2.5 hour continuous journey through the most beautiful and emotive sounds that I've heard in more than a decade.

Michael Andrews - Donnie Darko (Music From The Original Motion Picture Score) as reviewed by Tyrian

January 20, 2018
All things considered, this record could sound far worse. The main issue seems to be a lack of high frequencies, sounds as if it had been low-passed around 4k, which makes the mids seem a bit over-accentuated in comparison. As this soundtrack is mainly comprised of discreet, mellow piano and distant ominous synth drones, it's not terrifically "bright" sounding anyway, but still this pressing lacks a bit of "air", to my ears anyway. If you have an EQ in your system you could probably compensate for this quite a bit, though this will bring out more of the background hiss present in the recording.

Whether this would be down to substandard pressing quality, or just a less-than-perfect mastering job, I couldn't say. Likewise whether or not the Deathwaltz version would have any improvement in sound.

Aside from this, it's not distorted or un-dynamic, not overly noisy, and the disc feels well made and of moderate weight. It does come in a crappy paper inner sleeve however.

My only other criticism of this record is the addition of an "alternate version" of Mad World (featuring drums and denser orchestration), immediately following the well-known soundtrack version. It is unnecessary to hear the song twice in a row, and I prefer the more stripped-back version anyway.

Final word is this: If you want the full, deep listening experience, get it on CD/Digital (or watch the film! and yes it does make sense, actually!). This record is certainly a nice artifact to have in your collection and more than tolerable to listen to as well, but definitely do not pay above board for this or any other vinyl version, I would say £20 absolute tops.

The Timelords - Doctorin' The Tardis as reviewed by mrmott9

January 20, 2018
It's so weird and so awesome at the same time, it can be a bit cringe worthy but as a whovian I love it, especially the track for A2 it's a little less silly and great to just hear the who theme on vinyl

The Supremes* - The Supremes as reviewed by DegreeOfLove

January 20, 2018
Re-recordings of past Supreme's hits by two of the 70's Supreme's Lynda Laurence and Scherrie Payne. The third voice is Lynda's sister Sundray Tucker.

The Supremes* - The Hits as reviewed by DegreeOfLove

January 20, 2018
Re-recordings of past Supreme's hits by two of the 70's Supreme's Lynda Laurence and Scherrie Payne. Even though Freddie Pool is pictured on the cover, her vocals are not on any of these tracks, the third voice is Lynda's sister Sundray Tucker.

The Supremes* - Greatest Hits as reviewed by DegreeOfLove

January 20, 2018
Re-recordings of past Supreme's hits by two of the 70's Supreme's Lynda Laurence and Scherrie Payne. Even thouigh Freddie Pool is pictured on the cover, her vocals are only on one track, and that is the live track "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman". All the other tracks feature the voice of Lynda's sister Sundray Tucker.