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Dual Playaz

Настоящее имя:Johannes Hanl & Manuel Pühringer

Dual Playaz are an Austrian producer and DJ duo in the field of hands-up music.

The project was founded in 2009 by Johannes Hanl (born Juny 21, 1989) and Manuel Pühringer (born January 21, 1989). With their motto "We only produce our own tracks, no covers", they want to encourage people in clubs to dance. They have followed this principle since they started making music together. This started after they met through forums and realized they had the same interests musically.

They celebrated great success in 2010 with their single "Lost Without You", which, according to Dual Playaz, also includes a very danceable Empyre One Remix. They hardly believed that this release could be surpassed again, but there was a release at least equal: "Everyday I See You" was recorded and produced in 2011 with the same singer.

Also in the following years there were singles like "All I Want", "Alone Again" or "Sax & Bass & Crazy Beats" which became very successful.
Another highlight was the appearance on the last "Welcome To The Club" (1000th broadcast) by Klubbingman in Sinsheim.

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