Ben Liebrand

Real Name:Bernardus C. Liebrand

Dutch DJ, Producer and Mastermixer, born 27 September 1960 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Brother of Rita Liebrand. He began his career as a DJ in 1976, and was given his own mix-show ("In The Mix") on Radio Veronica, The Netherlands from 1983 to 1985. From that radioshow, the Grandmix (an annual mix of all important dance tracks of that particular year) and the Minimix (single track remixes or combi-mixes) evolved. It has also led to the popular Grand 12-Inches series of compilations which often feature Liebrand remixes or edits.

Around the same time, Liebrand also began producing, charting multiple times with acts like Forrest (Rock The Boat) and MC Miker G. & DJ Sven (Holiday Rap). He also reached top spots in the charts with his remixes for Tavares (Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel), Bill Withers (Lovely Day) and Phil Collins (In The Air Tonight).

After 1992, frustrated with lack of feedback from his Grandmixes (which took one month to produce), he took a break from music and focused on 3D image work. Having learned to produce quality image renderings and 3D animation, he was hired to do commercials (Smith's, Arcade Compilations CD's), and music work (Videoclips for Atlantic Ocean and Alan Parsons Project), Bumpers for Music TV station TMF).

In 1998 the internet, and especially the "Mixfreaks" mailinglist caused Ben to think about music again, because now he did get the feedback and appreciation for the work he did in the '80s and '90s. Nowadays Ben is again fully involved in music, making Grandmixes in a new format on 3CD's and he again has his "In The Mix" show on Radio Veronica.

People like Armin van Buuren and Olav Basoski have cited him as the main influence for them entering the music business. , , Facebook , X , MySpace , Wikipedia , , , ,
Aliases:Brussel Syndicate, ISCO, Teknikolor, Teqnoh, The Crystal Palace, The Riddler (5), The World (13)
In Groups:Goldilox, Liebrand Images, S.B.B.L.
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