German Techno/Rave/EDM/Dubstep/Hardstyle/Electro act.

Current members:
Hans Peter Geerdes aka H.P. Baxxter, Michael Simon from Shahin & Simon, Sebastian Schilde aka Nacho (2) & Jens Thele as Manager
Former members:
Sören Bühler aka Ferris Bueller (2) (1993-1998); Axel Broszeit aka Axel Coon (1998-2002); Jürgen Frosch aka Jay Frog (2002-2006); Hendrik Stedler aka Rick J. Jordan (1993-2013), Philip Speiser aka Dirty Disco Youth (2014-2018), Etnik Zarari aka Etnik (2018-2019)

Scooter is a German dance band founded in Hamburg, who have sold over 30 million records and earned 80 gold and platinum awards. Scooter are considered the most successful single-record German act with 23 top ten hits. The band is currently composed of members H.P. Baxxter, Michael Simon, and Philip Speiser. Although most of the band's early recordings are in the styles of Happy Hardcore or Hard Trance, Scooter have experimented with other dance genres such as Hardstyle and Jumpstyle, and occasionally Hip Hop, Hard Rock and House.

Scooter's trademark sound features spoken or shouted vocals, pitch-shifted chorus vocals and live performance elements such as crowd samples. Among their more well-known hits are "Hyper Hyper", "Move Your Ass!", "Fire", "How Much Is The Fish?", "Posse (I Need You On The Floor)", "Ramp! (The Logical Song)", "Nessaja", "Weekend!", "Maria (I Like It Loud)", "One (Always Hardcore)", and "Jumping All Over the World".
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SCOOTER001 Scooter - ...And The Beat Goes On! обложка альбома Scooter ...And The Beat Goes On! (Album) Club Tools, Club Tools SCOOTER001 Australia 1995 Продать эту версию
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170218-0 Scooter - Excess All Areas обложка альбома Scooter Excess All Areas (Album) Sheffield Tunes 170218-0 Poland 2006 Продать эту версию
175 791 3 Scooter - Jumping All Over The World обложка альбома Scooter Jumping All Over The World (Album, Comp) Sheffield Tunes 175 791 3 Poland 2007 Продать эту версию
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DNA0015 Scooter - Under The Radar Over The Top обложка альбома Scooter Under The Radar Over The Top (Album, Comp, Maxi) Sheffield Tunes DNA0015 Australia 2009 Продать эту версию
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none Scooter - The Fifth Chapter обложка альбома Scooter The Fifth Chapter (Album) Kontor Records, Sheffield Tunes none Germany 2014 Продать эту версию
1066006STU Scooter - Ace обложка альбома Scooter Ace (Album) Sheffield Tunes, Sheffield Tunes, Kontor Records, Kontor Records 1066006STU Germany 2016 Продать эту версию
579 052 7 Scooter - Scooter Forever обложка альбома Scooter Scooter Forever (Album) Sheffield Tunes, Kontor Records 579 052 7 Poland 2017 Продать эту версию

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5 июля 2021 г.
Scooter shows that sometimes the best thing to do with a career is to end it.


29 января 2020 г.
Scooter in my vain!!! :D
I bought the all Limited Deluxe Albums.
You can call me crazy or what you want, but
if you don't like Scooter, you don't know what is music, jut say :P


25 ноября 2019 г.
Scooter is one of the best if not the BEST in the scene !
They've adopted and evolved each chapter and they are simply AMAZING !


3 августа 2018 г.
It's sad to witness the decline in Scooters quality. I originally found out about them through a school friend back in 2001, so was very much introduced during the second chapter, but also went back to the origins and found some hidden gems like the legendary Rhapsody In E.

The second chapter was great. A lot of high quality instrumentals and even entire albums such as Back To The Heavyweight Jam and We Bring The Noise! I believe the group perfected their sound at this point in their career.

The third chapter was a curious one, and continued some of the Trance that Rick and Axel brought forward some years earlier. But for whatever reason, I bought The Stadium Techno Experience when it was new and sort of dropped off for a while to discover more Trance. I returned to Mind The Gap in recent years and was pleasantly surprised by Trance-Atlantic and Trip To Nowhere. The only album left that I want is, seemingly appropriately titled, Who Has The Last Laugh Now? A polarizing album, with some indicating the start in their decline, but I like what I hear.

The departure of Jay and introduction of Michael brought in some decent tracks, and a lot of Jumpstyle. There aren't really any consistent albums in this era, in my opinion, but some noteworthy tracks (The Sound Above My Hair, The Question Is What Is The Question, Love Is An Ocean, Metropolis).

I realise Scooter have always been a commercial dance group, but the way the industry turned clearly affected what they put out, as any longtime fans have observed. Personally, I feel the final nail in the coffin was the departure of Rick. HP is still shouting over the singles, but it's not the same.


17 июня 2018 г.
отредактировано over 3 years ago
A lot can be said for Scooter but the fact is that while other artists and bands do not exist anymore they are still on the case as HP Baxxter says. Sure their last works are not even close to good and this is my opinion and you can check my reviews in general to fnd out how i review. For me the downfall started with Who's got the last lough now, they had 3 decent albums from 2007 to 2009 and then chaos. FULL commercial staff without energy, rhythm and creativity. Sure there are minor exceptions, but the whole thing is at least tasteless. What we must not forget is that music nowadays is like this. So in order to maintain a status and a continuity they had to move along with the music industry. Some people like it, some not. I definitely not, since i grew up in the 90's and i f you have listened to RMB, Westbam, Ramirez and Scooter's early staff, understand. I'm not here to judge Scooter or anybody else, besides music is all about what you like to hear. For a Scooter fun i stopped buying their albums and singles in 2009 and that only says a lot


1 ноября 2016 г.
They have ripped countless songs but they've done it properly. Love them!


21 августа 2014 г.
Scooter essentially ripped off a band called Ultra-sonic from Scotland. Apparently one of the members of Scooter worked at the label which licensed Ultra-sonic's breakthrough European hit "Annihilating Rhythm". If you listen to Ultra-sonic, who had been using the "live" sound in their tracks since their inception you can hear where Scooter got this idea from. Even the title of their first release, "Hyper Hyper" blatantly rips off a lyric used by Mallorca Lee in "Annihilating Rhythm".


19 марта 2013 г.
Happiness, Passion, Motivation and Freedom, that's Scooter really show!