Electronic music label founded in 1992 by Heinz Roth (together with Matthias Hoffmann & SVEN VÄTH) in Frankfurt, Germany.
It was distributed via WEA Musik GmbH and Eye Q Musikproduktion GmbH.
In 1997 Sven Väth and Matthias Hoffmann left Harthouse and the label moved to Berlin in early February. On June 9th 1997 Harthouse had to declare insolvency.

Label codes: LC 5305 / LC 6450

The UK office continued operating and released a couple of records during the rest of 1997 with a totally different logo.
In 1998, UCMG Germany bought the licences to some Harthouse releases and the rights for the use of the label's trademark. Oliver Bondzio (of Hardfloor) became the new A&R and the "Retrospective"-compilation along with some new releases were published. After the bankruptcy of the UCMG Germany in 2003, was discontinued for the second time.
In 2004 Daredo Music took over the rights of the Harthouse brand. The label is now called Harthouse Mannheim, but the old design is kept intact. Since November 2017, the label Harthouse, now just called "Harthouse" belongs to UCM.One. Active A&R is Thorsten Kriebus.

Before Eye Q Music opened an office in London they had a licensing deal with Rising High. Releases with a catalog numbering scheme using HARTUK should be put under Harthouse U.K.

Parent Label:UCM.One
Sublabels:Harthouse America, Harthouse Digital, HH10
Contact Info:

Harthouse / UCM.ONE GmbH
Wrangelstraße 79
10997 Berlin
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