Bernard Fevre ‎– The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre



Fantasm 1:41
Cosmic Rays 2:21
Impressionnism 1:37
Dali 1:24
Molecule Dance 2:05
Monster Laboratory 1:06
Hell Riders 1:27
Savana Melody 2:27
Expectation 1:48
Restless 2:08
Pendulum 2:18
New From Future 1:47
Special Spatial 0:46
Subconscient Lamentation 1:16


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20 мая 2012 г.
относится к The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre, LP, IM 23
Interestingly, this LP were partly reissued nowadays under the name of Black Devil Disco Club but the versions there are quite different: more synth, drummachines. This one here is more rough and is just typical background string-machine synth music of the era. Not bad though..


10 апреля 2009 г.
относится к The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre, LP, IM 23
The strange world of Bernard Fevre
Illustration Musicale 23
IMLP 23, France, 1978 (Stereo - Mono)

Ultra rare library lp from the cult IM label ! An electronic masterpiece full of moogs and analog drum machines from Bernard Fevre. Mister Fevre signed the same year the disco funk masterpiece"black Devil" lp with Jacky Giordano. You can find today Restless on the luke vibert "further nuggets" library compilation. The rest of the lp were never compiled... Holy grail music and lp.