Filipe Santos

Real Name:Filipe Santos

Electronic music producer born in Portugal, currently based in Northern Ireland, UK.
Working mostly independently this artist has released his music under a long list of aliases.

Created Sita Records (continued by other management) and Moontrip Records, co-formed the now defunct Metapsychic Records and created various home-brew labels that served primarily his own productions.

List of other labels created by Filipe Santos (usually not more than a Bandcamp subdomain):
Acid Chemical Plant Records, Submoon Records, Moontrip Records, Godance Recordings, Super Space Synth Records, Extinct Records, Sunamoon Records, Good Dance Recordings, Good Dance Records, Goa '96 Records, Goacore Records, The Psychedelic Corner, Psychedelic Corner, Filipe Santos Music, Chimera Records, U Wish Rekkordz, Sinbad The Legend Of The Seven Seas, Black Speech Records, Space Synth Evolution Records, Neo Space Synth Records, Jehovah Tsidkenu Records, Glaive Records and Dragon Records (30).
When new labels were introduced, other previous labels usually went defunct, usually with parts of their music becoming unavailable for undetermined periods. Releases of the artist's back catalogue are sometimes reissued on his new labels.

Aliases:29th Entity, Acid Storm, Akshaya, Alejandro Sans, Alpha Code (2), Amen Re, Amithaba Buddha, Amun Ra, Android IX, Apoxys, Aquaris, Athena (37), Athenaia, Ba'al (2), Beast303, Bit-Head, Black On Bass, Blue Almanac, Buddja, Bunraku
In Groups:Medusis, Party Droids
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