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This page is for releases which don't have a label: Items such as self-released albums, demos, limited edition tour merchandise, private pressings, white labels, bootlegs, etc. See the label guidelines for additional information.
Not On Label (ArtistName) -> for unofficial releases containing music by a certain artist.
Not On Label (ArtistName Self-released) -> for music released specifically by an artist, as found on tours and made available via personal websites.
Please do NOT use Not On Label as the parent label of any "sublabels" (e.g. "Not On Label (ArtistName)").



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  • Аватар пользователя TomGreene16
    I'm glad I got signed to such a diverse label!
    • Аватар пользователя ErkZ
      best label ever ! so diverse. I love them .
      • Аватар пользователя nosalvation
        Best label ever! "Not On Label" has always been one of my favorite, but just recently I began to undestand its magic: you can find thousands of amazing, diverse records and rare releases (e.g. Pakistanian - they are spectacular!)
        • Аватар пользователя Pistachios
          Yes! Brilliant label and so diverse. You never know what they will put out next. Label artwork is deliberately cheap and when you're dj ing drunk, you can never remember what the hell is on the white labels. It's the vinyl version of a kinder egg.
          • Definitely my favourite record label. I have almost finished collecting all of their releases. It's not only the way that most releases are limited, but also the fact that all this label's releases span all genres. There's a lot of bootlegs and smaller artists released here too, which is always interesting. Just a note: the sound quality is often a little low with this label, due to lack of really good production equipment.
            • Аватар пользователя dj-maus
              What I don't like about white labels, is that the sound quality is often bad. Especially when you're playing on a big soundsystem that is quite irritating: You just can't get the sound adjusted right. There's always too much midrange, but if you turn the mid down, you can't hear the vocals...

              I guess it will be too expensive to do good (post-)production, because of the low quantities that are pressed.

              Nevertheless I cherish most of my white labels, as most of the times I'm the only DJ around town that has got 'em...
              • Аватар пользователя anType
                I'm surprised that there are still no comments here:)
                A lot of very interesting stuff is released on whitelabels. For example, some interesting artists who don't have enough money to sign to a label are just forced to release their music like this. Many very interesting bootleg remixes can be found among these releases. And it's always interesting to give a whitelabel a spin, because when you put the record on, you don't know what to expect, you can't even predict what style of music is recorded. I think, a lot of whitelabels are interesting.