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A British punk/new wave label formed in late 1977 by Martin Davis (managing director), along with former Liberty Records and United Artists Records UK MD Andrew Lauder. The company made its first releases in early 1978.

Funded and distributed by WEA, Radar immediately signed the Jake Riviera-managed Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe.

The Costello and Lowe releases were popular, as were records by three acts who were signed to US Polydor through a licensing deal: The Inmates (2), Bram Tchaikovsky and Yachts. However, most other Radar releases didn't sell well enough to meet WEA's expectations. At the end of 1979, Radar's staff was dismissed, while Costello, Lowe, Riviera and Lauder formed a new label, F-Beat Records. However, WEA kept the Radar name alive for a few last releases through early 1981.

Between 1995 and 1998, Radar was revived as a semi-indie label under the leadership of Rob Collins (4) and Graeme Beattie. They assembled a new roster that included Midget (4), Prolapse and Pure Morning, the precursor to Clinic.

Parent Label:Radarscope Records Ltd.
Sublabels:Radarscope Records
Contact Info:

60 Parker Street
London WC2 B5PZ (1978-79)

1026-1028 Harrow Road
London NW10 5NN (1995-98)

(both obsolete)

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