Acid Attack (2) - Suburbia's Dream as reviewed by Culthero1

September 30, 2016
Fantastic vinyl recording of UK82 punk at its best - PUP

Bob Weir - Blue Mountain as reviewed by lennyif

September 30, 2016
This album is absolutely fantastic! If you are curious, just go ahead and get it.

R.L. Burnside - A Ass Pocket Of Whiskey as reviewed by lsdmofro

September 30, 2016
This is 5 stars if your drunk as hell and your woman ain't at home. It's a beast of masculinity. Better to listen to when drinking alone and you can't find your car keys and baseball bat.

Emtidi - Saat as reviewed by ultimathulerecords

September 30, 2016
Not so much a review, but a warning! This CD reissue from ZYX Records ‎– OHR 70008-2 is transcribed from crackly vinyl. Quite why this is the case is puzzling as the masters had not been lost, as witnessed by the excellent sounding previous Zyx issue on their Galaxis label and the Spalax issue!

Doyeq - Soundsphere as reviewed by sonique72

September 30, 2016
is there by any chance a vinyl release for especially "soundsphere and yellow day"would definately like to have them.

Point Blank (9) - Cold Warrior as reviewed by migfortes

September 30, 2016
Radio station transmission , very good sound !
Miguel Fortes

M-Band - Haust as reviewed by spaceghost617

September 30, 2016
This is one of the most beautiful and essential albums of 2014. Spot on perfection from track to track. It carries a darker tone with beautiful melodies that are often emphasized by piano and amazingly erie vocals. The artists feelings and mood is almost palpable. It's as if some major event happened in his life and he was able to convert that into music. Stunning, deep, powerful and beautiful. Very raw and rare to hear this powerful talent and I'm not sure if he will be able to pull off another album of this magnitude (but I sure hope her does).

Gary Blanchard - Original Soundtrack as reviewed by giantreptile

September 30, 2016
What makes this such a delight is that this record was made with zero irony. A great dinner party record. The synth work is inherently interesting.

Love Joys - Lovers Rock Reggae Style as reviewed by Benihanasp12

September 30, 2016
edited about 5 hours ago
Lovely album of showcase-style tunes. Five of the six are essential. The vocal mixes and dub mixes are all on point within their own rites and it's refreshing to have an album that doesn't separate then with silence.

My only complaint is several of the edits into the dubwise mixes of the tunes seem kinda lazy; they don't really happen on beat, popping up within the track without much artful incorporporation. Bullwackie is a visionary but my expectations of his work exceed this aspect of the overall compilation of tunes. 'Chances Are' is an example that does not fall within this critique, though -- it is perfect.

Still there are gorgeous voices, thoughtful lyrics, lovely instrumentation and great production.

The Lovin' Spoonful - The Best Of The Lovin' Spoonful as reviewed by streetmouse

September 30, 2016
edited about 6 hours ago
HA! I’ve had so many conversations regarding the moniker The Lovin’ Spoonful chose, and heard so many rummers over the years, that I think it’s time to set the record straight. It’s been said that ‘lovin’ spoonful’ referred to heron cooking in a spoon, it’s also be said that the song “Day Dream” which was also the title of their second album implied that the boys where doing nothing but having a good time shooting heron and dreaming the day away. And while the lads certainly took their fair share of the medications of the day, with Yal Yanovsky managing to get arrested in 1967 for marijuana, and seeking not to be deported, he gave up the name of his dealer. Even though he could play like Elmore James, Floyd Cramer and Chuck Berry, the consequence was that both he and the band were ostracized by fans and the music community, and was a central point for Sebastian going out on his own.

But as usual, I digress … The Lovin’ Spoonful took their name from line in Mississippi John Hurt’s blues classic “Coffee Blues,” a line that went like this with a bit of spoken word at the beginning:

This is the “Coffee Blues”, I likes a certain brand – Maxwell’s House – it’s good till the last drop, just like it says on the can.

I used to have a girl cookin’ a good Maxwell House. She moved away.
Some said to Memphis and some said to Leland, but I found her. I wanted her to cook me some
good Maxwell’s House. You understand, if I can get me just a spoonful of Maxwell’s House, do me much good as two or three cups this other coffee
I’ve got to go to Memphis, bring her back to
I wanna see my baby ’bout a lovin’ spoonful
, my lovin’ spoonful
Well, I’m just got to have my lovin’
(spoken: I found her)
Good mornin’, baby, how you do this mornin’?
Well, please, ma’am, just a lovin’ spoon,
just a lovin’ spoonful
I declare, I got to have my lovin’ spoonful
My baby packed her suitcase and she went away
I couldn’t let her stay for my lovin’,
my lovin’ spoonful
Well, I’m just got to have my lovin’
Good mornin’, baby, how you do this mornin’?
Well, please, ma’am, just a lovin’ spoon,
just a lovin’ spoonful
I declare, I got to have my lovin’ spoonful
Well, the preacher in the pulpit, jumpin’ up and down
He laid his bible down for his lovin’
(spoken: Ain’t Maxwell House all right?)
Well, I’m just got to have my lovin’

Anyway, the song is about coffee, nothing more than a spoonful of java.

While their music is in no way remarkable or revolutionary, what The Lovin’ Spoonful laid down was sheer good time music, that was easy on the heart and easy on the head. Their songs were catchy, yet often fragile, quietly filled with a joyous optimism that many of the mid level British invasion bands lacked. Listen, by no means am I indicating that the music The Lovin’ Spoonful put out was even good, it was merely average, and to be honest, it was invested with cover versions of old folk songs that sent fans running for the album’s single releases such as “Do You Believe In Magic,” “Younger Girl,” and “Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind,” where the band’s talent’s blossomed. Each album foreshadowed what was to come, where on their fourth album Hums Of The Lovin’ Spoonful they managed to pull together a delivered perhaps the finest album of their career, filled with tracks such as “Summer In The City,” the haunting “Rain On The Roof” and “Coconut Grove;” though it wouldn’t be until their next outing where they would shattered the world with “Darlin’ Be Home Soon,” a song that became an anthem during the Viet Nam War, a song filled with the complexities of both love and sorrow, loss and joy.

Yet again I get off track … The Lovin’ Spoonful are a musical legacy that some would infer are all too overlooked and even neglected, but they weren’t. Their albums certainly may have been, but their 45’s were things of wonder, songs that earned more jukebox play than any other band from the time, save The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Their music was seamless, pure Americana folk and jug band numbers set to a new era that demanded a sense of sincerity and clarity. So yes, even a meteoric career can have its moments that seem to last for an eternity. And all this leaves me rather perplexed at what I’m actually trying to say, at what I can suggest to you … and I suppose that would be to settle on one of their compilations or greatest hits, where the silliness and overtly folkiness has been filtered out. With that being said, you just may find yourself wanting to take the journey that I lived through, though what you’ll find on my turntable will be The Best Of The Lovin’ Spoonful and The Best Of The Lovin’ Spoonful Vol. Two.

Review by Jenell Kesler

Tony Conrad With Faust - Outside The Dream Syndicate as reviewed by Beyond_John

September 30, 2016
edited about 6 hours ago
I don't think it says in the info, but one side of the insert has a piece written by Jim O'Rourke about the album, the making of the album, the live performances. This is the most accessible Tony Conrad I've heard... his Slapping Pythagoras make this sound like a rock album, especially on side two, The Side of the Machine, on which Faust would be suppressed no longer, but bring in organ and create, with that screeching violin droning away, an almost psychedelic sound. Side one, The Side of Man and Womankind, has Faust almost following Conrad's instructions to create a steady beat, and play a single note throughout on the bass. The bass eventually finds another note for a bit, then returns. I love both of these artists, and am very happy that this LP has been made available. Gorgeous cover too.

Sound Control (4) / D-Operation Drop - Electrocution Dub (VIP Remix) / Rockin' Da Nation (Soundcontrol Remix) as reviewed by Underdogg4

September 30, 2016
Electrocution Dub is a lion roar of a tune. J:Kenzo is a certified soundboy murdera

Andy Hart - La Même Pour Moi EP as reviewed by micahnyc

September 30, 2016
b2 is awesome!!!! really great stuff heres 3 more words

Lindsey Buckingham - Out Of The Cradle as reviewed by REENO

September 30, 2016
Upon listing to this album just once, you will immediately know who created the Fleetwood Mac aesthetic.
Lindsay's playful & melancholy sides are very well represented on this album, which is both well written & produced.....not to mention arranged and mixed.
It's a shame Warner did not promote this more aggressively, as it's one of his strongest albums.

A·F·X* - Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08 as reviewed by perkes

September 30, 2016
This EP is an interesting offering from Richard David James and is a lot of fun to listen to, especially on my system (Pro-Ject 2Xperience SB, Ortofon Cadenza Blue). My copy is a bit warped but fortunately it does not affect its playability. I agree that “Oberheim Blacet1b” is a great track. I enjoy just about everything this unique artist puts out. I gave it five stars!

Planetary Assault Systems - Arc Angel as reviewed by theFBI

September 30, 2016
12 calm & restrained cuts, appropriate maybe for the small cocktail party. Can't impress or bring to life anyone with this type of material. No energy, no spark, enough fillers - pardon, interludes - to put together a whole other ambient-only LP. "X speaks to no one."

It's okay though, Luke, you can't rave until 5AM forever. Nobody can. I was just hoping to hear the echo of those times from you, once again at least.

Various - From Chicago To Detroit Vol. 3 as reviewed by edd9

September 30, 2016
I love this release. everyone contributed some really nice tunes!

The Faith Foundation - Love Will Find A Way as reviewed by telogic

September 30, 2016
This is one of my favourite tunes from this period . Play paradox at +8 and the track comes alive .

The Outside Agency - Goes Noord vs The Rest Of The World II as reviewed by TdaClown

September 30, 2016
This one is a collaboration-release from The Outside Agency with four different artists.

The first one, 'Waste Of Humanity', is made by Eye-D together with hardcore-legend Ruffneck. It's hard, rough and exactly what you expect from these production-heavyweights combined!
The A2 track is a collab form the Norwegian Industrial Hardcore duo Petrochemical with DJ Hidden. The atmospheric industrial sound is really great, and knowing that 'Clockwork Paralysis' is very much influcenced by the movie 'A Clockwork Orange' makes it even a bit darker while listening to it.

When TOA teams up with Ophidian, you expect dark, well-produced, nasty and crispy sounding, tempo-changing industrial. And that's exactely what 'Scattered' gives you. Definately my personal favourite track of this release.
The final track, 'Manhunt II' is a bit more straight forward. Still pretty dark, but despite the nice tempo, it lacks just that little extra that makes the other tracks stand out.

Just as most Genosha Recordings releases, it's definately worth it's money and proves that The Outside Agency belongs to the top when it comes to producing.
On this release they also prove that working together with other great producers results in a great mix of styles. Every track has the distinct TOA-sound, but is also very much influenced by the guest-producer.

Danny Clay - Stills as reviewed by snobo

September 30, 2016
OMG how good is this. Both the concept and the execution. I don't have the book, only the LP - but loving it to the max. Quality pressing, excellent mastering, out of this world music - can't ask for more anyway.

Iannis Xenakis - Persepolis as reviewed by cblanger

September 30, 2016
In 1971 the Shah of Iran commissioned Xenakis to compose a piece for the 2500 anniversary celebration of Irans founding by Cyrus. The piece was to be performed at the ancient city of Persepolis and so Xenakis titled his piece after that great old capital of the Persian empire. The music he composed was of similarly epic proportions. The shear monolithic scale of this 60+ minute single index piece cannot be understated. Similar in sound perhaps to la legende dee’r and in force to Bohor but Persepolis has an all consuming power all it’s own. Essentially a musique concrete work for 8 track tape the music was designed to play during a light show using multiple lasers and mirrors. I would imagine the experience of being present at the performance to be quite overwhelming.

Persepolis squeals into life amid a multitude of curious mechanical moans and groans that sound as if a scrap yard is slowly awakening out of hibernation. There is no information as to the methods which were used to produce the sounds but I feel this only adds to the mystery. Tinkling glissandi slide behind the omnipresent grind and drones of the concrete sounds, as layer upon layer of sound flow across the senses. Any preconception of musique concrete or contempory electronics are thrown out the window as structures collapse around your ears.

Most people would just call it noise, and without knowing anything about the dense complex mathematical planning that went into this you might be right in thinking that. Persepolis sways and dips under it’s mammoth weight during the course of it’s journey, at times deafening with unrelenting bass and metallic drones ,and at other times smoother allowing the pitched electronics to seep through the mass and delight the senses. It is very difficult to describe the exact sound of Persepolis it’s composition is so radical and it’s range of timbres and textures so rich that I am left to clutch at metaphor’s. This music really does take no prisoners.

Om Unit vs. Kromestar - Solar Cycle as reviewed by masaq

September 30, 2016
Other Cosmic Bridge releases are limited to 300. Could be the reason this is going for the price it is. Hope it helps.

Konzept - Human Transmission as reviewed by Weareonenation303

September 30, 2016
Cover art is pretty damn creepy. Will probably give children nightmares. Music is good though. Some solid early German Techno. Courtesy of New Zone's underrated talents.

The Souljazz Orchestra - Rising Sun as reviewed by teebnyc

September 30, 2016
I just discovered this double pak recently. I gotta say it is one of my favorite in the modern jazz era right now. Complete and tight musicianship on each song. Love the unison and individuality of all the gifted musicians and soulful vocals...This is a great example of fusion, combining Afro Latin Soul influences within a jazz framework! Every track appealed to me! This one will stay in the play box for a while especially for those rainy days! Loved it!

Uriah Heep - Outsider as reviewed by alemoron-1

September 30, 2016
I have the same edition but in regular jewel case (Frontiers Records FR CD 650)