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Eye Q Records was founded in 1990 by Sven Väth, Matthias Hoffmann & Heinz Roth. Some later logos are just Eye Q.
It was distributed via WEA Musik GmbH Neue Medien Und Elektronikvertrieb and "Eye Q Musikproduktion GmbH".

Label Code: LC 06450 / LC 6450.

The company was first registered in Frankfurt / Main as EYE Q Records Musikproduktion GmbH (March 21st, 1991 - June 10th, 1992), changed in June 1992 to Eye Q Musikproduktion GmbH and then to Eye Q Music GmbH. The german company was dissolved in August 1997 due to financial problems caused by their US division "Eye Q USA".

The UK division of the label continued to release records using a new label design just featuring Eye Q and changing the musical style quite severely.

Label profile taken from Various - Eye Q:
EYE Q Records combines artist-orientated music with the energetic, pulsing rhythm of urban reality. Acts like SVEN VÄTH, EARTH NATION, STEVIE BE ZET and even RAINALD GOETZ are anything but "middle of the road" with their repertoire. Coming to grips with sounds, emotions and moods, together with song-based arrangements, are the priority here. 12" vinyl singles serve as the basis in the clubs, in order to demonstrate the central role of the clubs with their wealth of colours and unique fascination.

Parent Label:Eye Q Music
Sublabels:Behind The Eye, Eye Q Classics, Fresh (UK), Harthouse Compilation
Contact Info:

(Contact info now obsolete)

Eye Q Records
Strahlenbergerstr. 125a
63067 Offenbach a.M.
Fon: 069-829740-0
Fax: 069-829740-11

8-9 Rivington Place
Tel: +44(0)171 739 1231
Fax: +44(0)171 739 1242

[email protected]


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