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Bethlehem Records


US label founded in the early 1950's by Swiss immigrant Gustav Wildi. Also appears as "Bethlehem" only.
Label Code: LC 0098 / LC 00098
After failing to make it in the pop market, Wildi under the influence of a young producer named Creed Taylor changed the labels focus to jazz. Bethlehem distinguished itself as label by granting the artists creative control and being among the first to focus on album art, often designed by Burt Goldblatt. After making the label an important artistic nest for major jazz artists like Nina Simone, Carmen McRae, Chris Connor and Mel Tormé, in 1958 Wilde gave the major label King Records (3) half ownership as payment for distribution and in 1962 Wildi sold King Records the second half of Bethlehem Records.

Label art at a point had the same layout as King Records.

In 1976, Caytronics Corporation purchased the Bethlehem Jazz label. In the January 22nd, 1977 issue of Billboard Magazine, in a 10th anniversary report on Cayre Industries Inc., the Caytronics parent company, the purchase was described "one of Caytronics' most ambitious projects of last year was the purchase of the pace -setting Bethlehem jazz label. It has achieved the re- establishing of this internationally famous jazz label to its former esteem and predominance within the recording industry."

Cayre Corp produced and distributed the 15-volume Bethlehem's Finest compilation series as well as a number of individual artist releases. The compilation series was not retracked/rechanneled for stereo and were issued in monaural to maintain their original sound.

It is now owned by Verse Music Group LLC (VMG).

For unofficial releases, see Bethlehem Records (3)

Parent Label:Verse Music Group LLC
Sublabels:Bethlehem, Bethlehem Classic Jazz Series, Bethlehem Jazz Series, Deluxe Series (2), East Coast Jazz Series, Rep Records (2), Specialty Series (8)
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