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Papa Srapa

Настоящее имя:Эдуард Альбертович Срапионов (Eduard Srapionov)

Eduard 'Papa Srapa' Srapionov (15.11.1961 – 23.02.2022) is an innovative and eccentric Russian experimental/noise sound artist from Rostov-on-Don, primarily known as a designer and creator of peculiar DIY synthesizers, electroacoustic instruments, and various music/non-music interactive objects and sculptures, often built from junk, cheap toys, household items, etc.

Srapionov began his career in the eighties as an audio/light engineer and stage technician for Valery Posidelov's band Day and Evening («День и Вечер»), as well as a bassist for several jazz ensembles and rock groups – most notably, Zazerkalje. Since the early 2000s, Papa Srapa began performing solo with an array of unique self-built electroacoustic instruments, synthesizers, drum machines, effects processors, heavily modified turntable with prepared records, and various unidentifiable sound objects. His inventions include a Spearmint. Wet Hands – ‘bio-synthesizer’ which insonifies semen, saliva, and other bodily fluids. Among the musicians who are performing on synthesizers by Papa Srapa are Alexei Borisov, Alexander Selivanov (Mortart), Vladislav Kreymer (That Black), ::vtol::, Sal Solaris, and Sergiy Sokolov (Sokolyara).

Most of his recordings are self-released on CDr – often each copy has a unique handmade artwork and cover design. Papa Srapa also released a few limited edition albums on Ginjoha (Japan), Kotä and Nazlo Records (Russia).

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Альтернативные названия:Eduard Srapionov
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