Blink* ‎– Buddha

Filter Records ‎– none
Cassette, Album
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A1 Carousel
A3 Strings
A4 Fentoozler
A5 Time
A6 Romeo And Rebecca
A7 21 Days
B1 Sometimes
B2 Degenerate
B3 Point Of View
B4 My Pet Sally
B5 Reebok Commercial
B6 Toast And Bananas
B7 The Family Next Door
Lyrics By [Additional] – Brian Casper
B8 Transvestite

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There is only one authentic version of the cassette: black with white printing (in other words, a standard production cassette). All other "variants" (blank tapes, white paper label tapes, translucent colored cassettes) are FAKE.

Tracks B7 and B8 are 'Super Fan Extra Bonus Tracks'

Recorded and mixed in January 1994 at Doubletime Studios in twelve hours

Insert reads:


We would like to thank and/or hook up the following (this list is in no particular order, so quit bitching if your name isn't at the top): Pat, for paying for everything; The Iconoclasts (Cameron Jones, Kerry Key, and Chris Epolt); Dan Rogers; Brian Casper, motherkiller and abuser of the English language; Matt "Hardluck" Houts; Anne Hoppus; Mark "Mutant" Eaton; David James Kennedy; The Get Down Clowns (Nate Fasold, Rich, Shay, and Yoni Laos); Loophole; The Dali Llama himself; Jerry Blake; Barfly; Jeremy Sandberg; Barbarino; Michelle Francis; Jeff "Hyper" Cannon; Derrick Hinman (for giving back to the community); all of our families, especially the Raynors for all of the hell we have put them through; Peter King; True Romance; Danny Noonan; Dr. Seuss; Winnie the Pooh; Ash; John Shaft; Lumiere; H.I. McDonough; Brandon Newton; John Candy; Winchell's Donuts; Dylan Anderson; Ramblin Rootbeer; Wunderland Arcade, where you can play video games for six hours straight and only spend three dollars; the sport of skateboarding; Walt Disney; The Ridge; Fred "The Dorf" Dorfman; John "Troll" Blinkle; Dave and Steve Morris; Fletch; Clark Griswold; Cafe Capalaba; Cranial Vacancy; Faque Burger; In-n-Out Burger; the Woozle whose name is Peanut; Dennis Miller; Rich Salo; Mike Fasold; Syphilis and Potatoes; Street Fighter II; the Star Wars trilogy; You, for buying or stealing this tape; God, Buddha, and Allah; Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, and Satan; Elmer Fudd; The Kids in the Hall; the guys who made fun of Tom's dick in the second grade; Mugua; Apocalypse Now; Alice in Wonderland, especially the Cheshire Cat; Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion and Oscar Meyer (for personal reasons); Snapple; Jeremy Klein and Brad Hess; Bill and Clare Key; McDonald's; The Jerky Boys; the adult film industry; and especially all of the lame girls who made us laugh, made us cry, and through it all, helped us to learn a little something about ourselves. Mark would also like to apologize to the guy whose face he burped in while shopping in UTC. Sorry about that. The players on this tape, in case you care, were as follows: Tom Delonge played his guitar and snag on about half of the songs, Mark Hoppus played his bass guitar and sang on the other half, and Scott Raynor did his thing on the drums while insisting the whole time that he never cared about anything. Cover art by Cam, Kerry, and Mark. Additional lyrics on The Family Next Door by Brian Casper. This tape was recorded and mixed in January 1994 at Doubletime Studios in twelve hours. Jeff was the engineer. We would love to hear from you, so write us a letter or something. The address is this: Blink Corporate Headquarters, c/o Mark Allan Hoppus. 17338 Francisco Drive, San Diego, California, 92128-2115. I guess that's about it. Thanks.

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14 августа 2020 г.
I also have a white label one as well as black with white printing
and both are genuine - I agree - dunno where the "FAKE" information
came from.


25 ноября 2019 г.
I purchased a white label tape from Filter in the mid-90s, it was like $5. I can vouch that is is a legit copy. I'm not sure where the "all other versions" are FAKE got their sourcing from.