The Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Reactor as reviewed by Jarren

October 25, 2016
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The cover screams angular New Wave, the band themselves dress in zany gas mask suits, their name sounds cool, but sadly not is all what it seems.

The male vocal tracks sound like a typical 70's rock band trying to squeeze into the credibility of New Wave. Big, masculine vocals, screaming guitar riffs to the forefront, almost prog-like indulgence.

Such a shame, as the female vocal tracks are really where you can see how this LP could have been great. The vocalist has similarities with Su Tissue (from Suburban Lawns), and on the whole the tracks with the female lead are much more interesting & condensed.

It could have made a very sharp 4-track EP (System Failure, White Sugar, Generator, Z-Bomb). As an LP with the male vocal tracks, it's far too disjointed.

Kelz as reviewed by GBeats

October 25, 2016
Kelz is one of the most expenance Bristol U.K Underground Hip Hop Culture Emcees from his Smith and Mighty days, Longlastin , The Souljah Clique and know working with real top Bristol U.K Hip Hop Culture Underground producer Sir Beans O.B.E.Peace G Beats.

Damien Jurado - Visions Of Us On The Land as reviewed by themcneills

October 25, 2016
Pressing is as bad as Bon Iver, Bon Iver. Dead sounding. Heartbreaking.

Wake (15) ,with Mark Browne (3) & Lol Coxhill - Graveyard Coitus as reviewed by crow_ior

October 25, 2016
Wake (Adam Bohman, Nick Couldry, Crow) with Mark Browne & Lol Coxhill - Graveyard Coitus CDr
Some Notes On The Graveyard Coitus

“Is there a band playing?” Lol Coxhill

“The body is a trunk of which one is only a leaf when one realizes one is dead, and that one is not outside but inside. For the dead man has only one thought, that’s to return to his corpse, to pick it up and to go on. But it’s always the corpse which picks you up, and one obeys because one is inside.” Antonin Artaud, To Peter Watson (1946)

I had arrived late, (it must have been midday?) hung over from a night of drinking. I can’t recall the occasion, perhaps if I can find the diary for 1991 I might be able to piece it together and it might just pop up in my mind, but I just remember my head hurting. Nick Couldry had phoned me up perhaps some days earlier (if I trawl through the box of answer phone tapes it’s possible I might even be able to find the message) and asked if I would be able to turn up for this gig, it would be a WAKE performance (a short lived trio formed in 1986 with myself, Nick and Adam Bohman) I had brought with me the Wasp Synth a lead or two, and a violin bow with a Shadow 2000 contact mic attached. By then I recall they were already playing, or perhaps just warming up. Adam Bohman on prepared home made string instruments including a zither, and the usual found objects and Nick Couldry on keyboards with effects, all manner of percussive and noise making implements, and I distinctively recall a wok overturned, and a blue toy piano, they were all the rage back then. There was a generator humming, and a couple of amps.

Lol Coxhill and Mark Browne (on respective saxes) would join in with us much later in ‘the set’; perhaps they had already been on the stroll? For this was the London Strollerthon proudly sponsored by Cadbury’s. The LMC had been asked if they could provide some ‘entertainment’ en route for the London Strollers, but why the hell were we in the Bunhill Fields Burial Grounds? Perhaps this was some re-filling or final resting place (no pun intended), perhaps there was bunting and stalls offering refreshment, if so that memory has been erased from my mind. Anyhow, the public trudging through seemed bemused, or nonplussed, who were these odd looking ‘musicians’ and what was this racket all about? A few bewildered stragglers stayed behind, looked on, perhaps hopeful for some kind of summer Jazz once the guys with the Saxes arrived. I’m not going to write about the music, other enlightened beings more able and paid to write can attempt that. I do recall at varying times very forceful playing by all, Nick Couldry ferociously bowing sarcophagi. And the sound of a dog barking which we tried to play with, and children screaming, perhaps they enjoyed it.

Fast forward to 1995 and Nick (Couldry) asked me to select ‘highlights’ for a release on Polar Bear Recordings (a tape label now long forgotten) the tape links I chose between the tracks “Peristaltic Sounds in Gastrointestinal obstruction” & “Vox Romana - Six Passages from Virgil” (Latin) are from tapes recorded for me by the esteemed Adam Bohman. There were some photographs taken that day, I know that, perhaps they will turn up in a decade or so." - Richard Crow, London, May 2015


Sanoussi Mouminou - Sanoussi Mouminou Et L'Orchestre Picoby Band D'Abomey as reviewed by Adebisi

October 25, 2016
Never seen before !
Any information about it ? Please let us know !

Various - Beats Around The Bush as reviewed by armlesskid

October 25, 2016
5/5 since i got this vinyl, i won the lottery & my boss raised me

The Kniφe* - Shaking The Habitual as reviewed by m3nn0

October 25, 2016
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Way too much fillers and the descent tunes are too long. Though there are a handful of nice tunes, it's mostly a waste of vinyl. A2 is a repeated drum driven song that never gets interesing and it's 9 minutes long. Plain repeating boring drum sounds. Why?! And who's waiting for side C?! 18 minutes of boring sounds that's been done for over 50 years already in a much much more fashion, and here there's no drama in what you hear, no theme or tension to be found.
Waste of vinyl space! They should've kept it to single disc.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (6-LP Set) as reviewed by noneck09

October 25, 2016
Now that there are other box sets and re-releases out there this is still an EXCELLENT choice for the new Led Zeppelin fan. A must however for all vinyl Led Zep freaks as myself

Goose Fair Island - Big Static as reviewed by dikapedamusic

October 25, 2016
This is one of the great underrated albums in the last time. Impossible creative and fantastic melodies (maybe even if some sampled). Imagine the best work which "The Avalanches" didn't released yet. The hooklines of "Arts & Crafts-Album from "The Black Neon". Absolut unintelligible why this never find a full release on vinyl or cd!?

Various - House, Disco, Boogie, And Other Oddities as reviewed by youronlyfriend

October 25, 2016
Boogie Butter The Merrymaker and Exray's Miami Advice are the outstanding ones for me here! :) great compilation.

Depeche Mode - It's Called A Heart as reviewed by handsome_Hank

October 25, 2016
I was never a big fan of "It's called a heart", but the dry, bubbly Emotion Remix gives it a more "stompy" feel, with a groove even more suitable for the dancefloor. The Deportation Mix of "Flexible" is more of a classic 1985 remix with longer breaks and added quirky sounds.

Acropod - Tales Beyond The Unknown as reviewed by SYSTEM-J

October 25, 2016
This sounds so much like the work of Aural Imbalance / Deep Space Organisms that you wouldn't even notice that Track 9 is a remix unless you were looking at the tracklist while listening. I'm not entirely sure who these two Greek chaps are, appearing out of whatever is the Discogs equivalent of "terra incognita" with one solitary album before disappearing back into the ether, but Savvas has cropped up intermittently on Within Records since then, suggesting some kind of continued alliance.

Whicher way you slice it, if Simon Huxtable didn't ghost produce this album then he almost certainly telepathically controlled the people who did. The end product is that Deep Space Organisms long-player you always dreamed of, if you're one of the fifteen people in the world on-board with that excellent cult collective. Whoever was responsible for the final mixdown here made things a little harsher and more compressed than the spacious Within recordings, but it's a minor quibble against an otherwise sublime deep space voyage.

Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill as reviewed by Afrosheen

October 25, 2016
Fantastic reissue on heavy vinyl. Nice and quiet where it should be, dynamic, bass and balance is just right. Kinda struck me as odd since it's on Def Jam instead of Grand Royal, guess this album predated GR.

Toyah - Soul Passing Through Soul as reviewed by fiftypercent

October 25, 2016
Q: What do you get when you cross Toyah in her Bowie mood (circa "Heroes") and Sheena Easton's old producer? A: Two things. One is difficulty stifl­ing those yawns, and secondly, something you wouldn't want to tread in while walking across a cow field.(Mike Gardner, Record Mirror, June 22, 1985)

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Kirsty MacColl - He's On The Beach as reviewed by fiftypercent

October 25, 2016
A sad tale from Kirsty about a boy who takes off on holiday and ends up in Australia. Still, he's happy there. Kirsty will be happy too when the single marches up the charts. It's even better than "A New England", more bouncy and with a chorus that stays in your brain after just one listen. (Anne Lambert, No 1, June 15, 1985)

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Various - Balearic as reviewed by Mark_Anthony

October 25, 2016
Wow what a CD! Great music for driving in the car and relaxing. Even if you're stuck in traffic, the sounds here will make you feel better. My personal favorite on this has to be "Rebecca's Theme". It is a beautiful mix of happiness and rebirth. This CD is a great change of pace for the house/techno heads out there.

Space Megalithe - Abstract Dimension as reviewed by richardgurtler

October 25, 2016
Space Megalithe "Abstract Dimension" CD

French duo Space Megalithe, comprised of Jean-Claude Gil & Christophe Barbier, debuted during November 2014 with their self-released "Psyché Energy" CD. One year later they participated in Belgium (Heusden-Zolder) on B-Wave festival's main stage with names such as Robert Rich, Radio Massacre International and The Tower Free. A quite good opportunity to reveal their talents. Btw, a nearly 70-minute long recording from their performance is available in digital formats through Space Megalithe's Bandcamp site. Although I have followed all these significant events, it was Space Megalithe's second album "Abstract Dimension", which has really triggered my interest in this emerging project. So I can't forget to send kudos to kindred soul Sonic-Hypnosis for his hint!!! "Abstract Dimension" was released during January 2016, again as a glass mastered self release packaged in a traditional jewel case with 4-panel front cover insert. Another French soundscaper (and anthropologist) Boris Lelong is credited for his participation on the album's art concept.

Nearly 10 minutes long title composition "Abstract Dimension" unfolds this stellar odyssey with grandiosely expansive washes, perpetually drifting and ebbing, and intriguingly illuminated by intangibly gossamer clinks, lushly swirling fragments and enigmatically immersing biotic undercurrents. A top-notch intro, messieurs!!! Then follows a live, 11-minute version of "Psyché Energy", the title track from Space Megalithe's debut album. Cybernetic shimmerings are soon permeated by translucent sequences painting delicately elevated rhythms, exquisitely polished and euphorically sharp, while soothing tides of atmozones are persistently guarding above. Magnifique!!! So no wonder I didn't even notice a seamless transition to "Crystal Landscape 1", which inconspicuously moves into gorgeously nuanced panoramic vistas. A warmly encircling sonic postcard! "Crystal Landscape 2" clandestinely sneaks in, but the center stage is soon stolen by gently pulsing beats, meticulously bridging glistening cybernetic mesmerism with fascinatingly yearning undulations. Awesome bundle, bravo, Jean-Claude & Christophe!!! "Temple Of Andromeda" delves deeply into ambiguously colored terrains, where perplexingly labyrinthine drones precisely coalesce with variety of ear-tickling, industrial-infused traceries, organic glimpses and eerie curtains. Abstract soundforging at its finest!!! "Betelgueuse Station B" keeps at the beginning safely on the bizarre path, but over the course the track slowly metamorphoses into spectacularly immense spacefields, stunningly panoptic, yet enthrallingly piquant. The closing 3 minutes are masterfully magnified by crystalline sequencer meridians. A truly phenomenal piece clocking to 11-minute mark and an exuberantly creative pinnacle so far! Merci beaucoup!!! The next piece, "Waves", with 6 and a half minutes the shortest one on "Abstract Dimension", glides through balmily poetic vastness, where profoundly evocative meanders magnificently commingle with engrossingly ephemeral stillness. A genuine tranquilizer! "Stone Alignment", a 12-plus minutes long composition closes this amazing sonic voyage with expanding tides coupled with transient field recordings, both balsamic and spectral, unlocking the gates of jaw-droppingly monumental horizons. These spellbinding layers are delightfully counterpointed with evanescent trimmings of primordial artifacts, while remotely mesmerizing (heart)beat surreptitiously percolates through. A very strong finale indeed!

77-minute "Abstract Dimension" is a highly accomplished recording by this gifted duo, fully revealing their ingenious insignias, when sophisticatedly amalgamating North-American flavored atmospheric soundscaping with unpredictable Berlin School ingredients. Space Megalithe is a really big revelation from France, no question about that!!! And not only "Abstract Dimension", but also their first album "Psyché Energy" is highly recommended!!! And even if still newcomers, deep respect to Jean-Claude & Christophe for not being afraid of self-releasing their music on a glass mastered format. It's a quite rare move these days. So keep on creating, guys, I certainly stay tuned for all your future spatial installments! Once again, a big round of applause to Space Megalithe!!!

Richard Gürtler (Oct 25, 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia)

Dave Swayze - Last Flight To Paris as reviewed by Wizhard

October 25, 2016
Last Flight to Paris is a classic, but I actually am more into 'Butterflies', pure trance beauty from Belgium... Very relaxed piece with a warming pad and little plucks... this is Art ! A must have for those who like to let their mind floating...

Red House Painters - Red House Painters as reviewed by tongchuan.gao

October 25, 2016
Apparently this is not a Japanese edition. It is a Taiwanese edition.

Elvis Presley - For LP Fans Only as reviewed by feralhillbilli

October 25, 2016
This iconic 1959 release by Elvis of 10 previously recorded tracks is a compilation made up by RCA execs and released to keep Elvis in the public eye, and in the hit parades selling records, while serving in the US Army. It includes four of his legendary Sun recordings and six newer RCA recordings. From the wild rockabilly of Mystery Train and Shake, Rattle and Roll to the more melodic You're A Heartbreaker and the almost carnivale sound of Poor Boy, each track is a five star recording and a real winner. An iconic and legendary rock and Roll LP, it is ome of the finest examples of the genre by the Supreme Master of the music.

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill as reviewed by handsome_Hank

October 25, 2016
It's impossible to top the original album mix, but this remix is quite well adapted for the dancefloor, with a stronger emphasis on the continuous beat and keeps most of the strong elements of the original.

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love as reviewed by handsome_Hank

October 25, 2016
The bare bones version of "Tainted Love" puts emphasis on the core rhythm and the voice of Gloria Jones. It's rough and haunting and very, very danceable. The b-side is beautiful.

Step Time Orchestra - Fancy Robots "South Of The Sun, North Of The Moon" as reviewed by e-cho

October 25, 2016
Two Future Mans was and still is an instant classic. Such poetry has seldom been seen since.

Gentle Giant - I'm Turning Around as reviewed by Westcotes54

October 25, 2016
I have always found Gentle Giant something of a hit or miss sort of band. This is on the side of very good. The A side is reminiscent of earlier Genesis but the bonus is the live B side which is more proggie. Worth a listen.

Con-Dom & The Grey Wolves - Many Are Called But Few Get Up as reviewed by so.......

October 25, 2016
Another release of boring, stale and uninspired noise from some of Power Electronics most uncreative conservatives.